Lack of purchased content.

Hi people

I bought albums in itunes, but they are now gone from my library?

I don't have an iphone and im using an Android mobile phone and phone to view itunes.

I wanted to transfer music from my itunes library (because I paid for them) my Samsung phone but have failed in my efforts...

Any advice or has Apple scammed me by not allow me to do anything, unless I use their products as the iphone ipod etc.?

Thanks in advance



Person don't you ripped off at all.

You can definitely put the music on another device, you simply cannot use iTunes to do.

Read the instructions for your device to learn ho to put music on it.

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    Purchased content were not automatically transferred, when changing from my USA store, in the other country store, why?

    They have not been transferred where? If you mean that they are not displayed in the section bought in store for redownloading so they won't, as well as to be bound to account, content is also linked to the country it has been downloaded in - you will not be able to redownload potentially your American store buy unless you return to the United States with an American billing on your account address (and they are still available in the US store).

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    Hi, I bought an iBook recently called your brain at work. In part 2 way 3 audio goes silent for 10 minutes. Then he returned.

    I need to figure out where to report it and how do I get my content?

    I would add that it is extremely annoying to spend money on content that is not working properly... The last time I buy an audio book.

    You tried to delete and it redownloading via the tab purchased in the iBooks app?

    So who has also problems contact iTunes Support via

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    In the second window of the Wizard (Print Document Content), look at the topics in the topics pane. If the page icons are not highlighted, they will not be included in the page layout for the addition of the doc. those who are not for the right pane and you should be OK.

    Good luck

  • Lack of purchased songs from iTunes library

    Like a lot of other people a lot of my already purchased songs are missing in my library. My computer was stolen early 2015 and everything I bought before this date has disappeared.  I followed all of the suggestions to restore but without success. The songs were purchased between 2011 and 2014. They have a circle/question mark next to them. I went to my account and I don't have an option to Hide/Unhide.

    I can see the purchase history so I know that I paid for them. I searched my computer for m4a files - missing purchased songs aren't anywhere to be found. I deleted the songs on iTunes that bring the matter / the circle next to them and restarted.

    I tried following the instructions to redownload files, but all the songs that I paid to have an 'x' next to them and no download cloud icon which means I can't download them again.

    I have a Macbook Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and spin the latest version of iTunes.

    Is anyone able to suggest a solution? Thank you


    Have you tried the advice given by Apple here. Download your past - purchases Support Apple

    If you have already tried, contact Apple about this by fillingthis form.

  • Lack of library content

    Hi, I just bought on all my stuff of Muse to a MacBook Pro to an iMac. Everything worked very well but I got a shock when I discovered that the library panel was empty. That's happened? is it possible to import the contents of the library to the wire? Any help would be welcome!

    hamishmac100 wrote:

    Hi, I just bought on all my stuff of Muse to a MacBook Pro to an iMac. Everything worked very well but I got a shock when I discovered that the library panel was empty. That's happened? is it possible to import the contents of the library to the wire? Any help would be welcome!

    What happened?... the library is different from the CC library and does not, but yes you can import it.

    How?... safety is to open the first Muse, and then click Open and select the library file. doing it this way will convert the files to the new layout of Muse, when the library file has been completed to an older Muse.

  • Lack of Move Content-Aware, Patch tool, etc.


    I can not find the patch tool, or tools move Content-Aware. Tutorials I've read online say that they are under the Spot Healing Brush tool options, but I have no options here at all if I right click on it.

    Spot Healing Brush options.JPG

    I just downloaded Photoshop CC on Windows 10, so this is the latest version. Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you

    Looks like you have customized your tool palette. Look in the tools edit dialog box.

  • Downloading purchased content after resetting the laptop

    I was on apple OS X 11 developers program and after a few weeks with any of my essential applications working properly, I had to go back to OS X 10, backup time machine via migration assistant did not work properly because it is not intended to downgrade and I had to restore all my data by hand. I tried to restore my applications adobe as well but it didn't work and he wants me to reinstall it again. However, I used the CS6 purchased October 2012, I bought while I was still living in Germany, and it wasn't a download. I'm not taking the disc with me and now I can't access it at all. Is it possible to get a download link for the CS6? The serial number etc. is always in my adobe account.

    Thank you


    Please see this link:

    Download Creative Suite 6 applications

    I hope this helps.


    Megha Rawat

  • Your purchase could not be completed

    When I want to buy the head of State... what to do?

    Hi Alexander_dx316,

    I understand that you receive a message "your purchase could not be completed" on your Apple TV (the community you posted in).

    The first thing I would say is to log out of your iTunes Store account, then update your billing information.   This includes enter them your debit card or credit card number, expiration date and security code.  In addition, make sure that the name on the card and the billing address match the information on your bank statement.  Reconnect to your iTunes Store account when you're done.

    Modify or delete your Apple ID payment information

    If you have a balance on your iTunes Store account, and your current payment method does not work, you can try to use a different credit card or buy a gift card from a retailer iTunes local and which apply to your account to clear the balance.

    How are charged purchases on iTunes Store

    When you make a purchase, content credits are used first, as long as the value of the item you buy is less than or equal to the value of the credits. Gift cards are used then. If your gift card is less than the total cost of the purchase, the payment method that you have paid to the record is charged for the balance.

    If these steps do not resolve the problem with your account, please get in touch with the iTunes Store support team.

    Take care.

  • am unable to play my music content on newly approved device, message inviting the update of payment option.

    I am unable to read the content previously purchased on an authorized device. Whenever a message for update me my payment information, I will not do until I'm ready to make a purchase. (Because of two previous instances of fraudulent charges made to my account, I provide payment details just before making a purchase and then turn them off once the purchase has been authorized.)

    If the payment details are stored should not affect its access to previously purchased content. Any ideas?

    Update: I have solved the problem by changing the method of payment for a credit card and select 'none '. (NB: the 'None' option was not available when the configuration of the Paypal payment problem has been active.)

  • lack of music

    I did the update to iTunes which was offered today ( and after doing so that it seems that ALL the music that I downloaded in iTunes was gone and purchased content remains. Everyone knows this? If so, how do fix you it?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Turingtest2 CSA user help document: empty/corrupted iTunes after upgrade/crash library -

    If you do not see your content after updating to iTunes -

  • How can I transfer content from ipod classic to ipod shuffle?

    My ipod classic does not work well (Won't hold a charge and jumps songs) therefore replaced with an ipod shuffle.  Problem is that I loaded most of the content from a CD to an old computer, which I still have access.  My iTunes on my new computer account does not include any content; recently purchased content.  How can I get all the content (imported, old and new purchases) in one place so that I can sync again shuffle, multiple iphones and even the classic ipod (can't let go)?  Do I have to reload all the CD?  Thanks in advance for the help.

    You move the files of the song on the new computer via an external drive, network or disk target mode(Macs only) and then import them into iTunes to this topic.


  • 12.3.2 iTunes - bought 'content check' alone!

    Having problems with iTunes 12.3.2 - purchased content started to 'check' itself on its own...

    I first noticed when syncing my iPhone - I realized that he began to synchronize an additional 1,000 songs on my device. It's extremely frustrating because I had to uncheck all the options, remove songs to iPhone and then go through my library of 3 000 songs and check out the songs I wanted to sync again

    Anyone else having this problem? I suspect that this is a bug with this version of iTunes, as it happened again since. It seems to me that the signature in your ID Apple (to view account or make a purchase) causes this automatic control of purchased content... Very, very annoying! In the meantime, I try to avoid signing in / make purchases until this is resolved. I suspect that select the option to manually manage music is a way around the problem for the same time, too.

    I started having this problem about a month ago, seriously frustrating!

  • can't see all apps purchased in the iTunes library

    Just bought an iMac and have created most of the things.  However, for the life of me, I can't library iTunes App to display any content.

    I opened iTunes, open the App library and under "My Apps" everything he says is "Apps, Apps you download for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch appear in your application library.  Each of the other choices, "My iPhone Apps", "My Apps iPad" and "Updates" show the same thing.

    In addition to this, when I connect my iPhone to iTunes, there is no application in the column on the left in the selection of Apps is highlighted.

    So far, I synchronize my phone, backed up my phone to the iMac, signed out / again and transferred purchases via "File-> appliances-> transfer purchases from my phone" but nothing has worked.

    The Mac is currently in OS X EL Capitan 10.11.2

    iTunes version is

    any help/pointers would be greatly apprectiated.

    See you soon

    Hi Willy,.

    Congratulations on your new iMac. I understand that you want your iOS devices applications appears in iTunes. It's something I can help you with that.

    To take care of this, you must actually download those from the iTunes Store. They will only appear in the areas need you once they have been downloaded to your iMac. Take a look at the quotes section below to guide you through the download of your previous purchases.

    Download your latest purchases

    On a Mac or a PC

    You can redownload the apps for iOS in iTunes devices and applications for your computer in the Mac App Store.

    From iTunes:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Click More in the upper left corner.
    3. Choose the Apps in the menu.
    4. If prompted, sign in with your Apple and the password.
    5. Under quick links on the right side of the App Store, click purchase.
    6. Select No in my view purchased content library that is not on your computer.
    7. Scroll down until you find the item you want to download.
    8. Click on the download icon in the upper right corner of the item you want to download. Your application will download to your library. If an application is already in your library, the download icon will not appear.

    Nice day

  • no playback itunes purchased in osx 10.10.5 video

    Since the update of security the other day I am getting no video playback in iTunes purchased content.

    Just to add, that he won't even play trailers in the iTunes store, you get just a DOS game black and no sound.

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