LabVIEW 8.5 problems using strings with MATLAB Script node

I am having some problems that seem to be a bug that I can not understand how to solve using strings in the MATLAB script node.

I have two subVIs that make some calculations and both include a variable called "errortext" is a string. The two subVIs do their calculations using the MATLAB script node, so all the outputs are defined in the script node.

The first sub - VI outputs that string and a number. The string is sent to an indicator on the front panel. The number is sent to the second Subvi which performs some calculations more and then returns another string of the same name to an indicator on the front panel. This second string is different from the first (error different two messages should appear).

I did have problems with this in the past until this morning. This morning, it seems that two of these channels are now somehow mystically connected to each other. The second string repeat that what the first channel said despite the fact that the first string is not be linked to the Subvi where lives the second string. The only link between the two is a calculated value of double which went from #1 to the Subvi #2 Subvi.

I tried many things: I tried to rename the strings so that they do not have the same name. Initially, he would not let me and gave me an error saying that the renowned string was a undefined variable (which is ridiculous). After removing and replacing things, I finally managed to do so I would change the name, but now it displays nothing at all and even more I think it might still display a completely different another string in my code!

I also tried to remove the channel indicator and replace it. Yet once, it wouldn't let me initially. I would like to highlight, press DELETE and nothing. Finally after replacing all the subVIs with them, I was able to remove the flags, but this did not help the problem.

Any idea for these problems pecular is greatly appreciated!


I totally understand what you did, you were talking about variables in your fist post, and it was not clear if you were referring to a variable you have defined in the Matlab code, or you try to call a variable indicator/control, where is often seen on this forum (and who isn't). That said, the crux of The Matlab Script communicates with Matlab via ActiveX, and when you use a command window opens small. This is the workspace of Matlab environment. A variable that you define in a Matlab Script node will be visible in the other, even if it's in another VI (see attached for an example, figure). This is because the script nodes are running in the same environment space. It seems to me that if this is what is happening.

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    Thank you!


    Too bad...

    Rather than use a typical LabView, I just say

    assignin ('basic', ' varname', varvalue ");

    in the first script and varname called from the second node to get my cell.

    Easy... duh leaving here if anyone has the same issue in the future.

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    Kind regards

    Hi hykwei,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain the MATLAB Script nodes to work
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    Kind regards

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  • error 1050 with matlab script

    Hi, i ' v built a vi what sampling record and playback of audio files, I also added matlab script for data analysis.

    the script tested in matlab and matlab works great, when im trying to use it in labview, I get an error when running sciprt matlab. "Error with the help of griddedInterpolant... »

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    found how to get this working, the problem was with entry to the matlab script.

  • Error 1050 trying to use load 'filename' in matlab script node


    I get error 1050 when Labview is trying to load a text via the node of matlab script file.

    I have all ready checked for her on this forum and google but found nothing. I also did this: and tried to use dlmread and much more.

    The thing is that I need the node matlab script for reading a txt file that Labview made a chart with 1 single table, draw the it and export a jpg image. I can't really use the 'export picture' or 'get image' function for cause of Labview, I need the whole route chart (these functions only take a snapshot of it when they are run).

    It's my code I use:

    Data = Load ('file');

    VPP = (Data (1:2000,1));

    XSIZE = (1/2000);

    Plot (0.0005:0.0005:1 VPP);

    axis ([1 0 5 - 5]);

    print ('-images ', 'graph.jpg');

    The usual matlab load to load txt files and print to print the jpeg format. The code works in matlab, but not in labview

    And Yes, I use windows 7 and legal versions of matlab r2009b and Labview 2009

    Hehe, I thought about it

    Path must be converted to a string and skip the ' in the file.

    He worked

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    I have a long text string that gets parsed as I create custom controls.  The question that I have is to have a percentage in this text string and flags sign is to jump.

    First of all, I doubled the percentage sign who took my first error an unknown specifier.  Now, I'm getting it again, but later in my code.

    String = "ringchoose 1 = Variable check 1-Var, Var 2 = 2, Var 3 = 3; ring: Variable Type compare-char = 1, = 2 int, float/double = 3, chain = 4; the value Format specifier: using %%d used if this value is returned in the string. See Help)-% v; ringoperation-less = 1, equal to = 2, Greater Than = 3, not equal to = 4; "value: value to compare.

    string_args = malloc(strlen(string_arguments)+1);                                  sprintf(string_args,string_arguments); //errored here first time                                        token = strtok(string_args,";");
    while (token != NULL) {                                           item_list=0;                                          arg_token = realloc(arg_token,strlen(token)+1);
                                                sprintf(arg_token,token);   //error here now
                                                            arg_ptr = strtok(arg_token,":");                                            if (strstr(arg_ptr,"ring") != NULL) {                                               arg_ptr = strtok(NULL,"-"); //should now hold title of ring                                             controlIDs[i] = NewCtrl(funcHandle,CTRL_RING,arg_ptr,50*(i+1)+offset,40);                                               SetCtrlAttribute(funcHandle,controlIDs[i],ATTR_WIDTH,200);
                                                    while (arg_ptr != NULL) {
                                                        arg_ptr = strtok(NULL,"=");
                                                        if ((arg_ptr == NULL) || (strchr(arg_ptr,';') != NULL)) break;
                                                        value = atoi(strtok(NULL,",\0")); //holds value
                                                                    if (arg_ptr[0] == '*') {
                                                            GetNumListItems(funcHandle,controlIDs[i],&item_list);   //holds index-1 to set active
    //Rest of if/elses not supplied  since I know looping works
                                                sprintf(string_args,string_arguments);  //resets tokening
                                                token = strtok(string_args,";");
                                                for (int j = 0; j < i; j++) {
                                                    token = strtok(NULL,";");

    It's almost as if the extra percentage signs stripped the first time and the second time I did of this chain, they mistake.

    In the example that you have posted, it seems that you could use strcpy() instead of the sprintf() function. strcpy() would not seek to interpret the content of the string in the same way.


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    I am at a loss on how to get hurt this problem. Machine window 7, I'm testing on runs the script without any problems, but some users of my panels have the problem above.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance - Sam

    Action handler code looks like it's a step to play a shadow of action which lies in a defined action named SmileixPix.

    If you added that action shadow action value saved SmilePix the action defined and distributed the action defined in the package.

    If users have an action set SmilePix and you loaded the update action defined as a part of you install. Users can end up with two responsible actions named sets SmilePix one containing the action of the shadow and the other without the Sdade action.  I don't know what would happen if your panels has been used and there was a prior action set SmilePix which is not the action of the shadow.  Make sure that defective computers do not list Action Games named SmilePix twon

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    Webcam works fine - with CAM software but not with ICQ.
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    in the list.

    Can someone help me please?

    Please, I beg you!


    One of my friends told me that he has disabled the software of the Webcam at MSCONFIG startup and after that he has no problem using cam with other applications. You can try to test it.

    > Hm, most PC problems sit befor 30cm screen. :)

    I agree with you! ;)

  • labview MATLAB script prevents the execution of several times.

    I have a code for communication series in matlab, I want to use in labview for graphical interface easier and better design. for this I used the matlab script node in labview. It seems that labview continue executing the script of matlab, but I want to labview to execute only he sort of to do?

    I don't see how that can occur if you run the VI in "continuous" mode

  • Permission denied error when you use the Matlab script

    I have the following simple running a Matlab script in Labview.

    K = 5;
    Matrix = randn (4,4); ('Parameters.m', {'K', 'Matrix'})

    the last command saves the variables 'K' and 'Matrix' in the m-settings file that I can then use to load the settings 'K' and 'Matrix' to a 'Control Design and Simulation Model'.

    When I run the now from Matlab everything works fine. When I run this LabVIEW so I get the following error:

    LabVIEW: An error has occurred during execution of the script. Error message from the server?: Error using
    Parameters.m: Could not open the file: permission denied.

    I use Matlab 2015 and LAbview 2015 in a 64-bit windows computer 7.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    For those who have the same permission denied errors, I found the solution.

    I had to specify the current working directory in the matlab script (this is the directory to which you saved your LAbview VI).

    For example, if you have saved your labview vi to C:\Example_Folder

    then you must add the following command in your matlab script node before the command that causes the error

    CD (' c:/Example_Folder')

    I hope this will help.

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    Here is my code:

    < code >
    WITH calculate_terms AS (SELECT robinst_current_term_code,
    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE ' %' 60' THEN robinst_current_term_code - 40.
    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE ' %' 20' THEN robinst_current_term_code - 100.
    END first_term

    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE ' %' 60' THEN robinst_current_term_code - 100.
    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE ' %' 20' THEN robinst_current_term_code - 160.
    END second_term

    OF robinst
    WHERE robinst_aidy_code =: sanra)

    / * Use the terms of calculate_terms to generate attendance periods * /.
    WITH gen_attn_terms AS
    WHEN first_term AS '60% ' THEN 'fall'. substr (first_term, 0, 4)
    WHEN first_term LIKE '% 20' CAN 'spring'. substr (first_term, 0, 4)
    END first_attn_period

    WHEN second_term AS '60% ' THEN 'fall'. substr (second_term, 0, 4)
    WHEN second_term LIKE '% 20' CAN 'spring'. substr (second_term, 0, 4)
    END second_attn_period

    OF calculate_terms

    SELECT *.

    OF gen_attn_terms
    < code >

    I get ORA-00928: SELECT key word error absent. What could be the problem?

    You can just separate them with a comma:

    WITH calculate_terms AS (SELECT robinst_current_term_code,
    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE '%60' THEN robinst_current_term_code - '40'
    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE '%20' THEN robinst_current_term_code - '100'
    END first_term,
    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE '%60' THEN robinst_current_term_code - '100'
    WHEN robinst_current_term_code LIKE '%20' THEN robinst_current_term_code - '160'
    END second_term
    FROM robinst
    WHERE robinst_aidy_code = :aidy),
    /*Use terms from calculate_terms to generate attendance periods*/
    gen_attn_terms AS
    WHEN first_term LIKE '%60' THEN 'Fall '||substr(first_term,0,4)
    WHEN first_term LIKE '%20' THEN 'Spring '||substr(first_term,0,4)
    END first_attn_period,
    WHEN second_term LIKE '%60' THEN 'Fall '||substr(second_term,0,4)
    WHEN second_term LIKE '%20' THEN 'Spring '||substr(second_term,0,4)
    END second_attn_period
    FROM calculate_terms

    Not yet tested there is no scripts.

Maybe you are looking for