How the "bars" circles on launchpad icons mean?

Y at - it software "scrub" recommended to wipe my hard drive.

Very slow computer operation.

Thank you

Blocked applications are applications that are no longer compatible with your version of Mac OS X. There is NO software that can safely clean your Mac hard drive without causing other problems. If it has apps that are incompatible or you no longer need or use uninstall them them yourself.

About your Mac running slow, run EtreCheck and publish its results, then we can offer you some suggestions.

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  • Cannot add apps to launchpad

    I drag an application to launchpad on the dock, but nothing happens. I click on launchpad and it isn't here. What's wrong?

    I have installed Mac OS Sierra.

    Hi there, Curtis158!

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. After reading your post, I see you try to add an application to Launchpad, but have some difficulties to do. I know how convenient to access dashboard applications can be and I'm happy to help you!

    Take a look at the following article, which deals with the use of Launchpad under macOS Sierra.

    macOS Sierra: Launchpad allows you to view and open applications

    Applications downloaded from the App Store to appear automatically in the Launchpad, and "Add and remove apps" section describes in detail how to get applications downloaded from other sources than the App Store in Launchpad, as follows:

    Add and remove apps

    • Add an app to Launchpad: If you want Launchpad to include an application that you don't not download on the App Store, move the application to the folder Applications in the Finder. the application is automatically displayed in the Launchpad. For more information, see your files in the Finder.

    If you have downloaded an app on the App Store or moved in your Applications folder and still not see it, check another page of dashboard by dragging left or right on your Magic Mouse or trackpad, roll to the left or right with a scroll on a mouse USB Apple ball or using the command + arrow left or command + right arrow. According to apps how much you have, you can have several pages in Launchpad.

    See you soon!

  • Problem of Launchpad

    I have a problem on my screen of launchpad. Desktop screen interfered with launchpad screen as attached photo.

    Please help me solve this problem


    I'm sorry of what exactly is the problem here?

    The screenshot looks like a normal, healthy dashboard...

    Kind regards

  • Why I can't remove applications in Launchpad?

    What I wanted to do

    I have some third-party applications that I wanted to remove my Mac mini. I looked online Apple online help and he informed me that the quickest way was to open the dashboard, click on the application icon until all the icons that are shaken and then click on the button Delete the relevant icon that appeared.

    What actually happened

    When I open the Launchpad the cursor changed suddenly from the usual angle more vertically aligned arrow pointer pointing to the up arrow cursor. I moved the slider on the delete button and clicked on delete. Did that make the application open, he has not removed the app at all. I tried with some other applications and it's the same thing.

    Desired result

    It would be great if someone could explain this strange behavior. I'd be happy to try the sensible suggestions.

    Thanks for reading!

    Select the icon in the dock

    Hold the LMB, drag it off the dock,

    Keep just outside the docking station

    the icon is 'delete '.

    Release LMB

  • Download paused on Launchpad

    The icon on my dashboard has been suspended and could not resume if I tried clicking several times and also to restart my mac to activate the resume so that the laptop restarts. Right now I have no idea that this icon pause belong to either the soft, can anyone help? Thank you very much in advance.

    It is probably bugged out I guess, did you try and check your browser or program that you use to download?

    have you tried to remove the icon from the launch pad (now Ctrl + Alt or holding the slider in the launchpad until iconst start shaking)?

  • I was given this iMac and the Launchpad does not appear in the finder.

    I was given this iMac and the Launchpad is missing from the folder in the Finder.

    How can I get it back?

    FWIW, you didn't say what iMac or which version of OSX, but reinstalling OS x is the only way I know.

  • How can I remove from Launchpad?

    According to the online instructions for troubleshooting wifi (which didn't work), I dragged system > library > Services essential to the Launchpad.

    Now, I have a generic icon for ap in Launchpad that I can't remove.

    When I click on it and hold the mouse, there is no "X" in the upper corner.

    How can I remove this icon from Launchpad?

    First of all, go to/System/Library/CoreServices , and ensure that the app is still there. If so, just go to the Applications folder and delete "", so it will be removed from the Launchpad.

  • Launchpad missing on iMac

    Hi guys

    I recently installed El Capitan on a new SSD and I noticed the dock on my iMac doesn't have a dashboard, there instead of dash.

    Does anyone know why this happened and how can I solve this problem?

    My Macbook Pro, which runs also from El Capitan appears correctly all the dock icons.

    Any help or feedback would be so appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Remove the dashboard from the dock if you do not want it there. Then, go to your Applications folder, find the Launchpad and place it in the Dock to your desired location.

  • removal of app Launchpad?

    Is it possible to get rid of apps in launchpad? There are two that I don't know how they got there that I don't want. I tried to move it to the trash, but it does not work.  El Capitan, 10.11.4 9.1 Safari OSX

    Click on each app on and hold Option down the circle with an X, and then click Remove for each application.

  • The applications listed under Launchpad, is there a way I can delete the ones I don't use on my MAC Air?

    The applications listed under Launchpad, is there a way I can delete the ones I don't use on my MAC Air? I hope that I can free up space.

    Start the LaunchPad and hold the option key. The icons will start to shake and an X will appear in the upper corner of some but not all. Click the X to remove the application. Programs that have an X are only purchased/downloaded from the App Store. Integrated programs in Mac OS (like Safari) or programs you have downloaded/purchased elsewhere will not be a X. You should not delete (or move) programs such as Safari and Mail (built-in programs) because the update from Apple guess they were be on your computer in their installation location. Weird things happen if they are moved or deleted.

    Programs you don't purchase/download from the App Store can be deleted without the help of the dashboard, but you must be careful about this. Third party programs can be installed in different ways: some come in disk images and are trained in your application forms. These can be moved without danger in the trash. Some are installed using an installation program, and these require a little care to remove. In some cases, they set up items in addition to the program and require a special uninstall program, but this is not true in all cases. I always do the note of programs using a Setup program, so I can make sure I have properly uninstall.

  • I use a SanDisk Cruzer with U3 Launchpad. I had to stay with Firefox v3.6.26 because no more recent data does not have the U3 Launchpad working. Any suggestions?

    OS Win7. I used this USB key for some time as a secure method to contain passwords that I use often. When I have been updated for Firefox v3 - regardless of the version which was at the time - a v4 the U3 Launchpad failed. I tried all autour work, I could find on the Internet. Nothing has been successful. I know that this software is no longer supported. If it is supported should set if it works. I think it is an unacceptable excuse. I support is no longer my daughter, but it still works. She is a much more complicated machine than a PC and a piece of software.

    Sorry, U3 versions of Firefox were not made by Mozilla. This version is a modified version of Firefox made by a 3rd party and this 3rd party is responsible for its "support. I've never used and cannot help you with it.

    Have you thought about switch to Firefox Portable, which is made by the crew while in the Portable Apps?

    Portable Apps existed for much longer that the U3 Launchpad was and is still operating and growing with the number of applications available.

  • Rearrange apps in Launchpad

    It is more a question that cosmetic something of great significance/importance, but is there a way to reorganize the way apps are arranged in Launchpad?  I'm a little OCD when it comes to the Organization, and I'd rather have just alphabetical if possible.  The lines of the first three on the first page are all applications that are delivered to the standards under OS X - they are not alphabetical.  The two lines are apps I've downloaded myself - they are not alphabetical.  The most curious but it's on the second page, all applications yet, I downloaded myself, these alphabetical.  Can't understand a person, myself.

    So is that what I'm hiking on possible or do I just deal as if it were?  Like I said, it's purely a cosmetic thing, I just thought it was worth throwing to get reactions.

    You can drag where you want...

    The basics of the Mac: Launchpad is the quick way to find and open your applications - Apple Support

  • How to remove a program from the launchpad

    How to remove a program that appears in the launchpad?

    Normal is to click and hold on the icon until the icons 'wiggle' and an 'x' indicates, then click on the 'x '. Not all applications will have an 'x', so they can be removed. I do not know Ras the difference is.

  • Programs appearing in Launchpad, which I have not installed?

    I have a new Macbook and Launchpad just checked and there are programs that I didn't download and install on the Macbook, I have them can I have downloaded on another Mac a long time ago. Programs somehow get copied to the Launchpad to one Mac to another? Are some of the programs showing Google Play Music, Box, AirDroid, I certainly have not downloaded on the Mac.

    Thank you.

    If you use the Migration Wizard to move from Mac to another, then the answer is Yes.

  • Launchpad launch - Macbook Pro Yosemite

    Hi, does Launchpad, someone knows how to fix this? Literally, nothing happens when I click it. Click right options are "remove dock" and "Show Launchpad" which also does nothing.

    MacBook Pro Yosemite

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    See you soon,.



    Remove it out of the Dock, restart, then open the Launchpad in your Applications folder.

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