Layout of fixed landscape?


According to the update of the new version of author iBooks info, it should be now able to produce fixed also the books of landscape. I took the 'empty' model of landscape, but when I saw my book on my ipad, there can be no fixed turns as previously.

PLS, how to FIX the layout in landscape here? Thank you much for the help!




Vladik841 wrote:

According to the update of the new version of author iBooks info, it should be now able to produce fixed also the books of landscape.

I can't find this info anywhere.  Could you provide a url or a screenshot where it says that?

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  • Images for epub anchors a layout width fixed?

    Is it necessary to anchor images when exporting an epub a layout width fixed? I use InDesign CC. The only thing I noticed is that talk on the iPad screen is broken. Anchor objects that would set? Thanks in advance.

    Images of anchorage is not necessary for EPUB fixed provision. It is only necessary for EPUB recomposable.

  • Liquid layout at fixed disposal of the model? How?


    I use a free template to create a site and I started initially with a fixed layout (which I chose) but once I have implemented the model he changed to liquid.

    Any ideas on how to change this back to fixed? I think that it is perhaps due to the files style.css or style - desktop.css.

    Help would be much appreciate,

    Thank you

    1. the min-width CSS property is used to set the minimum width of a specified element. The min-width property always overrides the width followed before or after the width in your statement. This means that the body element will never lower than 1200px but will pass to the same width as the screen if it exceeds the 1200px. If you want a static/fixed width, then you must replace min-width width.

    2. Remove

    Padding: 3em 0 0 0;

    By removing the line, you delete a top padding of 3em or about 48px. The foot has a height of 40px (2x15px padding + height of 10px text) and the rest is hidden.

    3. you must understand the difference between the ID's and class in reality it comes down to the fact that a class does everything that made one ID. A CLASS has the additional advantage that it can be used multiple times in a document. ID's are often used when a unique identifier is required.

    Just to help you understand, a fixed provision requires a fixed-width value. No min width no percentage, just a width in pixels. A fixed width paper won't be better between the different screen sizes. You will need a responsive and fluid design to do.

  • How to create a layout ePub fixed?

    I am trying to create a book of photographs to sell as an ePub on the kindle store - I did a lot of iBooks and published in the iBookstore - unfortunately it recently was rejected because Apple censorship rules. My books exactly the look I want to do in iBooks and want to recreate as much as possible to sell in the mobi and EPUB. I noticed that unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a program similar to iBooks to author of ePub files... I tried InDesign CS6 for EPUB but moved to Pages that I thought that it would be simpler.

    So far I can't find anything that explains step by step how to make fixed provision EPUB - in any program - usually I use but they only fixed layout files ePub for the iBookstore. My knowledge of inDesign and iBooks author is pretty good but my knowledge about HTML is limited. Is - this accomplishable?

    Here are some links that might be useful for you to help you to start with a fixed layout EPUB:

    How to create configuration fixes iBooks by R. Scot Johns

    Field Guide to layout sets for electronic books a free ebook on the ins and outs of the EPUB fixed layout (I found it only today if you have not yet read)

    EPUB 3 Documents available fixed

    ePubCrawler - Fixed InDesign to layout EPUB converter. (a tool to convert InDesign documents available fixed ePub. It worked very well for me: I had to make only small adjustments on the CSS styles).

  • Different layouts to Portrait/Landscape page & other general issues


    I am writing an iPad App on any Flex experience. I have some knowledge of previous Actionscript, although my experience is in web development or Win Forms Applications. I think that, above all, I just need to get my head in the right place, so I have a few questions.

    1. different layouts for the States of Portrait/Landscape

    I really do not seem to understand the "States", so I don't know if they have what I want to use or not, but I've been struggling with this for a while.

    I want a label on the page that says "your device is in Portrait Mode" etc. However, when you rotate the device, it will change to 'your device is in Landscape Mode.

    The purpose of this is so I have completely different layouts (changing all values of text alignment etc.) for each mode.

    2. different "Pages" / views ".

    Another thing that seems just a foreign concept to me, but it is also common in Windows phone development.

    I have a collection of buttons/links/w and when I click on one I want that he take me to another page with text.

    Thank you for any assistance in these areas.

    xmlns:s = "library://".

    xmlns:MX = "library://".

    addedToStage = "init ()" "


    private function init (): void {}

    stage.addEventListener (StageOrientationEvent.ORIENTATION_CHANGE, orientateApp);


    private void orientateApp(event:StageOrientationEvent):void {}

    StatusLabel.Text = stage.width.toString ();



  • How to export a layout Epub fixed without encrypting the files of fonts?

    When I export to a fixed provision ePub and you later want to convert it to a Kindle format fonts in the /META-INF/encryption.xml file are not retrieved correctly. How can I tell InDesign do not encrypt the font files and incorporate instead?

    The CSS has nothing to do with encryption. If your font (ttf or otf) is applied in InDesign, the fontface markup will be automatically generated by InDesign and this markup does not matter whether or not the police is encrypted/hidden.

    If you have used fonts under SIL Open Font License (OFL) license (Linotype, FontFont,... are not lic. under SIL!), you can extract the contents of your ePub, replace the font files included here, with the original font files and delete the encryption.xml file. Then you can convert it to Kindle. Of workaround does not work with typekit, skyfonts or services because you don't have access to the original font files. Over 99% of commercial fonts you cannot replace fonts epub with versions not encrypted, so be careful here. Please take a look first at the following discussion to see what might be allowed to do or not because you often have restrictions on moving or commercial license font embedding: A Solution to fonts...

  • MISSING LAYOUTS - 2 column fixed, bar right side, header, and footer column 3 fixed, header and footer

    I use Dreamweaver 2013 and when I go to file, new and select new document, model HTML. My two page layouts (2 fixed column, right sidebar, 3 column AND header and footer fixed, header and footer) does not appear, instead it just says: < no >. Why this happens and how to fix this! Please help me!

    As I thought.

    You do not have these models it is because you are using the current version of DW CC 2015.

    These models have been deprecated / replaced by newer models of Bootstrap.

    You can read about the changes of product below.

    New features of CC 2015

    If you are a Subscriber payment & your computer OS is Win7 or Mac OS x 10.7 (or an earlier version),

    You can fall back to a previous version of DW as most close as possible to your manual.

    Otherwise, you're out of luck.

    Nancy O.

  • Pinning and align problem - working with alternative configurations fixed and fluid


    As suggested by the staff of Adobe, I'm working with a layout of fixed width for the desktop version, so I can use the scrolling effects in this version and a layout alternative tablet with a fluid design for mobile devices.

    In this way, I will have two major problems with the working fluid design version:

    -I can't pin objects to fixed locations in the browser. The option is disabled, and I can't create a set menu, for example.

    -I can't focus the presentation of the fluid design version, there's always left align. In fact, breakpoint rule changes and stays aligned left also. It is a problem, because when I opened my site in a device with a larger resolution, it remains to the left of the browser.

    There is a solution for these problems?

    Hey well thanks for the help, Bernard.

    I tried to work with a fluid layout compressed as an alternative to avoid creating a Tablet and the mobile version of the site. Instead, I would have only the office page and the layout fluid compressed, that would suit regardless of the user's device.

    As for now, I will continue to work with the development of Adaptive with variants of the tree when scroll effects are necessary and work with a sensitive provision in other cases, with more correct is.

  • Mobile layouts - 5 layouts possible?

    Muse can create 3 layouts, office, Tablet and phone. Is it possible to add the landscape Tablet and phone layouts, so that you have five layouts in total?

    Muse does not have the ability to create the layout for the landscape mode. However, the phone automatically adjusts the sites on landscape mode.


    I have 2 asides placed side by side each width of 50% for the layout of the content. The width works very well stay in proportion, but the height is not stay the same proportion when the size of the screen changes. I need 2 asides to stay the same size as each other across the screen of different sizes to help please

    Here is my code:

    < side class = "roofingaside" >

    < class header = "roofingheader" > ROOFING AFFORDABLE < / header >

    < ul class = "fluidList fluid roofinglist" >

    < class li = 'fluid rooginglistiteam' > ROOFING NEW < /li >

    < class li = 'fluid rooginglistiteam' > < /li > REPAIRS

    < class li = 'fluid rooginglistiteam' > WINTERIZE < /li >

    < class li = 'fluid rooginglistiteam' > SERVICES 24/7 < /li >

    < /ul >

    < / side >

    < side class = "electricalaside" >

    < class header = 'fluid electricalheader' > ELECTRIC SERVICES < / header >

    < ul class = "fluid fluidList ELECTRICALLIST" >


    < class li = 'fluid ELECTRICALLISTITEAM' > outlets, SMOKE DETECTORS, DRYER CIRCUITS < /li >

    < class li = 'fluid ELECTRICALLISTITEAM' > FANS, CIRCUITS of a/c, HEATING ELECTRIC < /li >

    < class li = 'fluid ELECTRICALLISTITEAM' > CALLED SERVICES < /li >

    < /ul >

    < / side >

    Type in capital LETTERS, it's the same as shouting in the web forums.  Please do not shout out your answers.

    You have 2 choices.  Either build your site with FGLayouts and do not worry about the columns the same height.   Or re - build with a layout of fixed width in pixels.   Whatever approach you use, height is always determined by the content.  Then accept this fact and sleep well at night.

    Welcome to the web design 101

    Nancy O.

  • How can I unlock my disposal fixed epub 3.0

    I would like to make my comic by epub 3.0 available fixed version with InDesign CC.

    horizontal display is fine and beautiful.

    BUT he did not turn vertically on my ipad and iphone.

    How can I unlock my file of available fixed 3.0 on my iphone and ipad epub?


    EPUB does not work like that. EPUB fixed layout is fixed.

    You consider Digital Publishing Suite or similar apps for an iPad. This is not.

    And, since the DPS is now pretty much limited to organizations that are publications and users of the company, you can create is no longer a single DPS Edition to publish it, unless you have an expensive subscription. Sorry!

  • Tablet vertical/horizontal layout PROBLEM

    In Muse, version pour default nominal Tablet est en vertical. A square image 650 PX appears so good on a Tablet read vertically. But if I return to the Tablet (iPad) horizontally, this image 650 px is swollen (height of the truncated so in and rasterized)-l'image does not stay in its original size, there is a significant phenomenon with the tablet placed horizontally.

    Y' a solution of a t - it pay that the image remains its original size regardless of the position of the Tablet (Conference in mouth or portrait)?

    or can we make 2 layouts (portrait and landscape) as in Adobe DPS?

    Thanks in advance to goodwill

    Reactive Adobe Muse CC 2015 is now online. Please install the update of CC > Apps.

    What's new: news summary

    Release notes:

    Delicate design:

    Adobe help Muse | Create responsive Web sites

    Adobe help Muse | Responsive web design in Adobe Muse

    Adobe help Muse | Migrate existing Adobe Muse Web sites to answer


    To get started with Adobe Muse (replaces how to make a website with Adobe Muse (coffee of Katie)):


    Create a sensitive webpage with Adobe Muse:

    - (more detailed features RWD of Muse demo)

    Thank you


  • Reactive Centre layouts on the edge


    I would like to focus a sensitive layout, which I did.

    With this code it works, but only when the width of my layout is fix:

    $("#Stage").css ("margin", "auto")

    But I want a flexible width, (I use the stage width in px not %), then the

    code no longer works.

    I need this flexible width, because I'm loading in a container that is positioned on the stage

    three different configurations with 320px, 600px and 1200px width.

    yepnope ({}

    load: "libs/EdgeCommons.js,"

    Callback: function () {}

    () EC.setAdaptiveLayouts

    [320, 600, 1200], sym, 'adaptiveContainer '.




    These page layouts, I created in symbols.

    is it possible to focus these different layouts page/symbols?

    Can anyoune help me with this?

    A big thank you!

    Check the example I did for you. You will be able to understand how it works.



  • Scrollable image with effect of scrolling fix

    I use Indesign CS6 to create a page layout.

    I know, if we put three pages in a page layout using fix scroll, pages effect from page to page, not scroll scroll.

    What happens if I want to use this effect to 'Frame' floating inside a page?

    Let say I have organize three photos, grouped, then paste into a framework for the effect of scrolling, when structure I drag the image it scrolling until the last photo shows and stop is just indicated half of these photos. (pls see attached photo).

    I want it is: when suddenly the scroll frame user images once second in evidence and shutdown, blow again, third photo shows upwards and the judgment, as the effect of scrolling fix available, we can see the first photo moving upward and the following image shows the bottom fading does not effect.

    I want to learn it so I can put some products in a floating framework, then the user can drag to see the product one by one.

    Help, please. Thank you.


    I can't think that you can do in native mode of the DPS tool. HTML slideshow with vertical sweep is possible

  • BB10 Viewport confusion


    I am porting my apps of PB to BB10, with great confusion on the setting of display window.

    1. if I use:

    Portrait)"/ >

    It works perfectly on the Playbook device landscape and portrait.

    (Screenshot of the playbook)

    But Simulator BB10, it looks bad, scales are too many not the screen width

    (BB10 Simulator screenshot)

    2 if I dynamically add the Javascript view window :

    The Playbook device, screen is not fixed

    (Screenshot of the playbook)

    BB10 Simulator, the screen seems too small too

    (BB10 Simulator screenshot)

    3 if I remove the viewport meta tag,.

    The Playbook device, screen looks OK when it starts, but it is changing too little on the orientation change

    (Screenshot of the playbook)

    Simulator BB10, screen seems OK at the start (screen width adjustment), I don't know how to rotate the Simulator...

    I don't know if the BB10 Simulator represents exactly how the device BB10, from my understanding, method 1 above cry be good enough (attested by real Playbook device) device should auto scale to fit the width.

    A method which should be the right way?

    Any advice?

    Thank you

    sh2sg wrote:

    My application was made for Playbook, has fixed the size of CSS layout (landscape: 1024 x 600), there is no meta viewport.

    That's the problem. Your layout is fixed, if you used a flexible, you will be able to easy port the app, now, you will have to port the full provision of the new resolution.

Maybe you are looking for