Keyboard does not not on Tecra 8100


My daughter has a Tecra 8100. Not sure if it is virused, but the keyboard does not work. Powers up fine, although slow, is usual (Spybot, CA anti-virus) virus scans - can't find anything, but still no keyboard. Ran a keyboard diagnostic and it says it works very well. Any ideas? (PS ideas where to get a recovery for the 8100 disk, can't find mine anywhere?) Thank you.

PPS: Since then found that when I start in safe mode, I can use the keyboard? But why only in safe mode?



I think there must be a corrupt keyboard driver file or the keyboard has been disabled in the HWsetup Toshiab.
Check the HWsetup and activate the keyboard in the opposite case, a new facility would solve that problem.

But before you try to install the OS you can try to use the System Restore tool for Win XP.

PS: the Toshiba Recovery CD can be ordered from the Toshiba service provider in your country.

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    Try again in Safe Mode.

    Start up all by holding down the SHIFT key. It takes five minutes longer because it is a disk first aid on the way up, and you MUST provide your user name and password, even if you normally the automatic connection.

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    Windows XP is now fifteen years old.

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    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most of the modules.

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    The character table of launch and copy characters to the Clipboard.

    Use an extension like Zombie Keys.

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    If your USB keyboard or wireless does not work

    Keyboard does not work

    Keyboard/mouse - troubleshooting wireless

    Reset an Apple Bluetooth mouse or Trackpad wireless keyboard (pairings and other common troubleshooting problems)

    Bluetooth devices no longer meet

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    Italian support contacted me, tablet goes into help tomorrow.

    Thank you all for your support


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    Kaspersky vurtual keyboard does not


  • HP Pavilion x 2 removable: keyboard does not not (k3f23ea)

    my laptop was working fine until recently. the removable keyboard does not work and when ot not

    Yes that's what I'll do. Thank you.

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    Keyboard does not work no more at all. Instead of this, continuously + is typed in a text field (or insert permanently, if NUMLOCK is turned off). A USB keyboard works very well (keys CAPSLOCK on the USB keyboard allows to activate the light on the laptop keyboard), but the continuous + s persist.

    ALT + tab does not work, and clicking on stacked items on the system tray or. Windows just appear and disappear again.

    The touchpad works always intended to lead the mouse around, but the "tap to click on ' and 'slide your finger on the edge of the mouse wheel' functions no longer work.
    Thx for any help

    This model of laptop is not known to me, but after reading your ad I think the keyboard is defective and must be replaced. I mean what else you can do about it.

    Try to get the new keyboard and replace it. After that it all will again be OK.

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