Keyboard mailfunctions Qosmio G20

I use my computer to play some Internet games and doing school work on it (mba student). When I play Internet games that I use the arrows too direct autour in-game. Now, I've used my Qosmio for this about a month's time and my verse up arrow has already begun to malfunction.

He suddenly began yesterday to ignore pressing me on it, as I have to press very hard on it and it still does not not more then maybe 20% of the time. So, yesterday, I'm out of the game (one of the reasons for I bought this computer). Once I had a few problems with the 'G' key also, he worked only from time to time. The button "G" started working normally again and makes for some time now, but for how long it would last this time is uncertain. ".

Huge annoying having to push a key up to ten times to write the letter, especially when you write some big as documents raises often do... Someone else has experienced a few keyboard problems, or I just got one of the models of Monday?

Is the key just temporarily anomaly as the G - key?


Yes, I agree with you Dilli. This looks like a malfunction of the keyboard.
I think that it s not a bad idea to replace the keyboard and to check if the problem persists with after the replacement of keyboard.

Sometimes certain keys on the keyboard may not work correctly because of the loose keyboard cable connection, but in your case I think that it s a simply mechanical problem.

In my opinion, only a call to the ASP is necessary.

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  • Keyboard driver Qosmio G20 preventing standby / Hibernation

    I can't get my G20 to go to sleep more. Error, said 101 keyboard standby preventing driver. I've deleted and reinstalled several times. Also tried the latest driver from Microsoft, but one installed is the most recent. It was working until I installed a few new applications. I also see a message during said DWWIN box. EXE DOF does not not because of the judgment.


    For me it looks like you have a software problem. To correct this quickly go to start-> programs-> Accessories-> system-> restore computer utilities. From here choose a restore point that you know is older, then when you have installed the software and this problem started. Then restore from there. It should essentially put the computer back a few weeks or however long you choose and go from there. At this point, the program affecting your computer must not be installed and it should work normally. If you have problems make me know. Have a good day and I hope that solves your problem.

  • Qosmio G20-126: remote control and keyboard shortcuts media do not work

    Hello all,.

    I think have deleted by mistake all my HKLM startup. I managed to restore the necessary executables to start manually but it seems to me miss a very important piece of the puzzle. More precisely the file executable (or Department) responsible for the Qosmio multimedia shortcut keys and remote.

    If anyone knows which executable (or service) is responsible for the press shortcuts keyboard/remote control I would appreciate their help to remedy this situation. Also if anyone has the startup configuration by default (see msconfig) to a Toshiba Qosmio G20-126 that would be also a great help for me. Just in case I missed something else.



    One question; Why you n t use the tool system restore to restore the OS to the point where you have changed the registry entries?

    It is a simpler method to restore the settings!

    If could also try to reinstall first the common Modules, then the controls.
    This application which you can download from the Toshiba driver page!

  • Qosmio G20: How to replace the keyboard



    I m not an owner of the Qosmio G20, but the replacement of keyboard on the G20 is very similar to another series of laptop.
    If you want to remove the keyboard please follow these steps:

    1.) open view.
    2.) Insert your finger into the slot between the reinforcement of the keyboard and the computer. Then,
    Lift the keyboard bracket to unlock and remove.
    3. remove 1 screw from the keyboard hold the plate.
    4. remove the screws fixing the keyboard
    Lift the upper part of the keyboard and turn down the palmrest.
    6. remove the 2 screws of the plate support keyboard and remove the
    keyboard support plate.
    7 disconnect the cable from the keyboard connector on the system board CN3200.
    8. remove the keyboard.

    All that s

    But note; If you have no experience, please don t remove the keyboard.

  • Essential B keyboard Qosmio G20

    Hi all

    I am a new user on the forum and I hope someone can help.
    I have a new laptop qosmio g20, I'm having a problem when I'm typing email or by using the word etc., when I use the key b within a word in a sentence, it moves the cursor and begins to enter the text remaining in a different place. For example, I typed this note as soon as I typed the word problem he inserted "lem after"I a new»»
    As I touch type do not notice until all the words are scrambled is driving me crazy.


    Are you sure you're not accidentally the track stick and causing a "click"? I had this problem until I disabled him "enable Tapping" for the mouse pad. Drove me crazy as well!


  • Qosmio G20-114 does not start

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio G20-114 that no longer starts. No display.

    It turns on, the fan starts and you can hear the movement of HARD drive, but there is no display (not even if I plug in an external monitor).

    It was Windows XP. All of a sudden stopped working for no apparent warning, no blue screen or the warning signs.

    When I turn on the laptop I get a few lights on the keyboard space. (The light above the icon of TV, two lights and the light above the icon for media player, the power button just below the arrows)

    I was surfing the internet all day for a solution and tried most of the workarounds proposed, for example; Take the battery and the charger out, leave for 10 minutes and then only replace the charger and try to switch on. Also; Remove a strip of RAM (and trade) and remove all the RAM. Still no luck, however.

    I had an internal beep of her, but only once, it was 3 Quick beeps. Nothing since.

    I'm willing to try any suggestion, although I like to keep the files on the HARD drive because of family photos and which do not.

    All suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    A frustrated user of Toshiba.


    I think your problem is not how to save data to the HARD drive. You can remove the HARD drive and connect it to the other laptop using the 2.5 external HARD drive enclosure.
    HARD drive will be recognized as external device and you should have full access to all stored data.
    Do this if possible.

    On this virtual path it is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis and to say with certainty what can be the problem, but I assume that the LCD is maybe defective.

    Start your laptop and wait a while. Connect your laptop to an external device, and then try to use the FN + F5 key combination. Just to see if you will be able to switch between mode of laptops LCD and external monitor.

  • Qosmio G20 beep a screen much and dimming - why?

    Sometimes my Qosmio G20 begins beeping very much and reduce the brightness on the screen.
    This happens while it is running on the current and with the option of putting to the highest level.
    Simoultanesly there is some blue lights above the keyboard that will start to blink.
    The only way to stop this behavior is to press the button under the flashing blue light and then go into a control panel handle power settings. To do that I have to change the brightness, press on apply, restore the brightness and press on apply again. After that, it can work for a long time before the next incident.
    I have the latest Windows updates, I have an anti virus installed, and I remove spyware installed, so I don't think that those who are to be suspected.

    This happens usually when the PC play a film, but occasionally, sometimes while I play a game or when I use it for work.

    Any help will be appreciated.



    I recommend checking out Toshiba's energy saver.
    Select your power mode and check the action of setting parameters.
    Please check the settings of the alarm level.
    You should take a look also on the basic settings. There, you can control the brightness of the screen.
    Please keep in mind that the device uses patterns of Toshiba power saver in the Windows power options properties.

  • Qosmio G20 and Acronis True Image


    I have a G20 with the media library and twin 100 GB hard disks that are configured to act as two separate discs (set up of RAID options when I reinstalled the system). I have programs on a disk (C) and the operating system and my data on the other (D).

    On a previous thread I asked to retrieve the C drive only from the recovery disks without wipe data on the D drive, and it seems that this is not possible, to remedy this, I decided to follow the suggested advice and create an image of the C drive for later retrieval if necessary. However, I have had a problem of creating an image or a clone of my system using Acronis True Image disk and wonder if anyone can help. I replaced the D drive with a new disk of 120 GB and uses the old drive in a USB enclosure sata to store the clone or image recovered.

    First of all, all devices, readers ext usb, wireless keyboard, cable network & second screen are connected through a hub to a USB docking station, and when I try to clone with this joint, it fails to restart. Undeterred, I took off the hub and the clone for the external drive seems to work very well. However, when I remove the drive from the existing system and replace it with the clone to test, it does not work. The system appears to start but then get the screen where it says windows windows had a problem and I want to start in safe mode, last known working system, or start as usual in any case. If I select it just reboots and gets back to this screen.

    Also, I tried to create an image rather than a clone and recover the image on the hot spare. Once again, it seems to go ok but when I put the disc and satrt to the top of the same thing happens.

    I don't know if there is anything that you must close before imaging or cloning as the instructions don't say, so don't know if theres nothing running that may affect it. The instructions are pretty basic but seem pretty simple, so I do not see where I am going wrong.

    Does anyone have experience of this type of problem and how to fix it.

    Thank you very much

    A few months ago I acquired a regular copy of Acronis True image for my G20.

    After that many negative attempts to use the program, who do not recognize the disks
    I asked for help using Acronis
    which solves the problem brilliantly, sending me a special version on purpose
    for the difficult features of the Qosmio system.

    If you an e-mail to the Acronis media, they probably have in the Archives of the version
    for the Qosmio G20.

  • Shortcut keys in Qosmio G20 no longer work


    I have a problem with the access keys (the one at the top of the keyboard - not the FN keys) in my Qosmio G20, it does not work.

    Sorry for my English ;)

    Can someone help me?


    Yes I can help you. Back up all your data and preinstall your Qosmio with recovery DVDs. The Qosmio laptop is very complex and there are many tools that should be preinstall. With the keys FN is not big problem, but the other...

    By the way; How did you manage to lose the functionality of buttons? I have too many Qosmio but I don't really know what I should do now to the same situation. ;)

    Your English is very good!

  • Qosmio G20-117: Bluetooth with Logitech

    Got a Qosmio G20-117 English version running windows MCE 2005

    Just bought a new mouse from logitech MX5000 keyboard defined to be used with it and I found the module bluetooth inside needs another driver or something for all of the parameters of logitech to work. The mouse and the keyboard connect using the bluetooth adapter provided logitch but it is kinda useless if I already have bluetooth inside! The keyboard and mouse can be connected by the qosmio but settings are not accessible.

    Would appreciate any help thanks.

    You have latest Bluetooth Stack from Toshiba?
    It is necessary to increase the Bluetooth compatibility with recent material, maybe it works for you ;)
    more information:


  • Qosmio G20 - spot on the screen

    Coffee was spilled on my Qosmio G20 yesterday, my first reaction was to try to keep out of the keyboard and PCB below, but this resulted in a few enter the screen leaving a stain on the left hand side (the region is actually brighter than the rest of the screen).

    Are there instructions anywhere on the disassembly of the screen as I wonder whether to go inside and try to clean this area or just live with it.

    I have no Toshiba dealers anywhere near me and that you do not want to send the laptop away for several weeks.



    The spilled liquid is still a serious problem.
    But it seems you're a lucky guy and the liquid doesn't damage the motherboard and integrated circuits.

    In any case, I would not recommend opening the laptop itself. Looks like you haven t a lot of experience with these procedures.
    It s always risky to disassemble the laptop. The chances are high that you damage to other parts.

    Finally, you must know that you will lose the warranty if you disassemble the laptop itself.

    Good bye

  • Keyboard with Qosmio G40-108 problems

    I have a problem with the keyboard trying to enter text. While typing I put funds, or emails or any where on the computer typing stops.
    I have to re-click in barely end I'm typing.
    It happens every time I have press the SPACEBAR key tab and enter the return key.

    All third party software is supposed to be compatible with vista. I had real problems with Qosmio G20 for 14 months, which eventually led to me have replace it with this machine.
    Other than typing I havnt had any other problems yet.

    I don't want to go back but can't seem to find a lot of online help

    Hi Symon

    To be honest, for me, it is not easy to understand what problems you have, but it will be interesting to know if you have type the problem using the Windows Notepad or Microsoft Word. Or even if you type something to open the window Internet explorer, like passwords, or perhaps the mails.

    Third party software you can be sure that everything will work perfectly.
    For more questions you can, during the initial contact, your local dealer. Maybe they can better understand exactly what is happening.

  • Qosmio G20 blocked on JBOD in BIOS


    I have a problem with the Toshiba Qosmio G20-109.
    The system does not start, the two hard drives JBOD (unable to start Windows).
    HDD1 - 120 GB
    HDD2 - 250 GB

    So I wanted to put the first disc HARD 1 1RAID-0 using the method described in the Manual: I entered the code 1 2 3 4 and I pressed Enter.

    The problem is that once entered the BIOS code remained frozen and blocked.

    I tried everything, I'm not despairing managing to install an operating system.

    I hope there is a solution.


    If JBOD has been set in the BIOS, Windows OS could not be installed on this HARD drive except using the Toshiba product recovery disc. But I guess you want to install the system using another drive in Windows.

    To be honest, I not very well why the BIOS freezes and does not accept Mr. code it s certainly the right one: ENTRY 1,2,3,4

    But the issue is probably related to the HARD drive. How to switch hard drives in the Bay?
    Try to use the 120 GB HDD2 and the 250GB as HDD1.

    I also recommend you use the 1RAID-0 = HDD1 and HDD2 = JBOD
    Would be interesting how it works.

  • Qosmio G20-126 where I can buy DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive?

    Can someone help me and tell me where I can buy DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive
    DVD model: UJ-846-C flop in 12.7 mm
    Qosmio g20-126

    Thank you


    Have you tried to search some online dealers that provide this part?
    In addition, you could contact a certified maintainer Toshiba in your country to order this part.

  • How to install Win XP on Qosmio G20 using USB flash memory key

    Dear Admin,

    This is regarding my laptop Qosmio G20.

    Last month my OS (windows XP media edition) has been corrupted so I attempt to reformat and reinstall the operating system.

    But unfortunately my CD/DVD-Rom does not work/play,.

    Then I try to install it via a PEN drive bootable with integrated... XP but when I go into the BIOS I n I find USB Boot option... :-(

    Then I remove my main hard drive and put it in another laptop and install the XP, its work in this laptop, but unfortunately when I put the new HARD drive the Qosmio his departure gives the XP logo but in 5-10 sec its judgment and give a blue screen message then then restart automatically...

    plezz help me install XP or Vista or 7 those who works there...

    plezzz plezzz sound my laptop preferred

    Thanks in advance


    > Then I try to install via a PEN drive bootable with integrated... XP but when I go into the BIOS I n I find USB Boot option... :-(

    Connect the USB flash memory key to the laptop, now switch on and press F12.
    The start menu should appear where you could see all the possible boot devices.

    Do you see the USB boot option in the start menu?
    If this isn't the case, then you will not be able to boot from USB flash memory.

    > Then I remove my main hard drive and put it in another laptop and install the XP, its work in this laptop, but unfortunately when I put the new HARD drive the Qosmio his departure gives the XP logo but in 5-10 sec its judgment and give a blue screen message then then restart automatically...

    I guess that this is because the RAID drivers was not included!
    Qosmio G20 supports the RAID controller and you add the RAID driver (located on the Toshiba UE driver page) in order to recognize the HARD drive.
    But I put t know if you could do so using another computer I guess that's not possible.

    Maybe you can try to disable RAID in BIOS

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