LaserJet P1005: LaserJet P1005 unintentionally print several copies after the decommissioning of 10 of Windows to Windows 7

My LaserJet P1005 trustworthy priinter was perfectly printing for a few years on my HP TouchSmart 300 running Windows 7 and connected via USB1.  I have upgraded to Windows 10 for two weeks before deciding that he was turning too slowly.  Subsequently, I have downgraded to Windows 7.

Since the downgrade, the printer has been printing several copies of all documents (eg.  Word, Excel, Web pages).  He prints a copy, waiting (the State indicates a copy pending) and continues to print 3 or 4 future COPs..

So far, I have tried the following:

1 deleted and reinstalled the printer P1005 driver.

2. guarantee that no multiple copies are selected in the options of the software and a printer.

3. you click Printer Sharing tab in the printer properties.

I know that's not a printer for the State of the art, but any suggestions on my printer P1005 back to normal would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Amoeba,

Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see by your post that the printer prints multiple copies of the same document. I would like to help you today. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

Try to clear the record of spool and restart the spooler to print, see if this will help, clear how current Print queue in Windows Vista & Windows 7.

Please try the steps listed in this document, if the problem persists, HP printers - Print Jobs stuck in the print queue (Windows). They should help this situation. What were the results when you ran the Print and Scan Doctor?

I used this document to the network printers, you can try it to see if it will help with the USB connection, HP LaserJet Pro P1102w and printers P1606dn - printer continuously prints the same Print Job after it is installed on a network.

Please let me know the results and if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you.

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    Method 1:
    I suggest you through the Windows 7 steps in this document.

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    Alternatively, you can try to plug in the printer and the laptop to see if it makes a difference.

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  • How e-print multiiple copies of the same document

    Try using the HP eprint feature. I have no problem with a single document, but can not find the option to print multiple copies of the same document.

    Well the ePrint service does not have the print multiple copy"" function. Your options are to send the email more than once or make a copy of what you sent, once it prints. I hope my answer helped to answer your question! Thank you

  • LaserJet print several copies on Windows 8

    Regardless of the number of copies printed, I pray, it displays only one at a time. Using Word 2010. I am running Windows 8.1 and the printer is a PCL5 1320.

    The START button returns with Windows 8.1; Classic Windows 8 interface; and
    future Windows 10.
    Interface of METRO - go into settings for printers.

    Devices and printers is good area for changes to the installation.

    PDF ABS v400 driver is not a physical hardware printer, is the ability to allow you to convert a MS Word document by 'printing' in an Adobe PDF file.

    Under devices and printers, you should see an icon/Image printer HP (1320) or
    the universal (Image/icon) HP PCL driver for HP printers.
    Reviews of HP.
    NOTE: The printer PCL6 driver continued to have some difficulty printing multiple copies from applications of accounting to the HP LaserJet 1320 printer after the activation of the advanced printing features.
    Print with the HP postscript (PS) emulation printer driver and enabling advanced features printing has solved this problem in these cases.

  • HP LaserJet P1102W: Print several copies of a doc when I want to print several different documents

    I just noticed a new glitch today. Always I been selection of multiple files in a given folder, then right click and select the option print from the context menu.

    Today, what did, I find my printer print continually one of the file multiple times, until I stopped just to the printer. What happened more than once.

    I don't know what has changed. I have not tinkered with the print settings, nor did I update the printer driver, or install a Microsoft Update having to do with my printer.

    All solutions?

    HP LaserJet p1102w

    Never mind.

    I rebooted and the problem did not appear again.


    MODs - can you please lock this thread?

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    Install the latest drivers from HP does not work.

    Sorry, none of these methods worked, but I found a "work around" which, although unsatisfactory, works.
    The only way I can change the "exemplary amount printed ' is to go of the program print menu and instead to use the box of"Copies", use" Properties/Advanced/paper output/copy Count"and change cela number of copies wanted, then run the print job, but don't forget to come back to this menu and change it to '1', which will continue to use the new set of amount." This seems to be a problem with the printer driver.

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    Anyone else having this problem or have any ideas on how to fix?

    Kind regards


    Good news for all,

    There's a new firmware update available now for m1217 series that solves this problem of airprint, that you all see. It is also available for windows, OSX no only. It is also a NEW version of the firmware, not the downgrade option available on osx only.

    Thank you all for your patience on this issue and the help of AlwaysNeon looking into this issue.

  • HP LaserJet P1102 cannot print both sides of the paper

    I updated my Windows 8 Windows 8.1 and now I can't print both sides of the paper.

    In my old Windows 8 my printer HP LaserJet P1102 printed the odd sides of the document, then a pop-up window appears and when I click on the 'next' botton and submit the documents to the printer printed the sides of the document. After that the Windows update in the context menu does not appear, so the printer simply prints the odd sides and then nothing happens (just the red flashing on the printer).

    I tried to update the driver (downloaded from your site), but nothing has changed.

    I hope that you can add some useful tips and I can solve this huge problem.

    Thank you!


    I understand that you can print is more on both sides.

    When the light flashes try and open and close the lid to see if continues to print.

    (there is no button for the printer but which will resume print jobs)

    I would do a complete uninstall and reinstall the printer software to see if that makes a difference.
    You can download the drivers from this url.

    Win8 and Win8.1 drivers are the same Version9.0.

    If you need more simply make assistance let me know.

    Please let me know if the printer is connected by usb or the installer on a wireless network.

  • CP1215 print several copies

    After a Windows update on my window of bureau of Home Premium 64 - bit 7, I'm unable to print multiple copies of any document of any web application or software using my cp1215.  I use the printer to print to my classroom (for example 20 + copies of a doc at a time), so I really need this.

    The problem began in March and can solve if I roll back the update of Windows. There are about 50 items to update, so I have no idea how to insulate. I tried to uninstall the printer before you use Windows update and do a complete reinstall with the latest drivers (4/13) with no luck.

    No idea how to solve this problem? I don't want to go too long without keeping in touch with Windows security updates. Thank you!

    Looks like you did a thorough investigation and I am glad to hear of your partial success.  It also seems that these 2 updates are in place for a reason any.  They say that they are installed, but they do not act as they are installed.  It could be a problem with the download.  For the part of your question, it may be best to contact Microsoft support.  Click here

    If you do this and get these 2 installed and need additional assistance, please let me know.

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    Thank you

    Hi, in Windows 7 go to the

    Panel-> devices and printers-> right click your printer icon HP-> properties-> Ports printer-> uncheck "enable bidirectional support". -> APPLY

    It's the same in XP Vista & except for the devices and printers.

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    I use Win7 (32 bit) OS + pilot universal PL6

    In fact after I installed Win7, my old printer (LJ 1300) had the same problem and did not really work well with Win 7.  Then I thought that buying a newer model is the only solution, I can't believe that the problem still exists!

    His familiar problem for me. We have reported this problem to hp and they corrected in version 5.2. Please download from the hp Web site.

    Thank you

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    I have an old HP LaserJet 4250n.  It works well.  Recently it started to print several pages when I try to print something 1.

    I had teacher business at my school trouble shoot her and she has not seen anything like that.  I set it up to print one (1) but copies keep coming, so far I have not let it continue to print enough to get to page 2!  Losing 15-20 sheets enough.

    Any ideas?



    What version of Windows are you using?

    Control Panel > printers folder

    Right click on the printer > double click on the printer to open the print queue

    Don't you see the documents waiting to be printed?

    Click the printer in the Menu > select Cancel all Documents

    Turn the printer off

    Unplug the cable from the back of the printer

    Unplug the cable from the wall outlet

    Leave it for 5 minutes

    Reconnect the cables from the printer

    Turn on the printer and try to print again

  • Why my ipod has several copies of the same album on my ipod, but only one on my list of itunes

    My ipod has several copies of both albums, but I only have everyone on my list of itune. Synced the ipod, but it remains the sam (several copies of both albums)

    For general advice, see grouping of tracks in albums . Older IPod such as classic to do not apply artist album so an album that looks OK in iTunes can break upward on the device. I recommend using a consistent value for the artist and the artist comments/featured information moving in the track names.


  • OfficeJet Pro 6830: Printer several times in the process of disappearance

    I keep having trouble with my printer. It worked fine for a few weeks, when I first bought, and then it suddenly stopped to record with my mac, despite being connected via USB.

    The first two times, as it happened, I spent a LOT of time searching through your forums, find an answer later. I'm clearly not only the person with similar problems - don't know why you guys can just put up a page on this topic and facilitate the difficulty.

    However, today I find no solutions. I don't have the technical knowledge to make things complicated and I am appauled that HP does not have a call center or lives the Charter for me - I saw the mention of these things, but I can't find where on your website that offers them. Maybe because I'm in Australia. HP has proved to be an extremely bad for making choices.

    Why my printer don't suddenly ceases to be detected? I had an old printer old until I upgraded that NEVER had this problem. Please tell me how to solve this problem. (and band not only help, but stop to happen). I rely on this printer, every day and every time it disappears, I lose a lot of time trying to get connected again.

    Hi @NaomiC,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that your printer HP Officejet Pro 6830 maintains endangered, on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. I'm happy to discuss this issue for you!

    A few questions for you:

    • When the printer breaks off communication with the Mac, you are still able to make copies, using the glass of the scanner of the printer? Copy of Documents.
    • Have you tried to connect the printer USB cable other ports on the Mac?
    • Have you tried another USB printer cable?

    In the meantime, please, try the procedure described in this guide, "printer offline" or "printer not responding" Message (OS X)and let me know what happens!

    Hope this guide helps and hope to hear from you soon!

    If this, or one of the posts on this thread, helped you to solve the problem, please click 'Accept as Solution' said post. To show you 'like', or that they are grateful for my post, please click the thumbs upwards below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please don't forget to let me know!

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