Lack of "automatically hide and show the menu bar.

Hi all, I want to hide my menu bar. I watched how disappear - it turns out that the checkbox "automatically hide / show menu bar" is missing. It is supposed to be under "use donkere menubalk en donker Dock. Why is it missing?  Thank you very much!


Hi Mjappie

This feature has been added in El Capitan.

You must update to 10.11.3 to hide and show the menu bar.

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    Nancy O.

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    I tried to kill the Dock. Finder and Menu bar in the Terminal with the command 'killall '.

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    You can stop the process force using the background activity monitor utility. Just find the process Dock (sort the list of processes by name), or use the search box at top right, select, and then click the button exit (the icon is an 'X' in an octagon) in the upper left corner of the window of the activity monitor. It will ask if you want to make a normal Quit or force him to leave.

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    Hello world
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    In fact, it is open by default.
    How can I get that?
    I have tried many things, searched a lot of problems that.
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    I am using a theme not Standard apex.
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    First run page using firefox or chrome and identify the name of the region, i.e. the #REGION_ID # in the model translates into something like "region5" when rendering.

    Change Page, in the section Javascript executed when the Page loads, enter the following command

    hideShow ('region5', 'shIMG5', '', '');

    This should toggle the current show / hide mode.

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    When I select lov p_dept = 10 and submit button then see the region of dept10 (do not know how to pass values from: p_dept suggest key)

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    Select * from emp where deptno =: p_dept

    dept20 region query is
    Select * from emp where deptno =: p_dept

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    You can simply set the display state of your regions.

    - Edit dept10 region set condition [item / column = value]
    - Expression 1
    - Expression 2

    Do the same for the dept20 region

    - Edit dept20 region set condition [item / column = value]
    - Expression 1
    - Expression 2

    When you submit a page, your selected items will be defined in the session if you do not need to pass any parameter.


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    Anyone with the knowledge and patience to share the line of code necessary to do this?

    Thank you very much!


    Why would you not just select the system of general preferences setting to automatically hide and show the menu bar? Move the pointer of your mouse at the top of the screen and the menu bar appears until the mouse retired. Application launch does not cause the bar menu to reappear and once revealed, shows the elements of the application menu. OS X 10.11.3.

  • How can I keep the menu bar open and active?

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but every now and then my menu bar disappears and I can't get it back! I went into preferences/general and check "automatically hide and show the menu bar"... without success to show the menu bar.

    In fact, ' auto-hide a display menu bar ' is NOT checked...

  • How to stop the menu bar disappearing


    Have been where I was told to go through other sites - unable to bring back the menu bar and lock it to the top of the screen.

    Please help/tips

    Thanking you in advance for your time...


    Go to system--> general Preferences and uncheck "hide and show the menu bar automatically.  Also, if you use any application (like Safari) full screen, the menu bar will be hidden until your mouse over the top of your screen.  To stop this, press ESC to exit full-screen.  The menu bar must return permanently.

  • How to display the menu bar and address at the same level?

    Firefox 4 seems good, but a major problem is that the menu bar, the bar tabs and the Navigation has a bar a clean upper-left line in the window, with mainly two effects:

    1. Much space wasted on the top right
    2. The real web window being compressed very vertically, so if you have a laptop or widescreen for another reason, then it isn't really a lot of space on the left for navigation.

    The Compact Classic add-on does not solve this problem, but with the adverse bars becoming quite small and rather hard-to-reach buttons. A better solution would be to show the menu bar and the Navigation bar at the same level, but how?

    Default on Win7, Firefox 4.0 not same poster not the Menu bar - the orange Firefox button is displayed. Right-click on the Menu bar and click on the menu bar in this context menu to deselect. When you have the orange Firefox button projection and the menu bar is hidden, you can access the Menu bar by pressing the ALT key .

    Or, you can open the toolbar Customize mode and move items from Navigation bar in the Menu bar, and then hide the Navigation bar.

    In addition, there are a number of compact menu extensions that deal with compaction of the Menu bar down to a button that replaces the menu bar and provides a drop-down list of these menu items. Or extensions that allow you to Customize the Firefox button menu and add menu items that aren't there, but who are in the menu bar. Using most of these types of extensions involves using customize to move the items according to your tastes.

  • Why the menu bar menus cannot be moved to another toolbar?


    In previous versions of Firefox, I used to move all the items of the menu bar navigation bar.

    But now that the tabs can be at the top of the window, which saves a useless space (the guys great work there), I hide the menu bar to use (and use the Firefox button).

    Since I can't find all the options that I used to find in the menus in the Firefox button (it has less detail and I have an additional module - ScrapBook - added a menu for traditional menus), I tried to move the navigation bar menus, so I can use them both at the same time. It seems that I can't move the menus anywhere in the menu bar. Why? I see no reason for the menus don't not have to be mobile as the other elements.

    This would give an opportunity to use old (and huge) menus and the new button at the same time.

    Thank you.


    Tagish said: I do not see an image in your last post, so I guess that you have changed from that of the ' 29/11/13 12:47 ' post.

    Answer: This is the image that I was referencing.

    Here's a broad overview of the Australis in its current form (there is little information that we are almost half a year of release and the release date can always be pushed if necessary) -

    To download Australis -

    • Set up a separate profile for each version of Firefox including Australis to avoid damage to your profile-

    Don't forget that Australis is in pre-alpha, is not intended for the average user, for purposes of testing only at this point, is not completely stable and safe for daily use and is subject to change on a daily basis.

    Remember that anything, including the answers that I gave you earlier in this post and this post below this post (so that should happen) is subject to change, because the developers your feedback and if they decide to make a change.

    I suggest that you expect the Australis interface is closer to release to specific questions; Maybe wait for it either in the Aurora channel in a few weeks, then download and install it and use the Firefox Help menu > submit your comments to send feedback to the developers. Will NOT respond to your comments, but they can read them.

    1. The activity indicator is no longer available. Maybe an add-on will be developed later.
    2. Moving of House provided, download and bookmark combined this bookmarks / page display is possible and that they can be moved to the left of the URL/address bar. It seems that the button bar-3 (with customizable content by the user) is NOT mobile and can NOT be hidden. Note that the bookmark bookmarks button / display the page is currently "twinned" and cannot be moved as a unit.
    3. URL/address bar and the search bar may NOT currently be removed or hidden. In fact, the Navigation toolbar is more may be hidden. It is my understanding that the URL/address bar is now a single unit which includes the Go/Stop/Reload button and Back/Forward button and components Go/Stop/Reload button and Back/Forward button cannot be separated from the URL/address bar. There has been a lot of questions on the forum where users have hidden or deleted these articles and it causes huge problems for them.
    4. Read carefully, as I've included in one of my previous posts. Currently the default installation of Australis places the Menu bar at the left end of the title bar of the windows with the minimize mazimize, close of the buttons on the right side of the title bar. The menu bar is NOT currently but mobile can be turned off and temporarily displayed by pressing ALT or F10 in Windows. The Menu bar can be replaced using the add-on classic theme restaurant (click on the link where it is mentioned in a previous post above) to display the Firefox button. It is supposed to display the Firefox button in the title bar, but he shows currently below the title bar, taking a vertical line of the space. Currently the bar menu, when poster takes a bit more pixels vertically it needs; I hope that will be fixed.
    5. Currently, the default installation shows the menu bar (where the left side of the Windows title bar was previously), tabs, and the Navigation toolbar.

    Some add-ons will probably grow to allow users to modify some, but not all, changes to the interface. Restorer of classic theme has already been mentioned above, and I used it to change the look of my working version of installed 28.0a1 Australis.

    Let's please wait and see what develops rather guessing what might happen, or make decisions based on the current pre-alpha of Australis.

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