Laptop HP Pavilion 15-199sa: power external HARD drive Question

I think to install an SSD and put the HARD drive in an external enclosure USB 3.0.

However, I noticed that the maximum starting current of the HARD disk existing (a Seagate ST1500LM006HN-M151RAD) is cited as 1000mA, while the available USB 3.0 port output is only 900mA.

Should I take particular notice of the "current maximum spin-up ' or do I have to find another way to feed the external enclosure?

All have experience of moving from a HARD drive in an external enclosure?

Thank you!

John latter


Yes mine was 2.5 "internal & put in a usb basket.

very old model notebook too butruns out a usb.2.0 port without problem.

I think you will be fine & find your port can provide 1amp quite easily if necessary.

Usually, all that would happen if port could not feed enough energy would be failure to load the USB device.

The odds are in your favor, just buy a shopping cart 2.5 "usb3.0 of good reputation of quality that will support your large drive

(caddy to take care of 1 or 2 TB is probably more matter than usb3.0, so check caddy spec full power)

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    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

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    2. you made any hardware or software changes on your computer before the show?

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    Select it, choose get information on the file menu, open the section sharing & permissions and give you access if possible.


  • laptop HP pavilion touch 14: replaced defective hard drive with pre installed OS on new HDD - device not found Boot (3F0)

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    The hard drive is new and I did not not how its gives me this error!

    In addition, this laptop does not seem to boot from a cd to format!

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    Thank you

    Hey BHK6,

    I found out what was wrong! It was so simple!

    I just need to make the boot inherited from the bios, like that he started directly from the hard drive and does not need of any software pre installed HP to start.

    Thanks for your help anyway


  • Satellite L670D Simple Drive external HARD drive question

    OS Windows 7 Home. Preload by Toshiba.

    Have a Toshiba simpledrive 1 T. When plugged into the USB hardrive are rewritten with shortcuts. Hard drive in Explorer properties shows data from correct volume on the disk, but I don't have access to the drive. Shortcuts anywhere.

    Disk formatted with laptop and work very well, but can not eject. Whenever I want to eject the disc, it is being used by another program. Cannot find the program using Xdrive. Once the X drive is off and then turn it back on shortcuts will be displayed again. Do not have the same problem with Xdrive on my PC - OS Win 7 Pro - works fine.

    I've updated to Toshiba laptop drivers, Bios etc. Also updated Windows still no go. It must be a problem with laptop, but I seem to not be able to solve it.

    Help will be appreciated.


    Hmm, try connecting the HARD drive to the computer before booting the operating system Win.
    Also, check if the software Xdrive isn't blocked by any other security software (antivirus, firewall tool, etc.).
    I also recommend checking the power management of the Win 7 on your laptop. Check if the USP ports are not configured to save energy.

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    I recently got a new HP Probook and I'm in love! Recently my father has installed a new hard drive faster. We recorded the old hard drive that came the laptop actually itself. I had some thing out there, but now I can't use function keys as well as all software HP shipped with the computer. So, how can I transfer essentially the old hard drive to the new so I can recover my programs?

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (Home Premium 64-bit (a)

    Computer: Probook 4530 s A7K5UT #ABA


    To transfer data from the old HARD drive using USB Sata external fencing for a 2.5 " HARD drive. Get your old HDD in it and copy the data to the new HARD disk. Find you for example here, here or here

    To address the problem of access keys download and install HP Hotkey support here.

    All the latest drivers and software for your model you can download here.

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    Also, I did a checkdisk command and he succeeded, and I use Windows XP

    I did several tests to resolve and in the end, I found that I convert the format of external hard drive FAT 32 to NTFS, and then I could successfully transfer the file.

    I used the following commands:

    (1) command line then chkdsk to repair bad sectors

    (2) convert the command line to change the format to FAt 32 to NTFS

    Note: For Windows xp, "convert" command will not delete the files from the hard drive

  • HP Pavilion 15 laptop: Need help, PC laptop HP Pavilion 15 could not boot from USB external hard drive.

    My desktop HP Pavilion P7-1074 4.5 years computer dropped last week. Planed to get a replacement on Black Friday or the day after Christmas. But I have to run some programs inside hard drve to the desktop computer. So I have attatched hard disk dive from my desktop to my laptop HP Pavilion 15 USB port with an enclosure.

    The laptop would recognize the external hard drive as a SYSTEM (F 62.2 MB of free space of 97.9 MB, OS (GTB-free 1.11 of 1.35 TB and HP_RECOVERY (H 1.33 GB free of 11.0 GB.))) But I couldn't find the program I want to run.

    I went into the BIOS to set the boot order to boot from USB first, but I could not get the result I expected. The laptop still start on its own hard drive. I tried all three USB ports, no one works.

    Could someone help me please?

    Thank you very much!

    Hi @db69613,

    Welcome to the HP forums! It's a great way to engage, ask questions and find resolutions by working with specialists from the community of HP. I understand that you need assistance with your desktop computer HARD drive that is connected to your laptop via the USB port. I'll be happy to help you with this.

    I'm just surprised at the levels of technical knowledge and technical skills that your possession. Hats off to you for this. It was very clever of you! It has been a privilege to have shared this platform with you and work with you.

    First of all, programs of a different version or windows session will not work on another computer as it was installed on the computer of origin at this time. It is an installation and application software, to the difference of the data or information that is accessible by any computer when the hard drive is connected. It is because no software installation binds the application of this specific operating system installed on this specific to the time machine.

    If the computer does not and the hard drive is accessible, all the content (such as music, photos, videos, and other information are accessible), but the programs have been installed originally are not available and will not work on any other computer when it is connected to the outside.

    However, if the hard drive works fine, windows is correctly installed, then the same hard disk can be installed on another PC of office and some of the programs should work ideally.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know how it goes. I really hope that the issue is fixed without hassle.

    To simply say thank you, please click the "Thumbs Up" button for appreciate my efforts. If it helps, please mark this as "'Solution Accepted". " If you need more assistance let me know and I will gladly do whatever I can to help.

    Please take care now and have a wonderful week ahead.

  • HP Pavilion dv7 - 3188cl: can I use an external hard drive with my laptop computer?


    Can I use an external hard drive from 1 to 2 to my laptop? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Hi @ptr1959w!

    Yes, you can use an external hard drive on your laptop - just connect via one of the USB ports on your machine, partition and format it in disk management, and you should be ready to go. Here is an article with the steps you can follow to do this:

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    See you soon!

  • Laptop won't start, added external hard drive. Pavilion g6, WIN 7

    Boot Manager Windows coming to the power upward with message: "Windows could not start...". Info: the boot selection failed because a required device is not accessible. "No previous problems with starting, but, yesterday, I hooked up a new external hard drive (WD Passport 1 TB) to back up my entire computer.  Everything went well: formatted, partitioned the drive (500 GB), but I clicked on 'active' on one of the menus.  Remember that a single partition on a hard disk can be active and in the case of the c: / drive is the default for the MBR location, but this player is also the default location for the operating system (unless otherwise designated).  I just didn't know it would be a problem if I did an active partition on another disk entirely.  I only have WIN 7 on the machine, but I guess that the BIOS is looking for the operating system on the external hard drive (it will not start if I have the HD Ext. hung or not), is not to find a MBR or a BONE.  However, before shutting down the computer yesterday, I created an image of the system disk hard Ext. as that was my intention in the first place.  Turned off the computer and it does not restart until today, whereupon no boot, error events began.

    Never mind. Finally understood how to get to the boot menu options then to get machine to start from a
    "System repair disc" I did on the first pass the machine a couple of years. I thought that the machine should boot from it then in order after that don't is not the start of HD I had designate the CD as a boot device to make it work.

  • Computer laptop 15-f211wm Mod #L0T32UA: USB external HARD disk and laptops not detected but used to be

    My USB ports do not seem to work properly.  I used to be able to plug in my external hard drive and mobile phone to transfer files, but now I can't.  In the DEVICE MANAGER of the laptop, nothing seems to be wrong, no red or yellow warning.  However, the USB ports DO not seem to power the devices, my cell phone goes into charge mode and my HDD Seagate you can feel it vibrate slightly.  There are two USB ports on the left side and one on the right, and all three can not detect devices.  Help, please.

    HERE IS a GUIDEto solving the problems of USB such as described in the post.  See if any of these help.  As you have posted in the notebook section, when you do that a single step to cripple, also remove the battery after the computer shuts down, unplug charger, too.  Then hold the power button for at least 30 seconds before feeding back.

    BTW: have you tried to delete all things under the rubric of the USB in the Device Manager, then reboot to allow Windows to reinstall the USB ports?

  • can I use my Hp Pavilion DV7 cl 2273 with only an external hard drive?

    HP Pavilion DV7 - 2273cl

    No operating system installed

    No hard drive located

    Bought used

    Here's what's happening this laptop, I bought the other day who has no internal hard drive. How can I boot my laptop without a hard drive? Do I need an internal hard drive using my laptop, or could I just use an external hard drive? I don't think I can get on my hard drive they screw appeared to be hitting something I can get loose but not outside.

    AY info would be great thank you

    Extremely difficult to boot Windows XP from a disk usb external hard and will be extremely slow to use. Instructions to link here , but it seems to be down at the moment.

    Impossible for Vista or Windows 7 that I know.

    Screws for the cover of the hard drive come all the way, they stay with the cover, after loosening them that coverage will pop out.


  • Can I have macbook start up from my external hard drive instead of the internal HD of the laptop?

    I use a macbook air 2014 model and would like to know if I can boot the mac from an external hard drive rather than the inside. The reason to do this is to save space on the laptop and updates can be installed directly on the external hard drive.

    Is this possible? Forgive me, because I'm not that tech savvy. Thank you in advance!

    Yes. Install or clone of Mac OS X on it and then select it in the pane of the system preferences Startup disk.


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