LB, Toolkit evaluation 8.6 vi ca not use executable version?

I installed a professional version of Labview 8.6.1 laid off to my computer. In the Release Notes, I have been informed that a list of the many features will be installed, but in this list that some are allowed with my driver's license all the others are for the assessment. Here are my questions:

1 - Why Relased notes it not there no information which features will be no allowed in mode do? Maybe staff National Instruments can provide me with this type of list.

2 - while in mode do I have notticed I use all this work with Labview code but when I buld a executable I have mistakes like that of the attachment. Is a restriction for evaluation for use these kits in the executable building?

3. why watching this error I have immediately a Labview crash, as previous attached file?

Thank you


I don't know how the release could specify the notes whose options you did or did not purchase a license for.

Since you have not bought the report tool kit, you cannot build an exe that uses it. You can certainly evaluate the report in development mode tool, but there must be restrictions on the creation of an executable file that you can distribute to countless users. If you are happy with the Toolkit in development mode and need to exe, that you plan to build, you will have to buy it.

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    Copyright (c) 1982, 2013, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

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    | ID | Operation | Name | Lines | Bytes | Cost (% CPU). Time |
    |   0 | SELECT STATEMENT |                 |   361K |   738 M |   197K (2) | 00:39:31 |
    |   1.  SEMI NESTED LOOPS.                 |   361K |   738 M |   197K (2) | 00:39:31 |
    |*  2 |   TABLE ACCESS FULL | FBNK_SEC_POS_FB |  4427 |  9247K |  75786 (1) | 00:15:10 |
    |*  3 |   XPATH EVALUATION.                 |       |       |            |          |

    Name of the query block / Alias object (identified by the operation identity card):

    1 SALT$ BCF67709
    2 SALT$ BCF67709 / [email protected]$1

    Information of predicates (identified by the operation identity card):

    2 - filter("SECURITY_NUMBER"='000566-000')
    3 - filter("P".") C_01$ "= 'US0010001')

    Projection of the column information (identified by the operation identity card):

    1 (#keys = 0) "T". "RECID" [VARCHAR2, 255], "T" "." " SYS_NC00003$ '[LOB, 4000],
    2 - « T ». "RECID" [VARCHAR2, 255], "T" "." " SYS_NC00003$ '[LOB, 4000],
    3 VALUE (A0) [4000]

    -dynamic sample used for this survey (level = 2)
    LETTER: SQL: 2:Full: SELECT t.RECID FROM FBNK_SEC_POS_FB WHERE SECURITY_NUMBER = t'000566-000' and xmlexists (' $xmlrecvar/row [c81 / text ()])

    (= "US0010001"]' in PASSING XMLRECORD AS 'xmlrecvar')

    4096 selected records

    You probably won't see the difference in approach...

    I have NOT used and not STRUCTURED XML, but a STRUCTURED index rather XML index...

    • Index unstructured XML when introduced in 11.1 and use an ARRAY of path. Unstructured XML indexes are mainly used for research "blurred".
    • Structured XML indexes where introduced in 11.2 and make use of one or more TABLES of CONTENTS that contain, must contain content of the structured parts in the XML document

    So I have not used

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                      XMLTABLE SXI_CONTENT_TABLE
                        C2  VARCHAR2(100)     PATH 'c2'
                      , C81 VARCHAR2(100)     PATH 'c81'

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    I woulnd't ' t worry about that.

    VMware is not always synchronize version numbers. It is the build number that really counts, and even that is not synchronized with the main version.

    FWIW, mine reads the same version. The web INTERFACE is packed with VMware Server, so there is no more later than currently available version.




    VI-box tools & scripts wiki at

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    Note: When you use this feature, you will lose all the extensions, toolbar customizations, and certain preferences. See article Firefox Refresh - reset modules and parameters for more information.

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        click Help

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      • If you are unable to access the Help menu, type Subject: support in your address bar to bring up the troubleshooting information page.
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