LaserJet 1102W Pro - can't get the blue light at all

I do the initial installation of a Pro LaserJet 1102W.  I created another without difficulty.  After a reset to the default values and an update of the firmware, I can not even a flashing blue light indicating the necessary wireless configuration.  Tried with and without USB cable.  I get the status lights will blink for 10 seconds and then back to solid green light.  I tell myself that I need the blue light blinks then I can connect via Wi - Fi to set up.

I believe on this model if you press the wireless to the printer and the (protected web configuration) WPS button our router that they should connect automatically. Then, you can use the installation package and the type of connection appropreiate for the printer on the computer.

Is there anything else that could help you?

Happy holidays!

Tags: HP Printers

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