Latitude C600 modem/network interface not found in XP Pro

I have a Latitude C600, PIII 850 MHz, 256 MB of Ram.

The operating system is Windows XP Pro sp3, 32-bit.

My problem is that the network/modem card on board do not work and are not present in the Device Manager.

Some other positions mentioned to install the chipset drivers, XP pro does not require not the drivers of the C600 chipset, and I found that the only offered on the site of the drivers/Dell support are for Win 2000.

Dell support site suggests that work on board network/modem card, but I've not seen this yet.

I am currently connected to the internet using a Xircom 10/100 Nic/modem card in the pcmcia slot, but I would like to have a card wireless here instead and use the integrated to an Ethernet network interface.

I also posted this on the category of computer laptop-general hardware.

Any input will be appreciated,

Thank you

A. Einstein

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    Well I fixed it myself.

    In this case, there was a number of things I've done.

    First of all, I checked to make sure that the firewall is not the issue. It wasn't.

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    Restart the modem and the "client PC" has solved the problem.

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    Control of IO is not something that will be filled when you use the Legacy 1394 driver. If you use IMAQdx as your driver, it will fill. Thus, when you use the Legacy 1394 driver, you have control of the chain on your façade. When you use control of the chain, you must set the name of the camera as "cam0" as you did before. As long as this corresponds to what is able & Automation Explorer, you should be good as long as MAX uses the same driver that you are trying to use.

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    From the network on the PC screen, I can see the files from the laptop and access.

    However, since the network on the computer screen laptop, I see the PC, but when I try to open it I get the error "Windows could not access \\MEDIACENTER. 0 x 80070035 the network path was not found. "I ping the PC with the IP address and name, and I can even remote to the computer desktop.

    ipconfig on the laptop did something funny...

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    Card tunnel Local Area Connection * 139:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    Card tunnel Local Area Connection * 143:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    Card tunnel Local Area Connection * 140:

    ... up to 200. I can't that assume it goes back to #1 as well.

    After a few suggestions on here I just went through the enable netbios over TCP/IP, but now I can't see even the PC! Still can ping and access internet tho.

    Any suggestions as to what may be the cause?

    Here is the solution for "error code 0 x 80070035 network path not found" on Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. Click on the button 'START', select 'CONTROL PANEL' and go to 'DEVICE MANAGER'. Click on "NETWORK CARDS", then click on 'VIEW' and select 'SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES'. In the expanded view, you will see a long list of numbered "MICROSOFT 6to4 ADAPTER". My Windows 7 Professional Office had 200 of them. Right click and select 'DELETE' on all but 1 of them. You can only do 1 at a time, so it takes some time. When you have only 1 left, restart the computer and enjoy being able to see the other computers on your network, including the RESIDENTIAL group files.

  • Synchronization of blackBerry Smartphones Medis "network file not found."

    Impossible to find a solution for the following.

    Media files are stored on a NAS drive and mapped Drive 'R' on the PC

    Organizing media is iTunes (Win), perfectly handle all files, playlists etc.

    The sync to BlackBerry Desktop M (6.x) media together as "itunes."

    First time, it worked perfectly, files moved to Blackberry as a whole. Later, once, Director of office deleted all files and since on the media manager tab is a status message after each music file "network file not found."

    Win7 64

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you

    seems the version number. moved to build021 (6.0.1.x) and it works perfectly again

  • C$(\\ networks) (O :) network path not found.

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    Network location (1) C$(\\ (o) what does that mean?

    It's a path mapped to a share.

    Click Start > computer > you should see this path under 'Computer' > right click on this share > select disconnect

    Reboot and see if the message reappears.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi ECBender,

    Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community!

    You cannot connect to a domain and the message that the network path was not found.

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the Forum TechNet site:

    I hope this helps. If you need additional help, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

  • I deleted by mistake com6 usb modem com port, now when I troubleshoot it shows no modem usb driver not found.

    I deleted by mistake com6 usb modem com port, now when I troubleshoot it shows no modem usb driver not found.

    Usually, by unplugging the USB device and plug it in then that she return to should force Windows redo the settings.

  • Latitude E6410 Mobile broadband device not found


    Could you please help me

    I have an E6410, install the sim card, load and start the Service Manager Broadband Mobile and it say an error "device wide band not found Mobile".

    I already download and install drivers for Broadband Mobile Wireless, two of them (5620 and 5540 mini-map) I really do not understand how to determine which of them installed in my laptop. Y at - it an idea?

    Thanks in advance

    PS Sorry for my English

    Hello, I have the same problem, I used the Dell Mobile Broadband utility and run the self diagnostic, and the result was down: HardwareTest. I guess that the unit is not installed or not connected to the motherboard. How can I activate this device? There must be a setting in the BIOS, or something is not pluged in correctly for this laptop. also, mine is a Latitude E6410 with Win7.

    I saw no response for this post.

    Please, the USB Modem is very annoying.

    Best regards

    Juan Carlos

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    Define a context change listener. The code in step 7 example assumes your context change listener subclass
    is named MyBBMPlatformContextChangeListener and that it implements the
    Interface BBMPlatformContextListener.

    will continue in this link...

    Thank you

  • Latitude ON "Flash Module" module not found on initialize to top

    I recently reformattedand partitioned my hard drive in order to install Win7 64 bit (installed with Win7 32 bit).  After installing all the drivers, firmware updates successfully and the software, I am unable to access the Latitue feature on.  In addition, at boot or start the Setup application, I get a 'Flash Module not found' error.

    Looks like a ready Boost error.

    "first introduced with Windows Vista in 2006 and also included with Windows 7. It works by using flash memory, drive USB 2.0, SD card, CompactFlash or any kind of portable flash mass storage system as a drive for disk cache. »

    Otherwise, it must refer to the Adobe Flash software that would need to be reinstalled.

    Adobe Flash Platform * update Flash Player to support access Flash

    Note: For versions prior to version 10.1 Flash Player, use the support updating mechanism in previous versions of the player (manual download and install from or ExpressInstall). In addition, the AIR installer manages the necessary updates for Flash Access and does not support the SystemUpdater API.

  • My IPhone 5 doesn't let me connect to my wifi at home. My other Apple designs all work. When I try to join my network the message arrives as the network was not found.

    Hello, I have a second hand IPhone 5. I can't it connect to my wifi at home. I tried all the steps here, nothing helps, when I add my Sky network to the he only says: can not find the wifi network. Any ideas please.

    Which version of iOS are you running on this device?

  • 2.4 GHz networks are not found

    My mac mini (late 2009) (El Capitan) is not able to pick up networks 2.4 GHz Wireless.

    A scan of wireless with my iMac diagnosis nine find ten networks of 2.4 GhZ and 5 GHz network and my macbook pro concludes two 2.4 Hz networks and the network of 5 GHz one... but the mac mini are only 5 GHz network.

    Does anyone know why this should be, and what I can do to find the 2.4 GHz that? The router is about 2 meters from the mac mini.

    Thank you.

    I can't say with certainty what the cause is but can suggest something to check which is a common problem.

    The Mac mini late model 2009 is the old Mac mini form and has very, very tedious connections to WiFi antennas and Bluetooth, if the Mac mini has never been taken to for example upgrade memory, or replace the hard drive, it is extremely common for one or more of these connectors are lost. It could be the 2.4 GHz it is disconnected.

    This article shows the threads, and how to take apart the Mac mini.

  • Realtek network controller Not found. If hibernation mode, please plug the cable

    I had this error before. I understand that it is the controller not to wake computer recovery. At the time where it happened the first time (several months ago) I accepted it as being dead. 3 days ago, I decided to update my drivers, including the network driver and like magic, my internet works again. I went to bed last night, (do not remember if I tried to shut down my computer) and came this morning to the screen stuck on the screen saver. After a hard reset, I'm back in the same boat. This error appears when I try to repair/reinstall the Realtek Ethernet Controller driver. Windows repair thing when I click on the currently connected to comes up with cannot find a network card or something similar.

    THINGS I'VE TRIED (in every imaginable command):
    -Disconnect the power supply for 30 minutes
    -Remove the CMOS battery for 30 minutes
    -Remove my RAM for 30 minutes (with the CMOS battery and separately)
    Reinstall/Repair of the driver
    -Reset the default bios settings
    -Hit my head several times on the table
    Implies that I agree that the map was dead was fine, until it worked magically for a day. Any help would be highly appreciated!

    Hey you,.

    This may remind you note the virtual applications

    If you use windows 10, note components Hyper-V or virtual of other applications installed on your PC or not

    a virtual network adapter connection may be the reason for the main question

    Guide to remove Hyper-V: Panel-online programs & => turn Windows features on or off features => remove Hyper-V

    Hope this helpful


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