Left click the Satellite C660 Touch Pad/buttons does not work

Hi guys!
I own a Toshiba Satellite C660 (of course: P) anyway. Today, I was just doing what I do usually on my laptop,
when suddenly the left button of the mouse has stopped working. (Bare with me, it's very weird to explain xD!) Also I can not 'left click' on my touch pad. I can still move the cursor with the touchpad and right click with the right button.

I tried slightly shaking incase of crumbs, or something. Although I never eat around my laptop. It is not difficult to grow as there is something under it, it just doesn't work!

In summary, I can't left click. But I'm able to move and made a click right, weird!

For the moment I have my USB mouse plugged in my computer and it works fine, but it is very annoying!

Sorry if I don't explain it too well!

Help, please!


On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here. It is not easy to tell if the left touchpad button is faulty or disabled in some way.

As a first step, you should check all the settings for the touchpad. If your laptop computer has preinstalled software check Synaptics all parameters associated with the touchpad buttons.

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    Uninstall the existing touchpad driver and install it:


    Recently, it has been already discussed on the dysfunction of the touchpad in this thread. But unfortunately it did not help him

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  • Satellite A300D-158 illumination button does not work on Vista

    Buttons light Toshiba does not work under Vista.

    I installed added package versions available in Toshiba support page, but Toshiba Assist do not see the list of function buttons where I can change the feature keys.

    When this value added package is uninstalled all buttons works with WMP, but during the installation - do not.
    Illumination power button is not working do not by the press.

    This means support to toshiba button does not work properly with vista.

    I don't have these problems with XP


    As far as I know, you can enable and disable the lighting in the BIOS.
    Go to BIOS and check if you can activate it.

    By the way; you said that buttons don t work with Vista.
    Have you tested this with Vista OS preinstalled Toshiba?

    You should do this!

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    Mine is a laptop Satellite L20-100. My touch pad scroll (the page scrolls automatically when you slide your finger upwards & downwards on the right edge of the touch pad) does not work for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It works fine with other applications like windows Explorer, microsoft word. When I try to scroll in the window of the Firefox browser, this isn't schroll at all. Please can someone help me?.

    Kind regards


    Read on the forum of Firefox:


    If it doesn't help you, after your problem here

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  • Satellite A100-1011E - AV button does not work

    Hello world

    I'm new here but I have an urgent problem. I hope that you guys can tell me what to do. I have this laptop SATELLITE A100-1011E model. My AV button which located on the left side of the keyboard does not work.

    I'm sure that it works always 3 days ago, but I don't know what I did and it doesn't now. I n it's a driver issue cause I just bought this phone 5 days ago. I checked with this 'Toshiba' commands in the Panel and I've assigned to the right program (windows media player 10) but it does not work when I press a key.

    Can someone help me with this? :( Thank you very much.


    Until you try anything roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool. Maybe it will help you.

    If this don't work let us know.

  • Satellite C660 - new internal keyboard does not work


    I'm completely stuck I have a portable satellite c660 keyboard did not work.
    So I bought a replacement keyboard and installed and checked in the Device Manager and it says it is there and works correctly, but the replacement keyboard still does not work.

    I updated the bios and uninstalled the keyboard drivers and reinstalled them that I've done everything I can think off to try and get this new keyboard working but I am having no luck and could so with some assistance.

    Have you ever checked if the USN external keyboard works properly?

    I ask because in the case where the external keyboard does not work properly, the internal keyboard problem could be related to faulty keyboard controller (motherboard) or a problem of system m.

    In case the external keyboard would work properly, you had any luck with the new keyboard. It might be possible that the new keyboard is malfunctioning.

  • Satellite A135-S4727 - L button does not work

    The L key on my computer laptop Satellite A135-S4727 Ref. PSADOU-ONFOOP does not work, please help. Thank you


    In my opinion only replacement of keyboard might help you.
    Get in touch with a local ASP Toshiba your country and ask for help.
    If the warranty is valid, the keyboard should be replaced free of charge.


  • The Microsoft Wireless mouse right button does not work

    The right button of the mouse on my Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 does not - at first I thought that it was a hardware problem, but when I used the mouse properties/control panel to change the buttons on the mouse, the right button worked and the left mouse button does not, which leads me to believe that it is related to the software/driver.
    I have the latest version of the driver/Intellipoint software.  I am running Win 7 32 bit on a Lenovo ThinkPad T410.
    Change the port USB did not help; the problem persists, no matter which USB port I use for the receiver.
    Reinstall the software Intellipoint also did not help.
    It is a recent issue; I had the mouse for several months and it has worked well upward until a few days ago.
    Googling the problem that leads me to believe that it is a common problem, although most people seem to think it's a hardware problem.


    Run the Fixit described in the article:
    Troubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not correctly

    I also suggest you to remove the batteries in the mouse and keep it idle for 10-20 minutes. Insert the batteries and check it out.

    See also:
    Troubleshoot the incidents of the response to the mouse or wireless keyboard
    I hope this helps.
  • Spilled beer on Satellite A300-16I - now button does not work:


    I accidentally spilled beer on my computer... not really what you need to do: S
    Well now, I have a little problem that my key 'h' that is not responding.
    So, when I press it and does not work... without 'h' are written.

    Is there a way I could fix this cause I don t feel like using the copy / paste function to write the letter "h"... Well I hope someone like solution :)


    Hmm, in all likelihood, your keyboard needs to be replaced.
    I doubt that the only button H can be fixed and thus the entire keyboard needs to be replaced.

    Contact the ASP in your country and request a replacement.

    However, you can also use an external USB keyboard, but I think that it of better to have a laptop keyboard that works properly.

  • Satellite C660 1 - EL - Webcam does not work

    Webcam does not work. I tried to uninstall the webcam application but impossible to uninstall it also tried to update webcam driver downloaded and tried to install the driver for the webcam updated July 2011... DAT can also be done.

    Help me my cam of fixation.

    How to help if lack us the most important news:
    What operating system do you use?
    Do you use original preinstalled OS or the clean version of the OS?
    Webcam is listed in Device Manager?


  • On the Satellite L650-12Z DVD player does not work

    (this is posted on the US forums who sent me here)


    I have a bit of a problem with my portable DVD player. If I put a DVD in there, he turns and runs for 2 minutes, but he made nothing read (read: I do not hear the lens engine).

    Now, in this age of digital distribution, it is less a problem then it used to be, but it is still a bit boring.
    It is also not a question relating to the OS because when I try to boot from a DVD of Windows 7 it also does not work.

    It is out of warranty, so I can't send it to cost me money.

    Thanks in advance.

    It looks like a hardware problem of the optic disc.
    In some cases it is only a matter of laser lenses, could you fix this by cleaning up that part.

    I cleaned the lens laser alcohol or cotton tip.
    Some people recommended this and in my case it helped also.

    Of course, this could be a solution only in case your laser lens is dirty.

  • Satellite A500-138 - lighting buttons does not work even in the BIOS


    I'm just curious to know if anyone else has a problem with the (play/pause excatly) multimedia keyboard backlight? Mine died today, and there is nothing I can do to make it work again.

    The key still works, but when I turn on the backlight, backlight on everyone, but the play/pause (the backlight of the other keys work, touchpad and Satellite logo too).

    I use Windows 7, but the problem persists even in the BIOS.

    I think the backlight of the button is just dead.

    I have to admit I'm really disappointed with this laptop. Config is great, design and are also involved, but I can just take the couine noise that makes C2D (RMClock, one utility, I know that to solve this problem, does not recognize the A500 motherboard) and the fan almost never works to 70%, and now that the backlight...

    If the backlight of the multimedia key stops working after 3 weeks of use, which will be in the future? It's too scary to think ;)

    I was really excited by Toshiba, but day after day I come to the conclusion, that it is the first and the last laptop that I bought at Toshiba - never had similar problems on other laptops, same nonames.

    Of course, I know that I can has sent for fix, I guarantee (and wait about a month to get a backlight fixed stupid). But why hell not the backlight stoped working, if LEDs vitality is long as hell? It can mean two things: I really don't have a chance, or Toshiba did not pay too much attention to detail during production A500s. And after 3 weeks of use, I fear that the second option is much more likely...

    Then, someone has a feeling similar to this topic? And someone has a problem with backlight?


    He damage of s to hear that your light has stopped working, but I think that it s just a software problem.
    I have a Satellite A500 equipped with buttons of enlightenment and everything works great with Vista and XP I m very satisfied.
    Unfortunately until that yet I didn't test with Win 7.

    I doubt you want to send this laptop for ASP, as I said, there seems to be a software problem and you can find it easily
    You must set the notebook to factory settings I mean that you must use the recovery disc in order to get the same State as on the first day of purchase

    Moreover, I visited the European driver of Toshiba page and, unfortunately, I didn't see no Win 7 drivers for this series at this time
    I guess that Windows 7 drivers will be released in the near future.
    So I wonder how you came to the button illumination because this feature requires the Toshiba driver and tools as well as the drivers aren't there?  :|

  • Satellite C660 - Synaptics pointing device does not work

    I use a Satellite C660 32-bit laptop.
    After that uninstall and removal of a large number of unnecessary programs to free up space I found that disc my touchpad not working more.

    It won't scroll up and down, left and right more.
    So I don't know if I deleted this program by mistake. Can't do a system restore either because that which is also eliminated.

    Help, please...

    I assume that you have not disabled the device or damaged Windows installation - the mouse is as fundamental as the keyboard and would need some removal of smart to 'delete '.

    Have you checked the State of the key in the Device Manager?
    You have a small button near the touch pad that turns off?
    If missing just the driver, then, you have 3 options

    1. click on 'My product to support' near the top of this page and follow / complete the pages to find the Toshiba touch pad driver

    2. access the synaptec site and download the driver

    3 go to Uscrybe.com, a synaptic site and download the driver - more features than 1 or 2

Maybe you are looking for