Laptop HP - 15-r213ns: hotkeys (keys of wifi sound, brightness), does not work after windows update


I have a HP laptop - 15-r213ns (ENERGY STAR) with windows 8.1

Last night, after an update of windows, the shortcut of the brightness (F2 and F3) volume (F7 and F8), wifi (F12) and keys all others have stopped working.  I can always change the brightness and volume using windows, but I can't do more using the keys.

The function keys are working, as refresh F5 or F3 Browse. I noticed that before I had to press the FN key for this and now she does without the FN + Fx, so I guess that the update of windows must have changed something here.

They used to work fine before the update. I reinstalled the display drivers (NVIDIA G-FORCE 820 - M) and looked for new drivers or update drivers using HP Support Assistant, but everything is up-to-date.

I was looking for hot key factors in the page of HP drivers for my product but could not find any keyboard, drivers or software related shortcut keys.

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, Marco:

The system of the event utility is supposed to get the Fn keys to work.


This package contains the HP System Event utility for the laptop models running a supported operating system. HP System Event Utility allows the special programming function keys.

File name: sp70439.exe

You can find this file in the Software - Solutions section of the driver for your model page.

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    I then clicked on fix to try to find a solution. Then the message "the diagnostic policy service does not work. Using Ctrl + Alt + Delete I went on services and attempted to start the DPS manually, but the message "Diagnstic political service on Local computer started and stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs. »

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    Hey @Riken_HP,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! This is a great place to find solutions and help our community!

    I understand that you are having problems with the wifi on your HP laptop. I'd be happy to help you.

    What is the exact model of your laptop? If you do not know who will find it here:

    The following pages are useful for troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems.
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    7 test cycle.

    Forget a network (Windows 10)
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    Reinstall the NIC drivers:
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    5 install the drivers downloaded in step 1.
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    Test an ethernet connection:
    Not call explanation. Test if the problem persists on a wired connection to the adapter hardware troubleshooting wireless can be directed to the appropriate areas.

    Test another connection:
    Many people excluded their home network as a problem if another device working on the same network. Networking is not as simple as that. Each device interacts differently with your router or modem and it is impossible to exclude the settings for this device until the laptop has been tested on another network.

    Please hold me.

    By pressing the Thumbs Up button below, you can always say thank you!

    See you soon.

  • Satellite L735-103: one key does not work after BIOS update


    I got a Sat L735-103, part no: PSK0CE - 00N0OUEP and I download the bios for this pc, toshiba Web site.
    I have updated bios with no problem, but now a realization thatm a key (the key located in the good of "* f ' and 'z') of the keyboard does not work.
    I have a plate with windows and linux, and the result is the same.

    Maybey I need to go back to the old bios, but in the toshiba Web site only have a bios download: (.)


    Somehow, I can't believe that this button malfunction has something to do with the new BIOS.
    Have you noticed the anomaly key immediately after the update of the BIOS?
    You have default BIOS? If not, access the BIOS by pressing F2 when starting the laptop.
    Here, you can set default BIOS and then save the changes.

    If this is not enough, I would recommend contacting the Toshiba ASP because the technician must check whether the button is defective. In this case, replace the keyboard. The technician would be able to downgrade the BIOS as well and could check if it of really a BIOS issue.

    To find an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service Provider anywhere in the world, please visit:> "Support and downloads"--> "to find an authorized service provider" (down in the menu maintenance & repair).

  • Qosmio F50 - FN keys does not work after Windows 7 upgrade


    After installing Windows 7 my 'FN' key doesn't work anymore. The big problem is the upgrade to Windows 7, I turned off my touchpad using "FN + F9". Now that my FN key work and I cannot turn my touchpad.

    Is there a way to reverse without using the "fn"? And is there a way I can fix my FN key? Accessible from start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities > accessibility does not work. Is somehow connected? What can I do?

    Feedback and assistance is greatly appreciated.


    Here's a similar thread on the Qosmio F50 with Windows 7 issue where the don t FN keys work:𭄂

    If you must install the package of added value and utility to Support Flash Cards, but you must choose a version that is available for Windows 7.

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    In this case, I suggest that you try to reinstall/repair the phone using PC Companion software:

    In PC Companion, press start on the support Zone > begin on updating the software of the phone/Tablet > press the blue link that says "repair phone/tablet.

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    After you have installed Windows 10 today my WiFi is not connecting. I tried updating the driver (Ralink RT5390 802.11b/g/n WiFi adapter) and he tells me its up to this day. IM assuming that this driver is the problem but don't know how I can fix it.

    My laptop model: HP Pavilion g6-1240sa laptop, Windows 7 Home premium (x 64)


    See if the W10 Ralink wireless driver works for you...

    TITLE: Pilot MediaTek (Ralink) wireless network card

    the package contains the driver for the Mediatek (Ralink) installation package
    Controller wireless LAN in the laptop models taken in charge running
    Operating system.

    Microsoft Windows 10 32
    Microsoft Windows 10 64

    LANGUAGE (S): Global

    802.11n wireless PCI Express Card LAN Adapter
    MediaTek MT7630E 802.11bgn Wi - Fi adapter
    RALink RT3090 WiFi 802.11b/g/n adapt
    Wi - Fi 802.11b/g/n Ralink RT3290 adapter
    WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n Ralink RT3592 adapter
    RALink WiFi 802.11b/g/n RT5390 adapt
    RALink WiFi 802.11b/g/n RT5390R adapt

    -Provides the initial version of Windows 10 support WHQL driver.

    FTP:// .exe

  • brightness key does not work after bios update

    Hello. I have laptop 650 hp, everything has worked until I have updated the bios after this brightness keys don't work. I tried reinstalling the drivers, restored, updated the bios, hd formatted, installed windows and drivers the latest and still nothing. all other keys work fine. checked the buttons, they all work, it's just the brightness function is not working. Thank you.

    the version the older BIOS, now his market not :/

  • My Wifi does not work after the update of the software.

    I've updated my wifi "Qualcomm Atheros 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter QCA9565" and now my wifi is dead, his does not. I need help.


    Roll back driver can help. Please try

    Start > Control Panel > Device Manager > network adapters

    Right click > properties > Driver

    Select "roll back driver".

    Good luck.

  • Re: Computer laptop Satellite U does not work after BIOS update

    I was updating my BIOS.

    My computer restarted abruptly, saying: there was a problem and that a check should be performed.
    After reaching 100%, he's stuck. I waited for a while, but eventually it turned off.

    When I rebooted, it stopped working correctly.
    The screen, keyboard and USB ports do not work.

    Can anyone help with this?


    Looks like something was wrong during the update of the BIOS.
    In this case the module ROM was flashed properly and therefore your laptop cannot start properly.

    I think the BISO ROM must be flashed again, but this can be done by a Toshiba ASP because guys have had a trad-BIOS version that is necessary to Flash the ROM module

    Good luck

  • Photon: WiFi and 4G does not work after update to 45.2.7

    I just installed the update 45.2.7.MB855 on my Photon Sprint 4 G and now my 4G and WiFi lights. When I go to network & wireless settings and click on WiFi, everything he says is error and nothing happens. When I try to turn in 4G, nothing seems to happen.

    I'm able to turn on Bluetooth and 3G made a few updates to profile to make it work.

    I live in the Las Vegas area and 4G is available.

    Please advise,


    Find the solution here. If you have any comments please leave it on the other thread.

    Double locking this thread.

    Support Forums Manager

  • Laptop does not start after Windows update

    I have HP laptop with Windows 8.1.

    It no longer starts after you install updates.

    It has happened before several times. I used system restore and it should correct the problem temporarily until the next time for the installation of updates.

    Now I can not even run system restore. He says that I have an administrator account.

    Help, please.

    The process I'll tell you will solve the problem, but it leaves a few effects. All the installed update will be uninstalled the version they had when you have installed 8.1 windows and programs in your programs (x 86) NO program file in the C: drive or the drive where windows is installed must be UNINSTALLED. The uninstalled programs will appear on your desktop as Applications.HTML removed. If you have any problem with the effects that I mentioned that process as follows:

    1. at start up press F11 to enter recovery.

    2. go on recovery to solve problems.

    3. then in troubleshooting, click on refresh your PC.

    4. wait it ends (it takes about an hour)

    5. your system is restored.

    Hope this helps

  • line of numbers under the function keys keyboard does not work after windows upgrade

    Upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit window Ult 64 bit. Line of keyboard under func keys works not just if online using Windows Explorer, Firefox Safari n - numbers don't work - some type; other type letter k; with the SHIFT key, signs and symbols, type anything. I can get the numbers of t using my keypad and numlock. I have tried 3 keyboards.  One was a Microsoft USB 4000 ergonomic keyboard brand new and it had the same problems.  My keyboard USB wireless transmitter had the problem too.  All have the same problem. The keys are correct by using Word, Wordpad, etc.. Quick test repetition key online as well as the keys were all ok then.

    This started happening immediately after I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate.  I use a desktop HP Pavilion a6667c with 8 GB of RAM and the latest updates available for windows ultimate.   The problem occurred before and after the upgrade to service pack 1.   I noticed other people on the web posting on this problem too.    I got no error message when using Vista Home Premium 64-bit version and had installed all the latest updates him as well.

    The only solution I found to this problem is to build me a small table of characters and symbols, I can't do it, and sticking them in when I am online using one of the three browsers I use most often.   I looked at my keyboard settings and changed back and forth between American and British English British without any result.

    I'll post my problem of keyboard on HP forums as well.   Thanks for any help anyone can give me or leads.   Somewhere, I think that it is a simple problem to solve, but I searched and searched and browsed and traveled for several days to find a lot of people who have this type of keyboard problem, but no solution yet.

    I was able to solve the problem on my computer Microsoft Vista but uninstalling constant guard I had downloaded and installed with free Norton from Comcast. I got this tip on another thread and after followinging their advice, I was free to use my line of numbers/symbols of the keys even once! I was able to close my copy of the email and the character or symbol and the last sheet in Word.

  • HP 15 laptop: by default windows recovery does not work after windows formatting

    I had windows installed 8.1 in my computer. It has updated to windows 10 and I started facing problems with the drivers and software.

    I formatted the windows partition and installed the trial version of windows 7 64-bit. Now I want to restore to windows 8.1, but the option does not come when I press f11 and go to the Recovery Manager in the start menu. "Restore to factory settings" option has disappeared and I can't select it more.

    I have not formatted the recovery and reserve system partitions and only formatted the partition where previous windows has been installed (C.) When I run the Disk Manager, it shows that the system and recovery reserve partitions, although I can not open any of them.

    Please help me. How to recover my windows by default?


    After playing with 10 Windows Windows 7, then the tool HP is useless now. Probably you did not a game/recovery media so you need to contact HP to order a new set

    In the United States:

    other countries:

    Good luck.

  • WIFI doesn't work does not correctly after driver update

    I have a DESIRE 4 laptop 1023tu with operating system Windows 8 PRO. My WIFI works does not properly after the update drievr.


    1. When you try to connect to a wifi hotspot the quick adapter turns off and allows the card instantly

    2. after connected, sometimes no internet access and the problem turns off only after reconnecting to the netwrok after setting off.

    If the update doesn't work not for you then do as I explained in my previous post and roll back to the previous driver. This philosophy can be applied to all updates.

    If there is no pressure or emerging reason to update to your PC or laptop works just great... do not update. (this is especially true when it comes to an update of the BIOS)

    For your question #2, the problem could be your wireless (modem, router or access point) which causes the connection dropped.

    Best regards

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