LaserJet 3050 stopped printing after last update 1st OCT 14

LaserJet 3050 stopped printing after last update 1st OCT 14.

Work status displays "Printing" but watch then "Waiting for printer to become available" and prints ever.

Tried the usual power out voltage/power on both computers & printer.

iMac with OS 10.9.5

Thanks for any help.


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Printer started working today.

I deleted my printers HP3050, removed cable printer, stop computer and printer.

restarted printer and computer, reinstalled cable and now the printer works normally.

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    Thank you


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    Take care


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    Kind regards

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    Looks like you have problems of printer since your last update. I recommend firstly to remove the software and then go to the HP website and re install the direct driver software downloads.

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    I find the problem. Do not install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. I hope that I formatted my computer for the last time!

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    So after a Thinkpad update this morning, my speakers stopped working. Half an hour before the update, speakers worked very well. The X61did is not contact anytihng, wet, hot, or no matter what impact at this time.

    The headphone Sockets worked, even if the internal speakers have not. I tried everything: uninstall Thinkpad was last updated to see if this caused the problem. I tried to reset the audio settings, nothing. I tried updating the BIOS and got the message that my bios is already up-to-date. I tried to get a sound card driver update, but given that the helmet worked I know that it is a speaker problem. Always done, no luck. I looked at every single place for a button mute or anytinhg, and everything shows it worked fine. There is a green check mark next to the speakers in the sound menu, and when I tested them for material, he says they worked very well. It shows that they are connected to the ports. I did a system restore (which did not work until I went in the ThinkPad menu to restart the computer), and then made a quick restart working then. I tried to reset the settings of the system. I tried to go into the system bios to see if the speakers somehow got muted. So far its everything that I can think of, and everything on google I found.

    I bought the computer 3 months ago today. I would send in warranty but would like to try and attach it to the front... I don't think it's a software problem unfortunately. And I have midterms in next week otherwise I would send it. Any ideas? I can do without voiding the warranty?

    great! Have fun with your tablet.

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