Laptop HP 2000: fan noise


My fans on my laptop are always very noisey and sensitive, is not ideal when I want something of quite...

How can I make my fan less noisey?

Gracias / Thank you!



All you can do is follow these instructions: computers laptops HP - Fan is Noisy and runs constantly, PC is hotter than normal. HP® customer support

If that does not quiet fan, nothing you can or need TO do - that by force of slowing the fan will cause your processor overheating and damage internal components due to excessive heat.

Good luck
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  • Laptop fan noise

    Hello, I have a hp envy 15 and its bin with a quantity of ridicoulus fan noise when I turn or I tilt the screen of the laptop to the front. Call me irresponsible, but I stay up late at night watching netflix and I fall asleep and the laptop falls to the floor when I turn. Whenever this noise is the fan looks like its grinding against something, any suggestions?

    Hi Julezboy,

    If I understand correctly you are facing the issue of fan noise on your HP Envy 15 unit please click on the web link below should be able to help solve the problem on your device.

    Reduce the fan noise

  • How can I correct the problem on the computer fan noise laptop vaio sony SA

    How can I correct the problem on the computer fan noise laptop vaio sony SA

    Hi Davidra,

    Download and install if no update is available about the issue using exactly the model of your computer, here:

    Try the steps here:

    If the problem persists, contact Sony Service support here:

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  • the laptop from the beginning have a mechanical fan noise, wat can I do?

    Laptop HP CQ56-108SL, Windows 7 64-bit operating system

    The first time to start, there is a mechanical fan noise, what can I do?

    You can post a video on youtube with the startup sound of the laptop with a volume sufficient for us to hear?

    It's a laptop bought recently? If so, contact HP.

    If not, did you buy a can of compressed air PC and use it for clean which can be dust in the mouths of and exhaust ports of your notebook?

  • BIOS update solved the Portege M400 fan noise

    The new version of BIOS (1.8) for Portege M400 solves the problem of fan noise. The Readme.txt explains that the temperature will rise only in three degrees. Very important, very recommended patch for users of M400.

    Now I can use my tablet in my business meetings without having to give explanations to customers of the fan noise.


    Hello Jose

    It is very nice to hear that you are happy now. I read your previous assignments and I can understand you this annoying issue with cooling fan, but now you can see this laptop manufacturer is trying to make the product better, even if the product is on the market.

    I am also certain that customer s comments can help identify the problem if persist und after this systematic search for the solution or change for the better.

  • Fan noise after changing graphics - Qosmio F10-101

    Two months ago, I had my graphics from nvidia fx 5700 for nvidia geforce go 6600.
    Since my computer toshiba qosmio f10-101. After changing the old graphics card there is a fan noise that starts and stops every 2 minutes, it makes me crazy whenever I'm hear.

    Can someone tell me if this is normal and if they know if the specific card is noisy in any laptop? or if there are ways to remove this noise or to maximize the speed of the noise. ??

    Post edited by: marlena

    Hello Marlena

    The Qosmio forum, you can find some similar topics with some interesting comments. On the

    Good bye

  • Satellite A660-12 t / A660-1FL - which we have less fan noise?

    A couple of days, I received my brand new Toshiba A660 12 t. Everything is perfect except the noise from the fan. It is particularly strong for me that I often use the laptop in the library. For simple tasks, the fan runs between 59% and 67%. I tried different things to play with the power settings for the Bios upgrade and graphics card but nothing has changed.

    Now I want to go back and change it with the Toshiba A660-1FL. Why this one? Two laptops have the same characteristics and the same price except the graphics card and the CPU. mine comes with Nvidia 330 m and I5-430. on the other side, the A660-1FL comes with the integrated Intel GMA HD and the I5 - 460.
    I thought that maybe the graphics card is the reason!
    Does anyone know if the fan noise will be reduced if I use a less dedicated graphics card? Should I change? in this case the GMA HD is a good graphics card?
    If someone uses a Toshiba A660-1FL, could you please tell me if the fan is strong?

    I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance


    NVidia GPU is a powerful graphics card, and especially these maps are designed for games.
    The GPU from Intel is also a good graphics chip, but it of not powerful as the nvidia chip.
    The nVidia chip would allow the current apps much smother but it creates more heat.

    This would affect the cooling fans which means that the fans would go more quickly and often.
    So, theoretically the laptop with Intel GPU should be a little more quiet.

  • Satellite L650 1NC - the fan noise

    I bought the laptop in February 2011 and the fan noise deteriorated over time, now. I've read many threads in this forum and elsewhere about this problem and I think that the problems are basically the same.

    Now that I've read some that messages stating that the new BIOS, released in September have apparently solved the problem, I did a BIOS update (Version 2.3) to meet the same problem again.

    The fan stops when the temperature is below a certain threshold, in my case according to CoreTemp it seems to be at about 50-55 ° C. At the moment the fan turns off, which is also confirmed by the monitor of health indicating the 0% fan speed.
    This leads to the CPU temperature increases until the fan is used to about 55-60% fanspeed.
    This process repeats every 15-20 seconds and is very annoying.

    It gets worse, but if I start to actually do something like a request to open from the web browser - nothing serious, really, I don't want to start even complain about the noise while game/watch movies.
    The fan speed will be 70-75% as soon as the CPU gets the work to be done.
    The noise that results is unacceptable for 20-30 seconds.

    Noise is an important factor for me. At the University I can't use it as my fellow students are too distracted by its noise. To work my colleagues began to complain as well.
    As I use my cell phone while being out of my own office/home it is basically useless for me now.

    Has anyone else still issues after the recent updates to the BIOS?
    Is there a way to put the fan always runs at around 30-40%?

    All opinions are appreciated.


    Cooling module performance depend on the internal temperature.
    If the temperature arise at a higher level, the fan must turn more quickly to prevent equipment overheating it's usual behavior.

    But you can try to change some Windows 7 power management settings.
    This will reduce the performance of the CPU and the dissipation of the heat and that should slow down the activity of the fan too.

    Here is instruction how to change the Windows 7 power management.
    + How to manage Windows 7 power management features.

    TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings options are interesting: cooling method and processor power management

  • Satellite 2450 S203 fan noise problems

    Hi guys

    I had a Sat 2450 S203 since October 2003 and have recently noticed that whenever I run memory intensive programs fan noise levels are excessive and constant!

    If someone could Advisor on the replacement of the fan and know if I should do it myself. Please also comment on the impact on costs as well. Are there other ways around to get rid of this problem?


    After this long period, your device must be cleaned properly. I guess that dust inside the unit don't allow adequate cooling and cooling fan must often runs and faster to cool the hardware components. It is not only specific for your device, but for all laptops.

    I'm sure that after cleaning, your device can take a deep breath and will work a lot better and calmer. I noticed the same thing with my Satellite P20. After cleaning the laptop runs very quiet and cooling fan just works sometimes. I'm very happy now.

  • Quosmio F10 128: fan noise

    My laptop is quosmio F10 128.
    It works fine but I find that noise (same height) fan start when I start the pc and it only stop when I stop the pc.

    You know a system to reduce the fan noise.

    Thank you for your help.

    You upgrade your computer with the economies of power last driver? It should solve the problem.
    Check the drivers download page

  • I've used folio 13-1007tu. The fan noise is a bit much!

    Is there something to do to reduce the fan noise.

    I already check the fan grille.

    I use that laptop with ms office and watch the video clip.

    I recommend you to update the latest version of the BIOS for your laptop support and driver download page on and navigate the document following that will help you reduce the FAN noise.

    I hope this helps!

  • Re: Satellite A200-1 t 0 - the fan noise & purchase spare fan & replacement


    My Satellite A200-1 t 0 made noise bad uncomfortable even on cold start.
    I tried to clean up the use of household vacuum without removing cabinets, always, she improved marginally.

    What I need to replace the cooling fan?
    I looked on the internet I couldn't find out where to buy the replacement cooling fan.
    I found a link as below, but it is mentioned that for AMD processor but mine in Intel Core 2 Duo.
    Not sure if it would be compatible.

    I'll be able to buy this Toshiba?

    Please kindly advice how to solve this problem of fan noise.

    Thank you
    [email protected]

    Hello Jay

    Satellite A200 is old model of laptop, and I can imagine that the fan cooling and air conditioning grill are full of dust.
    Before changing anything your laptop must be completely disassembled and cleaned. I did this several times in the past and I must say that my books were much quieter than before. After the cooling system will work properly and laptop will be able to take a breath.

    I put t know if you know someone who can help you with this. Please don't spend your money for new parts. At a first professional portable make cleaning.

    Please send comments.

  • On Satellite P850 - 30Q fan noise


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite P850 - 30Q a week ago and overall, I love the machine, nice design, good performance, great speakers... BUT:

    The FAN NOISE is driving me crazy? I had a lot of laptops different in my life, but never experienced something like this. Normally I don't notice not the fan, but this laptop I noticed that the fan.

    At idle, I can hear the HARD drive - I can live with that.
    Fire use, desk and surf the internet and as the fan lights up now and then to 53% and really loud! -Its disturbing when I'm trying to study?
    When I play games the fan is 53% permanently, and after like 5-15 min, to happen to + 80%, what is really strong? -I can live with the fan when I play games, but not when I study or use it for use of the lamp in the train or the school.

    Am I the only one to go through this?

    If there is no resolution, I will return the product to the store. Its just sad when I like the rest and despite the fan Im happy on this issue.

    Hope you can help.

    > great but when I play games it rattles

    Have you noticed the usual fan noise or noise appears as something wrong with ball bearing cooling fan would be?

    It s nothing unusual as fans of cooling would turn faster everything!
    While gaming, the GPU and the CPU produce a lot of heat. This increases the temperature and therefore the propellers rotate faster. Here's how it works!

    But if the fans create an unusual sound, then that would mean that the cooling module may be defective and THIS should be verified by technicians is why would I wait not for any solution, but IF it's a hardware problem, the solution is just a replacement of parts.

  • X 1-consumption of high power (> 20W), GPU 100% life time battery, short, fan-noise

    My new X 1 is ideal for grinding through data, but energy consumption seems high when idling or when I do simple tasks.

    I have the BIOS version 1.27 (released October 21, 2011) and Power Manager 3.62

    I have used Power Manager in order to use the value "low energy". However, the power used is always > 20W and usually around 25 - 27W. This translates into excessive heat (so the fan runs at 4500 RPM all the time) and the battery is lasting less than 1 hour if I give a Powerpoint presentation (not movies).

    In addition, the power watch GPU at 100% all the time - Manager is this normal or would it not be a cause of increased tension required?

    I tried all the solutions on fan noise in this thread:

    I tried to set all the power settings to maximize independence in Windows 7, and then also in the power manager, but not enjoy. Help, please! What are the normal electrical needs and the GPU % at idle?

  • Quad Edition CTO Notebook HP ENVY 15 t-j100 fan noise

    I recently bought a HP ENVY 15 t-j100 Quad CTO Notebook Windows 7 Professional Edition (PC product #: E1P05AV) and I noticed that when the laptop is under any kind of load, the fan can be incredibly strong. There is no abnormal noise, but the volume itself can be irritating. Basically, it looks like a dryer located on the top. I was wondering if it was just a normal phenomenon or if there was something more to him. I have the latest version of the downloaded bios, and there should not be any dust or dirt in the book since I just got. If someone could shed some light on this, I would gratefully.


    Thank you for visiting the forum!

    I understand that whenever there is any kind of load your system fan noise, it's usually an overheating problem that I suspect.
    I really recommend that you quickly go through the following documents & try to do at home and hopefully solve the problem.

    Hope this helps you,

    Thank you

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