L50D-B-146 satellite does not turn


I have a problem with my L50D-B-146 turns is not on. Very rarely, when I try to turn it on it works. Once I managed to turn on I tried to upgrade the Bios to 1.6 1.2, but you must restart your computer to complete the installation I couldn't because it does not turn on 99% of the time. The laptop didn't work before I tried upgrading the Bios is not the fault of the installation to fail. Also when I get to turn Windows works perfectly fine, until I have to turn it off again.

When I try to turn it on the power button light works and you can hear the fan, otherwise you may not even see the screen Toshiba Leading Innovation, so I don't think it's the fault of the window. I repeat again once you can activate from time to time, but very rarely. Also it is not the fault of the monitor that I connected the laptop to an external display, and again, there was a problem.

I would be very grateful for any solution to this problem


The solution to this problem?
I don't know if anyone here can offer virtual diagnosis and offer the working solution.
When the machine works sometimes such a problem is not easy to understand. Such behavior of the laptop must be analyzed and may be tested with diagnostic tools.

What we do here, it's just to speculate at what may be the problem. Looks like the BIOS related issue. For some reason, from time to time your machine cannot pass the BIOS checking the material.

Have you already contacted Toshiba services and asked for help?

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    As mentioned in the title that I'm on a laptop Toshiba L50D-B PSKULE, running Windows 7

    my wireless adapter, broadcom, not market that the only way I seem to be able to find to do is FN F12 option, which simply does not work!

    Help, please!


    Are you sure that your laptop was equipped with the Broadcom WLan card?

    The same model could also use the Atheros WLan card... that's why it would be interesting to know the name of the Wlan module that appears in the device under network adapters Manager.

    By the way; the module sharing BT signals too... that is why it is essential to install the filter of Bluetooth driver Package in order to use the WLan and BT

  • Satellite PRO U300 does not turn off


    I am facing a problem for the last few days on my Satellite PRO U - 300 (31st PSU)...

    The machine does not turn off and the power light stays on (blue LED) even after you have disabled. In fact, happened 3 - 4 times when I start the computer normally by pressing the power button / stop, it does not start and I noticed that the indicator was not extinguished even after + shut down +. Like any it is blocked! I have to finally, remove and reinsert the battery to start the laptop.

    Some details of my pc are as under:

    Version of the OS Microsoft® Windows Vista Business 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1
    BIOS Version V2.00
    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80 GHz

    Can someone help me solve this problem. Is it possible that during the uninstallation of programs, any perticular driver file is also deleted?
    Thank you



    I don't know that you understand the indicator of power, but to me it sounds like AC Power LED and this LED is always on when the laptop is connected to the power supply.

    Power on / off LED is probably what you mean (the other starting on the left).
    Anyway, you turn off your laptop using a standard on the Start button?
    Are you sure you want to use the Hibernate mode.

    Believe me, the entire description here is pretty confusing to me. It may be that the laptop is turned OFF but power light is still on.

    Have you installed something 4 days ago? Or deleted some important application?
    Sorry, but it is not easy to say with certainty what the problem is here.

  • Re: Satellite L750 does not turn on - LED flashes

    Hi guys,.

    Can someone help me please!
    I just bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite L750 last week and it won't turn :(

    The wing forward system indicator is flashing but I'm not sure wat it is: P
    Nûby - I know, but its all new to me.

    Also my lappy does not turn and stop automatically last night in the middle of using it.

    The fan seems to be surging so:(meh son seul nouveau... s'il vous plaît aider!!!)


    If the LED flashes then a serious hardware problem has been detected on the motherboard.
    I think that the guarantee must be valid because L750 model isn't very old so don t time in bulk and get in touch with the Toshiba ASP in your country.
    Guys should help you for free if the warranty is valid.

    For me it doesn't look like a main part (motherboard) need a replacement.

  • When I turn my iphone sideway, the video does not turn sideway

    When I watch the video on my iphone, I usually turn my iphone sideway, the video would turn sideways to get the most out of the video. But now it does not turn sideways.  Try to find the adjustment to set the option or the recent updated version this video sideway option removed.

    Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get to the control center. Press on the icon of a padlock on the right side until it becomes black. If the icon is white, the screen rotation is locked.

  • Toshiba Camileo P10 does not turn

    I have a toshiba camileo p10. The problem is that the camera does not turn. I tried to recharge the battery, but the red light blinks for hours.

    I tried without the battery and the charger plugged but nothing happened. I cleaned the contacts.
    All solutions?

    Have you removed the battery AND the AC adapter?
    Try this. The two parties should be removed/disconnected.
    Leave the camcorder for some time (a few hours). Press and hold button power 30 sec long. After this plug in the battery and charger.
    Wait until the battery has been charged and then try to turn on the cam by pressing the power button.

    Good luck buddy.

  • Toshiba 46HL900A does not turn on

    My TV turns completely. The Red led will turn from red to green, but the TV does not turn on? Someone knows why? Thank you

    Hardware problem might be serious... to be honest, that you have some many options troubleshooting...
    If its material of serious malfunctions, only an authorized technician would be able to help you.

  • C55-A-100 satellite does not power down after update BIOS 1.30

    A week ago, the Toshiba software installed on my C55-A-100 Satellite suggested that I installed a new version of the BIOS to 1.3.

    Since installing it my Satellite will not turn off.
    If I close the lid the screen turns off but the laptop is running, if I open the lid nothing happens and I have to keep my finger on the power button to force it to close.

    The same thing happens if I press the power button to turn off, blank screen and it continues to run, then I have to force a shutdown by holding the power button pressed down. I also noticed that the satellite seems to take ages to power.

    Can anyone provide a solution or experienced the same problems.

    The Satellite is running win 8.1

    Thank you


    Please change, as described on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2B03EY0002R01.htm and try to proceed to a complete stop.
    It work correctly?

    Have you noticed this problem just at the moment where you change the options of closing lid and pressing the power button?

  • camera does not turn on

    I tried to load camera after death, it does not at all, but the orange light is on when it is plugged, let it charge all night and still it won't turn. I videos I would like back, please help.

    The charge indicator lights orange when the charging starts. It seems that the battery is charged. Try to turn on the camera while loading and check if it is turn on.

    Note: The charging light turns off, charging is completed.

    If the camera does not turn ON even when the load is in progress, the service is required.

    You can initiate the service from the link below:


    You can also contact our telephone support or Chat to try additional troubleshooting procedures.


    Please provide model # exact camera while contacting support, so that they provide accurate information. You can locate model # on the back panel and it will start with the letters MHS.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "acceptable Solution".

  • Pavilion 15-e020tx: does not turn off pc portable hp pavilion 15-e020tx

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    I tried to restore my laptop to factory setting, updated everything I can, but it still does not work
    Could someone help me please

    Update the BIOS to the current version. A F.24. The direct link to the download is below.


  • Does not turn my Iphone 6? /

    I own an iPhone 6 and I have for a year now. I turned off my phone a few hours ago and went to turn it back to the and it does not work. The apple logo appears, but the screen turns off after 5 to 10 seconds of the projected apple logo. I tried pressing the two keys and I also tried to connect my phone to itunes but it doesn't connect either.

    Press the sleep/wake and home buttons and keep them for at least 10 seconds.

    If this is not enough, take a look at these articles Support from Apple:

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or does not turn on - Apple Support

    Use iTunes to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.

    As a final step, try recovery mode. Turn off your unit, then plug it to your computer with the hold home button. Hold down Home button until you see the logo on the screen of your iPhone iTunes. After that on your computer, you should see the iTunes window saying that your iPhone needs to be restored to factory settings. Click Restore.

    More info here:https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201263

    If these steps do not work, contact Apple and ask for help.


  • printer does not turn on

    My Deskjet 6980 printer has stopped working.  It has worked very well so far. Flashing lights said he needs ink. I put in the new ink. Now, it won't turn. The power supply is turned on, the works of output (without surge protector), but the printer does not turn on. In all he has no light on the printer, except light power cord in the back. I tried everything I could find online, but nothing works. My computer was still recording the printer, but since it will not power, says that it is in offline mode. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    The unit may have developed a power failure, but may be also simply in a State of error because of the fresh cartridges.  There are a few steps, I'll try in this case of troubleshooting.

    * If possible, try to remove the cartridges that you recently installed before performing a hard reset of the printer.

    * Hard reset of the printer by unplugging the device, disconnect the other end of the power cord from the wall outlet, separates the power cord of the power supply, wait 30 seconds and plug it back up.

    See also the steps described in the document, found here, to solve a lack of power.  I hope this helps.

  • A Wi - Fi connection does not turn off correctly

    When I turn off Wi - Fi in the quick toggle or settings page it does not turn off and it is left running. (I have not 'analysis always' either) I can see in the graph of the battery when I turn it off for a while it always shows the green bar on Wi - Fi. I had this problem on 5.1 on my 4g (2013) g bike and I don't always.

    This seems to be a matter of google - I have it on non-Moto phones as well. The only thing to do is to restart with the Wifi turned off.

    I don't remember if disable the Wifi in the precision of the GPS solves this problem or not. I decided to live with it for now.

  • My phone does not turn, but I can still hear things about her

    My sistere phone does not turn but it's on fees and I can still hear things, so if people I message I can hear it but I can't turn on my phone. Help someone, what shall we do?

    A forced reboot can help. Press and hold the Home button and the buttons On / Off for about 15-20 seconds, until the Apple logo appears again. When the logo appears, release both buttons.

    No content is affected by this procedure.

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    It is not possible to disable Apple Watch when its on the charger and connected to the power supply - this is normal.

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