LabVIEW is not able to extract data from a HP4194A and gives me the error code 1073807202.

I'm trying to get a graph of the impedance of a capacitor of the HP4194A to my laptop and use one or GPIB-USB-HS connection. I downloaded the latest drivers and am using LabView 8.2. Initially I thought it was a connection problem because demand measurement and automation could find the HP4194A, but he has not answered the * IDN? query. However, the HP4194A responded to the ID of the request? which I found by looking at the user manual. What else should try to get the data I need?

Thank you

The HP4194A is an old instrument, and as such, it is not unusual for ancient instruments to does not implement does not the SCPI standard commands. Therefore, to have "ID?" instead of "* IDN? That said, what driver do you use? Is this? When you say that you aren't able to pull data, please be more descriptive. Are you an error? If so, what is it? What screws do you use? Do you use an example VI? If so, which? We are not mind readers, don't forget.

Tags: NI Software

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    See you soon

  • Getting data from tables msql and e-mailing the result

    Here is some code that I'm eager to collect data from two tables msql and send by email to a user. (This is to remind the user of their user name and password in a weak security situation - that they have submitted their email address)

    I glued some elements of other pages together, hoping it will do what I want.

    At present, it fails with the message

    "You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual for your version of the MySQL server for the right syntax to use near Test "in line 1", after posting $org as requested (as a test)

    I would be grateful if someone can debug this problem, or otherwise advise.

    <? php require_once('.. /.. / Connections/tormented3.php');? >
    <? PHP
    now, the recordset to email a link to the training
    $colname_rstSix = "1";
    If (isset($_GET['email'])) {}
    $colname_rstSix = (get_magic_quotes_gpc())? $_GET ['email']: addslashes($_GET['email']);
    @mysql_select_db ($database_tormented3, $tormented3);
    $query_rstSix = sprintf ("SELECT ck_organisation FROM chk_sixmonth WHERE ck_email = ' %s", $colname_rstSix);
    $rstSix = mysql_query ($query_rstSix, $tormented3) or die (mysql_error ());
    $row_rstSix = mysql_fetch_assoc ($rstSix);
    $totalRows_rstSix = mysql_num_rows ($rstSix);
    Recordset to the end
    $org = $row_rstSix ["ck_organisation"];
    echo $org; temporary test. Yes, it sends a correct text to monitor

    now recordset to the Organization link to access details

    @mysql_select_db ($database_tormented3, $tormented3);
    $query_rstPword = sprintf ("SELECT username, passwords password organization FROM WHERE = ' %s", $org);
    $rstPword = mysql_query ($query_rstPword, $tormented3) or die (mysql_error ());
    $row_rstPword = mysql_fetch_assoc ($rstPword);
    $totalRows_rstPword = mysql_num_rows ($rstPword);

    Start with routine e-mail
    $start = "your information to update access the website of the mental health of Torbay.
    Your host username";// set up the e-mail header
    $username = $row_rstSix ["username"];
    $pword = $row_rstSix ["password"];
    $message. = '$start $username. Your password is $pword\n please update your entries. « ;
    If (mail ($email "Recall information Access",
    $message, "in: . ((" [email protected] \r\n")) { }
    header ('location: "") ;// Redirect to the page if the email has been sent successfully
    } else {}
    $error == ' < style p = "color: red;" > an error has occurred, your email could not be sent. Please try again < /p > ';

    ? >

    Thank you very much.

    I assumed that your first successful query because SELECT... ck_organisation your $org echo printed what you expected.

    Isn't the second query SELECT... Organization which is a failure? Have you tried the echo method or die in this query? Or is it the one that displays "the query is empty?

    Try changing the following code snippet and we'll see what happens. I've added a couple more conditions where you can send them to the form. I added also oblique (') around the domain names in the second query, just in case any of those are reserved words in MySQL (I don't get them, but they are available in the MySQL online documentation).

    mysql_select_db($database_tormented3, $tormented3);
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    Mark A. Boyd
    Keep-on-Learnine :-)

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    Hi Lydia,.

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  • extract data from a string and compare it with sysdate


    Since a few days I struggle to find a solution to my problem, maybe I have some luck here.

    Data type:

    11/23 ANA

    Alex 19/11

    1/11 tomorrow

    03/12 FW1

    Makes me tomorrow

    Bo 11/12

    Necessary data should be as MM/DD. I used substr and/or regexp_like, regexp_substr, but having a few problems.

    Months can be like 1, 2.11, 12 or 01,02, 03... 11, 12.

    I don't need the data in the format Month\Day.

    Basically all of the above "/" should be a month.

    And I need to get out all the foregoing, > 13.

    And I need to compare the exp with sysdate.

    Any ideas?


    something like:

    FUNCTION to CREATE or REPLACE makeDate (in_string in VARCHAR2
    in_format IN VARCHAR2: = ' MM/DD')
    date of return
    To_date (in_string, in_format) return;
    When others then return null;

    with sample_data as (choose 11/23 ANA' double str)
    Union of all the
    Select 19/11 Alex' double
    Union of all the
    Select 1/11 tomorrow "of the double
    Union of all the
    Select FW1 10/12 ' double
    Union of all the
    Select "Makes Me" tomorrow the double
    Union of all the
    Select ' Bo' 11/12 double
    SELECT 11/24 09:00 ' FROM dual
    SELECT str
    OF sample_data
    WHERE REGEXP_LIKE (str, ' ^ [[: digit:]] {2} / [[: digit:]] {2}')
    and makeDate (regexp_substr (str, ' ^ [[: digit:]]{2}/[[:digit:]]{2}'))]]))<>



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    Even if you don't want to write all the code yourself, you must understand the code that Dreamweaver is written for you. Otherwise you will be constantly bumping your head on the keyboard. A PHP script is executed from top to bottom, and the flow of the script is controlled by loops and conditional statements. Get your head around these concepts, and you can find customizing Dreamweaver code much easier.

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    Hi, I'm in big trouble.

    VSA with 2hosts 5.5

    My partner install VSA cluster but he buys only the most essential without VSA, while he was in trial waiting period for execution of command of he (VMware but announced the end of the sale)

    Today the license expires and all are offline and there were a few VM important (SAP) and also the vCenter

    After several reboot, none like thing upwards

    We place the order: wscli getStorageCluster | More

    ScreenHunter_126 Apr. 08 16.20.jpg

    And the LoginFailedException error on both nodes

    I don't really know how to solve this

    Thanks for the hand

    Hi, I have solved my problem

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    for whom:

    Open a console in the ASB

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