latest version is brilliant to win 8.1

Hi, I'm a first timer here. As I upgraded to 8.1 Win and downloaded the latest version of Skype, I knew nothing else problems

  1. I can't find Sype on my PC. It does not come to the top in applications or programs.
  2. I managed to fall on it somehow, but there is no drop-down list for any form of update or correction
  3. I have no icons appear anywhere
  4. When I log into my account I get offered also a range of options, my credit balance appears, but not where only the app I have need really appear.
  5. I tried to update my profile and all changes are ignored.

For my money, the latest version of Skype is not easy to use and I quickly came to the conclusion that he's the shit. Or maybe it is not compatible with Win 8 in my experience. Would appreciate any help please?


Try to install the desktop version Skype currently being using this msi installer:

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