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I just installed iOS10 and cannot sort my music/library by the song title. It displays only the titles of the songs in groups sorted by artist. This is consistent with both iPhone6 & iPad. Y at - it a setting or option that I'm missing?


Go to the application settings on your iPhone and choose music; under 'Library', there is an option for "type songs & Albums. You can choose 'by artist' or ' title' - the latter should work for you.

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  • Music library Apple messed up my songs

    Hello. I hardly ever have anything to complain about Apple's music, but today I noticed something really weird. I got about 60 GB of songs in my computer when I signed firstly for the Apple's music and has my synchronized library. Well, it happened last year and since then I had no problems with it.

    But I just did a clean install of El Capitan on my macbook and so lost all the file of songs I had stored. 'No problem', I have thought, "they are still all in my music library apple, as long as I have access to the internet, I can listen to all". It so happened I had some songs very special and unique, like an instrumental version of sadness Summertime Lana Del Rey. Boy was I surprised when I tried to play and played the version of iTunes is in fact identical to the album version.

    So I ask you, Apple: where is my instrumental song by Lana Del Rey? If it's in the cloud, how can I listen to it?

    So I went and looked for other similar songs, and they are all screwed up. My set of The Killers live album is not powered, each song is the version of the album, even with the (live) song in it.

    I can't help thinking that apple music spread a kind of false when propaganda advertising that we were able to listen to our songs from any device. It turns out that this is not always the case. I ask you once again: where are my files of original songs? How can I listen to them?

    I expect an honest answer.


    Inadequacy of live versions of studio music is a common problem. ic-fingerprints /

    In any case, the music you download from Apple will have music DRM and you will only be able to play them as long as you subscribe to the Apple's music.

    Your solution is to restore your original music of your back ups


  • I need these files to iTunes 4 music library?

    I have these 4 iTunes files in my folder iTunes Music Library.xml intact from 2012 - the last time I did a transfer of iTunes library manual on a hard nine. They don't take up much space, but I'm doing a manual backup of my Mac and clean install of El Capitan so I won't wear any undesirable more that I don't need. Here are the screenshots of the files and the file 'Add' for example. All 4 have been created, modified, and last opened on 19-12 - 2012. I can remove them safely?

    I don't know all of the different .xml files. I wonder if you were a party edition and created their or another way to application in the past. In any case, most likely you don't need them and I do not recognize them as anything iTunes currently uses.  The fact that they are called "Music library" suggests that they date to before even 2012.

    If you fear never done this kind of thing, drag them to a folder somewhere for more security. Run iTunes as usual for a week or so and if you notice and deliver you can probably get rid of them for good.

  • iCloud music library playlists can include music from your music library to iCloud. This playlist cannot be downloaded, because it includes other types of media or songs that are not eligible

    Some Audio files are not eligible in icloud library, how can I force icloud to copy in my iphone. They are legitimate files (audio course)

    The elements should be considered as songs (music).  They must be your music iTunes library.  If they are categorized as another type of media (through iTunes), as a podcast or an audio book, you cannot then put on a playlist that is in your music to iCloud library.

    The song file may not exceed 200 MB.  The song should not be longer than 2 hours.  The song encoding cannot be 96 Kbps or less.

    If your audio elements (like songs) are not eligible, you will be able to modify them to make them eligible.  How depends on the reason to be ineligible.  Alternatively, if you have iTunes classify 'song' as a podcast or an audio book, you can load them on the iPhone the 'old school' way, live sync.  To change the category of the item in the window to read the information of the element (in the Options tab) change Media kind of music Podcast or audiobook.

  • I have a music library of about 7.6 GB.  I have an old nano iPod which has a capacity of 8.0 GB. When I try to sync my library on the nano it accepts only about 1.68 GB.  How can I fix?

    I have a library of about 7.8 GB of songs iTunes music.  I have an iPod nano to 8.0 GB.  When I try to sync my music on the iPod the IPod does accept that about 1.68 GB.  I tried to restore and re-synchronization-the same results.


    Are all your songs stored locallyin your computer's iTunes library?  iTunes cannot sync the songs that are accessed by streaming from Apple servers ("iCloud").  To check, find a song that does not sync your iPod to your iTunes library.  Do a right click and get information.  On the tab of the file Info window, browse to the location.  This site shows a path of the file to the location the file of that song on your drive, or should I say iCloud?  Expressed the iCloud, download it.

    If this is the General reason why much of the music library will not sync to the iPod, you can select the pieces all affected at the same time, right-click on the selection and download.  Once all the music files are stored locally, they sync to iPod.

    If this is not the cause of your problem, thanks for posting back with all additional details, such as any error message that appears when you attempt to sync.

  • In the music library, how can I get my songs to sort alphabetically by song, not an artist?

    In the music library, how can I get my songs to sort alphabetically by song, not an artist?

    Go to settings > music > songs of sorting & Albums and select by title. Should be good then.

  • iCloud music library does not work on my new iPhone


    iCloud music library has worked between my Mac, iPhone 6 and iPad Pro. However, it does not work on my new iPhone 7.

    When I try turn it off and on again, I do not get the merge or replace guest library that every site seems to say that I see. When I turn it on and open the music, I don't see any of the artists or songs or playlists that I added on my other devices. Occasionally (maybe 5 times), several full minutes after activating the iCloud music library, I get the error "iCloud music library can be activated. I tried using different wifi, using LTE networks and to connect it to my Mac. I tried to reboot the device when enabling/disabling iCloud music library. I also tried to use file > library > update to iCloud music library iTunes. I've been at this for about 4 hours now and am about to start rider on my hair. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    You back up iPhone via iTunes or iCloud 7?

  • Where is my music library?

    Where is my music library?

    Please provide more information. What OS X and the version of iTunes are you using? Have you updated iTunes? We need to know as much information as possible to provide you with a solution.


  • Why are my ineligible tracks for iCloud music library?

    Recently, I turned on the Apple music on my Mac and turned on iCloud music library. Most of my songs have been downloaded without problem, but there were some, including some of my favorite pieces, which is apparently not eligible for the cloud.

    These songs are songs that I bought years ago while they are protected AAC audio files and I bought the on another Apple ID as I used to share one with a family member before me to be my own. However, my laptop is allowed to play the songs of this ID, and there were many other tracks protected in my library bought with other Apple ID, that have been matched / downloaded without any problem.

    In addition, all tracks are 128 Kbps, so that they are in the range of quality to download. None is more than 200 MB, so the file size is not the issue.

    All tracks are still currently available on the iTunes Store and Apple's music catalog.

    Is there another reason they might be inadmissible? And, if so, is there a way to solve this problem and download them to my music library to iCloud?


    I own a small number of titles that I could not be upgraded. While some of the songs where still in the iTunes Store, they have been republished on / remastered versions of the same album.

    I suggest you burn these tracks on an audio cd and rerip them. You can get a match.


  • Update to 10 won't allow icloud music library to be marketed?

    Had the same problems to upgrade as many.  iPhone update was a mess with recovery, iPad etc. Pro choke when I plugged into the computer and updated via iTunes. But on moth machines, it won't let me turn on iCould music library. Any ideas?

    Have you tried to log in to your iCloud account, then back away from logging in?

  • Unable to connect to iCloud, 12.5.1 iTunes music library

    I can't connect to my cloud music library... Since I updated iTunes to the 12.5.1 version.

    Anyone has any idea of what continues? ... I'm on El Capitan 10.11.6 on a MacBook pro of the retina

    Have you tried restarting your computer?

  • Restore iTunes music library

    Anyone know how I can restore my iTunes music Library using only one xml file library on my PC?

    The XML file contains a list of what is / was in the library. Without the media you can not use it to restore iTunes. What is really? See the empty/corrupted after upgrade/crash iTunes library on the off chance that it provides the information you need.


  • Recent update has corrupted the password and now the entire music library is missing

    Where is my music library? I've just updated my software and password and the library are missing.

    Can you help me? I have a hp pavilion computer.


    I'm assuming that you ask about iTunes, and why your music is not appear in the iTunes library?

    Is always music in the music folder?

    C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes

  • Music library playing a song wrong to iCloud

    I just noticed a strange bug in my iTunes music library to play the wrong version of one of my songs.  Here's the scoop:

    I have the album of Pink Floyd The Wall on my main library that is local to one of my computers.  Because I have iCloud music enabled, which allows my other computers listen to the songs I have in my main library, I am able to listen to The Wall of another Mac.  However, it's playing the wrong version of "Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)," which, on my computer which is streaming the track plays the live version of the track (which I believe is from the album Pulse, which is a horrible post-Roger Waters album).

    In my main music library, which has the original album that I've scanned there nearly 20 years, the length of the track is 04:01. However, when I listen to the song with another Mac, who plays bad live version, the length of the track is 07:07.  Now, if the runtime is the same, then I would chalk up a simple glitch where the Apple servers has confused, in the course of the same artist, even followed by name, same DURATION... but since it's a completely different album and different runtime... real head scratcher for me there.

    Just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone else has had this happens, and if there is some sort of fix.  I have not spent a lot of time to my music from my other computers, so I don't know if it's just an a stop or a bug that assail you my library continuously.


    This a fairly common problem with Apple's music. Read this ic-fingerprints /


  • Impossible to use both: iMusic and previous music library


    to use iMusic on my iphone and ipad, I have to activate the iCloud music library; but when I do that, all my old files, in this case, various language courses, disappear or cannot be played more.

    I chose "merge" btw.

    Anyone know how I can use both? And also, why the * Apple does it?

    Hello builtthispool,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities with your question about music and language courses.  I use Apple music and I also have a lot of audio files that are usually not in the iTunes store.  I am happy to answer your questions.

    First I wanted to give you this link that will explain a little about the differences between music from Apple and iTunes game:

    iCloud library: understand the differences between music from Apple and iTunes game

    Especially take note of this article:

    Music to Apple and iTunes game are not backup of your original music library services. Be sure to back up your music library so that you have a copy of your music and other information if your Mac or PC is already replaced, lost or damaged.

    Before you begin working with the help of Apple's music or iTunes Match, whichever you choose, you'll want to save your language course.  Here is a link to explain how to back up your iTunes library:

    Manage and backup your iTunes library

    Once you have saved your iTunes library, you can decide which service you want to use.  While both services download songs that are not in the iTunes Store, it is possible that they may not download or correspond to classes because of the type of file.  What you can do instead is to synchronize files physically connecting your iPhone / iPad to your computer.

    Media synchronization between your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and iTunes on your Mac or PC

    Have a great day!

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