Keyboard on my NB100 problem

Something went wrong very wrong with my keyboard tonight.
Whenever I type the letter g, I get this G5T4R for hours I get this H6Y7U.

Various other key went to the pot as soon as I type the letter she opens constantly the new tab.

Please can someone help?



This question seems using different applications such as Word, Notepad, Wordpad?

For me it's really hard to tell what could cause this problem of keyboard but eventually it s simply a keyboard problem
In this case, you will need to contact the ASP in your country for replacement keyboard

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  • NB100, keyboard-numbers instead letters problem!

    Hi guys, can anyone help? Last July the keyboard on my NB100 developed a fault. The keys U, I, O, J, K, L and M when you press a given 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 numbers.
    As it was still under warranty, I sent it back to be repaired. Everything was fine until today, when he started to do the same.
    I checked that UK keyboard is selected (I even installed the United Kingdom International keyboard software) and I've updated the BIOS. All to nothing does not. I checked for viruses and spyware, there is none.
    I don't want the expense of another repair that the Netbook is now out of warranty.

    Someone at - it an idea of what the problem might be?

    Thank you guys


    Check please manual user on page 56 s and you can find the description on the on-board s computer keyboard.

    You can enable/disable using the FN + F11 key combination.

  • Lenovo N100 0768 DKU: Laptop keyboard Windows XP - weird problem

    I am facing a weird problem. I've done several virus scan using Norton, CA e trust and other software but no virus / malware has been detected.

    The problem, I do face is: if I press a key on the keyboard the typed value is something different. :

    one--> key typed value az

    s key--> typed value \sz

    key d--> typed value dc

    key f--> typed value vfg

    key g--> typed value vfg

    key:--> typed value hjm

    key j--> typed value hjm

    key k--> k, typed value

    l--> value typed key l.

    key,--> value you enter ';-

    key Enter --> value you enter is 13:48 08/15/2008 - date current system

    If I use the keyboard on the screen, I am able to type correctly. I downloaded a program called keytweak and found that the keys where not developed by any virus / malware in the windows registry.

    I'd appreciate any help to solve this problem.

    Thank you



    I solved the problem. The keyboard was defective. Change the keyboard has solved my problem.

    Thank you


  • Keyboard on NB100 problems

    Do you know how to sort or update the firmware on the NB100 because I have problems with the keyboard.
    According to this forum it is firmware questions?
    Thank you and help would be greatly apreciated.

    I have the same problems, but with the button pressed, and right Please HELP, would be that a hardware issue?, or a firmware issue? and I plug this laptop 10 months ago. Help, please.

  • Starting with Ubuntu Remix on Toshiba NB100 problems

    Today, I tried to use the Update Manager to install several updates.

    During installation, the device froze.
    Now start only takes me to the start page of Ubuntu with the logo and a progress bar is empty.

    If I go to the Terminal, I have the following script
    BusyBox v1.1.3 (Debian 1:1.1.3 - 5 Ubuntu12) shell (ash) integrated
    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

    I have no idea how to proceed. Is there a command that I can use for commissioning successfully or do I need to use the recovery CD?

    I'm a newbie to Linux.

    Thank you.
    David Lowe


    I think that you should just grab the laptop because it's the easiest way to solve this problem starting Ubuntu.
    Other workarounds would be too difficult and would take as long as a simple recovery.

    Recovery if the NB100. The procedure should t take long.

    Check it out!

    Cheers mate

  • Collection NB100 problem

    Hi all

    I am recovering a NB100 netbook for a friend. I ordered and received and Toshiba Recovery CD and it booted from a USB key. Netbook detects the drive, load the RAMdisk and then runs a script called startnet.cmd. I get the black window with the text:

    Waiting for ODD vacancies...
    STRANGE drive E: ready...
    Look for support in the E: drive...

    And then a cursor of rotation for eternity.

    Someone at - it an entry on this (I've seen a similar post since last summer which had no response). Otherwise, anyone can shed light on obtaining the image of the CD on a USB stick to boot from that? I have problems with the boot sector stuff.

    Thank you, Ian

    Ian, check please groups NB and recovery on this forum. I'm sure that someone started the thread on the same topic.

    I n t have the time to search for you but if you don't know e.

  • Keyboard on Satellite L730 problems

    Hi guys need some advice on how to tackle this problem... I'm not that old L730, my cat sitting on the keyboard and now sometimes I have to press certain keys twice (not all keys including those) to operate... it is when it happens, I restart the laptop and its fine, but next time I have restart his went back to being a pain ,
    I noticed that my language settings have changed since the English Australia (US) on the United States in English (US)... would this be causing the problem.

    By the way, have replaced the keyboard... ran scans as its no fun and updated all the drivers... This laptop is clean as a whistle, so to speak...

    Thanks for any help you can provide...

    > I noticed that my language settings have changed since the English Australia (US) on the United States in English (US)... would this be causing the problem.

    I don t think that this could provoke the question because the keyboard language settings would only change the keyboard layout.
    However, if you want to you can go back to the previous language.

    Microsoft has released beautiful instruction how to change these settings:

    But as I said above, it doesn't look like the problem was related to this setting.
    There is probably a hardware keyboard problem and you need to replace the keyboard in order to get the buttons working properly.

  • A key on keyboard on Satellite L100 problem

    Bought my L100 Satellite in July last year. Problem is that I need a lot more pressure to press the key 'a' all the others. How can I fix?

    Can I get the keyboard to check why it is almost blocked? I had no problem when I bought this laptop.

    If you remove all of the keyboard you will lose the warranty and I would not risk the guarantee because of the unique keyboard key.

    But you can remove the unique key of the keyboard Plug and check if there is dirt or something else with a bad influence for the key mechanism.

    For a replacement keyboard, you will need to contact the service partner in your country? ¦

  • Strange keyboard in Tecra S1 problem

    I have a problem with my Tecra S1.
    When I type a J I'll get 4 characters "qsd."
    With the am 'it gives' xcv. All other keys are ok...?
    I have the air of the keyboard is programmed or...
    When I boot with a bootable cd, I also get this problem...

    (Sorry for my bad English... :))

    Who knows about this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hmmm. have you activated the keyboard FN + F11 or FN + F10 options?

    Notwithstanding these option may be enabled everything looks like a malfunction of the keyboard. In the worst cases, the keyboard needs to be replaced!

  • Satellite C660-28 d - keyboard and touch pad problems

    Hey guys,.

    In the past months, my laptop had become almost unusable.

    It began with the key odd work stoppage or becomes difficult to use, but now it happened to many of them and last night my touch pad stopped working all together.

    I'm not really a tech head and fight with it.

    I have a Toshiba satellite C660 28 T.

    Any help would be thank you very much.
    Maybe even a factory reset?

    I don't know how to proceed.



    With regard to the problem of keyboard:

    From my point of view of the few sounds of keyboard described as a material problem internal related dysfunction... probably in order to solve this problem, the keyboard should be replaced... just to make sure that your internal keyboard is affected, please join the external USB keyboard and check if it works properly.
    If you see any problems, the problem is no doubt by a malfunctioning internal keyboard and as mentioned earlier, you will need to replace the keyboard.

    Regarding the touchpad:

    I'm not sure if the two issues are interrelated, but the touchpad can be disabled by using the function keys... I recommend you to check this... (function key details are also in the user manual)... you can also try reinstalling the touchpad drive.

    Tip: this forum contains many discussions about similar problems... so I recommend you to read the recommendations posted in this community.

  • Keyboard on Satellite A200 problem

    Hi, while hoping a bit of insight into what the problem may be with my Satellite A200.

    It started with one single key works does not, then one other has stopped working. Then I would press a key, but it would come with a different letter on the screen. Then it got really bad, I couldn't use the keyboard at all because of the random letters would seem I typed, eventually escalating to the point where letters would appear constantly on the screen when the keyboard has not been affected.

    Tried to uninstall and reinstall driver, did not help. Tried a usb keyboard which was great until tonight. Usb keyboard or the laptop keyboard are working when tapped, yet sometimes random letters appear on the screen.

    I was ready to replace the keyboard if it was just a problem of keyboard, but now I'm wondering if it might be the motherboard. Everyone knows the same or similar problem?

    Nothing has been spilled on the keyboard.

    Thanks for your help.

    It's very confusing when the keyboard USB doesn t work too. At first, I thought faulty keyboard, it must be, but I'm afraid there is a serious hardware problem and I don't think you can fix it alone.

    I recommend you contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and ask for help.

  • Strange keyboard on Satellite M211 problem


    I'm Belgian and my English is not perfect, then, first of all I would like to apologize for this.

    I have a Satellite M211 of China (QWERTY keyboard) and I don't know what happened, but yesterday when I'm on to use it, I discovered that the keyboard has completely changed (when I type '9' are '39' coming, when I hit 8 here "87" to come,...), all the keys have changed and it is impossible for me to use the keyboard.

    I noticed that there was a light under the 'F10', and it was new, as when the keyboard is normal this light won t.
    So I want to know how can I solve this problem of keyboard and turn off the light (I already try to 'Fn' 'F10', this does not work).

    Thank you

    I don't know how it works on the Chinese notebook models but you try using FN + F10 or maybe FN + F11. It is important to disable this LED and a built-in keyboard.

    When activated, the keys with the grey wire marking on their lower edge are either pad keys (FN + F11) or the keys (FN + F10) slider control.

  • Strange keyboard on Satellite M40 problems

    My Toshiba M40 has been giving me problems keyboard quite frequently. I funny characters like NB¬A
    When I press the left SHIFT key and then the keyboard starts abnormal behavior:

    1. He moved to uppercase mode - to type letters more low, I actually have to use the caps lock.
    2. I can't use the SHIFT key to type the special characters figures.
    3. by clicking on the menu bar gives me a different effect, as if the SHIFT key is down already as it is not.
    4. press the button right shift takes me to the "Save" option
    5. I can't select a file or folder as several of them selected at the same time.

    And then let fall, shut down the computer (it does not restart at this time)
    After a while, the computer starts normally, but I'm never sure when it will start to behave badly again.
    Read about the update of the bios, so I got mine upgraded to version 1.7 of the toshiba Web site (this is the most recent they had for machines with ATI graphics card).
    Sometimes, I use an external keyboard when the problem occurs repeatedly.

    would appreciate advice on how to overcome this software / hardware problem.

    Hey Ashok,

    It is not easy to say what is causing this strange behavior, especially since it also occurs with an external keyboard. One clue is that the laptop does not restart once you stop it unless leave you for a short period. This suggests that the unit is overheating and that it may well have an impact on the unit that is causing your problems.

    I suggest that you try to give the laptop a clean to remove any accumulation of dust and debris from radiator CPU.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A210 - keyboard, touchpad, battery, boot problems


    Satellite A210 age of less than twelve months.

    1. the speakers had problem - ASP replaced the motherboard, but now the volume is still very low, even when it is 100%. All parameters controlled and seem to agree. How to fix?

    2. do not always start battery as it is constantly flat. Laptop went to ASP which replaced the motherboard (again) and put the new battery. Now it is always best to run the laptop power adapter the battery loses still fresh. If unplugged from mains battery going flat all night?

    3. has refused to start with the power button, talking to ASP who advised to reformat the PC - fact, but problem remained

    4. reformatted much more time and finally returned to ASP that now the keyboard did not always work either. ASP has replaced the motherboard (which is now the third), but has not solved the problem and the keyboard. Still not having not battery

    5. the day I return A210, touchpad did not work. Talked to ASP which gave me a lot of options to try, including turn it off and wait 30 minutes, which is not done. He returned in ASP which says that there is nothing wrong with him?

    How can I set the power and touchpad problem?
    Gave up the drums and speakers
    Maybe someone else that ASP can give me an answer please. All I want is to be able to use my laptop and do all the usual things a PC, sound, keyboard, power batteries and do not always put in a USB mouse.

    Help appreciated

    > I tried the volume button on the front of the laptop, and it does not the speakers all stronger. I wouldn't know how to go into BIOS to change things.
    In the BIOS, you cannot change these settings. I guess that this issue has something to do with the previous motherboard replacement.

    > Do I need to get a person who makes a PC run to change?
    I think you should communicate with guys that have changed are repaired this laptop and should explain the problems that appears after change of motherboard.

  • Satellite A200 - 1CR PSAE0E - keyboard after installing XP problem

    Yesterday, that I changed my OS to XP SP2. And now I have problem with keyboard - sliders and delete key work inproperly.

    Usually, when you stop now a key, she stops typing or move the slider to the screen - now when I get a cursor for a while, then stop and I have to wait until it stops. Other keys work fine.

    This problem appeared not on vista.

    Please help with it, I can't play any games. I have the standard xp keyboard driver. Are there different or software keyboard drivers? I don't think I've forgotten something when changing os - display installed, sound, lan, wlan, driver controls (not sure exactly what is this to), t - pad, flashcard, modem to other ideas?

    Sorry for my bad English. waiting for your response.


    The keyboard is no driver or additional software available. It part of the operating system.

    In your case I would try it with an external keyboard and mouse.
    In addition, in Control Panel, you can set up different things.

    Good bye

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