LaserJet 1200

Where are the Windows drivers for printers laserjet 1200?

No driver windows here

The link I gave above seems a bit flakey - it worked fine last night but this morning when I tried it it says that nothing is available.  Earlier it is back to work, but I don't know if you can find what you need.  There are UPD for PCL 5 and 6 and PS drivers.  There is also an that Resource Kit directors might have what you need, the link is here.  May not have what you need - I doubt that there is much support for a product that was introduced in Windows 3.1 calendar...

The HP printer administrator Resource Kit (PARK) is a collection of tools, scripts, and documentation to help administrators print install, deploy, configure, and manage the HP Universal Print Driver. The PARK contains software tools supported and not supported, scripts and documentation.

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  • Windows 7 64 bit driver for HP LaserJet 1200

    Available on the web sites of HP drivers do not work on our 64-bit Windows 7 computers.

    Is anyone know about a feasible driver?

    Choose which product you use and follow the appropriate steps for the Laserjet 1200 Series drivers. & CC = US & prodTypeId = 18972 & prodSeriesId = 29789 & TaskID = 135

  • Installation Failed for HP Laserjet 1200 Series in the new computer laptop with Windows 8, 64-bit

    Name of the product - HP Laserjet 1200 Series PCL 6 Driver

    Operating system: Windows 8 Home Edition, 64-bit

    Error message: cannot find the series 1200 on the network. To locate manually click ok...

    Changes Made - this is an installation on the new laptop, in Windows 8, 64-bit


    1 installation of an existing network, consistedof a desk and two wireless laptops.

    2. the two portable computers have Windows 7, 64 bit. Above the named printer is accessed successfully for laptops.

    3 replaces one of cell phones with 8 64-bit Windows.

    4. the path of the 1200 series is: wireless printer to the router, router to the desktop via ethernet, from desktop to a printer via a cable.

    5. the configuration of the wireless printer is

    Name: HP Laserjet 1200 Series PCL 5

    Port: \\Central\HPLaserj

    Printer: HP Laserjet 1200 Series PCL 5

    Driver: HPMCPM25. GPD 5.8.2008


    Impossible to re-create this path with Windows 8, 64-bit configuration.

    a. when I try to download a driver always end up with a file called UPD-pcl6 - x 64 -

    This seems to be a universal PCL 6 printer driver, can successfully decompress the file and create a folder

    b. during installation, I can see the desktop ICON printer (name: \\central\HPLaserj); So far so good

    c. process is unable to locate a driver and ordered to locate manually.

    d. accessing the HP Universal Driver files fails because a driver is not found.

    e. caraa attempt enter fails because you can't enter address above (\\central\HPlaserj). Cannot enter HPLaserj for the address, which obviously does not work.

    f. when the installation showed a list of drivers, the only one that I found was a universal PCL 6, which is what I thought, I tried to download the original.

    This set up has worked successfully to Windows 7 64 bit. It seems that I need help much more expertise to guide me through this whole upward.

    Problem solved.

    This link gives a good overview of the solution

  • HP Laserjet 1200 print settings

    I have acquired the LJ 1200 and force them to change the print density of 3 to 5 settings and the height of 10-12. I was delivered with a CD1 [N° C7044-60132 ver. 6] and tried to download it to my computer Dell Optiplex GX280 using XP. When I look in start-> Control Panel-> I see HP Laserjet 1200... Under Tools, I see 'Uninstaller', but there is no indicator giving any MB of software installed!

    More I can't find any Configuration of device on the CD utility.

    I have the correct CD that comes with the printer or is it a CD2?

    BTW: I can't use this printer, if I do not change the print settings because I intend to use this computer/printer using BACK 6.2 and Wordstar and Foxbase [for back]. The LJ1200 is a replacement of a HP Laser lllp that worked wonderfully [it has now made the soul] and automatically prints the reports created in Foxbase [with the supplied generator] in point 17. The LJ1200 is printing in 10 points and while in WS, you can set the printing code withiin a document I do not know if you can in Foxbase.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    P.S. This thread has been moved to the Web Site of Business Support for LaserJet. Forum Moderator - HP


    Cannot send the prn files to the printer via copy/b controls using start-> all programs-> Accessories-> command... Get the message "Windows cannot find" copy/b "make sure you typed the name correctly." "

    Using start-> cmd... Message "System can not fine the specified file.

    SOLUTION: A 'programme' within Foxbase + sending code using compressed to the printer.

    ?? CHR (27) + '& k2S '.

    Now I'm looking for a code to change the print density [and have posted it on a new site, I signed up with today.]

    Thank you for your support of my problem.


  • LaserJet 1200: Laserjet 1200 printer drivers / Windows 10


    My HP Laserjet 1200 worked properly without any problem when I downloaded and installed Windows 10 (64 bit) in early November 2015.  I upgraded to Windows 7.  16 December 2015, there was an important 10 Windows update that is automatically installed on my system.  The Setup takes about half an hour or more.  After installation and restarting, the printer would not print.  The printer prints a test page if I hit the button on the printer.  However, there seems to be no communication between the computer and the printer.  The Laserjet Printer is a former model of 2002 and is connected via a parallel port.  I tried in vain to install new drivers on the HP site and have exhausted all other troubleshooting provided tools.  I've not seen this issue addressed on the Forum.  It was suggested that we put security update 12/16 may have eliminated the ability to connect via a parallel port.  Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.  Look forward to having to buy a new printer when this one works perfectly well!


    With a parallel port, it is a known problem with the latest update of windows 10.  Go to Device Manager and in the tab change the Port settings to "never use an interrupt" to one of the other options.

  • HP LaserJet 1200: HP LaserJet 1200 connected via USB to the PC with Windows 7 is not redirected in DRC


    HP LaserJet 1200 connected via USB to the PC with Windows 7 (32 bit) and works fine (latest drivers via Windows Update installed).

    But when I have connected via RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) for PC with Windows XP and try to print from this PC to LJ1200 - it is not redirected in a remote desktop session and I did not see in printers and Faxes folder.

    Other printers from PC with Win7 works fine via DRC (XPS Document Writer and PDFCreator).

    During this time when I do the same thing from another PC with Windows XP, LJ1200 (connected via USB to the PC) works very well through the DRC.

    Anyone know how to make LJ1200 to be redirected in a remote desktop session?

    Thanks in advance.

    For more information, here are 2 possible solutions:

    1. put two computers in the same workgroup and then share the printer and install from the remote computer.

    2. best solution: install on PC with Windows 7 drivers for Windows XP (PCL6) - it works very well as a redirected local printer via DRC!

  • LaserJet 1200 series: Laserjet printing problem

    My laserjet 1200 prints a dark line on one side or the paper. Is this a problem of cartridge or something more serious?

    At my new works today, great cartridge. Thanks again once, saved me buying a new printer.

  • LaserJet 1200 drivers

    Have a LaserJet 1200.  Tried to load the drivers with XP Pro OS and got the message that the current drivers can cause problems with XP Pro.  Tried to download the updated website of HP - without success - drivers received message 'page not available '.  How can I get the current drivers for XP Pro and Vista?  No telephone support HP on this printer more.  The current drivers go to 2000 of the OS.  Help!  Printer works fine, but can't hang on to newer computers.

    Bob - thanks.  It seems to have worked.  To turn off the firewall - McAfee Security Center - and download of HP worked this time.  Also had firewall closed for updating a Web site.  I guess that there is a parameter to allow those without cutting off firewall, but not him have not yet found.  Just downloaded McAfee during the month of Att/Yahoo.  Once again, thank you.

  • Windows 7 hates my HP LaserJet 1200

    Windows 7 really hate my HP LaserJet 1200 USB.  Windows 7 is supposed to have built-in support for LaserJet 1200.  Windows 7 says the built-in driver is not the suitable driver for my device and it will not let filled manually install a driver, even if I could get one.  Any ideas on how to successfully install a printer HP LaserJet 1200 on Windows 7?

    Windows 7 64 bit and HP LaserJet 1200 driver via perfect patch of network:

    1 Panel---> devices and printers

    2. Add a printer

    3. Add a local printer

    4 create a new port---> use (Local port)... .next

    5 port---> location of printer type name: type (\\FIN-PC\HPLaserJ)... .next

    6 install the driver of printe... Select (Windows Update)... wait a few minutes and much more

    7 select "HP"... then "LaserJet 1200 PCL 5' list... next

    8. wait a few minutes or more... life would be not that simple if you don't try.

  • HP Laserjet 1200 misprint

    My printer HP Laserjet 1200 has developed a wide range of vaguely stained 8mm vertical from top to bottom clipping just the first letter of each line. Change to a new cartridge makes no difference, just like after the manuals, the advice of cleaning print path. I have a serious problem and just scrap it after have just bought a new cartridge? I'm a reasonably competent DIY DBO.  Georgia boy.


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    You can adjust the printing options in Windows 7. Please refer to the article below:

    Choose printing options

    If the setting is correct and you are referring to any kind of impressions being performed, I recommend you to check with the manufacturer of the printer in order to ensure that it is not due to a hardware failure.

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • LaserJet 1200 self test message

    I have a Laserjet 1200 manufactured on 29 May 2001, model # C7044A. The printer never gave me a problem in the 12 years I've owned it - he bought new. I printed a document, and then when I went to print again, I heard a terrible squeaking noise. It was the mirror laser engine and oiled, it determined. Sound went away, but I got the three LEDs indicating a fatal error. I opened the printer and checked all connections. Now back to normal, and the printer light is fine. However, the test shows a status log w / the following information:

    Page 15 895 of the code 50005

    Code 50013 Page 3857

    What do the codes mean? Also, how long a laser mirror motor reoiled usually last? Is this a symptom of something coming?

    Thanks for any info.


    50005 'reports' engine Scanner error

    Code 50013 means 51.2 ERROR press the SELECT KEY or a MALFUNCTION of the LASER

    You can find more information on page 324

  • problems to install a new driver for my printer hp laserjet 1200 on xp

    Can not print hp laserjet 1200 on xp

    I suggest download you a pilot appropriate HP here.

  • Windows 7, LaserJet 1200 and collating copies

    I recently upgraded to an office with new machines that came with Windows 7. Two Secretaries use still old HP LaserJet 1200 s, and while I got them to print and scan, there is a problem with multiple copies. If I disable the snack, they can print several copies. Otherwise, it will only make a copy. Anyone else run into this? Any ideas on how to get the old printer at the same time make several copies and collect? Thank you! Seth

    For someone who comes across a similar problem, I found a solution in this thread:

    The tread is long enough, but at the end of the day, I followed these simple instructions and now several copies with Assembly work.

    "The problem is caused by the default Mopier enabled Mode.  The idea of the Mopier Mode is to minimize the computer and network traffic by sending only 1 copy on an appropriate equipped with an internal memory printer.  That the stored copy is then used to produce multiple copies.  LaserJet most have no appropriate internal memory and therefore a copy sent by the computer is printed.  To turn off Mopier Mode:

    1. click on start

    2. click on devices and printers

    3. right click on your LaserJet printer

    4. Select printer properties

    5. click on the device settings tab

    6. scroll the page up to the botom

    7. click on Mopier Mode

    8. Select Disable

    9. click on apply. »


  • Problem install driver Hp Laserjet 1200 (for Win 7)

    Colleague in the morning

    I have problem in installing a driver for my printer Hp laserjet 1200

    I recently updated my system to Win 7. My HP laserjet printer driver works but all of a sudden it stopped.

    I re - download hp driver form site "upd-pcl6 - x 32 -

    He showed that it successfully installed. but gives this error whenever I want to print

    PCL XL error

    Subsystem: KERNEL

    Error: UnsupportedProtocol

    Operator: 0x0

    Position: 0

    Kindly help

    Hi JamiuKeshinro,

    The driver for this device is included in Windows update. Disconnect the connection USB printers

    Delete the printer

    To remove a printer

    Remove the HP UPD driver and driver package

    logo Windows + R key

    type printmanagement.msc

    Remove printer drivers

    Add the printer by using Windows Update

    To add a local printer

  • Windows 7 think no driver USB there is for the HP LaserJet 1200 printer

    When I plug my HP LaserJet 1200 printer in my Windows 7 laptop via a USB cable, the correct driver should install automatically, but it does not work.  The message error is "HP LaserJet 1200 printer doesn't have a driver', which is not true.

    This driver used to work properly on Windows 7.  It is suspected that HP could inadvertently, recently broken the driver.  Do you have someone at HP, or at Microsoft, typo or mistranscribe the string 'HP LaserJet 1200' in a version of the driver, or in a catalog that refers to a newer version of the driver?

    To be clear: I is not a smart solution that puts my system in a strange state, I do not understand, or want to try different things that might work, but (as far as I know) could corrupt vaguely a few hidden files or reference system.  My system is now in a clean and orderly condition.  I wish him stay that way.

    I'm looking for the standard driver auto installation correctly according to the standard method, as it should.

    Since the first meeting of the problem, I erased from my hard drive and reinstalled fresh (not just recovered, rescued or updated, but wiped and freshly reinstalled) my operating system to Windows 7.  It made no difference.  Therefore, the problem seems not to be a problem with my installation.  It seems rather to be a problem with the driver, a catalog that refers to the driver or something of the sort.

    We realize that the HP LaserJet 1200 is a pretty old printer, for which we could expect little support.  Despite this, would be the person at Microsoft, who knows printer drivers, check that the "HP LaserJet 1200" string not inadvertently has been misspelled or mistranscribed in a recent version of the driver, or in a catalog that made reference to a recent version of the driver?  As I said, this driver used to work.

    If the driver is listed, then you don't have to go through the company if in the update catalog. That's the good news.  The bad news is that I do not understand why it has not installed.

    Go to devices and printers.  If there is anything listed in the category 'printers and faxes', select it.  Once you select an item in this category, you will see a 'Print server properties' button at the top of the printers and devices window.  Click on this button.

    If there is nothing in the category 'Printers and faxes', you will not be able to get the print server properties button, so instead, open a command prompt window (click on the start ORB, type cmd.exe and press enter), type the following in the black command prompt window and press ENTER:


    Whatever it is, you will end up the "Print server properties" window, like this:

    I guess that you will NOT see a list for the Laserjet 1200.  Before you add it, however, click the "Ports" tab  You have a Port which is presented as "DOT4_001" (the number may be different at the end)?

    Unplug the printer if it is connected.

    Back to the tab drivers, click "Add" and you can start the Add Printer Driver Wizard, which is very similar to add an assistant of the printer that you saw earlier.

    Click on 'Next' and check the box next to your system - x 64 for 64-bit and x 86 for 32-bit.

    Click "Next", select "HP" and "Laserjet 1200 Series PCL 5" and click "Next"

    Click 'Finish' to close the wizard

    You must return to the Ports of the print server properties tab and now the driver for the "Laserjet 1200 Series PCL 5" should be included in the list

    Close the print server properties window

    Restart the computer

    Connect the printer.

    It installs correctly now?

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