LCA with NI9205 measure

I want to measure/monitor the voltage across a heating element. The source is 208VAC and heating is 94ohms. If I use the arrangement below of will I have damaged my DAQ?


You seem to try to measure the voltage by a network powered by heating.  The 9205 isn't not designed for this, and try to do could be very dangerous.  Please see the specifications of safety for the 9205 -

Consider using the NO-9225.  It is designed for applications with high voltage and is designed to isolate safe for network applications.

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  • Measure the pressure with NI9205 in Mode CSR

    I use the NI9205 module to measure the pressure, but when I connect two transducers of pressure for the module in the CSR mode there is a decrease of output signal of the pressure sensor and when I dissconnect it the signal to return to the previous value, also when I use the differential mode after a few seconds the output signal turns into a 50 Hz oscillation , can you help me please?

    the pressure transducers are PDCR 4011, output 200mV and must provide of 10V and I use two similar power supply for transducers.

    Thank you


    Hello Omid,

    It doesn't sound like the shields were inducing 50 Hz noise that you saw. They might have been picking up some other equipment in the room, and I think that Earth shield is the right solution for the problem.

    Best regards

    Adam G

  • Measured values of task not aggreeing with the measurements of the test Panel

    We read (with excitement) accelerometers using modules PXI-6254. Initially, we thought that we were see shift CC and we were and we filtered. Now, if we measure the sensor output at rest with an O'scope we read uV. For even if we read the channels with MAX test panels we also read some uV. But when we do the DAQmx tasks and look at the tensions of the task to MAX (same sensors at rest), we see readings of up to 25 or 30 mV - orders of magnitude higher. Can anyone suggest what may be the cause?

    (I enclose a word with screenshots represetative doc)

    Thank you


    How many channels are tailor-made and at what rate?  What is the output impedance of the accelerometer or filters, you have between the accelerometers and the 6254?

    It is possible that you run into error when paying.  The specifications for the PXI-625 x cards has a chart showing the expected setting vs error track-to-track interval various sources.

    A way to test this would be to slow down your sampling rate.  If the error decreases as you slow down the sampling frequency, it's a good bet that you run into a problem of setup time.

    Mark Moss

    Electrical Validation engineer

  • With differential measurement noise problems

    Hey everybody.

    I use an NI USB-6211, LABView 2011 and Win7.

    I'm trying to measure a voltage through a resistor using differential mode. But unfortunately im getting a lot of noise (on + - 25%).

    The voltage source I use is variable and can go up to 600V. With my diet I am essentially heat a metal plate.

    A parallel voltage divider is used to reduce the voltage by one hundredth (1 MOhm and 10 kOhm).

    Two wires attached to the lower resistance then go directly into analog input 0 + 8 of data acquisition.

    So if I'm trained 600V to the plate, data acquisition should get about 6V... and that's what I measure with my voltmeter attached to the acquisition of data input pins.

    I also tried these resistances of POLARIZATION and connected the + and - leads to the analogous to the ground like a resistance I used 10 k, 100 k and 1 MOhm and 2 MOhm and

    continue to receive a bad signal.

    Two sketches of the wire as a signal (100V, supposed to measure 1V, no CORRECTION) are attached to the post.


    EDIT: I forgot to write that I even tried an another NI DAQ and still get this noise problem.

    Also, I measured the voltage source signal using an oscilloscope and I see that noise. But the differential mode isn't supposed to

    reduce noise to a minimum?

    Hey everybody,

    come to understand that the voltage divider resistors are medium to high and they were the main reason for the noise


    Before I used 1 MOhm and 10 kOhm, now I use 100 ohm and 100 kOhm and with a median filter in this regard, it works very well!

    But still, if I use the resistance of these BIASES they do not change.


  • Import data from the .tdms file and comparing with the measured .tdms file

    I want to make an application that writes the values measured in a .tdms file.
    But I want to do a separate database in a .tdms file that contains the theoretical values.
    After the measurement, the application must compare the measured values with the theoretical.
    If the application needs to read that a cell of the .tdms file.
    Is this possible?

    Thank you

    Here are some materials:

    I also recommend that you can start with examples of PDM in LV to get acquainted.

  • The REPORT CYCLIQUE with myDAQ measure?

    Hi all

    Sorry for my beginner question. Is it possible to measure the duty cycle with myDAQ? If Yes, could you give me some advice please how? I want to measure the temperature with temperature probe SMT 160-30 with duty cycle output.  I tried the analog and digital inputs. In the case of the analog input, there is a problem with zero amplitude (error). If I use entry digital then output is 0 and Boolean variable 1 and I don't know how to proceed with the determination of the duty cycle. I use DAQ assistant so I will gratefull for the solution with the DAQ assistant.

    Thank you very much


    What you need to do, is to capture a waveform analog (PWM signal).  Then you perform a comparison on all data entered to see if it is greater than a threshold.  A typical threshold for a 5V signal is 2.5V.  That should translate into an array of Boolean.  Use then Boolean (0.1) followed by the average.  If you want a percentage, multiply by 100.

  • Incorrect voltage to a channel with NI9205

    Hello everyone

    I measure 10 tension of cell with a NI 9205 (differential mode, volt min. = 1, maximum voltage = 3).

    Everything works fine, until tensions are higher than 2.7 V. channel 17 (cell number 10), the voltage begins to decrease.

    All the other channels (0-7 and 16) works correctly.

    For example, when the real tension is 2.72, the measure shows 2.64 (and the value is not very stable). The more the voltage of the cell increases more 2.7 V, the more the measure of this cell voltage begins to decrease.

    I also connected the voltage of channel 17 to channel 18, but the problem remains. Both channels show too low voltage (but not exactly the same value).

    My sampling rate is 15, my conversion of clock frequency is 200.

    In addition, I have two NI9217 in my cDAQ-9172 chassis to measure 8 temperatures.

    Everything is measured in a task (10 voltages, temperatures of 2 x 4).

    Any ideas how to fix?

    Thanks and greetings



    with 10 cells in a row you are likely well beyond the sides of the 9205 input voltage. Please note that the 9205 offer channel for floor insulation, but not from track to track. The voltage for each channel must remain in +/-10.4 V of the common. With your stack of the cell you are probably larger than this limit and reduced tension that you see is the result of the entry of the 9205 amplifier starts to saturate.

    As a solution, you will probably use a second analog input module and divide your channels in the middle of your stack of the cell.

    Kind regards

    Jochen Klier

    National Instruments

  • EPMA Essbase BSO cube with text measures

    Hello world
    I use Oracle EPM
    I'm trying to deploy a cube essbase BSO with EPMA text measures. The list of text EPMA must be created as a smartlist dimension. I even kept the Member account with the data type text as the first member of the level 0 of the account hierarchy.
    When deployment I'm gettting no error. In environmental assessments when I see the property of the Member, it shows as text, and also with the list of text attached to it. But when I insert data, data gets too loaded and gives no error.

    But when am through Smart View data display or HFR, the data are displayed as numbers and not as text.

    Kindly help.

    Kind regards


    We met the same problem.
    Try the same essbase outline in cube Epma no if it works, then update at the request of EPMA and then deploy it and check again if this works.

    Thank you

  • Developer-Online: Building Shoutbox with Dreamweaver & MEASURE

    Shoutbox with Dreamweaver & construction MEASURE

    Hi all... Tutorial today on how to build the shoutbox with Dreamweaver and MEASURE with Php MySQL database, also you can restrict the forbidden words to avoid comment spam or bad, you could be facing these open applications!

    Requirements: To complete this tutorial, you will need to install the software and the following files:
    Dreamweaver CS3 or higher.
    Adobe developer toolbox uninstall.

    Tags: PHP | MEASURE | Forms

    > View Tutorial

    > Online demo

    DwFAQ wrote:

    dead links

    I ve fixed just the links in the original of Waleed´s message, because they did not have the end domain name - but now that they do not work, all I get is a «you must connect to see...» "error message.

    See you soon,.


  • problem with zero measuring table

    I have a problem when I export my database
    I have the exp script user

    owner system/[email protected] exp = test

    and tables with zero degrees did not export the dump file
    I need to change the table making the next step with 1 k to export the table

    What is the solution without affecting the table?

    Details of the message of pl of the OS and database versions. I suspect this is related to the creation of segment carried into

    There is no MOS 960216.1 Doc - Original Export triggers EXP-11 Table or Table is ignored


  • problem reading DAQmx using Measurement Studio 2010 (even with examples OR)

    Hi all

    I'm reading the voltage using a map of NOR-DAQ-6211 with Measurement Studio 2010 SP1 V9.1.0.204. using Visual Basic .net 2010.
    When I create the task of data acquisition with the measurement studio Wizard, (Assistant DAQ) everything works fine. However, when I try to create my own task player in looking over the "ContAcqVoltageSamples_IntClk" everything I read is a value in the range of Vmin to Vmax (or to Vmin Vmax) and then she stays there no matter if I change my diet. Vmin and Vmax does not yet match my values of voltage. (It acts like that on my application and example of OR) I guess I missed a few initial settings. The config of AIChannel in two projects (manual task and Augo-Gen) use AIChannelConfig.RSE (I tried other options, but no luck).

    The only wiered thing is that when I open examples of projects, VS does not recognize the object references of NOR. Workspace names DAQmx. When I check the references, it shows that it does not find the reference to NI.Common. To make it work/compilation, removed from the solution and I again added. (I don't think this is related, as it seems that there are available tensions but not read correctly).

    The other thing is that my input voltage is 3 or 0 volt. When you use the manual DAQtask, when I toggle the voltage, the values displayed change momentarily the order of 0.001 Volts and then go back to their previous values of Vmax and Vmin.

    Is there more information I can provide?

    Help, please
    Thank you

    Yay! I just solved my problem,

    From the first moment I knew there was something fishy about this AITerminalConfig thingy! I made two errors:

    1. in the code example Configuration AI is encoded: CType (-1, AITerminalConfiguration) that caused the code example does not work for all channels to HAVE it

    2 - also, I have in my code, I had put this config to the correct value, but I was checking ai0 all the time while the signal was on another I. I was under the impression that since the example does not work for all my channels, then probably my code does not work as well.

    If after changing the line in the example for the correct terminal configuration settings, he began working for the AI number I was looking for too much and I found that my code worked for my AI # correctly from the beginning. I wasn't just to see it!

  • Uniform measurement and measure / HWM - why I'm left with 24 blocks?

    Hi guys,.

    Recently, I have the busy table a few hundred megabytes, even after I have truncate and deallocate unused.

    So I decided to publish this statement to remove freespace under the HWM.
    < i > alter table ain.scb_grp_user_priority DESALLOUER UNUSED KEEP 1 K; < /i >

    When this statement is complete, I question this

    < i > select nom_segment, segment_type, bytes/1024/1024, blocks, nom_tablespace in dba_segments where nom_tablespace = 'AIN_CC' and nom_segment = 'SCB_GRP_USER_PRIORITY' order by desc bytes; < /i >

    SCB_GRP_USER_PRIORITY TABLE 0,1875 < b > < /b > 24
    I know that I am always left with 24 blocks.

    1st quarter), I said to keep 1 K, why am I always stayed with 24 blocks * 8192 bytes which is more then 1 k?

    Q2) how can I find out the number of block by default measure?
    whenever I create a table without no storage clause or change the table allocate extend, the amount of added block = 8.

    (3) I am using a locally managed tablespace, then I believe that measure allocated are uniform in size.

    When I check the table dba_extents
    Select the nom_segment owner, segment_type, nom_tablespace, extent_id, bytes, blocks from dba_extents where nom_segment = 'SCB_GRP_USER_PRIORITY' and owner is 'AIN ';


    I saw EXTEND_ID 0 with 24 blocks.
    There should not be 3 extend, each with 8 blocks?

    Kind regards

    Hemant K Chitale wrote:

    where I ended up with a measure of 320K, if I started with INITIAL 128 M, the next 64M (although the 'next' should not important?)

    It would be 32 level 1 bitmap blocks, one level 2 bitmap block, the segment header and six other hand to get a multiple of 8 blocks.

    Which is consistent with the scope of 64 MB you created probably because of your initials. Here is a comment about by bitmap blocks a couple of years on the newsgroups:

    Jonathan Lewis

  • Problem with measurements


    I HAVE CS5 and I have a little problem with the measures...

    For example... I create a rectangle and I put l: 5 cm and cm h: 2

    When I press on enter puts Illustrator:

    L: 5,0443 H: 2,0402





    It sounds as if you need to edit > Preferences > General > preview limits checked, which means that half of the weight of the race is added to each side, which increases the values; with a slight inaccuracy, it seems to match something like 1.25pt in the weight of the race.

    If you have to line up on the grid of pixels makes TIC TACS (latest version (s), you can disable it in the transformation Panel), it would also change the values, but they do not seem to fit the whole pixels.

  • Funny question with the use of applescript to set the position of the quicktime window

    I use an applescript script in automator to start a recording quicktime. When I run the applescript to automator, everything works fine, but when I run the same sequence as a double-clickable application automator, it throws an error * when it gets to this line:

    Tell application "system events" to indicate the process "QuickTime Player" to set the position of the window before {1131, 725}

    Any ideas as to why?

    Thank you!!

    * Error is just, "the"Run AppleScript"action has encountered an error"


    Do not use events from system but QuickTime Player itself to manipulate the window, especially when the scripts via the events system tends to be blocked under recent operating systems, even with special measures to release.

    Like that.

    set {x, y} to {1131, 725}
    tell application id "" -- QuickTime Player X
        tell window 1
            set {l, t, r, b} to bounds
            set bounds to {x, y, r - l + x, b - t + y}
        end tell
    end tell

    or it-

    set {x, y} to {1131, 725}
    tell application id "" -- QuickTime Player 7
        tell window 1
            set {l, t, r, b} to bounds
            set bounds to {x, y, r - l + x, b - t + y}
        end tell
    end tell

    Kind regards


  • Wrong time file Express with NI9361 medium Freq dynamics of the signal

    I have an interesting problem with recoding of the frequency to a file with SignalExpress measures and a NI9361. I was able to find a workaround, but here's the question:

    As in the attached SignalExpress project, I'm analog acquisition of voltage using a NI9234. In this case, the module is in place only for the/cDAQsim/I/SampleClock channel exist for my next step to reference. I'm also acquisition of previous frequency with the NI9361 in dynamic mode with an average using the reference to external clock of the analog input stage. Then I have a backup at the ASCII stage where I want to write a file leave ASCII, comma with absolute time.

    That's the problem. In this case, I cared only to save the frequency to the file. But, when I did the absolute time would count per second for 100 points, then loop back at once and County place again. (See attached Test01.csv.) This is the same behavior that if I tried to record data using just the NI9361 without an external sample clock.

    If instead, the save operation I take FIRST entry then the frequency I will get a file with the correct absolute time as Test02.csv analog, attached. Even if I save the frequency as the first entry and then return to tension the problem at the time scale.

    Anyone know why that would happen? Is there a simpler way for the frequency measures stamped recored with the NI9361 and SignalExpress without analog data recording? without using an analog input module at all?


    This question looks better suited for the Signal Express community forum page.  Please ask your question here.

    Thank you

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