Lack of pilots Win 8 - who are?

Hello. In fact, this will be my first post here on the HP support forum.

I just installed a clean Windows 8 (64-bit) on my HP Pavilion laptop 2128so g6. It seems that Windows finds most of the drivers during the installation of the system - BUT - there are three 'problems' appears in Device Manager.

It is in Swedish, so I'm a little hesitant of the name in English. There is also a yellow form of reqtangular with a "!" sign on this subject:

-Unknown... Unit

-Unknown... Unit


How can I find out what drivers Windows is missing, so I can download it from the download page from HP, and what other HP software are recommendd (or necessary) for this model to operate at its best?

Thank you, in advance.

Fredrik cordially

I tried to install the older drivers of wifi broadcom of your supportpages for my g6 2128so Pavilion and guess what?

It worked. =) Given that the drivers are a bit old, I wonder if HP goes out a newer driver for 8.1 with Broadcom, or maybe the 'old' works perfectly?

I noticed there were only 2 drivers unique generallh to 8.1 on the HP support (for my computer) page.

Kind regards


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