Lc100w not connect to the app.

Help! I have a Lc100w action camera and may not be connected to my iPhone. I start the wifi in the camera, then connect to it with my iPhone and it says connected but it shows this is not connect at the top of my screen. When I open the application and click Add the camera he says cannot be added because device not found. I deleted and reinstalled the application several times and still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you have tried the app Cam life instead? I came across the following document in the user guides section:

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    Try restarting mode without failure. To restart in safe mode, restart the computer and press on and hold down the SHIFT key until the Apple icon appears. The computer starts more slowly than usual because the disk utility checks the drive. After getting on the desktop launch the App store and try to connect. Successful or not, once you're done, restart normally to exit safe mode.

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    Uh, Yes?

    but really, nevermind.  the last reslease for app world works fine.

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    Well - I already knew these links and I can't find anything useful
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    This one works very well

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    Official information is available here:

    See you soon!

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    I first noticed a problem when the onedrive displays the triangle yellow error, while veiwing my files. I found that my onedrive could not connect to the internet, even though I know that my internet works fine because I still can't browse the web. I ran for onedrive troubleshooting, but it does not detect a problem. I thought that I delete it and download it again from the store, but when I tried to open the app store, I found that could not connect to the internet either. All my other apps seem to have the same problem. Troubleshooting for these other applications also do not increase a problem.

    Hi L_Gonzalez,

    Thanks for posting the query on Microsoft Community.

    I'm sorry to know that the apps you connect it to Internet. I appreciate your time and patience.

    You can open any website using a browser (just to make sure that you have internet connect)?

    If you are able to access Web sites, then I suggest you to try the steps in the link below by Rajesh Govind.

    I hope this helps to solve the issue. If the problem persists, get back to us. We will be happy to help you.

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    I had the same problem of internet access with Windows 8.1. For me, it was a problem with my antivirus (Norton) program. I opened the antivirus and after checking all selections under Firewall I finished by clicking on help. He began to process automatically. I thought he was doing that I can get support. He finished by saying 1 problem has been fixed. I went to the opening of the store Windows and "Walla". I've been in.

  • App store message error "your PC is not connected to the internet"

    How can I solve the error message app store "Your PC is not connected to the internet", when it is connected? I tried all the suggestions so far, but not luck.


    -You have upgraded to Windows 8.1?

    I suggest you to refer to the methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Found an MSDN link which is useful for application problems after the upgrade to Windows 8.1.

    Check out the link:

    Method 2:

    I suggest you delete the Windows Store cache and check how it works.

    (a) press Windows + R logo

    (b) type wsreset.exe in the run window, and then press ENTER.

    Method 3:

    Define the Apps approved in third program Antivirus- If you have a third party AV program installed, check its settings to make sure that the app Store works is not changed to be approved. If the AV program has the app as unreliable, it will block and prevent opening the app.

    Let us know the status.

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    On a new computer (Surface Pro :) I have connected my Gmail account to my Mail app and it worked as it did on my old computer. When I closed my Mail app I was expecting to see my Google calendar event appear, but nothing was there. I open the calendar application and went settings, and then click accounts. For some reason it was not connected to my Google account for this application. I tried to connect the account, but it showed whenever (my e-mail and password were correct):

    "Unable to connect. Make sure that the information you entered is correct. »

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Mail-calendar group, but he did not do anything.

    On a note related, when I first tried to sync my Gmail account, it did not work and the app has said something like "unable to connect to this account", but later it was working fine except the account who worked was a duplicate of one that didn't work. I deleted the duplicate which was not working and everything works as normal in the Mail app could be the reason why the calendar app did not work?

    Google stopped their sync Exchange system, which is the synchronization system used for completely almost all smart phones and PC on the planet.  Rather than implement the CalDAV standard as widespread, Google has just announced that they will use a synchronization exclusive customized service to advance calendar.  They published API that allow for that integrate other software with this service publishers, is not impossible to think that it can be integrated in the calendar app in the future.

    I know it's incredibly ironic for Microsoft to be on the receiving end of the present, but with anti-competitive measures Google takes, you're probably only going to get the best experience of using the Microsoft calendar service, (formerly Windows Live Calendar).

    There are ways to get Google Calendar to show up in the Windows Calendar by adding the iCal feed to your calendar, but as far as I know is the only option right now and is read-only.

  • Windows 8 apps not saying not connected to the internet, while the internet office is good

    Windows 8 apps has problems, not saying not connected to the internet, while the internet office is good. After months of research to fix, I conclude that windows 8 has been sold quickly for cash. The team microsoft will fix the problem on windows 8.1.  I hope someone out there give us a competitive software replacement.


    Please, try the fix mentioned in this article and see if that helps:
    Hope this helps, good luck :)
  • Can you read a DPS 2015 app when you are not connected to the wi - fi?

    Can you read a DPS 2015 app when you are not connected to the wi - fi?

    As mentioned, articles that have already been viewed are cached locally on the device for offline use. Note that the application, if any, will remove the oldest available items to free up space.

    If your reader wants to ensure that a collection is available offline, we have a new feature on iOS which was released Friday, which allows an explicit download of a collection and prevents purged automatically. See Digital Publishing Solution helps | What's new in this version of DPS 2015 for more information. This feature is currently on iOS, and will be available on Android and Windows in a few weeks.


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    Then you need to either:

    (1) sign up for cloud creative then you can build a simple edition approx. attention however: this approach will no longer valid as of May 1, when we withdraw support for a unique creative cloud and unique edition apps are only on devices iPad.

    (2) sign up for a full license of DPS. You can request information on prices using Adobe | Request for consultation.


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    Some of my programs will not update (automatic or manual) when I am online. Quicken, RoboForm, CCLeaner will be updated without problem. I was not able to install SP2, as well as updates of .NET Framework on my PC (XP Pro have). Suite of McAfee or Norton 360 will not update their definitions. I can open the Windows IE or Mozilla and go to the site, but I still see a message that I am not connected to the Internet. I have a broadband wireless router/w.

    Hi ricklnewman,

    ·        You receive an error message or error code when you try to install Service Pack or .net Framework?

    The antivirus installed on your computer can block windows update in order to install. Microsoft recommends not having more security or anti-virus software installed on your computer, as this could cause conflict of files.

    Follow the methods below:

    1 start your computer in aclean boot and try to install the updates. Link below will help you to start the computer in clean boot:

    Make sure that you reset the computer in normal mode (you can see step 7)

    2. reset windows update components, you can see the below link for the same thing:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    See the links below to obtain the latest service pack for Windows XP:

    How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack:

    You can download and install the standalone product of the .net framework from the link below:

    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2:

    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Unable to connect to the App Store since the upgrade to IOS 10

    Tried to restart App Store and phone. changed the password and recorded out and back in but still unable to connect. We will, get apps but when I try and download it keeps asking for the password and say that it can not connect. Someone at - it advice?

    Hello CT05,.

    Please ask for assistance with the App Store here in Apple Support communities. I understand how it is important to be able to download my new or existing applications on the App Store. Please try these things to see if we can get this to work for you as expected!

    The first thing we want to make sure is that all your data is safe. You can perform a backup to iCloud or iTunes. Use this article to help with this: backing up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Once you have your backup, please go to on your computer or via a web browser. Log in with the Apple ID you are trying to connect to the App Store with. If it connects, take note of the Apple ID and password. Try the same information on the iPhone.

    If this still does not work on the iPhone, please click Settings > Wi - Fi and turn Wi - Fi off. See if you can access the App Store on your cell data. If you can, it means that it some security on the wireless network that you are connected to that is blocking your connection. You won't be able to do this unless you use your cellular data or move you to a new wireless network.

    If you are not able to access the App Store on cellular or wireless data, please open this help article: If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connects to a Wi-Fi network. Check the section still not 'connect?' and look at the instructions to reset the network settings. What this does is actually reset some of your default network settings. You have to reenter your password to connect to wireless networks once this is done. Try again.

    Thanks again and have a great rest of your day.

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