Last updated BIOS for E5 574G - 574L

Hey guys, I need help here. to install Ubuntu 16.04.1 on my aspire, but I need to update my bios. But on the drivers Acer page, I found only updated to version 1.14, and I need at least a 1.15 or later to be able to install.  Can someone give me a light?


Hey guys sorry not anwser before. Unfortunately I do not solve the problem with usb, so I did the installation with a dvd disc and it works. Don't know why but this happens, but will keep looking. Thanks for the support and the carel he really likes a community for me

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  • Re: Need updated BIOS for my Satellite A660

    I have an A660 (PSAW3A-07P00R) and can't at latest NVIDIA drivers under linux.

    It has been suggested that the problem I'm having can be addressed by an update of the BIOS.
    I currently have firmware BIOS 1.9 version y at - it a future update of the A660 PSAW3A-07P00R?

    If Yes, where can I get it?

    Last updated BIOS version are still available on the official page of support Toshiba so if you can't find probably it doesn t exist.

    As far as I know Toshiba doesn't offer any kind of Linux support so all offered stuff is for Windows. All available updates of BIOS are versions of WIN so it can be started under the Windows OS and I don t know how you can do it using Linux.

  • Question about updating BIOS for Satellite 2450-101

    Hi, I want to update BIOS for my Satellite 2450-101 (model: PS245E-01TMY-IT). I downloaded the BIOS "bios -" on Toshiba Europe site (see link below). Is this the right one for my PC?
    What do you propose to make a backup of the existing before installing the new?

    I want to make an extension of memory, but I'm not sure whether this is necessary. Do you reccoment to update the bios anyway?

    Thank you very much!



    Yes, it's the good BIOS because it s also for your model (Satellite 2450-101).

    A BIOS update is an upgrade of RAM is not necessary. The BIOS has nothing to do with the maximum RAM capacity.
    Satellite 2450-101 supports up to 1 GB, type PC2100 DDR - RAM.

    Good bye

  • Updating BIOS for Sony VAIO PCG-4F1L (VGN-TX650P)


    I can't find the BIOS update for the Sony VAIO PCG-4F1L (VGN-TX650P).


    Yes, update BIOS for VGN-TX650P of computer model is not available for download.

    If it is available in the future, you can mark the page below and chek.

    VAIO CAre advise for these updates if you are using the original factory installation operating system.

    Thank you

  • Hi all, I need a little help to try to solve a problem of updating Bios for a long time.

    I downloaded the new update of the Bios on the HP site. But when I try to install the update, the process goes up to only while it presents me with an error. Any help would be appreciated, I am trying to upgrade the Bios for the new firmware in order to perform a better processor. Thank you...

    Error code: 3033

    "GoTo" label not found

    on line 89 of w:\patches\i...ate\windows\installer.wbt

    My system is...

    Compaq Presario SR1339uk

    Serial number: CZB5050HBW

    System number: PS267AA

    Motherboard: Asus PTGD1 - LA

    BIOS version: 3.13 12/14/04

    Operating system: Windows XP Home Edition

    Not sure what's going on here, but here is a suggestion on how to properly install manually the update of the BIOS.

    Assume that you download SP26760.exe (BIOS 3.28)

    Start the update - go to the last message you get before it fails and stop. (must be where it prompts you to close the applications and will be saved).

    Open a DOS (command prompt).    You must be an administrator - so if you're running Vista or Win7 - make sure that 'run as administrator ' at the opening of the box.

    Once in the BACK, type:


    go the the directory of temporary files.

    Then make a

    DIR /S 328.LE ROM

    to find the directory where the update files are located.    Type CD < directory name > to go in this directory (on my system, it was a folder called pft467D.tmp, but it might be different on your)

    CD pft467D.tmp

    Now manually invoke (the prompt back, no windows or the windows file manager) the update, with the appropriate switches.  By omitting the switches can cause other problems, as have reported activation of Windows problems.

    AFUWIN /i328. ROM /pbc

    For reference, on my system, here's what I saw in these folders:

    C:\Users\sumsolstice\AppData\Local\Temp\pft467D.tmp > dir

    Volume in drive C is DRIVE_C
    Volume serial number is FE8F-4AA6

    Directory of C:\Users\sumsolstice\AppData\Local\Temp\pft467D.tmp

    26/04/2011 11:11 < DIR >.
    26/04/2011 11:11 < DIR >...
    24/01/2006 15:31 524 288 328.le rom
    01/07/2004 10:54 53 248 AFUWIN.exe
    01/07/2004 10:54 amifldrv.sys 6 912
    21/02/2006 18:08 526 374 Installer.exe
    09/05/2006 17:10 sp26760.rtf 1 784
    11/04/2005 10:55 398 696 WBDEG44I. DLL
    6 file (s) on 1 511 302 bytes
    2 dir 110,361,944,064 bytes free

    C:\Users\sumsolstice\AppData\Local\Temp\pft467D.tmp > AFUWIN i328.rom /pbc

    It should work OK, however no guarantee if there's something else - but essentially - that's what the installer should do.   If this does not work for you - I wouldn't try to force things - you can make a good motherboard unusable quickly.

    For those who are looking to this announcement - the syntax is for this motherboard only - switches may be different for different motherboards.

    Good luck.!

    -DM (while I am an employee of HP for a long time, the comments/suggestions here are my own, not those of my employer).

  • Update BIOS for Satellite M205-S4806 for install XP


    I have a laptop M205-S4806 Satellite with Win Vista & BIOS 2.10.
    I wanted to format the drive and install Win XP. However, the BIOS does not detect HARD drive when you insert a CD Win XP.

    I need to upgrade the version of the BIOS? If so, could you please send me the download link that I couldn't find a good match for laptop Sat M205.

    In addition, anyone know if XP is compatible with the model above.

    Appreciate your help.

    Thank you

    The fact is that you have a model of cell phone US and everything you need you can find in

    There you can select your model laptop and see what Toshiba offers. You'll find BIOS update 1.8 with support for Windows XP Home edition. Updating the BIOS will not help solve this problem with disk HARD invisible but you need this update of the BIOS for the full support of Windows XP Home edition feature.

    For the installation of Windows XP Home edition, you need SATA driver. Click on the link posted by the previous user.
    Just one last thing: for WXP installation using Windows XP Home with SP2 integrated.

    Good luck!

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite C660-1TK

    Hello I want to ask if it is possible to update THIS embedded controller
    My laptop Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) use the american megatrends BIOS

    In the last time of flashing the bios part CBS not do update...
    I'm currency have BIOS 1.50 version
    EC 1.40

    Have some computer problems not runnig well, turbo technology boost does not not work my video driver stop working, card slow wifi speed of my PC, Synaptec touchpad stop / start working randomly
    I try evrything recovery win 7 no help now im using win 8 with the latest drivers ogical
    and its always the same...

    BUT Toshiba will update the version of bios for this model soon?


    > My laptop Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) use the american megatrends BIOS

    This is a European model for Toshiba laptop and the latest available BIOS can be downloaded from the Toshiba UE driver page.

    The latest BIOS for this series is currently 1.50 - winner BIOS
    If your BIOS is already up-to-date.

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite M100-150

    May indicate the reference of BIOS for Satellite M100-150 for Windows XP download, on an official website, I can not download, the reference does not work.
    I use the translator so that for the quality of the translation, I don't answer. :)


    Here, you need to check if the Bios update is available for your model, otherwise I think that there is not another source to download here.

    ??????. ?????? ?? ??????, ?????? ???? ?????? ? ??????. ????, ?? ???????, ?????? ??? BIOS? ???? ???????????? ? ?????? ????? ???? ????????).

    Sorry, guys I have replied in Russian, just want to help him because of the bios

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite Pro S300


    An update of the BIOS for Satellite Pro S300 series, even if there is no change log so there not sure it will set.

    Down here at Toshiba




    Thanks for this info :)

    I have never seen anyone from Toshiba but maybe they only read here.
    I don't know, sorry.

    Good bye

  • Updated BIOS for Satellite Pro U200?


    does anyone have any experience with BIOS version 1.3 for Satellite Pro U200? I've upgraded to this version of the BIOS and have had several problems since then - shortened wireless keyboard does not and display the overflowing of installation brightness to name two.

    In addition, as I noticed last week, upgrading the BIOS can not be downloaded more and there is no alternative - just says download page don't: "no BIOS upgrade for this product! Is there anyone that has 1.2 BIOS so that I can try to downgrade to this version?

    What is your experience with BIOS 1.3?


    It s really strange?  :|
    I checked the BIOS for Satellite U200 and Satellite Pro U200 download section, but I put t found any BIOS download at this time.

    A few years ago the authorized service provider has installed an older version of the BIOS on my Tecra friends unit.
    I guess that he should be able to do it on your Satellite Pro U200.
    The other possibility is to wait for a newer version of the BIOS.

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite C55-A-1RG can not be downloaded - 404 not found

    I can't download the update of bios for laptop Satellite C55-A-1RG.
    I go to and when I click on the link

    Update the BIOS
    Toshiba OS independent 1, 10 - WIN World Wide

    It shows me
    404 not found

    Nobody knows the correct link because I want to install windows 7, only the laptop for one of my clients and with the bios that have the laptop by default some options (start secure-> disable and start-> start MSC mode) and I can't install windows 7.

    If anyone knows of another way to install windows 7, it will be very useful.

    + The message was edited: link has been removed.


    It seems that pilots could be downloaded again.

    You should be able to download this BIOS update package:
    [BIOS v1.10-VICTORY for Satellite C50-has, Satellite Pro C50-has, Satellite C55-has | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 312 & selProduct = 7936 & selSh ortMod = 4433 & language = 13 & selOS = all & selType = all & year = upload & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = allMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = a he's & selectedLanguage = 13 & type = all & page = 1 & ID = 89306 & OS ID =-1 & driverLanguage = 42]

  • Question about updating BIOS for my Satellite M40

    So, my laptop does not start, but works recovery procedure. Support suggested me to update my Bios.
    OK, given that the last time, it was easy.

    I downloaded the newsest version vor my Satellite M40 (PSM40) (1, 70 - WIN<= i="" have="" an="" ati="" grafics="" card)="" and="" extracted="" the="""">
    But there was a surprise:
    Instead of getting the old data structure, as written in the FAQ update Bios
    1 extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
    2. in the folder temporary three subfolders will be generated. "docs", 'Update - 3.5' disc', 'Update - CD - R or CD - RW"

    I get a file only: BIOS of Windows Knockhill10GV170.exe
    Extraction of it I get 8 files:
    -KPM170. ROM
    -The c:\windows\system32\unicows.dll

    Now my question: How can I create this bootable CD-ROM to update my Bios?

    Just to know: download all the other things are done on my desktop from my laptop is not starting ;)
    I also tried to run the exe in the hope that it will create a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, but it is written "basic cfg address not found."


    Update the BIOS there are two ways to do this:
    -Traditional mode (TRAD) and in this case, you need floppy
    -Windows (WIN) and this update can be done under operating system running.

    Update BIOS WIN will work if you run Windows on your laptop satellite. If I understand your assignment well you are trying to do traditional BIOS updated, but using the BIOS to WIN update. On the Toshiba download page, there are two listed BIOS updates and two of them as versions of WIN. This means that you can update the BIOS under operating system only.

    Back to your problem: in the history one thing confuses me when you write: my laptop does not start, but works recovery procedure. Sorry, but if the recovery procedure is working and you will have clean installed OS.

    Be a little more concrete in our laptop does not start. What happen exactly when you press the power button / stop?

  • Updating BIOS for Equium A60-181

    Hi, according to the toshiba site there is a new update of the BIOS for my laptop.
    I was wondering is it worth the update, unfortunately, there is no information
    provided regarding the bugfixes or improvements? Also can I use the
    Windows update tool or use the bootable CD, it's just I'm not sure
    flashing Windows XP, except if it is a procedure without normal fault?

    see you soon,

    Richard S.

    Hi Richard

    Richard you have some problems with this device? If everything works properly I don't see a reason any BIOS update.

    If you think that the update of the BIOS is necessary, you can try Windows based Bios update but please check the first Description of the Toshiba BIOS update before you continue.

  • Updating BIOS for Satellite Pro 4600

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to update the bios and I followed the instructions, but I don't know what the problem is.

    1 - download the files
    2 - unzip them filed in a non-bootable disk is.
    3 - restart the computer with the disk in.
    4 - press f12 during startup.
    5 - nothing happened, the system asks me remove the disk, but nothing is updated.

    Thanks for your help.


    I found this statement to update the Toshiba BIOS for this series of portable:
    1 extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a formatted floppy disk (please see note below regarding the type of disk to use).
    2. make sure that the laptop is plugged into the sector.
    3. turn off the laptop.
    4. turn on the laptop with the F12 key. Press and hold until a short beep can be heard.
    5. the message "ready for the update of the BIOS. Place the BIOS update floppy in the drive and press any key when you are ready to move forward"will appear.
    6. place the floppy disk containing the BIOS upgrade in the floppy drive and press a key. FDD access will begin.
    7. When prompted by the message: "Please push the RESET switch (or turn the AC OFF power off / WE) to restart" remove the disk and press the RESET switch (if available) or turn the system off and turn it on again to restart the laptop.

    But note; Update the BIOS is always risky! If your laptop works ok, then update the BIOS is not really necessary!


  • Need update BIOS for Portege 3440CT

    I have search on the Toshiba Site for updates to the BIOS for a 3440CT Portege, but couldn't find anything for older models. Are they still available? Also the BIOS of the laptop at the present time is 1.50, CAP, someone tell me what the latest version is?

    Thank you


    You must visit the Toshiba driver page:> support download &-> download drivers

    You will see an upload form.
    In order to choose here;

    -Portege Archive
    -Portege 3xxx
    -Portege 3440

    Good bye

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