Laptop of HP 2000: critics of the process is dead...

I downloaded Gameforge and Metin2. He played well for the first 4 days. So actually playing the game, it would break and I have to restart the game (no biggie), but the last two days it hasn t been loading. What will happen is I would like to start by "Gameforge", click on "Start game", he would sit there and act as his load but then a blue screen saying "your PC encountered a problem and needs to restart." "We're just collecting some error information, and then we'll restart for you - critical - process - is dead.  Then once at 100% it will re-start. Now, I've only had this problem with "Gameforge" so it makes me think its the problem. Also this thing HP Ceement ceased to work pops up for a few seconds and I don't know what that's all. I know it's more a matter of video game, but I think it has something to do with my computer. If anyone knows how to help me so I can play the game again it would be very appreciated.

That are installed the updates of windows system files are changed, which means that some programming API can be changed also.

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