Kit Bluetooth for Tecra A8 - KF2?

Anyone know if there is such a beast? I have a new client with 4 of these laptops and would love to add a BT module to each of them. Search on Google and the search of these forums and web site of Toshiba not gave much info.

Thank you



If the laptop has a bluetooth antenna pre-installed, then all you need is the bluetooth module.
If there is no antenna, then by installing an antenna can be costly, if possible.
The Brochure should you say if there is a bluetooth antenna and also tell you the part number for the bluetooth kit.

Otherwise, the easiest would be to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter.

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  • Modules Bluetooth compatible Tecra M1


    I would buy a Bluetooth for my M1 in 2003. So far, I found a few BT modules, but they the the part number are different and I feel a bit confused.

    Does anyone have an o list all modules compatilibe?
    Thanks in advance.

    It s your lucky day my friend ;)

    I found the BT module that is compatible to your laptop:
    Bluetooth Module Kit PA3235U-2BTM

    Google for this part number and you should find really nice offers.
    Hopefully I'll get the reward ;) points

  • Impossible to install the SoundMAX for Tecra M2 drivers after install own WXP


    I need help, is the audio driver for tecra m2 laptop

    + soundMAX integrated digital audio + * Version: * + +

    I recently wiped the computer with a clean installation of windows XP. All drivers seem to work fine after installation, except sound related. When I try to install the SoundMAX driver correct (I know it's okay, I have another computer laptop tecra m2 is exactly the same) the following error message is displayed right at the end of the installation.

    + "The driver does not exist! Restart your system and run this installer again. » +

    When I reboot, the same thing. I installed the drivers from the chipset intel, rebooted and tried: same result.
    When I go into Device Manager, all devices are taken into account except an unknown device, which is a yellow questionmark with a small exclamation mark on it. The device soundmax isn't here.
    I also tried to reinstall windows and then the drivers with the sound result last, even.

    I would appreciate if someone can help me solve this problem. If you need data from the system and you know a program to obtain the data in the system, send me a link and I'll post the data.

    See you soon,.


    Try please install all things following this order of installations:

    Windows XP Pro SP1a Edition
    Intel Q332179 mobile CPU driver
    Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
    Toshiba Common modules
    Display driver for nVIDIA GeForce FX go 5200 display driver
    SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
    Alps Pointing Device Driver
    Toshiba dual pointing device utility
    Driver modem
    Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection
    Intel Pro/1000 MT Mobile connection
    Wireless Lan driver
    Wireless keyboard shortcut
    Infrared driver
    Windows SD host controller driver
    SD memory boot utility
    SD memory card format
    Bluetooth stack
    Fix for "Microsoft Bluetooth with Bluetooth" Q323183
    TOSHIBA Hotkey for display devices
    Toshiba display device change utility
    Zoom utility
    TOSHIBA Power Saver
    Toshiba Mobile ext.
    Toshiba Utilities
    Toshiba console
    Toshiba controls
    TOSHIBA ConfigFree
    Toshiba Audio effect
    CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
    DVD - RAM Driver Software can only be used with DVD-RAM support

  • How can I get a recovery for Tecra A2 CD

    Can someone tell where I can get the recovery for Tecra A2 CD, please.

    Thank you


    Hi Sean

    The Toshiba Recovery CD and all the other laptops and components can be ordered directly from the service provider authorized in your country.

    If you n t know ASP please see this page which provides information on ASP worldwide.

    Go here:

    .. .and choose search for a certified service provider

    Best regards

  • Need audio drivers and modem for Tecra A6

    I couldn't find the drivers (audio + modem) Tecra A6 EZ6411 for Windows XP SP2 home edition.


    and why you n t visit the Toshiba driver page and download the correct drivers?

    The Toshiba driver page provides drivers XP for Tecra A6 PTA60E and Tecra A6 PTA61E.
    If you n t know which Tecra you check exactly please the label at the bottom of the unit.

    I hope and think that everything is clear now.

    Have a nice day ;)

  • Replacement Li-ion PA3356U-3BRS for Tecra M5 battery

    * I have a Toshiba Tecra M5 bought 3 years ago. Now, its battery (mentioned on the subject) has a lifetime of about 15 minutes. So I contacted the representative of Toshiba to buy a new. She mentioned that there is no batteries, only the batteries that have been "fixed" by Toshiba with a warranty of 3 months (and a price to pay taxes of 90 euros + 20%). Does make sense? Should I buy one of these or there is a credible alternative?

    Thank you very much for your reply,
    Better subject.
    Naim hedge
    The European Union *.

    Put this number in Google and you'll find enough online shops where you can order the new battery for you.
    Do not buy from Toshiba directly.

    Follow batteries for Tecra M5 you can order:

    Good bye

  • Question about CD recovery for Tecra M2

    Maybe it's a stupid to ask question, but the recovery for Tecra M2 CD comes with windows XP? I need to reformat my laptop, as it is infected by spyware unerasable. When I bought the laptop it only comes with the recovery CD.


    There is no question beast just dumb response. The recovery CD with Windows XP Professional and all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

    You can install it on two tracks with the help of an installation standard and expertise. If you have only a partition there is possibility to do both by using expert mode. If you have more questions please write again.

    Good bye

  • Caddy optical Bay for Tecra S10-106


    I would use an SSD instead of the conventional HARD disk, but SSDS are very expensive and that is why I would like to replace the optical drive with my conventional HARD drive. The optical drive is not often used and so I'm looking for a Bay optical caddy who easily replaced the DVD drive. I know that old Tecra Systems (e.g. 8100), that such a Bay was available.

    I don't want to use an external drive, because I do not carry many devices with me. Please can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey mate,

    I know that there are these optics by caddy for some Toshiba laptops but I don t know if they are available for Tecra S10 and if it of possible.

    You should ask a service provider authorized in your country. If this an optical bay caddy is available, you order if by technicians and they can give you a detailed response. :)

  • Need driver Ethernet for Tecra 8100

    I need a driver ether c16 ether c16 for Tecra 8100


    All the drivers that are released by Toshiba are on the European driver Toshiba-> archive page> support download &-> download drivers

    I m not sure what driver do you need exactly, but all Toshiba drivers are located on the driver page.

  • Beginner looking for the best upgrade memory for Tecra 8000

    Hello - I am currently looking to upgrade the memory on my Tecra 8000 the current 96 of at least 256.

    Is it possible that I can't find info on 256 MB extensions that are compatible

    I also want to upgrade my hard drive of at least 20 Gb, but I think it will be easier

    Any advice would be much appreciated


    In my opinion, you should contact the Service partner and ask them what a memory module is compatible with your laptop. I found that PC100 128 MB (PA3005U) is certainly usable for Tecra 8000.

    Please be careful because all modules may not be recognized by BIOS correctly.

    It is possible that 256 MB RAM PA3069U - 1 M 25 is compatible but I'm not sure about this. Pick up information by the Service partner before buy you one.

  • Docking station for Tecra M5

    If there is a docking station (universal or special) for Tecra M5 laptop computers?



    What do you think of a Dynadock?
    There's a Dynadock who takes in charge a VGA (PA3541E-2PRP) or DVI (PA3542E-2PRP) port.

    Otherwise I recommend to use an Advanced Port Replicator III more PA3474E-1PRP which is compatible with the Tecra M5.

    Google just for the part number and you will get some info on the Advanced Port Replicator III more

    Welcome them

  • Module Bluetooth for Satellite A80 129

    Hi all!

    Is it possible to upgrade my satellite A80-129 with a BT module or it is not possible at all?

    And if possible, what then is the right one for my laptop?

    BR, Kekec

    Hi kekec

    I found information that Bluetooth for A80 is not available. This means that there is no possibility of upgrade. In this case, the best advice is USB Bluetooth stick.

  • J8B65PA: Readers of Bluetooth for Compaq hp 15-s006TU with Windows7 64 bit laptop


    I recently bought 15-s006TU hp Compaq laptop. I could get most of the readers, but bluetooth and USB readers are not correctly installed. Could someone help me rgarding it.




    You need this driver bluetooth for the Ralink WiFi card.

    If the pilot USB3 support for your laptop and driver page did not work, then try one directly from Intel.

    Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file.

  • Do I have the recovery disc OK for Tecra A6?


    I have a Tecra A6 (PTA60E) computer laptop and he suffered some sort of virus problem and I couldn't recover. So, I tried to use the disks of recovery (with some success), but when I reboot Xp crashes. I found that the windows\config files are not installed. I then copied the \windows\repair files, but it is not a SYSTEM file - only a system.bak. By renaming this system and move the files to windows\config XP crahses yet.

    Now, I noticed that the discs have "Tecra S1" printed on them. I have the hard drives? they are the original disks, so I'm a bit confused.

    Thank you


    Hello Peter

    If you are sure that you have a recovery disc for Tecra S1, it is logical that you try using recovery bad discs. Recovery disk contains image of recovery and this recovery image is only intended for certain model of laptop.

    Purchased used Tecra or it was all new laptop?

  • Question about updating drivers for Tecra A9


    I noticed that support Toshiba updates drivers for Tecra A9 very slowly even if they introduce important features. For example, the display driver for 965 graphics worm 15 is much better than 14 worm distributed by Toshiba. I know that pilots are tuned and Toshiba has many models to take care, but several months of waiting seems to be too long. I do not expect that all minor versions are updated, but the most important should be!

    Kind regards

    Having the latest drivers would be nice, but its different for laptops. Motorists need to be customized for the features of the laptop, and they probably need to go through quality control, testing too although I guess.

    However there may be a solution, you can try to install the drivers later on newer models such as the Tecra A10 and M10 :)

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