Lack of recovery of the XP HE CD

How to get the recovery CD you contacted Gateway and the system is out of warranty, so the CDs are not available. The machine died with a total failure of the hard drive. I have the license key on the bottom of the PC and a new drive ready to install with no operating system.

Any suggestions?

Thank you...

Hello Midlo M.

Third parties would be my first try, because the original recovery disks are better for average users more than just a generic solution IMO.  Try auction sites online (but attention looking for the real gateway printed discs for your model vs general initialization and repair or burnt disks), or try to

If no joy anywhere on it, get hands on a real Microsoft hologrammed XP Home Edition installation CD, BUT the CD must have "for distribution with a new pc only" engraved in the hologram in the upper left quadrant.  It is an OEM/systembuilder disc, which will work with the product key on the certificate of authenticity (CoA) on th computer.  Other disks that are full retail, upgrade retail or volume will not accept the product key on the certificate of authenticity.  For security reasons, do not use all burned disks or disk images downloaded from anywhere - these are likely chock full of malware.

Install your new HARD drive, start the computer, and make sure that the disc is recognized at its full capacity of configuration of the BIOS of the computer.  If this is not the case, a BIOS update may be necessary.

Then insert the restore disc real bridge or genuine Microsoft disk and restart.  Choose an option to boot from the CD.  If a gateway recovery disc, do the bridge on their website for the execution of a recovery.  If a Microsoft disc, follow the prompts to accept the EULA, do one or more new partitions on the HARD disk, format the partition you want to install Windows XP, then install XP it on that partition.  The installation program is running and request you a product key.  Use the one which concerns your CoA, NOT one supplied with the hologrammed installation disc.  More questions on computer names, etc.  Let him finish.

After complete installation and reboot, DO NOT accept the prompt to automatically activate online (assuming that the installer has found and installed your network card).  Instead, choose Activate XP by phone.  The wizard displays a digit (IIRC) installation ID 54, then you will have to dial a phone number, you enter the Installation ID in the automated phone system.  At this point the system is you will give an activation ID 54 figure to enter Activation Wizard (activation of complement) or your application will be rejected.  If rejected, choose the option to speak directly with a representative of activation (offered only during normal hours of your country/region).  Explain to the living rep that your HARD drive is dead, gateway could not send you recovery disks if you had to use a real systembuilder hologrammed intallation disk as well as the cost of your computer's product key to reinstall Windows on the replaced HARD disk.  The rep should provide you with an activation code.

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  • Want J010dx m7: windows will not start until after full recovery of the system with new HARD drive

    Hello world

    I need help here.

    My HP envy m7 J010dx works perfectly with my original hard drive (1 TB).

    I am preparing a second HDD (NEW 320) as backup.

    I took off the Moose HDD (1 TB) and replace it with the NEW HARD drive (320GB) and try to do a full recovery of the system with the HP recovery DVD.

    After full system recovery and laptop computer needs to be restarted in order to continue, the laptop keeps restarting on the logo of windows 8.

    I think it says device not found Boot. Also a test using the UEFI tool material HP and all pass.

    Replacing the NEW HARD drive with the original of the old HARD drive and it start normally.

    What can go wrong here in this case? Thank you very much for the help.



    OK, I read through the thread and this is my point of view on this based on works including restore process with the user created a recovery (UCRDs) media which the user indicated that they used.

    If you just want to jump to the conclusion at the bottom, you can see my opinion. If you want to know 'why' Please read the entire post.

    Model No.: m7-j010dx

    Product #: E0K83UA #ABA

    Ships OS: Windows 8 (64-bit)

    Recovery HP part No. Kit: 730336-002 (3 DVDs + extra)

    User replaced the HARD drive with a 1 TB hard drive 5400 RPM with HP ProtectSmart hard drive Protection a new hard drive is a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9320423AS 320 GB 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache SATA 3.0 GB / s 2.5 "Notebook internal hard drive.

    With the help of UCRDs sent media recovery media (SSRDs):

    When the UCRDs are created, only the drivers for the HW operation (this is a critical point, that I will look later) are burned to the user created a recovery media.  Consider this a snapshot of the current HW, the base drivers and software applications.   If you change the HW on your laptop or desktop where the additional device requires a different driver for these features, a few questions you might - recovery process could stop because he can't find the right driver, a blue screen, a lack of start-up or other unstable system.

    A few years ago, I had a PC that would not recover because the Blu - ray (ODD) optical disk drive did not work.  I replaced the WEIRD Blu - ray with a generic DVD/CD burner into the new part of Blu - ray is presented.   I got the PC using SSRDs thinking I would put some time and just install the Blu - ray after the PC has been recovered.   The PC recovered and when the new Blu - ray showed I installed the unit and guess what?  All PCs have shown in Device Manager and applications was a generic ODD - no Blu - ray capability and ability to read Blu - ray content in the default HP provided for multimedia applications delivered with the PC.  Applications were there but no Blu - ray capability.

    Huh?  It looks that I did not put any time at all.

    I inserted the new Blu - ray ODD and distributed recovery with the HP SSRDs.

    After recovery, I had all the Blu - ray drivers and applications supported Blu - ray.

    The difference between UCRDs and SSRDs:

    UCRDs provide a glimpse of what is installed and functional both disks are created.

    Version Digest of the player on what is happening with SSRDs to retrieve a PC (before Windows 10):

    SSRDs have all the drivers for all the HW and SW qualified for the unit.  There may be several drivers for hard drives, different types/screen resolutions, sides, etc.  Based on the characteristics of the specific laptop / desktop a process is run called "Do / don't.   After entering the recovery SDRD, the Notebook media boots to Recovery Manager.  The first step is a raw copy of all the contents of the disc on a temporary partition.  Following the Do / do not process looks at the characteristics of this specific unit and remove all other drivers and applications not used by this device.  Drivers and the only successful applications are the features supported.   And then, the new operating system and recovery partition is created.   The PC end recovery of cleaning process and restart the laptop / desktop. And, Yes, you guessed it, if you create the user created a recovery media, you only have the drivers for HW devices and applications of HP on the PC at the time.

    So, that being said, what could be the cause/solution?

    Hard drives can be different enough so that a different driver (not the UCRDs) is necessary for the newly installed HW.

    The SSRDs are supported on the new HARD drive installed?

    I don't know, I have an office boy, and I have not tried on this model of laptop.

    If you have / acquire SSRDs, I recover the laptop with the new installed HARD drive and see if it works.  It may or may not.  I don't know what drives were qualified for this laptop.

    If this does not work, the last option is cloning via USB connection (old HARD drive in the PC, new HARD drive connected to a USB 3 via the SATA Adapter (dongle) USB port, install or download software cloning and cloning the old HDD to the new.)   I just did this on the two older Windows 7 computers laptops using a SanDisk Ultra kit.  He has worked on both units.


    I don't think that the problem is caused from a HARD drive of 1 to a 320 GB HARD drive, as it meets the minimum specs for a complete installation.  I think the problem is related to the use of UCRDs to retrieve and the UCRDs do not have the HARD driver/firmware/application disc.

    But then again, I know.

    I am an employee of HP...

  • Satellite L450 - how do you start the recovery from the HARD disk?

    Hello world

    I just joined the forum and already I need help.

    I have 2 questions (10) I'm an ODP, and I volunteer for a local blind group who all have laptops and rewrite the textbooks in braille users. Now a desire to know how start recovery from the HARD disk drive and what you should do disks for this.

    and (2) another received a laptop computer Toshiba A 100 and it does not start as soon as the Toshiba screen appears it lacks a password, we tried all kinds of passwords, tails of start and a new record of program but it does not start. Can anyone help please.


    For instructions how to recover a Toshiba laptop with verification of HARD drive recovery procedure please this document >

    The Satellite A100, I presume that you need BIOS password. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Accredited maintainer Toshiba can remove the password for you.

  • Satellite P100-188: how to perform the procedure for recovery of the product?


    I just had a bit of trouble to install a piece of software that, in the end I could settle with a system restore. This process was worried at the time that I could not get the software uninstalled properly (I had to download a program from the machine to uninstall!)

    At one point, I considered the restoration of my laptop Satellite P100-188 with the product recovery disc, the thing is I never did this before and I was wondering if someone could tell me the best sequence for later use.

    I have a standard Windows Media Center Edition OS, a recovery disk of the product, a disk Express Media Player and a CD of Drivers and tools that I created when I got the laptop.

    I have a feeling telling to restore Express Media Player before Windows, is does that mean that I have to insert this disc, install Express Media Player, then insert recovery disk product to install Windows?

    The Express Media Player disc formats the drive? It's not clear to me and I don't want to run into problems when I finally don't have to reinstall my operating system.

    I searched this forum to see if this information was already posted and could not find all the relevant information, all I can find are problems with the help of recovery and lack of discs discs.

    If it has been posted before could you provide me a link and I'm sorry again calls for data.

    Hello Gary

    If you want to have own OS preinstalled, the best solution is to use supplied recovery media. If the Express media player works well the leave it as it is and use the recovery DVDs only for clean operating system installation. All that s!

    Tools and Utilities CD can be used if you need to reinstall Toshiba designed tools or if you want to install your own operating system by using the facilities of Microsoft CD. If you have any other questions please post again.

  • The recovery of the system allow me to restore my previous setting because it says missing file (0 x 80070002)... How can I fix?

    Hi my names daniel

    My computer will not load past the system recovery options and I don't want to lose all my files, so I tried to restore vista windows to a previous setting from when I remembered last the computer works, however, when he made an error comes up saying that it cannot complete the process, because it lacks the file (0 x 80070002).

    Can someone help me on my problem?

    Hi Daniel,.

    I think you are referring to the recovery of the system for the restoration of the system, I want to know if it's something else.

    (1) what is the complete error message you receive?

    (2) to clarify, you try to run the system restore from recovery Windows (WINRE) or in the Office environment?

    (3) remember you to make changes prior to this problem?

    Method 1:

    Step 1: Start the computer using safe mode and then try System Restore. To do this, follow the steps below:

    Access Advanced Startup menu options by turning on your computer and pressing the button F8 continuously until Windows starts. In the boot advanced options, select Mode safe

    Startup options (including safe mode)

    Step 2: Put the computer to an earlier point in time where everything worked well. To do this, follow the steps mentioned in the link below:

    Method 2: You can run chkdsk to repair bad sectors on the hard drive in safe mode or from the Windows recovery environment.

    Run the check disk from the Windows recovery environment

    ) a command of Windows access (as shown in the link below) recovery: run the disk check to repair bad sectors on the hard disk.

    (b) at the command prompt, type chkdsk /f and then press ENTER.

    (c) now, type chkdsk /r and press enter

    See the link below
    How to access the System Recovery Options menu?

  • HP Envy all in one PC: Recovery Manager, the system restore is disabled by a virus

    Had a virus on my all in one PC envy after a free update to windows 10. Computer has been closing down could not get antivirus to work fast enough. After reboot system had disappeared. There is now no operating system. HP Envy Recovery manager, System Recovery is not highlighted, do not not the possibility to do a restore? Virus stronger than I've ever met. Thank you in advance.



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    It would NOT in fact the virus which prevents HP Recovery Manager to work.

    While Microsoft says there is no risk in the upgrade of Win10, because they allow you to believe that you can always return to your BONES and the original installation program within 30 days, the ugly fact of the matter is that the Win10 GoBack feature turned out to be unreliable - and when she fails, she can let machines in a State corrupted - that does not always happen , but it happens often enough to be a problem and you will get no warning beforehand that he goes to the trash your PC!

    If this is not enough, the Win10 upgrade is known, in some cases, corrupt partition recovery stored by the OEM that built the original machine. It's pretty much guarantee that no HP recovery will work:

    What you would really need to do, is to erase the entire disk and restore your PC using something known as HP recovery media.

    HP recovery media is a set of DVD and a CD or a USB key, which will erase the hard drive (removing all data, applications and settings, reinstall the original OS, drivers and utilities for HP. In some cases, you will be able to order a USB instead of discs. You must order at HP; they cannot be downloaded.

    You can look online for recovery from the paged media related:

    Once there, enter your product name or number. On your software page and download the drivers, select your operating system and version. Click on "Update". If the HP recovery support is available for your computer, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for the command Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click on the symbol '+' to expand this entry and click on order to press for more details.

    Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:

    If you live in the United States or the Canada, details are on this page:

    If you live elsewhere, contact details are on this page:

    NOTE: once you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to someone ' one - it can take a while!

    If you have difficulties to find a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836

    If HP no longer provides a recovery media for your model, a few other sites, you can check are: and

    Good luck

  • Recovery of the P50-B-103 Satellite without losing created partitions

    Laptop: Satellite P50-B-103
    OS: Windows 8.1


    I have created multiple partitions in my laptop Satellite P50-B-103 and I created the recovery DVDs 3.

    Now, I want to the recovery of the operating system and to ensure the partition that I created with therir files.
    When I tried the laptop with DVD recovery, I see that it is necessary to delete all partitions. Is it possible recovery remove computer laptop whitout my scores?

    Thank you.


    In General, recovery image can be installed on two tracks:
    Recovery option - HARD drive (recovery image is on the HARD drive)
    -using the recovery DVDs

    When you use HDD recovery facility only C partition is deleted and the recovery image is installed. This option works with factory settings and structure partitions of origin.
    You changed the structure of the partitions and this option does not work, so it makes sense that you want to use created the recovery disc.

    Problem is that the image recovey procedure wants to create factory settings including the structure of the original partitions. Before recovery image installation starts the recovery of all the files will be copied to the HARD drive and then installed from there so I think that you can not install recovery image on partition defined without changing everything.

    Anyway, if there is a problem with your preinstalled operating system, reinstall the recovery image and then change the partitions again. It's not a big deal. You create recovery discs so structure of partitions of origin that includes the recovery image is not so important to you.
    Using recovery discs you can install recovery image whenever you want.

    Of course, before you start to install recovery image to data backup.

  • I can do recovery without the disc?


    I put t have a recovery disk. Is it possible that I can do a recovery without the disc?

    Hello Adrian

    It's the same thing if someone asks you to follow you: can I drive the car without the steering wheel?

    You will not be able to recover without recovery media, but you can install the operating system using the facilities of Microsoft CD. Download page for all the drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba. > Support and downloads.

  • Win7 64-bit (pre-installed original), recovery for the 32-bit dvd disk

    I just bought new laptop toshiba L500-208 recently. And I have absolutely no idea how to deal with this new kind of things! Please help me!
    I had a number of compaq for 5 years, when I have the format window just use 1 cd and this finished!

    But now that I do not understand I have win7 64 bit (when I bought it), but I have the 32-bit recovery disc.
    I want to know that if I portable format and use this recovery disk, I won't lose 64 bit, right?
    What happens if I have 64 bit for installation next, what I have to do? Please help me too...
    Thank you very much!


    The situation is simply. If you check the market of PC and laptop, you will see that new products will be offered with operating systems 64-bit.
    So, the production of software goes slowly in that direction.

    Toshiba offers all new notebook with 64-bit operating system, but also provide you with the 32-bit version if you feel comfortable with it and if you want to use some software not designed for 64-bit operating systems.

    Your laptop comes with the HARD drive recovery image and if you read s manuals you can find info you need to create own recovery DVDs.
    This can be done with the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. The shortcut for this tool, you can find on the desktop.

    So, before you anything please create this installation disc. After doing this, you can install the 32-bit version and use so long desired.
    When you want to have the 64-bit version to use the new created the recovery for the installation disk.

    I hope you now understand how it works.
    If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Satellite L670D - issue of recovery on the new HARD drive

    Hi all.

    I actually sent this support Toshiba has a few days ago, but still have received no response and thought I would try this forum.

    That's the problem; the hard drive of my laptop is a failure, I had warnings to create a backup and replace the drive hard as soon as possible. I have done this and have mounted with success the computer with a new brand Hitachi 500 GB hard drive, with no problems.

    Then, I entered the program installation and makes the dvd the first boot drive. The first disc of recovery in the drive and it starts perfectly and started the process. I then went through the recovery procedure with the DVD 3 x on my computer, it seemed to work flawlessly, and after inserting all 3 disks in the order as requested, I was instructed to remove the final support.

    I have reset the boot hard drive and windows started normally until I got to this point. "the installation program starts services. Then comes a pop-up window saying; "windows could not complete the installation, to install windows on installation, this restart of the computer.

    Of course I tried to start in a few other ways to the f8 advanced boot options, but he always does this same thing.

    I can't imagine what the problem is that everything seems to go well until this?

    Hope you can help me solve this problem.
    Thank you
    Malc Fisher


    Only thing I would say is that you need to install recovery image again. Please try it out and post comments.
    It will be interesting to know if the same thing will happen again.

  • I need the disk recovery for the Qosmio E10

    Hello.. I wonder if someone can make me a copy of the diskette of recovery for the qosmio e10, and what I will use to get the best tv signal? see you soon


    Michael's right. You can order the CD from recovery with the Toshiba service partner. I m sure this CD is not very expensive.

    Good bye

  • Satellite U400-146 - how to start recovery without the recovery disk

    I need to try to do a restore system on my Satellite U400-146.
    However, I don't think it came with a disc.
    Does anyone know how to initiate recovery of the system on this laptop?


    The recovery disk was not provided with the laptop because there is a tool called Toshiba Recovery disk Creator that allows you to create a recovery disc!
    Please check if you can create a recovery disk using this tool!

    If this is not possible, then you can check if the HARD drive recovery is available.
    For more details, see the HOW TO:
    [How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure? |]

    As a last option, you can order a disk recovery from here:

  • What happened to the recovery of the Options software Dfault factory to win 8.

    We recently bought a C50 - B Satellite laptop for one of our boys to use at school (since they decided that the laptop replaces the need for text books) and needed to be implemented. It will be his only machine and it will also use to play games and surf the net. Past experience with his games, he done always something that slows down the system and finally makes it almost unusable, a State that I can't leave because it is necessary for school. I thought I would dualboot, one system for school only and the other for its games so that if its OS is messed up games he can still do his school work on the other OS.

    Microsoft say that, since the OS will be installed on the same computer twice, but that an installation can be run at any time that it does not violate their license agreement, so no problem with legal issues.

    System recovery, in Win7 under "Recovery of Factory Default Software" has three options.
    1 get out-of-box state.
    2 recover without changing the hard drive partitions.
    3. recover a custom size partition. The memory option 2 or 3 allows a 2nd installation of the operating system even though I think as the BCD needed some changes to both work.

    My problem is that the C50 - B comes with Windows 8.1 and the recovery procedure and options have changed. Win 8 / 8.1 seems not to have option 1, or an equivalent, as it says Win 8 s reset is similar to the recovery of Win7s, but this removes the partitions and the existing operating system, so I can't get two operating systems on the computer by using this method.

    Does anyone know a way to dual boot to help to win 8 / 8.1 recovery partition?
    OR is it possible to modify the script to allow options 2 and 3 of Win7?

    Win 7 was not ideal for this, but the deletion of these two options, it is difficult to use other operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux etc.

    I would like to see the recovery for the other operating systems partition, do not assume that it will be the only OS that requires the user on the machine.

    Help with this will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Windows 7 recovery option is different of options of recovery available in 8 Win / Win 8.1 but of course possible to use a dual boot system (Win 7 / Win 8.1) on a laptop computer.

    Here are a few beautiful /TSB FAQ I found on the Web from Toshiba site on the process recovery running Win 8 / Win 8.1

    How to recover a portable device or Tablet from Toshiba with the HDD recovery procedure

    Windows Recovery 8 & repair

    Steps to install Windows 7 on a unit of Windows 8

  • Recovery of the Satellite A200-TH1

    Because I met a frequent problem with my Satellite A200-TH1 of starting recently, I was told to use the disks of recovery by the seller. When I use it, after the two initial instructions (F12 / enter setup /F9), nothing happened. I chose the CD drive, and then press F9.

    Can someone help me to complete the process to get my computer recovered fully?


    Your computer is trying to boot from CD or what exactly is going on?

    Have you tested different bootable disk to check if the recovery disk works properly? You can use a Microsoft Windows disk to test it. If this disc works, your recovery disc is scratched/damaged, otherwise, it might be a problem with your CD/DVD drive.

  • Problem creating discs of recovery for the Satellite L500-126


    I have a problem of creation of recovery for the Satellite L500-126 disks.

    I'm using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    The 1st disk is ok.
    When I try to do the 2nd drive, the systems stops exactly 50% of the 2nd drive. and no more reaction from the creator of disc.

    I tried 2 x, and every time I had to give up and throw the dvd.

    any suggestions?


    You should try another DVD from different manufacturers
    It s nothing unusual that some DVDs are not totally compatible and CD/DVD players cannot write data correctly
    I had this problem in the past and could solve this test and using different DVD.

Maybe you are looking for

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