LaserJet M476DW MFP: Several copies print double-sided

I can't print multiple copies of a document to a single page without the printer / driver deciding that it will print each copy of hand and side of the page. If I ask 8 copies, I get 4 pages with the same document at each side. This happens on all of our PCs, but not our Macs. I am running the latest version of the driver, I also tried a generic HP Universal print driver without result.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


> >... I'll try that, but doesn't look like it a workable solution because it is beyond the competence of our users...

Only, you will need to change this once (by the printer).

As far as I know, the problem:

  • Only affects the printing tasks, (some) that do not include the statement 'set simplex' appropriate - in in which case the duplex = Off setting on the printer should come into force.
  • Almost certainly will not affect duplex jobs, because these jobs do include the appropriate statement 'duplex set' - in which case he too will drive the printer duplex = Offdefault.

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  • HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP (: can't stop double-sided default printing)

    How can I disable the default duplex printing? I disabled it in system / paper Setup / Duplex. Is there somewhere else? Other posts here say to go into the settings of the device - where is that?

    Follow these steps to disable two-sided printing:

    Open the file that you want to print. On the file menu, select print. The print window is displayed.

    NOTE: The print window might be minimized. Click Show details to display all available parameters.

    Click on the settings drop-down list, it usually appears under the name of the program (e.g. TextEdit)
    Will appear as Copies & Pages within Microsoft Office applications.

    Select layout from the drop-down.

    Set the duplex as Off.

    You can save the settings as a preset by clicking preset > save current settings as preset.

    By default, the print job by completing these settings will remain until another preset is used in the future.

    Kind regards

  • M880 MFP: A5 size print double-sided on MFP M880 taken in charge or not?

    Is automatic duplex printing, taken in charge or not on the MFP M880 on A5 format? Manual and specifications do mention not all either taken in charge, but on the printer, it doesn't seem to work.

    Can someone tell us for sure?

    Thank you.

    You're wondering why I put things in different positions have in mind that I do this the car using a phone.

    I hope that you can open the table that I am having some problems with web pages is sometimes not not for me this morning.

    And the result is that a5 is not supported for duplex printing in this machine.

  • Color Laser Jet MFP M277 Pro: Can I scan a document on the HP MFP M277 Color LaserJet Pro printer double-sided?


    What I can and, if so, how to scan a document double sided on the Color Laser Jet Pro M277 HP printer MFP?

    Thank you very much



    No, it only supports printing double-sided, recto verso but scan copy not duplex from the Manual:

    Kind regards.

  • Unable to print double-sided on my printer HP (laserjet CP2025)

    I have a HP laptop and printer (color laserjet CP 2025) for about a year. When I bought the printer, it says that the printer is not compatible with Windows 7 - I didn't know this until I bought the printer. I had to reset my computer recently and now do not have the ability to print double-sided.  The printer works but I cannot print two-sided unless I have insert pages manually.  I had the ability to print two-sided before resetting the computer.  Help! It's the most frustrating experience, and I hesitate to buy another product from HP because of THIS BAD EXPERIENCE.  When under warranty, I was able to contact HP and received information on how to get the printer either fully functional, I can't do now.  Does anyone know how to get this function to work? Help, please.

    Thank you! I just had to disable manual duplex printing and my printer (2025dn) now prints on both sides of the paper.

  • HP Color Laserjet M476dw MFP: Of memory error on the HP Color Laserjet M476dw MFP printer

    Help please,

    I have a printer of HP Color laserjet M476dw MFP, its connected wireless to my computer mac laptop and it was working fine but suddenly today it appers error low memory which is strange, the file size is not more than 400 Ko, a simple solution to get red of this message pleassssssssssssssssss.

    I removed the printer and he added once again, the name of the printer seems to be good and show connected.

    Thank you.


    No, I did not change the toner, but I found the solution.

    This solution worked for me and my printer works now. You also try MAC OS.

    Remove the printer in printers and Scanners.
    Click on the button +, select the Protocol IP on top, type the address IPv4 of the printer, select Jet Direct below and then apply.

    Good luck

  • HP laserjet 1022 does not wait for the user to turn the pages when printing double-sided

    My Hp laserjet 1022 printer working properly for years.

    So far, when he executed more paper he tried a couple of times to get more paper and then stops with a message on the PC it is out of paper.

    Very annoyingly, this has changed recently, now when it is out of paper, he tries a couple of times to get more paper and watch the message on the PC, saying that it is paper and then again, try a couple of times to get more paper and again shows the same message on the PC and him back... This continues to go on and on.

    It's especially annoying when trying to print double-sided. Before he used to stop and ask you to turn the pages to print the other side. Now the previous behavior overrides the break to turn the pages and keeps it will try to get more paper. As now, it does not wait for the user to turn the pages, in general it spoils the impression out by getting another paper that is not what I wanted, he drives me crazy! It's really hard to print anything double face now.

    All solutions?

    Operating system is Windows 7, I just downloaded and installed the latest driver for this printer "2013-01-09, Version: 20120918" and I get the same behavior. In the properties of the printer that I put some State Messages to Off and at least I don't get the full windows message screen poping up every time the printer is trying again to get more paper. I have not found all the other parameters that may affect this behavior.



    I solved the problem! I found the original CD for the printer. I uninstall the current driver and then install CD and now when the printer is out of paper trying to get paper a couple of times and then stops, as it used to be.

    Thanks for your help.


  • M277dw MFP: How to enable double-sided painting


    I allowed in checked "duplex" via the utility application of HP, but still can not in double side printed output.

    I use MS Word 2016, strangely enough, the printer prints two sides perfectly program Apple Pages?

    Help, please

    Thanks in advance

    Please follow the steps below to automatically print double-sided print jobs:

    In the file being used to print click the file menu and select print.
    NOTE: The print window might be minimized. Press show details to show all available print option.

    In the print window expanded you will find next to Copies the checkbox for duplex. Select the check box.
    NOTE: If the check box does not appear in the specific application print dialog box, skip this step.

    To select the connection type click the selection box below, listed as the name of the program (e.g. TextEdit)
    Will appear as Copies & Pages within Microsoft Office applications.

    Select layout from the drop-down.

    Set the duplex option as the binding edge (Portrait) Long or short edge (landscape) bond.

    You can save the settings for later use by clicking preset > save current settings as preset. By default, a used preset will remain until another preset will be used.

    Kind regards

  • Lion and all-in - one 7180: unable to print double-sided and colourless


    I have a HP all-in-one printer 7180 as ist almost five years. It has served me well. Using a PC, I liked print prints front and black/white, saving paper and colorink.

    My daughter bought a MacBook Pro with Leopard OS last year. We failed to find out how it can print double-sided and with only black ink. The parameters of this seems to be missing.

    Recently, we bought two more MacBook Pro in our family. The two OS Lion rund. I managed to print from them, but not duplex and not using only black ink.

    Is it possible, and can someone please tell me how?

    Best regards, Bjoer

    Hi again Bjoern

    After checking, just to correct the duplex option will be available in the menu layout unter.

    Simply click Copies & Pages and page layout

    There, you will see the duplex option.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 - the back of sheet 1 is empty on a PDF printed double-sided.

    When printing double-sided pdfs of three pages or more, the following happens - first page prints on the front of the first sheet of paper, on the back of the sheet is empty. The second sheet has pages 2 and 3 and so on. When I print the same document on a laser printer - it prints well (first leaf has pages 1 and 2, etc.). When I print the exact same documents for Adobe Reader on my machine Windows 8, it prints very well. This happens with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe reader. Print the Word version of the documents works as advertised. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers of HP printer, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Acrobat Reader. Occurs with several documents from multiple sources.


    HP Officejet Pro 8600 - latest version of the driver from the HP Web site

    Adobe Acrobat - Version 11.0.04 (last updated)

    Adobe Reader - Version 11.0.04

    MAC OS X 10.8.5

    Printer connected to the modem cable Arris TG862 via a Cat5 cable.

    Mac connected to the network via Cat5

    Laser printer direct connect for Mac with USB cable

    Windows 8 machine connected via WiFi.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you very much

    Paul A. Simpson

    Hi Paul.

    I have not found Adobe documents that might help you with this problem.

    I have some other suggestions to offer. I'm glad that everything works.

  • Why the print window Firefox does not provide an option to print double-sided?

    My HP printer is able to print double-sided, which saves paper, but the print window of Firefox offers no possibility of double-sided printing. (I recently spent IE, this fact.) I have to do something to add?

    You can post a screenshot of what you see?

    The relevant printing for your printer options appear under properties AFTER you click Print and select the printer to use.

  • How can I print double-sided?

    On my laptop that is running Windows 7, there is a checkbox to print double-sided. My new printer (old we died in some of the excessive rains induced sewer failure) duplex automatically, so I like to use this feature whenever possible. However, when I try to print on my new computer under Windows 8 (old computer met the same fate as the printer), there is no place I can find to influence the dialog box offer me duplex printing. Help, please.

    Are your Windows 7 and 64-bit systems of Windows 8? There are often differences between 64-bit and 32-bit device drivers. In addition, brother says that it offers its own pilots in addition to those included with Windows 8.

    The following may be useful:

  • 6500 a more don't stop printing double sided

    Good afternoon

    I have a HP Officejet 6500 has more and I can print the mac computer. All of sudden my printer ONLY print double-sided, but only one of my macs. I checked all the settings and even if it is not set to print double-sided, it continues to do so.

    I need help ASAP!

    Thank you


    Welcome to the MMD31 forums,

    I understand that you are only able to print double-sided to your JO 6500 has more. I will do my best to help you with this.

    Please try:

    I hope that helps!

    Happy Monday

  • Print double-sided with app printing on HP DJ IK 5525

    How to set up for printing double-sided, when printing from apps on the printer?

    Hi thanhhuy456.

    I can't wait to hear that you have questions.  Unfortunately, applications only print mode recto.  If you want to learn more about your product, click here.

    I hope this helps!

  • Print double-sided

    I recently got a macbook pro with OS X 10.11... I have a printer D4160 Office jet that I used before on another laptop. Ive hooked up to the macbook and installed/downloaded the driver, the current driver is HP inkjet driver 4.0.5

    Printer works fine, but does not give me the ability to print double sided, or the ability to print odd/even pages.  I contacted apple support and they could not understand it either... is there another driver I need to download? Or something else I should do?

    It's my first mac then help step by step would probably be necessary, because I have no idea what I'm doing!  I really have to be able to print two-sided for school, please help!

    Options to print odd and even pages are under [paper handling], a Menu that is hidden under the area [].  Pages to print instead of "Automatic", choose even pages, and if the printer is facing towards the low delivery, you will probably want to "Swap" as well. Then, return the battery to the output tray into the tray facing the proper direction and print the odd pages uniformly.

    Automatic duplex printing requires the physical printer back on the pages and the re - feed. It is not a feature of consumers were willing to pay, so low-end inkjet didn't do it.

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