Keyboard shortcut ALT + F has stopped working

For as long as I can remember, in Notepad of Windows (many other programs), you can hold down the ALT key and press "F" key, then the "S" key (now the ALT key pressed) to save a file.
Also, just the combination ALT + F opens the drop-down file menu.

It always works on my XP computers, but on my computer Windows 7 Pro x 64 it recently stopped working.

Opens the Edit drop-down list in Notepad the ALT + E combination, ALT + O opens the drop-down list Format, ALT + V will open the view drop-down list, etc.
but ALT + F does not work (the underscores appear in all the selections menu when you press ALT).

If you press and release the ALT key, features of underlining of menu items appear, and then you can press 'F' to get the drop down file menu.

I'm sure that it is a recent issue since I use Notepad frequently and the ALT + F, by keystroke.

I searched the web, but the only article I found was here: is more ALT + F opens the file menu
and it says that "last system update (about April 1, 2013) seems to have solved the problem" but I don't have WIN7 until the
This year and all of the updates are applied.

PS - I know also, CTRL-S saves a file in Notepad, but old habits are hard to break.

I tracked down the source of this problem.

I had installed a terminal series called TeraTerm program to configure some WiFly RovingNetworks (now owned by MicroChip) microcontroller modules.

Apparently, this program hanging in the keyboard messages and prevented the ALT - F key combination to other programs.

Uninstallation of TeraTerm solved the problem.

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    Hello Graham

    Sorry, but your problem is not easy to understand. After reading these two sentences, it is not easy to tell if there is a general problem with the keyboard or what.
    When you enter the BIOS settings can use keyboard to scroll through the options and tabs of the BIOS?

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