launch Subvi in the background on target RT

I would like to run a Subvi in the background on a RT of RIO target.  I did it in the past on the local computers by using references and knots, but not on the RT RIO target.  I need the vi to run in the background and transfer data to the main vi running on the target of RIO RT using shared variables.  Any ideas on how to start the vi of the RT target?

Thank you.


Hi choff,.

Take a look at this knowledge base.  He explains how to do this in the different versions of LabVIEW.

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  • How can I use a Subvi in the background when a sequence is running in the main VI

    I want to do this

    When I press a button on the main VI, a Subvi (#1) must run and take the data.
    At the same time, must execute a sequence, in which there are some other subVIs.

    My problem is that the Subvi #1 does not run when I press the button. The sequence works well. How can I run the sequence and the Subvi in the simultaneously?

    Hi Hugo,.

    When the sequence and your Subvi have not all dependencies given, they will work in parallel...

    Mind to attach some code or images of block diagram?

  • Launch a LabVIEW VI to the background of CVI

    Not sure if this is better posted in the LabVIEW or CVI forum...

    I need to start a LabVIEW VI "in the background" of the CVI.  In other words, I need to call a LabVIEW VI (which is embedded in a DLL) of CVI and have the function call immediately, while the VI called end of running in the background.

    I've had success making this kind of asynchronous call of in LabVIEW using an asynchronous start node name.  This works because it is supposed to: the node of the asynchronous call ends the execution immediately, while the called VI runs in the background.

    The problem arises when I integrate this into a DLL and call from the CVI.  If I build the DLL with active debugging and then walk through the code, stopping the code just after the asynchronous call, the background VI runs correctly.  But if I run all this full speed, the asynchronous VI does not run.

    I guess that the call of the DLL returning before the asynchronous VI can finish, the asynchronous VI is killed during the call to the DLL returns.  Obviously, I need the background / asynchronous VI ends once control is returned to the CVI code.  Am I doing this wrong?  Is there a better way?

    My code is highly integrated and probably not useful to publish.  If this could help write an example isolated post, I'll do that, but only if others cannot identify a better/different approach.

    Thanks in advance,


    Hey JoeDG,

    Yes, as Evan mentioned in the thread you referenced, it's a feature of LabVIEW. As he says, for the ongoing enforcement there must be at least one open front. While I understand that this causes problems for the screws that are run without front panel, it seems that the workaround that you put in place is the best way to go. I apologize that you had to take an indirect route to achieve your final goal, but I'm happy that things are facing up and running for you now.


  • Essbase process launched in the background goes on State "pending."


    I use Any process of Essbase in the background goes on State "pending." And the process never begins.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Try the following steps...

    1. stop the Regional service

    2 remove all content from the WebLogic temp folder

    Location: EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE /... / domains/EPMSystem/servers/EssbaseAdminServices0/tmp /--> delete everything in this folder

    3. start the EAS Server

    It could be that useful...


  • slow computer, soundtracks playing in the background, force quit to restart... Finally I found it... in the top toolbar by clicking window, there were a hundred sites or windows had never seen before... I forced in front and deleted in

    Slow computer, Rainbow spinning, several sound tracks in the background, repeated force constant close.  I found the problem

    in the toolbar top inside windows... he had a hundred sites and windows listed, I brought all forward and deleted the individually, all the

    the problems have disappeared and my broadband is zipping the long... no balls spinning now.  Was this something that came with the recent update,

    they are deleted is no longer at the stop down?  I am 80 years Thos downloaded El captain and responsible for all the updates and never had a problem with it.  Just if I let you know

    they are called 'Pop-UNDER' windows... usually called by clicking anywhere on a Web page (javascript 'giant' invisible button on the entire page)

    These can be put in check by:

    A faster way for all persistent windows your way to "kill".

    • Exit the browser
    • Launch of the browser with the SHIFT key held - behaviors vary a little, but it is intended for these sorts of things
  • Change the background color based on the value

    I'm sure that this is a trivial question, but I can't seem to find the method to do it.

    I want to change the background color of an indicator according to its value.

    For example: if I have a set of say 123degF, I would like to the color of background color green if the value is either 1% or +/-2degF.

    Otherwise the color could be if above red and blue if under.

    I was able to schedule a psychic acomplishes, but with more than 50 indicators the interface gets quite busy.

    Santosh is correct. Here is a small example of the implementation of this code:

    I've also attached a copy of this VI, with the connected devices, so you can use it as a subvi if you wish.

    He takes input of temperature limit lower and upper limit. It then returns the value of the temperature, with the color of the indicator of change.

  • How to prgrammatically to change the background color of a 'number' inside a cluster control


    using a property node, it is possible to change the background color of a control number.

    But how to do this, if this number control is inside a cluster? I would not have found the property to the background color (see attached vi).

    Thank you very much and best regads.


    P.S.: I use a reference, because the color change must run inside a Subvi.

    Hi Michael,

    Insert a function "to the more specific" and connect the digital constant refnum. I modified a bit your vi.

    See attachment.


  • Windows 7 login screen/box will not open. Only the background and the cursor visible.


    I was surfing the net this morning, and in the background, I was installing "Logmein". I guess the site I got it off the coast is legitimate, as many of my friends installed it for playing games on a network. This is the site I downloaded from

    While he was installing my laptop froze and ctrl + alt + delete does not work so I turned it off by holding down the power button and transformed then turn it on again.

    It is now charging a screen that says "Windows error recovery" and has an option 'Launch Startup Repair' or 'start windows normally '. What that either an i select the result is the same--a screen that says "windows is loading files...". "followed by a login screen empty with only the cursor for the company, as shown in the image below:

    I have no idea what to do and this is the first real problem that I have not been able to solve in the 2 years Ive had it.

    I tried all the options in the "Advanced Boot Options" (F8 at startup) menu in the hope that something different happen, but every time is the same as the last.

    I am running windows 7 premium x 64 on the Sony Vaio VGN-NW20SF. My laptop came with a disc of windows 7, so I can't reformat. I do not have the back for awhile and there are files, I want to keep if possible.

    Any help would me much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Hello Lewis Tumelty,.

    LogMeIn replaces the native for Windows login prompt.

    If we are unable to boot into safe mode, we will need to use the repair your computer option command prompt in the F8 menu.

    After this was accomplished, I recommend the following market article, the registry is probably corrupted:

    Note that this article was written for Windows XP, but the steps are the same in Windows 7.

    Best regards


  • When using paint how to edit text without losing the background image

    I'm trying to edit text on a picture and it has a background, I don't want to lose the bottom.  How can I do this using paint?

    If image launched initially with a word in the background, you can't change it with paint. You can write a note on top of it so you cover, but you can consider using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Showing a standby screen while the background processing

    Hi all

    I implement a wizard have been I let the user fill in some parameters of network connection. When the user clicks 'next' I want to run a background process to see if the entered parameters are correct. According to the result of the background process, the wizard can continue to the next screen or remain on the current screen.

    There must be something like this:

    boolean onNext()
      // Executed when the user presses 'next' (run in the EDT)
      // Show a wait popup
      // do my network stuff
      boolean success = false;
      UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeAndWait(new Runnable()
        public void run()
          // try to connect to the network
          // ...
          success = true;
      // hide the popup
      // return whether the network stuff was successful
      return success;

    This does not work because the popup does not appear. How can I achieve that?

    Thanks in advance!

    Modal screen is very good and has some advantages, in that it means that your logic that knows what it is in the State.

    What you want to do depends on the application.  For example, we have a server locator tool, the user launches the search, then we do not secure anything, except that they cannot launch a new search until they cancel the old one.  Alert us when the search is completed or dead or expired.

    With a modal form (and we do too) I personally like this to have a Cancel button, so that the user can stop waiting - which complicates the Interface.  In fact, there is a case for the wireless network to bring an observer of the screen modal, so that he knows that he has to ignore the answer if the screen has been cancelled.

  • Global dialogue - show when the application is in the background

    I have a function that opens a dialog for the user and the user must choose one of two options. The thing is, this function can be called when the user press a certain button, or when the application is in the background. So, to do this, I use the following code:

                final Dialog d = new Dialog(Dialog.D_YES_NO, msg,
                        Dialog.NO, Bitmap.getPredefinedBitmap(Bitmap.EXCLAMATION), Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL);
                // So I would identify it as a Dialog
                if ( Application.isEventDispatchThread() ) {
                    // We have the Event Thread, can just show the Dialog
                } else {
                    // running in background
                    UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeAndWait(new Runnable() {
                    public void run() {
                        NotificationsManager.triggerImmediateEvent(ID, 0, null, null);
                        UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushGlobalScreen(d, 1, UiEngine.GLOBAL_MODAL);
                        NotificationsManager.cancelImmediateEvent(ID, 0, null, null);
                return ( d.getSelectedValue() == Dialog.YES );

    It works very well when the user presses the button that calls this function. However, when the function is called when the application is in the background, nothing happens.

    If you tap on the icon of the app again, it doensn can't have launched, the debugger says the application application forground and if he says so it is already running and doesn't anything. If the application crashes and you can't access.

    How can I solve this problem and make the pop up dialog box to the user evern if the application is not to the point?

    Thank you for your time.

    I had problems with invokeAndWait() gel all that precedes. Unless you really need, I would use invokeLater().

  • Two screens running simultaneously and in the background.

    I try to have two screens simultaneously running in the background. All have two timers for different events and I would like the user to switch between them in the menu to check their progress. I also want to the app with both screens to be able to run in the background when closed.

    I have them both running in the background by substituting onClose displayed on the screen with:

    public boolean onClose() {
        UiApplication theApp = UiApplication.getUiApplication();
        return true;

    Which works very well. But how do I do the same reverse backwards between screens in the application?

    The feature I'm looking for is similar to the stopwatch of the RIM. You can simultaneously run the stopwatch and timer. You go back between them in the menu...

    Thank you

    When you are referring to the screen, I guess average u of the GUI. You can create the interface at the beginning that is, launch the application, then you should use the instances of the screen to bring them toward the front of the stack (visible to the user).

    I think some pseudocode would be useful as im not 100% of the structure of your code and what exactly you doing.

    The snapshot from the above code, you create an instance of the screen every time so I understand you want to rather just put the screen at the front of the stack.

    You must also run the timers in a different thread, not in the user interface thread. Maybe think of it this way, you have a class that manages the two screens and holds the instance of the timer, so you can access and create the user interface for him.

    Hope this makes it a little more clear.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9000 Blackberry Smartphones: What runs in the background?

    I wanted to know if anyone knew which is always running in the background on the "BOLD".  When I start my "BOLD" in the morning, I check the memory and it shows that there are 26 MB available.  Now as the day progresses, I check it and it's way down to 6 to 8 MB.  I only check my emails and Twitter several times during the day and once I finished, I make sure that Twitter is closed and only shows do not in my launch as still running.  Anyone can shed some light on this?

    Then, no matter who never installed a hybrid OS  These hybrids, I understand, are expected to take less space on your memory flash (128 on the "BOLD" for OS) and run a heck everything a lot faster.  Is true and will be OK to do?  In addition, what the app "shrink a BONE" offers?  Anyone done this?  It work?

    Thank you!

    Oh, and your memory, from 26 MB to 6-8 mb during the day could be dependent on other issues, you may have other applications and UberTwitter. Even leaving it keep a little a lot of data and cache in the app that does not release before that happen a battery pull. Same thing with some other applications like Pandora and BerryWeather and many others. The BlackBerry browser too.

  • I can't stream videos until they are fully buffered, or see files download/download/in my records, until they have been completely downloaded so in the background, why is this?

    A week ago, I could not start the viewing of videos until they had been fully in memory buffer or files downloaded / see them being downloaded until they had been fully downloaded in the background somehow. I know that this is not a problem with my internet because I tried watching a video and download on my phone and Tablet and they had no problem instantly streaming videos while they have been buffered. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Player and Java and cleared my cache, temporary internet files and internet history various times. I restarted my computer and nothing has solved this problem. I tried to download files / video streams on IE9, Opera, Firefox and Chrome and they all have the same question. My laptop is running Windows 7 Edition Home Premium. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Juan,

    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities. From your problem description, I understand that you can't videos until they are fully buffered and also you are unable to see the files, folders, until they are completely downloaded. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

    Juan, I understand how it could be frustrating when things do not work as expected. Please, I beg you, don't worry I'll try my best to resolve the issue.

    These look at two different questions.

    Number 1: unable to videos of water courses until they are fully buffered

    Because the problem is persistent in all browsers and not only internet Explorer the problem with the adobe application. To be sure, let us try to install the Silverlight plug-in and try to play videos and check out with the question of the binding

    , 2nd edition: are unable to see the files, folders, until they are completely downloaded

    Try to view files and folders by clicking the link and check with the question.

    Please complete all of the recommended steps after methods issue still persists, please come back to us and we will be happy to provide you with additional options available that you can use to get this problem is solved. In addition please provide us with additional information by answering a few questions below, this will help us better solutions to the problems.

    1 did you change on your computer before the show?

    2. what security software is installed on your computer?

    If you are unable to perform the steps mentioned in the link I recommend you to contact our live support by clicking on the link;en-us;selectassist&target=assistance

  • Script Sql to run in the background

    Hi guys,.

    I will carry out two unix machine sql scripts by connecting through sqlplus in two sessions of PuTTY, I need to run the scripts background is there a way to run outside the sh script execution.

    SQL > @test.sql




    Another session

    SQL > @test1.sql




    actutally I need to run the sql in the background scripts so that my putty session will not cut

    Assuming that this is really what you want to do, use screen sessions.

    This puts the interactive session of ATS in the background, allowing you to reconnect to the it (another putty session, or of the same) to a later date to check the results manually intervene, etc.

    Install the screen on the server as root:

    yum-y install screen

    As the launch of PuTTY user session screen:


    Then start your session of sqlplus, script execution, etc.-, then press ALT-D to disconnect from the session.

    Start at any number of additional screen sessions.

    To list the sessions:

    Screen - ls

    To join your putty for a screen session session:

    session - dr

    Lose your PuTTY connection does not screen sessions you started. You can go home, in the Office VPN, mastic fire upwards and reconnect to sessions of your screen.

Maybe you are looking for