Keyboard shortcuts do not work after changing the blending mode to a layer

There is a strange bug that I experienced with photoshop. Whenever I change the blending mode to a layer (for example by selecting "Multiply" in the menu drop-down blending mode), my keyboard shortcuts stop working until I have click on the canvas again. It's annoying because often, I'll be on the Brush tool and I did draw on the canvas and press ctrl + z to re - activate keyboard shortcuts. I'm curious to know if this problem occurs to someone else and if anyone has found a solution for this.

Version of Photoshop: 20150722r.168 x 64

Operating system: Windows 10

It happens on Windows, because the drop-down list with blend modes remains highlighted or active (around the blue line). You can press ENTER to confirm and delete the highest point around blend mode dropdown or use keyboard shortcuts to change the layer blending mode. To change the layer blend mode, you must have selected layer and then press Shift + Alt + letter for the blend mode. This shortcut does not work in the case where the tool you are using have mode option in the blending Options bar.

Tags: Photoshop

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    I will send you a private message (departure from the envelope at the top on the right)

  • vCenter WebClient does not work after changing the field of vCenter Server

    Hi all

    I had to migrate my vCenter to a new domain. This migration is smooth without any problems. Everything works fine.

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    Thanks in advance,


    Have you tried to run the command as shown in register.bat

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    where did you changed them? In the BIOS or in the Toshiba HW setup?

    I suggest you go into bios after turning on your machine. You have to hit just F2 Ant then in the search for bios for setting "all default setting" or something with "bios setup defaults" to reset your bios settings.

    After that, your computer should start up again.

    Welcome them

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    I know, I can work around this problem by using the Refresh event and javascript, but I prefer DA and if possible Change event.



    mdyla wrote:

    It is, how to force them reallocate dynamic Action in the event of CHANGE of the input elements after refresh of IR region.

    Set the dynamic scope of the event action to Dynamics.

  • Lightroom has just due to a malfunction.  'Fit' and 'Fill' overthrew.  The central panel stretches images.  The panels are blacking out and endangered.  Keyboard shortcuts do not work.  I can't scroll through images.  Photoshop is now malfunctio

    My Lightroom went completely wonky.  'Fit' and 'Fill' overthrew.  The central panel stretches images.  The panels are blacking out and endangered.  Keyboard shortcuts do not work.  I can't scroll through images.  Photoshop is now malfunction also.  Everybody runs into this and what should I do?

    Hi jodyd25200366,

    Could you please confirm the version of Lightroom, also the side panels are completely black and also if you can attach a screenshot.

    Kind regards


  • AI CS5 keyboard shortcuts do not work. I restarted and have no other problem with my MacBook Pro. What is the problem?

    AI CS5 keyboard shortcuts do not work. I restarted and have no other problem with my MacBook Pro. What is the problem?


    The following is a general list of things, try when the question is not in a specific file, and when it is not caused by problems with opening a file from external media. You tried/made some of them already; 1 and 2) are easier for temporary strangenesses and 3) and 4) specifically preferences might be corrupt); ((5) is a list in itself and 6) is the last resort.

    If possible / there is, you must record a current work first, of course.

    (1) close Illy and open again.

    (2) restart the computer (you can make up at least 5 times);

    (3) close Illy and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift / Cmd + Option + shift during startup (easy, but irreversible);

    4) move the folder (follow the link with this name) with closed Illy (more tedious but also more thorough and reversible), for CS3 - CC you can find the file here:

    5 look through and try the relevant among the other options (click on the link with that name, item 7) is a list of the usual suspects among other applications which can disturb and confuse Illy, point 15) applies to the maybe CS5, CS6 and CC);

    Even worse, you can:

    (6) (check the box to delete the preferences), run the cleanup tool (if you have CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC) to uninstall and reinstall.

  • Tool of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts do not work between two monitors


    My friend works on Photoshop CS6, with 2 monitors and a Wacom tablet. Keyboard shortcuts do not work for one of its tools, brush sizes etc... It must manually, click on each individual tool and resize brushes, makes his workflow much slower. The keyboard works with other programs and the Wacom tablet works fine.

    For example, when making a mask and using the Brush tool, it can select B for the Brush tool. Then, as she is brushing, she cannot change the size of the brush, opacity of the brush or press the backslash on the keyboard to see the mask. She must manually, go to the toolbar and click the desired option.

    There seems to be a break with between the 2 monitors and keyboard. Any suggestion would be great.

    Thank you!

    Menus, shortcuts, Lasso tool or Photoshop constantly run when using a Wacom tablet. Mac OS

  • Speakers stopped working after changing the device sound card

    * Original title: switched to hi-speed of dial-up, speakers stopped working / / rev. #2 Can I change the title of: speakers stopped working after changing the device sound card

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    Let me start at the top under "General".  It lists the name of the device: Unimodem half-duplex Audio device.    Device type: audio, video and game controllers;    Manufacturer: Microsoft;    Location: Motorola SM56 Speakerphone modem.

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    It is a question of another driver, or is it something else?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Are plug you the speakers into the modem?

    They must be connected in making your computer speaker, usually a light green color (read the manual of the machine). Go to control panel / sounds / playback and make sure that the type of speakers you selected as the default device.
    Audio device drivers updated its better to not use MS Update (it is not). Re-post giving your machine make name and exact model number (for example HP, Inspiron, ABC1234 etc.).
    See you soon,.
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    Adobe Story over my keyboard shortcuts do not work. I'm on a Macbook. I'm really tired of using an obsolete Mac and Final draft AV, but I can't get this Adobe Story to work at all. I can't work effectively if I go to a drop down menu whenever I need a new element. I need the item and the type of strike. I am running the latest OS on my Macbook Pro.

    Hi Drake,

    I also found this post: Re: not working not keyboard shortcuts

    This blocking thread since this is a double post.

    Thank you


  • Tecra M7: Tablet does not work after closing the lid

    Someone had problems with the Tablet does not work after closing the lid on a Tecra M7? BIOS is 3.20

    Does not happen on hibernate or sleep.
    I have the set cover to do nothing on close.


    What do you with Tablet does not work after closing the lid?
    Is - what the laptop freezes or what? What happens exactly?

    Closing the parameters adjustable lid to Hibernate or standby mode or no action.
    These settings can be defined in configuration power saver actions.

    If you have some problems with some Toshiba applications installed, I recommend you to reinstall the program and TOSHIBA common Modules that doesn t work properly!

    Best regards

  • Office Jet 6500 will not print after changing the ink cartridges

    Office Jet 6500 will not print after changing the ink cartridges


    This doesn't seem to be a problem with the printer itself and not Windows. I also suggest to contact the manufacturer. In this case, HP.

    Please see here:

  • Change the blending mode in the layer Style

    On a Mac, there at - it a shortcut to change the blending mode of the layer in the layer Style dialog box? On a pc, you can click on the blending mode menu and then once highlight you can scroll with the arrows. I know outside the layer Style dialog box you can shift and + or - with the tool moving, but the advantage to do inside your layer style dialog box is it does not affect your story. In addition, it's something I want to be able to do with blending all layer Style effect modes. Thank you.

    No there isn't actually. Shortcuts mode Option shift mixture should really work here, but not

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