laptop charger for dv7-1245dx

My original adapter seems to be a shortage - couldnot find a replacement for adapter for dv7-1245dx. but after buying power 90w slim - I noticed that it was not listed as being compatible according to the compatibility list, should I buy another card and if so, what are those who will it take me?


If you purchased the HP 90W Slim Power adapter HP part: BT798AA #ABA, you can use it with your model.

However, I would recommend HP 90W Smart adapter HP Auto part: ER691AA #ABA

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  • Atheros Driver for DV7-1245dx.

    Hello, I recently had a failure of the HD on a DV7 1245dx. Put in a new HD and install Vista Home Premium 32 bit, I went to the HP website to solve my driver problems. All the drivers seem to be working fine except for one problem. HP does not have my Wireless driver listed, I installed the Broadcom driver nothing works, uninstalled and installed the driver from Intel. Still, no luck, so I removed the back panel of the laptop and observed card and its FCC ID numbers and the number of the IC. Trace the numbers online and it is an Atheros wireless card. GoTo and they clearly say that they offer no support for the driver and I need to contact my manufacturer. I'm obviously between the hammer and anvil and Im going to hunt down my driver to the I can't assess the security of this Web site. HP simply cares customer support/service more. I had this problem in the past, but it has been easily resolved by finding a similar pattern around the same date of production and to do this way. My clients now see why I never recommend products HP to them... any help? or I have to wait for Amelie to send me the recovery disk that probably does not have the right driver even when... & DLC = in & LC = on & softwareitem = ob-69093-1 & JumpID = reg_R1002_USEN

    If all drivers are working, then you should be able to run Windows Update and have it automatically detect and install the drivers.

  • DV7-1245dx: computer laptop dv7-1245dx: update to card WiFi... Need for 802.11n

    I have a HP dv7-1245dx laptop AMD with a Wireless G Wifi Atheros ar5007 card. I want to update my WiFi card for 802.11n more speed fast and really would like if I can get bluetooth at the same time the new wifi card. Any IDE?

    In case anyone is looking for a solution... I did some more research and found that a

    Atheros AR5BXB92 AR9280 HP 482260-001 wireless adapter

    works very well.

  • Pavilion DV7-1245DX: Max RAM for laptop

    Hi, I have a Pavilion DV7-1245DX, P/N NB231UA, w / an AMD processor. I would like to know what the MAX RAM I can put in this laptop. Thank you for your help, Chris Santor


    The following specifications, max is 8GB:

    Kind regards.

  • Watts for laptop HP Pavilion dv7-6c23cl

    What is the watts of a power source for recharging and operating a laptop HP Pavilion dv7-6c23cl . I saw 90 W in a manual, but do not know which refers to watts.

    I'm going to be in a remote location and considering an inverter to power to keep my laptop charge. They are noted by watts.



    What you see in the tool is correct 90 W is a 90-Watt adapter.

  • Where can I get HP Battery Check to my laptop dv7-1245dx running 64-bit Win7?

    Recently updated my computer dv7-1245dx laptop from vista to win 7 64 bit.  Where can I get HP Battery Check?  HP Advisor said that it is not installed.  Can't find it on the HP website for my model number and have not found a general download site.

    Uninstall HP Advisor. This software is outdated

    If you really need this kind of application and then install latest version of HP Support Assistant of sound

  • When I remove my charger for my laptop, my aero settings back to the basics of windows 7.

    When I remove my charger for my laptop, my Aero settings back to windows 7 basic (my transparency effects disappear). I can remedy the aero research and then solve the problem. But when I charge my cell phone and pull again... changed settings back to the basics of windows 7 and then I have to solve the problem again... (When I put my charge in my laptop that aero works very well).

    How can I fix that when I remove my charger for my laptop, my aero settings remain the same and do not change bac to windows 7 basic?

    I'm sorry, I couldn't find the power of your computer utility software.  If you know what I'm talking about this open software and set a few parameters.

    Hope the problem is fixed soon.

  • Good charger for MacBook Air?

    HI how do I find the right charger for my MacBook Air. It is completely dead and I do not know if it is pre or post 2012 and I have not original documents.

    Thank you


    Click  in the menu bar and choose "about this Mac".

    A window will open.

    Click on the tab "Overview".

    This will show the model year.

    Find the right adapter cord for your Mac laptop and sector

  • Where can I get a new charger for Satellite Pro L500 - 1 4?

    Hi, I would like to get a new charger for Toshiba. My first charger was lost and the second charger that I bought on ebay 3 months ago for £10,-a stopped working. Where can I get a charger? I googled and found a few wesbites for example

    Chargers cost about 25-30 GBP. I don't want more problems with a charger. I have the late...
    Where can I get a good charger where that is authentic. Other suggestions are welcome

    Thanks in advance

    The magazine you found is OK and I think you don't need original Toshiba charger.
    If you want to have Toshiba we part number is PA3716E-1AC3.

    Check it out. Googling around you can find it.

  • Looking for a new charger for a Satellite Pro C850 - 10V

    My charger for my laptop stopped to load the computer, and I'll try to find a new charger, but can't seem to find to this laptop.

    A charger for another version of the Satellite Pro would work as well?

    Each charger has own part number. This part number, you can find on the label of the charger. Not looking for charger for model C850 - 10V but click on part number to order the right one.

  • Need charger for my Satellite L500-1TE

    I want to buy a charger for my toshiba laptop.

    19 VDC and 3.4 a.

    What is the size of correct connector for this laptop?

    To be honest I don't understand your question. You have an old AC adapter or you bought the laptop used without AC adapter?
    If you have an old but original please order the same thing with the same part number.
    Compatible 19V DC 3. 42 a. PA3396E-1ACA, PA3396E-1ACA part number

    Check it out.

  • Car charger for Qosmio F60


    Is there a car charger for the F60 laptop? I have trouble finding a.

    Thank you

    I found the similar thread about car charger.
    Check it out under the

    Maybe you can use the same charger. Pick up some googling autour info.

  • Need car charger for Satellite A100

    Hi all
    Anyone know if there is a car charger for my Satellite A100? I can't find one on the Toshiba site, but I saw several on ebay. I don't want to ruin my laptop, anyone who has used a & if so where did you & what was the cost?

    Thank you


    Visit the Toshiba site Options & accessories.

    There you can find extra parts and devices. You should also find a compatible adapter.

  • Laptop HP Pavilion DV7 not really hot...

    Product information:

    Name: HP Pavilion DV7-6193

    OS: Windows 8

    Changes to the system: Updated, recently reinstalled Windows 8 video card drivers


    Lately, my laptop has been get very hot and the fan is really loud, even if I do things as little as surfing the internet, for the moment, I closed all the non-essential programs in the Task Manager I do not use, and turns at 70 degrees (Celsius) sometimes still warmer upwards to 80 degrees (Celsius) while watching videos on Netflix. When used for games, it goes up to 90 degrees. This has happened for a while now, before even to update my video card driver, so I eliminated that as a possible reason. I tried to put it on the mode or balanced in energy saving mode, but not much changes if anything. I disabled switchable graphics problems with no switch cards AMD I have inside (uses Intel on switchable) so I took off switchable graphics for game reasons. I have a cooler laptop that I use, but just worried, why it is not so hot for not heavy use any. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

    As your laptop HP Pavilion dv7-6193 Entertainment is two to three years old, you want to maybe blow out the vents with a can of air compressed. When the dirt is trapped in the vents, it reduces the efficiency of the cooling system. This can cause the fan to the race as it tries to cool the CPU. Finally the system is overheated and shut down to protect themselves.

    Please send BRAVO

  • CD/DVD read only the dv7-1245dx

    I have a hp pavilion dv7-1245dx. He stopped to read the cd/dvd. How can I fix?


    First, try the automated Microsoft fixit at the link below.

    Windows 7


    Check if the drive works now.

    If the drive does not, in the Start Menu, open Control Panel and click Device Manager.  Click to open the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.  Right-click on the first channel and select uninstall.  Do not delete if requested drivers.  When uninstalled repeat the process for each channel.  Also, if an ATA controller is listed, right click and uninstall it, once again is not removing the drivers if requested. Then, open the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives.  Right-click on the drive and choose uninstall.  Do not delete if requested drivers.

    Restart the computer and let Windows reinstall devices.  Check the disc again.

    If it still does not work, re-run the fixit automated Microsoft at the link below.

    Windows 7


    Then, in the Start Menu, open Control Panel and click Device Manager.  Click to open the CD/DVD-ROM drives.  Right-click on the drive and choose uninstall.  Do not delete if requested drivers.  When the device has been uninstalled click the icon 'Search for hardware changes' (usually just below help in the toolbar).  Let windows reinstall the disc and see if it works now.


    Kind regards

    DP - K


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