Keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones won't work - HELP PLEASE!

My Curve 8900 is less than 6 months old, and suddenly the keyboad won't work, so I can't make/receive calls, and although the trackball works, it won't "click" to unlock. Seems to be an intermittent fault. As I have the Blackberry (it is not purchased via a service provider), I tried to contact customer service for Blackberry UK, who seems reluctant to deal with consumers. My service, O2 have been much more useful. How can I get a warranty repair/replacement, or solve the problem?


Well, after a WEEK, I'm totally furstrated with Blackberry. They have NO customer service in the United Kingdom, and as I have the BB (not through my mobile service provider, with whom I have a single contract SIM) I could get repair/replacement of parts. the only way I knew solving it had to spend many hours in an O2 store in the United Kingdom (my service provider) who finally had sympathy with me and agreed to sent for repair/replecement. I had one today renovated. It seems that this keyboard problem is common - the guy in the O2 shop showed me a way to fix it temporarily, hold down the ALT and right SHIFT buttons and press the DELETE key twice. This gives the BB a battery quick re-difficulty.

But I (and all of my colleagues (will now go to the iPhones, which are more reliable and they give better customer service.)) SHAME on Blackberry for their shoddy products and the non-existenet customer service.

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    New in the storm.  Happy so far, however yesterday - about three days, resulting in a - unit ceased to recognize go to mode 'landscape' in applications email and sms.  Typing with the click screen is fairly new.  Not being is not able to access the QWERTY keyboard is a complete killer!

    The device will enter horizontal in all applications where it applies, so it isn't a hardware malfunction.  I looked everywhere in the manual for a menu item or "toggle" that I could have selected by mistake, but he can find no.  Anyone here have an informed suggestion?  The device is a Clipboard if I can't use it effectively for e-mail.

    Thank you!

    To check your version, from the main screen, select Options > topic. The third line will say something like "v4.7.0.75. This is the last number (75) indicating what version. Production VZW version is 75. The next version of leak VZW is 85 (I think). I don't remember what version I'm out of the box.

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  • Freedom Pro keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones

    I recently bought a freedom Pro keyboard for my Blackberry Storm 9530 smartphone, which is running v5.0... 0,328 (Platform Using the browser on the Blackberry, I logged onto their site otadrivers and downloaded the driver v5.0 for my phone.

    But when I tried to install the driver, I got a message, I thought just information, indicating that permissions were not required to be set for this application. When it was installed and I clicked on the app, it repeats the message and would not go.

    After trying to run the application several times, I finally gave up and tried to delete the app (thought to try to re - install), the icon has not disappeared. But clicking on it now gave me an error of missing handle (like the operating system thought that the application has been deleted.) I tried to re-boot the phone (by removing the battery while the phone is turned on) but nothing has changed and the app did not work.

    What should I do now? I don't really want to clear the memory if I can help it.

    Thanks for any help.

    Well, I couldn't understand anything else, so I have deleted all my apps "outside" of the security wiper and then re-installed using the keyboard. Worked like a charm! Don't know how to find out which app has been the cause of the problem tho. Maybe I need to know, but...

  • Keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones external (material) Playbook

    Is there an accessory external keyboard for the Playbook?

    The soft keyboard is ok when I'm traveling. But when I'm home or work from a hotel room, a hardware keyboard would be nice.

    Thank you


    I also want this case.  If it only comes out not I'm leaning towards this:

  • BlackBerry Smartphones SMS full Notification - help please

    I'm at my wits end with my Blackberry Torch 9810.  I have very little text messages in my Inbox, I lost the lot for some reason my phone has decided to change some date & in the future and trying to resolve that, in my opinion, I wiped everything, do not know what I did a few weeks ago, but they disappeared.

    Now I get notifications that my SMS Inbox is full and I need to delete messages.  Can someone help me I have a lot of messages on the handset and cannot believe it is complete unless there is an option I need to select/deselect.  The user guide is useless.

    I changed a parameter in the past as text messages seem to be endangered if they were in a month or so old, but all that I did I can't and don't know how to handle all my text messages myself.  My old iphone allowed me to keep the text as long messages I wanted with what appeared to be a very large storage area, now I just want to throw this thing in the bin.  Unfortunately I have 18 months remaining on my contract (business) so I can do nothing about it.

    Ann3da wrote:

    50 SMS Messages / 29.5 K

    15 text messages / 12.3 K

    OK, not a lot of people very little. It is in memory of the device, but you are some of the SIM card, save too much.

    Then... you must change this setting according to the instructions below.

    Article ID: KB13465 "SIM card is full please delete SMS messages" appears on the BlackBerry smartphone

  • BlackBerry smartphones important, I want help please check this massage

    Hello everyone

    I have a big problem and I want someone to help me.

    my blackberry phone is (Bold 9790)

    and its brocken, I'll buy a new and even bold 9790

    If I walked into my blackberry ID will be back again once the contacts?

    and my bbm contacts will be back again with the same PIN?

    Please tell me<>

    Kemozah1 wrote:

    If I walked into my blackberry ID will be back again once the contacts?

    What contacts? Your address book... IF you have BlackBerry Protect installed and running on your old device, Protect restore data including your address book and other data. See more here:

    How to use BlackBerry Protect to restore data to a BlackBerry smartphone

    Kemozah1 wrote:

    and my bbm contacts will be back again with the same PIN?

    Please tell me<>

    BBM contacts are not saved with Protect. However, using the same BBID, they will be restored if your previous 9790 had BBM 7 installed. Your BBID restore BBM contacts.

  • Virtual keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones / Auto Screen Orientation Torch 9800

    Hi all

    I have a Torch 9800 (OS 6 2534 on network three UK) and often the screen does not auto rotation (when the phone is rotated 90 degrees) and the virtual keyboard is grayed out in the messaging and BBM. If sometimes seems again (seems random) and after a power off. The physical keyboard is not extended and locked.

    Anyone know of a fix or a workaround to ensure that VK and auto screen rotate reliable works?

    Thank you very much for you are your entry.

    Regards Charles

    Thanks for your help.

  • Option of Arabic keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones


    Does anyone know why Arabic is not included in the section languages supporting under the menu multi-language add BlackBerry keyboard settings?

    I have to be able to type Arabic.

    Any help much appreciated.



    I was very unhappy to know the same thing, but I found it finally available!

    Go to settings > language & entry > BlackBerry keyboard settings > input languages > unable 'to use the language of the system' and down select all languages you like including Arabic!

    See you soon!

  • Instant Messaging for blackBerry Smartphones will not work on wifi

    I got my camera a few months ago. I always have my iphone, it wasn't until last week when I was reminded of I have a blackberry and started using it. Unfortunately, I always have a hard time linking my IM using wifi. This will never work! For example, whenever I try to log-in using my yahoo Messenger, I always get an error message indicating that "Service not allows for this pocket. I think maybe since it is a preinstalled application I should be able to use my IMs (esp. yahoo and google) using the wifi as when you use your iphone or android devices. So is there a problem on my phone because I can't use my IMs using wifi? Also I'm using curve BB 9220. Thank you!

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    BlackBerry <> iPhone or Android

    BlackBerry devices have owners that require subscription to a package of data from your provider, even if you use these services via WiFi. I don't remember if the specific services you mention fall into this category or not, but you need to ring to the top of your service provider and tell them about the exact services that you want to use and then make sure that you subscribe to a package of adequate data from them to enable these services.

    Good luck!

  • Physical keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi I just got a 9800 and updated the software however since the update I can not change the physical keyboard to a qwerty azerty its value please can anyone help the parameter to change this existed before the update

    Thanks to all those who have a thinking about it but I've sorted. It was a software problem I got the update and everything works fine now hope this help anyone in the future

  • Keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones / Pearl messed up BAD

    My keyboard / roll began suddenly to do weird things... I click on the bead roller and anything, it goes to my contact list... I try and type a name and I get "lst" or "nl" no matter what keys I hit.

    I tried to erase the BB but I can't... went in the Office Manager, save / restore... no change... went to application loader to try and full wipe / reset... option is not available...


    Honestly, these symptoms look like moisture damage to the unit.

    I saw him several times.

    You can try to do a wipe and reinstall of the operating system, but IF it comes to damage by moisture, it will not solve it.

    You will need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then load the operating system on the device. Follow the instructions here:

    If JL_Cmder does not work, follow this instruction:

  • Touch keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones

    I have problems with the keys does not properly on the touchscreen keyboard.  When the phone is in portrait mode and I press a button that pops up is the key to the left end of the line ex: if I press L an A appears on the screen, if I press on U I get a Q.   If I turn the phone so that the keyboard is now on the same side as the USB port I get some buttons are on the bottom of the screen.  If I rotate 180 degrees, that none of the keys work.

    I also noticed what is happening in applications such as Google Latitude.  If I press on one of the icons on the bottm of the screen the only one that fits is the zoom key.

    If I do a battery pull things work well for a bit, and then it starts to work again.

    I have not seen anyone else posting about this and I hope it's just the phone.  I Exchange it tonight.

    Takes over the phone and the guy at the store ATT said that the screen was not calibrated correctly.  It replaces the ohone and so far, this one is much better.

    I asked him what I would do if this happens six months from now and he said that if I did a wipe and re-installed the operating system, it deals with this question.

  • Vibrating keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones

    When entering, I press each letter, the device vibrates.

    And this happens in Normal mode or vibrate mode.

    How to disable?


    Parameters of------language & entry-keyboard BlackBerry settings------main comments of the press.

    Talk about hidden!

  • Slacker for blackBerry Smartphones is screwing me HELP!

    I do not attach much, but after the installation of Slacker, things have changed! When I tie I'd get auto BB1 and BB2 windows game. Since the installation of Slacker, I only get tehe BB1 window but in the left pane, BB2 shows upwards and always with the Slacker icon next to it rather than the removable storage bit one located next to the BB1.

    File transfers were no longer works as they should. So I deleted something to do with my BB lazy and my laptop. Now, when I attach I always get only the single wicket of BB1 and BB2 auto part is always in the left pane with the Slacker thing beside him.

    Now what? Yes, I rebooted and done a traction battery. Thanks in advance.

    Hi Tawniah,

    I got your PM.

    You're not referring to the Office Manager, you use my computer when this happens right?

    As posted in your last thread, webbing reports using your BB as a modem. Connection via USB

    file transfer is just that. So try to use the term USB connect. It will help us help you.

    If you are using workstation you need not remove the Desktop Manager software.

    Thank you


  • Keyboard for blackBerry Smartphones stuck in portrait mode when writing and reading messages

    Hi all

    I really hope you can help me solve my problem. Since a few days, my keyboard is stuck in portrait mode when I'm in the Messages menu. No matter what I do, it cannot switch to see the landscape. I tried to rotate in all directions, but without success. Apart from the Messages menu, the keyboard orientation changes as it should. But at the time wherever I press the Messages button, the display immediately switches to portrait. Apparently I blocked it somehow, but I can't unlock it now. I tried all the options, I changed the sensitivity of the change of the screen, but nothing. It's really boring to write e-mail messages using a SMS keyboard. Can someone give me advice how to restore the display of the landscape keyboard?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Whenever random strange behaviors creep, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.


Maybe you are looking for

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