Latest version of the LabVIEW Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit to support LV 8.6.1

What is the new version of the Toolkit LabVIEW Desktop Execution Trace that supports LV 8.6.1.

For some reason, I can't find any documentation that lists what version of the tool supports what version of LabVIEW.

Thank you

Issue of M.,.

Looking through the documents Readme, it seems in fact that you can use anywhere from 1.0 for 2011 (included).

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    By the suggestion of OR and not knowing what was the underlying problem...

    Installation of the Toolkit download worked for me.

    Good luck.


  • Real-time execution trace toolkit to optimize the Labwindows/CVI code


    I am trying to optimize a code in real-time in LabWindows/CVI by minimizing the time of each section of the code is taking and find bottlenecks in the code. I check this time using the real-time execution trace toolkit.

    However, I just found it seems to be a constant error when you use the tool of real-time execution trace.

    When I put the traceviewer 'start' and 'stop' right after the other, I get around shift schedule 9us. It seems that the CPU will in some "idle" after the start of the trace mode, or maybe it's the time of communication or something.

    I'd appreciate it if someone could give me an idea of why this is happening. The time of real-time application window is very limited and I'm trying to minimize the time as much as possible. Even the United States 9 error is difficult to resell.

    I used the following code:

    TraceConfigure (1, 1, 0, 25000, NULL);
    TraceStart ();
    TraceStopAndSend (HOST_ADDRESS);

    and there is a photo in the toolkit of real-time execution trace.

    Thank you.

    Generally, you might be better off picking off the clock at the beginning and end of what you want to track. RTETT my introduce overhead that becomes difficult to quantify... Which is what you probably already see. The debug mode will also implement a ton of overhead. Then... Destemming of the clock in release mode will probably give you you the best estimate.

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    For the follow-up of this...

    I had been running a DETT trial license since our License Manager has been out of country.  As soon as I was able to get a license of real it stopped crashing.  I'm under LV 32-bit on Windows 7 with DETT now with or without problem.  OR support was outstanding.

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    No problem at all. I currently have the engines of execution for 8.2, 8.6, 2009, 2010 and 2011 on my computer. Multiples are no problem at all. Go ahead and load.


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    DAQmx 9.7 is always the latest version with the most recent device and the support of the API. The 'Release Date' refers to the post to date of web and it can not match the schema version.

    We'll push DAQmx 9.6.2 Update Service with the DVD of LabVIEW Driver 2012 SP1. DAQmx 9.7 will be available only for download web or included as a DVD with the hardware which requires for the purposes of support.

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