L293 in Multisim


I'm new in the world of Multisim. Just bought the product and hoped that it would allow to draw me circuit diagrams for the robot I design.

Basis components L293D, LM324 and 74HC14.

I intend to adapt the circuit diagrams of: http://www.syscompdesign.com/mechbot/mechbot-lab-manual.pdf to my needs.

The diagram should be similar to the one below.

Unfortunately I can't find the components in MultiSim components library. Do I need another product or can this be achieved using multisim?

Can someone help me find a solution?

Voila, I thought you wanted the L293 which is a totally different part.

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  • Multimeter simulation Multisim not showing after reading press simulation

    I'm running student multisim version 14. I made a very simple circuit and to place two multimeter and run a scan dc.

    But the problem I am experiencing that I'm window calculation but multimeters not show any value of simulation.

    can someone help me understand this please.

    Hi shabeesatsangi,

    The meter components are intended to be used during the interactive simulation. When you run the DC OI analysis, you will see the results in a table in the grapher.

    To display the values in your multimeters, change your simulation mode to Interactive and run the simulation.

    I hope this helps,


    National Instruments

  • HP and/or Techtronix Multisim and GRAPHER

    Is there anyway to have the results of the Tecktronix and the HP o-scopes in Multisim appear in the Grapher?  Not sure why they don't, but they do not.


    Impossible to Multisim to connect directly with third-party tools and import signals from the scopes in Multisim. If you are able to get information on the scope and create a file .csv with this information, you can import this file in Multisim.

    I got this from another forum.

    "The Piecewise linear (PWL) source accepts data as the voltage or current time. You can find this part by selecting site > component, go to the group 'Sources' then select 'Sources of voltage Signal '. Place this part on the working area, double-click it and there should be an option to open a .txt file.

  • Cannot install multisim 11 Visual c ++ runtime error

    I always get runtime error while installing or multisim 11 on my PC my Configuration are Intel dual core 1.8ghz 1 GB ram and windows 7 Professional genuine fully updated what can be the possible reason, someone can tell me answer as soon as possible.


    I've not heard of this error before (and we have installed on a number of Windows 7 machines).

    Usually, when there is a runtime error, there is also an error code. Could you give me this error code. Also, when this error happen? You are uncompressing the installer, installer boot, while the 'parties' are being installed?

    Finally, if you downloaded the installer, have you tried redownloading?

  • Import the SPICE model for transistor BJT BFP720F in Multisim


    I'm trying to get the SPICE model for the BFP720F transistor provided by Infineon to work in Multisim.

    I have attached the template as provided by the manufacturer.

    If I import it as-is, I get error messages "invalid node identifier '<4>'" (I have translated that German, it might not be exactly this message in the English version).

    So I tried to replace all the "<4>" with "4", which seems to help, but now the error is "adjusted temperature setting"VJC (PC)"negative" and "incorrect use of the parameters of the model. Now I don't really know what to do with it.

    Is the template provided in the wrong format? I somehow can it in the right so I am able to use it?

    Because I need for my project semester in College, any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi NikoNR,

    When writing a detailed description of what I did exactly with the Wizard component, the component again to create in Multisim from scratch, I found that there are different SPICE models provided in the package for use with AWR MWO. They have a different file extension, but are normal text SPICE inside files.

    It turns out that they actually work with Multisim. The difference is small, there is only one temperature (TNOM) setting that is absent in these models, distinct from the "general" I first tried to use. It seems that Multisim had a problem with this setting, leading to the error I encountered.

    Anyway, the problem is solved now. Thanks for your help

    Good day

    (The now much happier) EE-student


    Edit: I have attached the SPICE model, that I ended up using, in case someone at - he never met a similar problem. The only change I did this, is to replace '<4>' with '4' in the part of the diode (single occurrence here). I had to zip to download with his original extention (.mdl).

  • Multisim for transfer Ultiboard Glitch


    We have made many PCBS using Multisim as our software for schematic capture and Ultiboard for layout. The last room back does not work because the netlist in the schema is incompatible with the netlist in the provision of one piece (which is used several times on the map). Not only all the pins are reversed, but one of the pins is quite non-connected. Since the 8 pins are connected to the schematic side, this clearly isn't simply a matter of mixed up of PIN, but when I annotate with impatience, it is said that found no difference.

    I went through and double and triple checked the symbol, the footprint and mapping of the PIN, and everything is OK. As a witness, I created a new schema with nothing else that the part in question and transferred to Ultiboard, and everything was OK.

    Everyone knows about this problem before? This is a known bug and is there any workaround or recommended solution to avoid something like this happening in the future (outside routing by hand and without taking into account the ratsnest altogether).

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    Please contact our support group.   You should not see this question in v11.0.   I'm not aware of the important issues with annotation front/rear, since we redesigned the annotation capability and improved reliability in v11.0 (from 10.1).

    http://sine.NI.com/apps/UTF8/NICC.call_me -> select ask support

    Kind regards

    Pat Noonan

  • using LM1181 using multisim

    I use LM1181 to scan my data. I build the tour that seems very well according to the data sheet of the Active Directory Connector, but I get the result as 000. and the PIN BACK a 0V instead of 1.5V. is there a problem with my circuit? I have attached my tour here. Help, please.

    Is possible to export my data didgitized in text file?


    In Multisim, there are two virtual ADCs, you could try: ADC and ADC16. They can be found in the Mixed Group, ADC_DAC family. They are not the real components, but they can be used in the simulation.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

  • Simulation freezes Multisim

    Hi all

    I played a bit with multisim for a few years now, but later began to really use the features of simulation of the program.  I noticed that transient analysis of the very basic circuits seem to work fine, but nothing more than (especially those using pwm controls) after bogged down as some ridiculously short period of time.  Also, before it freezes, things as the output of the oscilloscope function very slowly.  I have attached my circuit for reference and using all that you wonderful people out there.  What I am doing wrong?

    The wizard of error correction is not really take care of the problem.

    FYI, this is a converter circuit high power for which I would like to study the out performance characteristics by changing the frequency of the triangular wave or setting of the amplitude of the sine wave from 0 to 1. The goal is to produce a sinusoidal current output to the primary of the transformer.  The resistance of inductance and conductor of leakage have been modelled, as well as an inductive load on the secondary of the transformer.

    Thank you!

    Yes, I tried for a few days and all the other typical timestep of bugs and it does not always work. The solution was to replace the igbt with the command switches in idealized voltage and barrier diodes schottky antiparallel... and on the ground of the transformer floating seconday. It works now

  • Component USB 6008 in Multisim


    I conceive my system in Multisim 12 and I wanted to include OR components of the database.

    I need a component for the NI USB-6008 case and the other for the NOR cDAQ-9174 with two NI9217.

    My question is: these elements already exist (in the database, on the Web site of OR or a third party) or what I have to design?

    Thank you


    Here is an example of a database of these parts NOR (symbol only):

    To merge into your DB, to do this: tools-> database-> merge database

    There are 'rated' components blow up / stop working if too much voltage/current passes through them.

    Master DB-> base-> Rated_Virtual

    Kind regards


  • I can make the subcircuit in multisim as sub - VI in labview?

    in my project I have to work in modules, I can connect?

    as we use slot - VI in labview, I do subcircuit in multisim?

    Yes! "You can select just to the right of all the components that you want to do a subcircuit of and right click ' replace with subcircuit...

    You now have a sub-channel that is registered with your design. "" If you like to have different files for your modules (I personally), you can create instead of the Sub-channel in a separate file, connect HB/SC connectors PIN you want to send signals to, save the file and in your main circuit, right click "Place on schema" hierarchical block of file... in this way, the module can be reused as many times as you want.

    See you soon,.

  • Document of several pages of text of Multisim

    I use Multisim 14.0 and is working on a scheme that someone else did.  One of the pages is a text document.  How it was created?  I would like to add a page similar to one of my patterns, but cannot figure out how.  Thanks a lot for your help


    Hi Michael,

    You can place a description box (tex document) by selecting 'Editor Description' in the Tools menu:

    See you soon,.


  • student in multisim edition installation problem

    I first installed the version of multisim student and uninstalled it.now I am unable to re install the program.i tried to solve the problem by removing the directory program files.please help me solve the problem


    This error occurs generally if there is a problem in the installation program, or there are already traces of the software on the computer.  If you could answer the following questions I'll try my best to help out you.

    -Is the first time that you install the software? You have a previous version?

    -Do you have other National Instruments software on your computer?

    -What operating system do you use?

    -You have an administrator account on your computer?

    -Make any other mistake?

  • Multisim co-simulation / LabVIEW

    Is it possible to add contacts from two States to Multisim and control of Boolean way to LabVIEW?

    the attached example schema

    Resolved: http://forums.ni.com/t5/Circuit-Design-Suite-Multisim/Co-Simulation-Multisim-LabVIEW/m-p/2032200#M12...

  • Library of Multisim


    I can't find the LM723 in multisim. How can get this parts, infact how to upgrade libraries containing elements OR does not

    The component wizard.


  • How to model generic spices work in multisim?

    I have a model external Spice, I need to use occasionally.  I alsways have trouble with that.  It doesn't seem to be because I don't understand the models or how operation spices, but more than the conventions to set and get properly hanging nodes and other aspects of MS are ambiguous to me.

    This is a model of NTC thermistor and a multisim schematic, I'm working on.  I tried many things but you do not have the errors go away.  I put back the way I started here.

    This model is:


    Can someone explain how to get this model of thermistor NTC to work in MS?

    The ramp from 100V to 1V/s source matches the entry of temperature to the model.  (0-100 C, 1 ° c/sec on the grapher, if I ever get there)

    Thank you

    David B

    Hi David,

    I think that you pasted the netlist any data on the Web page in the Multisim Components Wizard. I think that it is the root of the problem. You just enter in the wizard components are really, the following lines:

    . SUBCKT NTC_10K_1   1  2  4  5
    ETHERM 1-3 VALUE = {I (VSENSE) * 10 K * EXP (3548 / (V (4,5) + 273) - 3548 /(25+273))}
    VSENSE 3 2 DC 0
    . ENDS

    The remaining lines that are given to you generate the stimulus, as the voltage source that you placed in your schema.

    I have corrected it and attached the circuit has been fixed. Open this in Multisim and simulate a click > analysis > DC Sweep and click on simulation. You should see the curve IV of resistance NTC operating at different temperatures.

    Hope that helps.

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