Lenovo K200 5312-3AQ

Please suggest me a beautiful economic achievement graphic n for the system above lenovo...


Thankx sincere Companion... you're gr8 help!

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  • Firefox crashing on startup - 40.0.2 on Lenovo T450s

    Crash ID: bp-eee4103b-b29d-45bc-958c-a6aa12150819

    Updated Firefox 39.0.3 to 40.0.2, and it crashes at startup (even in safe mode). Roll back to 39.0.3 works very well.

    The latest Intel 5500 were provided by Lenovo with drivers of the video card installed (

    The report of incidents reported these programs;

    sysfer.dll = Symantec CMC Firewall

    IPSEng32.dll = Symantec's Intrusion detection

    IPSLdr32.dll = Symantec's Intrusion detection
    It's for the Sumo
    Related bugs

    1181091 NEW - 40 Firefox crashes at startup [@ @0 x 0 |] [ScopedXPCOMStartup: ~ ScopedXPCOMStartup ()] with the endpoint of Websense

    Type of topic: addons< enter > in the address bar to open your add-ons Manager.
    Access key; < Control >(Mac: < command >)< shift > has)

    In the Manager of Add-ons, on the left, select Extensions.
    Turn off the Norton, toolbar and then restart.

    Is always the problem?

  • Cannot access site of Lenovo's Support with Aurora 34.0a2 while I don't have any problems when using Firefox Beta 33.0

    Try opening the Lenovo mainstay (http://support.lenovo.com) site.

    Aurora 34.0 has poster error regarding redirects by the server. There is also a hint about the possible reason being blocked or refuse cookies (I'm not 100%, what is my translation that I am using a localized version browser). Firefox Beta 33.0 works without any problem. I already checked the settings of cookies, but can not find a solution.

    Hello tjwasiak, I tried and could get the site to load without a problem. can you go through all the steps listed on the Web sites say cookies are blocked - pledge and see if it improves things?

  • I can't sync my apple firefox with my firefox in lenovo

    I need remove my firefox apple and I reinstaled it. I want to sync it with my lenovo firefox and I can't. Once there, I can do, but with the new version and Sistem of the different device, I can't do it and I'm buried.

    What will I do?

    Best regards

    Hi xamima,
    Please make sure that both devices are on the new version of sync, the two operating systems have Firefox sync and will work together on the same account:
    Please see: synchronize your bookmarks from Firefox, history, passwords, etc.

  • Envy 17 t-k200 cto k2z71av: top of replacement for envy 17 t-k200 cto k2z71av

    My laptop is missing in some of its key. I bought a new keyboard but I can't figure out how to get out the old and the new.  I was able to take over, but it seems that the cover on the keyboard is saudered on. How can I replace it? Do I need a new high? If Yes, where can I get a.  I also noticed that my fingerprint reader is not working either.

    Thank you.


    It is very hard work. Please use the following manual 43 page


    Several manuals:


    Kind regards.

  • HPPavilion 15 Notebook E4Q93EA: Wallpaper changed to Lenovo, while I save on Memorystick. Why? Corrective action?

    I back up all my files and drive C on a memory stick at night.  (Before the upgrade planned Windows 10).  In the morning, I found that the desktop wallpaper had changed from Lenovo with the Lenovo logo.  Original wallpaper disappeared among the options.  Should I be worried?  I checked with PC World that the laptop I bought is a genuine HP Pavilion

    You have another computer is a Lenovo? If you use the Microsoft account to connect to Windows 8 or higher, Microsoft will synchronize settings such as the desktop wallpaper on all computers using this account to connect.

  • Envy 17 t-k200 k4t90aar: where can I find a replacement motherboard

    I was informed that my HP Envy 17 t-K200 CTO probably has a broken mother.  When I tried the HP part Store I learned that there are two tips listed.  They are 793272-601 and 793272-501 part number.  The parts store also tells me I have to «Contact dealer»  I guess that means that the part is not available at HP.  OK, so I send a request to the "reseller" and learn this part number 793272-501 is not available.  I wrote back and asked 793272-601 but did not have an answer.

    Now the question is - if the motherboard is broken, and if this "reseller" is unable to provide the framework, where can I go to buy the necessary replacement?

    Hi there @beet-trucker

    You had mentioned tries to use the HP part Surfer to find 793272-601 or 793272-501 part number to replace your motherboard because it's probably broken. I managed to find the MOTHER UMA i7-4720HQ PRO card with the product number 793272-601 on the HP part surfer. However, I would suggest that you use the following link to create yourself a file number and contact us so that we can help you better.

    Step 1. Open the link: www.hp.com/contacthp/

    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number

    File number and phone number are displayed.

    They will be happy to help you immediately.

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    I hope this helps!

    Have a great day!

  • Lenovo $ X 1 display and MacBook (retina)

    Today, I took delivery of a new Lenovo $ X 1 screen. Specifically, I chose this screen for my MacBook because it supports USB - C; I can finally get rid of the dongle USB Apple-C and run all of a single cable, as nature intended. However, even if the monitor works fine with a cable HDMI (not 4K of course), I can't have my Macbook to recognize it when I connect just using the USB - C cable. It is not the USB hub to the screen, but not the display part. Does anyone have experience getting this screen to work? I tried the two Apple USB - C that came with the Macbook and the cable USB - C provided by Lenovo.

    Thank you

    And with my third cable usb - c, I got it working.

  • My Lenovo ThinkPad(red scroll) scroll function does not work in the new Firefox 4. It worked very well at point 3.6. Can you please fix this because it is a very important feature.

    (Middle button) scroll feature does not work on the new firefox 4. For this reason, so I need to move the scroll bar to move the page. It's very irritating problem, if you are a guy who uses the middle button to scroll. Can you if you please fix this...

    Thank you!!!

    I've updated to Firefox 4.01 today and the Center knob on my Lenovo T400 does more. I downloaded the updated Ultranav utility and the Ultranav driver for my T400 by http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-72858.html , then uninstalled the 'Thinkpad Ultranav Driver' to add/remove programs, rebooted and then installed the update utility and driver (another reboot) and now it works perfectly.

    So happy to get it working again.

  • I use a computer laptop lenovo, which has the trackpoint. with trackpoint scrolling does not work with firefox 4. This could have negative effects for users of the trackpoint. all solutions? Thank you.

    Lenovo t400 laptop

    Enter about: config in the address bar, Firefox request if you want to access the settings, click on the button indicating that you understand the risks.

    When the list of configurations come up, type "trackpoint" in the filter area, you will see a ui.trackpoint_hack.enabled"definition, which changes from-1 to 1

  • Firefox 3.6.8 Scrollpoint Act does not on the Lenovo mouse.

    Firefox does not have to scroll my Lenovo USB optical mouse applications via the Scrollpoint. (FYI functions Scrollpoint well enough as the Trackpoint on a Thinkpad keyboard, giving it a scroll of much more fluidly than any wheel on a regular 360 degrees wheel mouse.) Scrollpoint orders are recognized very well in almost all the other programs that I use, including word processors, e-mail and especially other browsers such as Opera programs. I, indeed, spent at the opera as my main browser until this feature is solved in Firefox. Thank you for your support.

    This still happens from Firefox 8.0.
    My drivers are up to date.
    I tried the suggestion of universal scrolling, but there is no Exceptions button in my mouse settings on.
    I note that neither is it a tab 'wheel' and keep referring to him as follows clearly not having the same device that I and other money griping about people. It is a mouse SCROLLPOINT, not a wheel mouse. I can't find any information that directly relates to this device; everything refers to wheel mice.

  • ENVY 15 t-k200: how to find if my 15 t-K200 motherboard supports a backlit keyboard



    This isn't a CTO machine so no complete listing available BUT based on the following site, many machines on the same series (15-knnnaa) have backlit keyboard:


    I believe that all the machines of the series whlole have mother who sleeps for a backlite keyboard. Why you have not ordered backlit keyboard in the first place?

    Kind regards.

  • My IMac will not recognize my LENOVO Tablet

    My iMac will not recognize my LENOVO Tablet

    "Will not recognize" it what, exactly? What you trying to do? Lenovo say when you contacted and reported the problem?

  • Server 2012R2 Lenovo ROK fails to intsaller to vmware

    I'll put up the new RD630 with 2012RD (lenovo ROK) on Vmware server

    If fails to install as recognized Lenovo hardware... support sent a link to change the data store. I'm relatively new to Vmware, does anyonehave step by step instructions to change the configuration?

    Here's what they sent:


    It's getting into vmware, choose the virtual machine and change the configuration settings, add a line, and enter SMBIOS.reflecthost = "TRUE". It was my steps:

    1. Launch the hypervisor
    2. Click on Virtual Machine
    3. Click on change Virtual Machine properties
    4. Click Options, click general
    5. Click on Configuration settings
    6. Click Add a line
    7. Enter SMBIOS.reflect.host the right pane in the left pane and TRUE
    8. Click OK

    You will now be able to install the version of Lenovo ROK of the server 2012R2

  • Turbo problems p 1 Lenovo vibe

    I am facing a lot of problems with Lenovo vibe p1 turbo for the last month and half, but still no support received from company 1) during the call, I had frequent breakdown of votes

    (2) frequent network drops

    (3) crash of the Dialer

    (4) many contacts were contacts but can see dialer

    (5) no support of the volte

    (6) the camera quality

    I tried formatting phone twice

    Phone reset but nothing solved my problems

    Contacted the service center they also saying flash software

    Hope Lenovo will solve these problems

    Please support those all these problems

    Hi Josepgreg,

    What version of software is on your phone? (Settings > about phone > the device information > Build number)
    If your phone has an available update, install it.

    Point 1,2,3:
    Generally, the 'network falls' and "telephone-outs" are caused by the SIM, not the phone itself.
    You can try to change the SIM card to your phone service provider.

    Point 4:
    What is common in the contacts, which are not shown? (same source as SIM or Google, etc.)

    Point 5:
    Not a problem, it is not supported right now. (In November, will be just the update which allows VoLTE).

    Point 6:
    Camera phone, it's not the best on the market, it is a mid-range phone.
    You can try another camera since the Google game application, some of them can improve the quality of the images.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How can I get the button tab to work again?

    The button tab and the '+' have been working fine until this morning. Since this afternoon, however, they are all two has stopped working. I click on each of them and nothing happens. I can't open a new tab. I have to open multiple browsers in order

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    I have a satellite M30 and I used a TDK Bluetooth PC Card. I love the software Configfree came with the laptop and noticed that it can detect the Bluetooth connections and wi - fi, but it works with pre-installed bluetooth devices. Is there anyway th

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    Help! I'm addicted to the Games preloaded MS and wants to remove them, rather than uninstalling it through the control panel I can then reinstall them using. In Win 7, can I remove them for good?

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