-L50 A Windows 10 Nvidia GT740M satellite

I am trying to solve a problem on my Toshiba laptop.

It is related to the installation of smart dual gfx. I have an error Code 12 (not enough resources), or else an error Code 43 (windows stopped the device because it has detected problems).

I constantly tried to solve this problem and failed in each attempt. I'm not on a new install of windows 10 (previously a upgrade to 8.1), but even that did not work.

I tried older drivers, new drivers, the numbers of specific driver and drivers from nvidia and intel. Nothing works.

I read I need the drivers specific to Toshiba, but I can't download the bloody things! I can start a download and it gets so far and then fails. Last week, it was at about 50%, today it is about 80%! I have tried different browsers, even different computers!

Any ideas?

Sorry, I didn't mean to post twice.

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  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite C650D - 11K


    where can I find all the drivers for Windows Xp for my Satellite C650D - 11K?

    I saw something on the Support page & Toshiba drivers, but the question is: if originally, it installed Windows 7 64 bit, how I can install all drivers for Win Xp (32-bit, I guess)?

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

    Your question is really strange. If your laptop is supported for Windows XP Home edition, and it is undoubtedly supported, then install WXP and more later all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities one by one.

    Before that, you create the recovery disk using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. This disk you can use to install Win7 64 bit in the future when you don t want to use Windows XP Home edition.

  • Windows reinstall failure on Satellite P35 - BSOD

    I had to reinstall windows XP on my Satellite P35.

    I deleted the partition - now, I think that it could have been a mistake.

    I get about half way through installing windows, then I get a blue error screen telling me that the installation could not be completed. "memory dump physical beginning" and all that jazz.

    Any tips on what I could do wrong?

    I have re-formatted the hard drive.

    What is the BSOD code?

    Have you tested the memory? go to www.memtest.org and install Memtest on a floppy disk or a cd.

    If the BSOD 0x0000007B, you need a SATA F6 driver on a floppy disk during the installation of XP.

  • Windows XP on the Satellite A200 1HU

    Is it possible to get a CD/DVD of Windows XP for a Satellite A200-1HU recovery?

    No, this is not possible. You can only order the Toshiba Recovery CD with the operating system preinstalled on your A200.
    In your case, it s a Vista and so only the Vista recovery CD can be bought.

    But if you need to use XP on your laptop, then uses the XP of origin of the Microsoft C and then install all the Toshiba XP drivers available from the diver page.

    Good bye

  • I use the 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 from the Satellite on the Qosmio?


    I have 2 laptops Toshiba, Qosmio X 300 - 14U and Satellite T130 - 12 K, and my question is:
    I use the 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 from the Satellite on the Qosmio?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi frakri,

    What drivers tell you exactly? Display, chipset, sound, etc. ?

    Theoretically, it should be possible, but it s according to the material. For example if your Qosmio has the same chipset as satellite you can use these drivers. Otherwise it wouldn't work because the hardware is different.
    First, check the features!

    In addition, you can get all the drivers here:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite A210-16F

    Hello everyone,

    Can someone point me to the page drivers WXP for my laptop (AMD x 2 TL-58, 2 GB RAM, ATI HD2600, 160 GB)?
    Well, as most of the users I want to improve (sorry fans of Vista, but I can't use the downgrade of Word because new BONE from the guys in Redmond s...s) for Win XP.
    I am not able to find the drivers of Windows XP Home edition on the Toshiba site (except 2).

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Hello, Toshiba driver developers. We need more drivers Win XP. Please help us!

    Hi Vommy

    Please use the advanced search on this forum and you will find some very interesting discussions about the drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite A210. You are right. At the time current Toshiba offers no drivers of Windows XP Home edition.

    Please start with this one

  • Is - Windows 7 works with Satellite M70 129

    Hi all

    How are you guys?
    wanted to ask you if Windows 7 works with Satellite M70-129 or not?
    Toshiba is going to support or not with drivers and other things?

    Thanks in advance

    This is a user to use the forum, so if you wait for an official statement from Toshiba then you can wait until you get gray hair
    If you want to hear my opinion then this is

    Windows 7 is very similar / same as MS Vista OS. It supports only a few additional features and options.

    In the European Toshiba page driver I found the Vista drivers for this laptop M70 series and I guess these drivers could be used on Windows 7 too.

    Good bye

  • How to install Windows XP Home on Satellite A300?

    Please help me! How to reformat and install the operating system Windows XP Home for Satellite A300?
    Can someone help me with this?

    Thank you...


    First you need to download xp drivers: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp
    Second, you must create the floppy or custom installation CD of Windows XP with integrated storage drivers. the custom installation CD, you can use Nlite http://www.nliteos.com/. There are guides in different languages, so you won't have a problem to create a. Don't forget it will have to include "Storage drivers", without them, Setup does not recognize the hard drive.
    Third install XP :)

    But be aware, you may encounter some problems, as audio doesn't work do not (updated Windows XP specific need or Service pack 3), some Fn keys not working do not, some unrecognized hardware and so on... You really have to patient when installing XP on new laptops. So good luck

    (Tip: download all readers and store it because it is quite possible that the LAN/WAN connection will not work without a driver)

    See you soon

  • Can I install Windows XP on a Satellite A300D - 14 p

    Can I install Windows XP on a Satellite A300D - 14 p?

    .. .thx for any info and/or messages...


    Just to clarify something:

    -If you want to install Windows XP Home edition, but do not change the BIOS settings (leave it in AHCI mode) at the beginning of the procedure of facilities you must load a SATA driver by pressing F6. That's only way to install Windows XP Home edition with success
    -You can install WXP without driver SATA, but you must change the compatibility settings. Everything works fine, but if you change the settings on back ACHI you get BSOD every time when you try to start Windows XP Home edition

    If you want to install the SATA driver please install WXP if you use SATA starts the driver before installing Windows XP Home edition.

  • Re: How to reinstall windows vista on my Satellite L300

    I need to reinstall windows vista on my Satellite L300 because of a problem, I had with it (the computer does not start and the recovery option does not work). It has not come with a windows CD so how can I reinstall it?
    Do I have to get a CD by myself and if so - what version of windows vista is compatible with my laptop?
    (I can not contact the provider because I is not guaranteed).

    > It came not with a windows CD so how can I reinstall it?
    You had an option pre-installed on your laptop that you helped to create the recovery disk. Seems you didn't create this disk in the past

    Well, in this case, you can order the CD here:

    Welcome them

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite L40-139

    Hello I need drivers Windows XP for Toshiba Satellite L40-139

    Model No.: PSL40E-02R02GRN

    There are only installation instructions in the download section for this model, no drivers for XP, only for Windows Vista

    Maybe the drivers will be included in the next time.
    Let's see

    In addition, you can try some single other L40 series drivers

  • Drivers Windows XP for the Satellite A350-110


    I'm looking for drivers Windows XP for Toshiba Satellite A350-110. Where can I find them?

    Thank you

    If they are not on the site of Toshiba, you will then enter other similar models XP drivers.

  • I need Windows XP drivers for Satellite M300 FM home edition


    I need the drivers for * windows xp for M300 Satellite * for * remote control and FM utility *. Please update me or send me the drivers for the mail or please give me the link for the drivers.

    I can find these drivers for VISTA only. But I need for Windows XP Home edition.


    If it is a model of cell US the best place to search for drivers is Toshiba U.S. support under http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_modSel.jsp page

    You can also ask for it on Toshiba U.S. forum under http://community.compuserve.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=ws-laptop&redirCnt=1

    Good luck!

  • Chicony usb 2.0 webcam stopped working when I update from windows vista to windows 7 on Toshiba satellite pro L300-EZ1521 computer laptop

    When I upgrade the operating system from windows vista to windows 7 on Toshiba satellite pro L300-EZ1521 laptop, Chicony usb 2.0 webcam no longer works showing a message "webcam driver open fail.please restart camera or computer".in Device Manager the status of the camera says "this device is working properly".to go the control panel I select camera assistant software and clicked on change and when I try to repair a pop-up window with a message "Please insert disk 1 that contains the file data2.cab" is displayed. I tried to give the path of the driver (I have Vista), but it did not work.

    I need help please!

    Hi Aynalm,

    You can check the following link and try to download display Utility for Windows 7 drivers, and check if it helps.


    Also check out the link:

    Update drivers: recommended links


  • Latest updates of Windows for Nvidia 9500 gt, causing problems

    I have a Nvidia 9500 GT vidocard in my pc running Windows 64-bit edition and do not use the pc for gaming.
    All stable and fine until the batch of updates from windows in March.
    I installed all the updates (major & optional); the optional updates included a large for Nvidia.
    the pc then started freezing whenever I closed Firefox or IE.
    Tried the following, but without success:
    (a) Firefox reset
    (point) - did not work!
    (c) push dirver; didn't work...

    The situation recovered by retrieving the Acronis backup January State system.

    In the face of the long list of windows updates, I installed only the important windows ones and the optionals left, including NVIDIA.

    Everything is stable throughout the rest of the month of March and until this week.

    Monday 8 I got Acronis backup of what had been the stable system.
    Tuesday, last batch of updates has arrived and I installed all the more important. Creating restore point and installed separately all the accessories (including the NVIDIA), creating another restore point.

    No prize for guessing that freezing after closing Firefox or IE started!

    Tried a), b) and c) above again, all without success, and finally allowed to restore pc Monday using Acronis.

    When I checked then windows updates, NVidia is now shown as important (not an option).

    I installed all the updates (except Nvidia) and ok at the moment.

    I'm tempted to follow "if it isn't broken, don't fix it approach" by ignoring the Nvidia Important Update.

    Are there reasons why this should cause me problems?
    Is it possible to hide this update Nvidia Important so that I can't install it inadvertently with the next batch of updates Windows Important?

    Thanks for the info about the system restore. I hope that the system remains stable and that I won't have to see if safe mode system restore work - fingers crossed.

    Would appreciate your comments on my approach to ignore "NVidia Important Update" in my opinion, is the problem cause and hide in Windows Update.

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