LabVIEW botches unbundle when cluster is changed

  • Define a cluster (typedef) as Characteristics.ctl wave and a VI that separate this cluster as Cluster rename
  • Delete an item (Amplitude) of the cluster and add another to the end (background noise), so that the cluster always contains 3 elements such as the characteristics of the 2.ctl wave,.
  • Apply the changes.
  • The unbundle now uses the phase shift twice.  The first occurrence of phase shift is incorrectly wired amplitude; He must always say dephasing, and black, and the VI should be impassable.

The same problem occurs if the VI that uses the cluster is not in memory when the cluster is changed.  This problem we often enough and is a major source of bugs and cause of the loss of time.  We understand that LabVIEW can not determine if the change in the name of the second element was intentional or a mistake made by the programmer.  We would prefer to get a broken VI and to solve the problem ourselves, rather than having LabVIEW to make erroneous assumptions.


I can't reproduce this in LV8.5.1. What version do you use?

What happens if you:

delete an item
apply the changes,
Add another element,
apply the changes.

Kind regards


Tags: NI Software

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    Good idea

    Thank you

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    My thoughts are that you use a Value property (signalling) node to display for the control. That will trigger another call to event.

    Use the NO signs of property value node or a local variable.

    Your postal code, if this isn't the case, then we can help you understand what is happening.

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    Never mind. I found a kludgy autour work. Sucks, I have to find things. Would be nice if things like this everything worked properly in the first place.

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    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int ) {}

    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);


                 if (width == Display.getWidth ())




    on the other


    width = Display.getWidth ();

    ctrHeadImg = ctrHeadImg.scaleImage32 (scaleXFixed32, scaleYFixed32);

    a = new BitmapField();

    a.setBitmap (ctrHeadImg.getBitmap ());


    layoutChild (, a.getBitmapWidth (), a.getBitmapHeight ());

    setPositionChild (, bitmap1.getLeft () + bitmap1.getBitmapWidth (), 0);


    setExtent (w, h);

    Can you elaborate on what you see?  What does not work?  Is called the scaleImage32 method?  The field is not be added to the screen or is the image not adjusted as desired?  What values are the scale by?

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    What version do you have? It was a bug in the first release of 9. The current version is

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    When reinstalling, I noticed that Lightroom 6.0 doesn't have this problem for me. However, once upgraded to 6.6, it presents this crash. On a lark, I tried upgrading 6.0 only to 6.5.1 - it works and allows me to create new catalogs without crashing. So, it seems that any accident that happens here recently got introduced to 6.6.

    I use a 2010 Mac Pro running MacOS 10.11.5.

    Are there solutions to this crash to 6.6?

    Look here for a solution.

    Troubleshooting Guide for errors that can occur when you change the modules in Lightroom

  • I installed 5 Lightroom on desktop and now a laptop that I would like to install.  I downloaded and you get an error message-"an error occurred when attempting to change modules. I can install it on the laptop or do I need to uninstall first on the deskto

    I have 5 Lightroom installed on my desktop and now have an Apple laptop, I want to install on CD and license #, when I downloaded it and tried to use, I get an error message - 'an error occurred when attempting to change modules' can you help me?

    Hi James,

    Please read the following article and let me know if this helps:

    Kind regards


  • How to fix "an error has occurred when attempting to change modules.

    How to fix "an error has occurred when attempting to change modules" on a MAC?

    Hi josephh,.

    Please see this link for troubleshooting steps: error changing modules

  • How can I fix message error "an error occurred when attempting to change modules" on a Mac?

    Just installed Lightroom 5.  error message 'an error has occurred when attempting to change modules' how can I fix it?

    It is ideal to have all permissions to the Adobe under the user's library folder, not only to do this, to avoid issues are of course the Adobe folder has read and write access to currently registered in the user account and administrator:

    Follow the procedure below:

    Step 1:

    (1) right-click on the icon in the Finder, then select 'Go - To' folder.
    (2) you will get a text box, type in the following command, and then press the 'Return'. () Do not miss ~ symbol)


    (3) then navigate to Application Support > Adobe


    Right-click on the Adobe folder and select ""GetInfo ' option. "

    Expand the sharing & permissions section.

    Click on the padlock icon in the lower corner on the right. Enter your administrator user name and password when you are prompted, and then click OK.

    Please click on '+' symbol, it will open the list of user accounts. Add currently logged in username and administrator option,

    Then indicate ""& read/write " permission currently logged in username and Administrator option."

    Click the gear icon and select apply to closed. Close the dialog box information .

    Then launch Lightroom application and check.

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