Lenovo (Lenovo A7-50 A3500) Tablet won't start


I solved it!

There is a tiny hole ahead of track/SIM card slot. I put a needle here and wait a minute.
and after that I turned on my tablet with button / stop.

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  • Windows 8 lenovo bookno net dvd rom won't start windows, still trying to repair disk errors

    , I like the oem license is stored in the bios, how can reinstall windows with disc or usb

    Hi all the success possible,

    After finding that windows 8 is wired in the Bios and that the media is now the manufacturer I dug in the Lenovo Web site.

    The computer shop I took it to could not diagnose the cause of the other that a defective hard drive old 2 years priming scrap the laptop and waive the fees of consultants £25.00.

    Fortunately, I refused, released and after that audit on the lenovo Web site found that the option of repair on the lenovo is wired with a hidden in the drive partition.

    So with a simple turn on and outside while pressing the small 15-minute Windows 8.1 reset button has been restored and is now currently update itself to windows 10.

  • My X 200 Tablet won't start.

    I am running Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

    Short story: The Green led (light (Z)) will take place, but the computer is otherwise completely insensitive and is absolutely silent: the fan is not running and CPU/processor is not clicking on suite.  My only way to properly interact with it is by holding down the power button to force a power off.  Is this a hardware problem?

    Long history: Initially, I had a problem with the mode 'sleep'. When I closed my computer, he would go to sleep and when I reopened it, he would be asleep.  The Moon light green, indicating the mode 'sleep', was on, but the computer was also unresponsive.  Even holding down the power button to force a power down was in vain, unless I pressed the button a few seconds of the opening of the laptop.

    Scan of the Internet lead to a large number of people with similar, but not exactly so, problems with their ThinkPads, but popular solution (turn off hybrid sleep) did nothing, as it was already off.  I pressed the ThinkVantage button and downloaded some updates were available for this, and once the download is finished, I rebooted my computer, which has also installed some updates Windows waiting in the background.  Windows did his usual installation, as he died, and as it restarted, the problems I described in the new version above began.  I was stuck at this point since then.  The RAM and hard drive seem to be intact.

    Does anyone have advice?  Should I tested it by an expert (i.e., Geek Squad)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Finally, I solved the problem.

    As it turns out, what I thought was a problem unrelated to finish up being the root for this cause.

    After booting, I get the warning: "there was a problem connecting to the module of TPM (safety device) on this computer.  It is possible that the software anti-virus or firewall is blocking the connection.  A missing or disabled device driver can also cause this problem.  Please refer to the online documentation for more information. »

    It turned out that when I've updated my BIOS, one of the security programs that initialize during startup until was not updated correctly.

    The fix: go to the Lenovo Web site and update the Client Security Solution.  This one worked for me: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-69959.

    If your situation fits the mines, it will solve your problems.

  • Tablet WON'T start from any USB drive to the UEFI format unless it has the installer of Windows 8!

    Hello! I've done many tutorials online, which none have worked. Here's my question:

    I am trying to install Windows 7 on my shelf (I have on an another USB drivers). However, I plug it into the dock the Tablet and turn it on and go into the BIOS, and that's where. But when I try to boot from it, the screen flashes and it goes back to the boot in the BIOS. With the help of Rufus, I tried all combinations (TPG for UEFI, MBR computers for UEFI computers, etc.) and none of them work! To test if the USB was defective, I loaded an iso image 8.1 install 64-bit Windows on the drive, and to my surprise, it started from the drive and started the Setup program! I can't start the Windows 7 installation. I tested the stick in my laptop UEFI and it starts very well! What I am doing wrong? Will this work? probably not, but I am bit agitated-e-f (see below)

    1 start from a Windows 8.1 Installation USB key, but by replacing all other files on the disk with the Windows 7 installation version so it force install Windows 7 instead of 8

    System Specs:

    Intel Atom Z3735F @ 1.33 GHZ (Turbo boost up to 1.83 GHz)

    2 GB RAM DDR3

    EEMC Samsung 32 GB Flash storage module

    BIOS: Version 2.16.1242 Aptio Setup utility

    Interesting thing is that in the BIOS, it is said that to enable secure boot (did not you or off), CSM must be disabled. I guess it is, but I can't find where to turn them back on. Site Web de American Megatrend will not let you submit a support ticket, unless you are in a company :|

    Thank you!


    I can certainly understand your concern. As it is a problem with the BIOS of the computer, and the preceding troubleshooting steps provided by the Support engineer do not work, I suggest you contact the manufacturer.

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

  • Lenovo SL500 Windows Vista crashed with STOP: 0x0000007B (0x80599BB0, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) error and won't start.

    Original title: Lenovo SL500 Windows Vista crashed with STOP error message and won't start

    Hello peoples,
    I just installed an iMicro Bluetooth adapter on my computer, and then I wanted to restart my computer. When I turned it on, loading like regular until right after the Vista loading screen, when the Blue Screen of Death (a blue screen with an error on this subject) flashed for about 1/2 second and then restarted my computer. Then he asked me if I wanted to load startup repair or simply start WIndows normally and I chose to start WIndows normally, but it's the same thing, so when the computer is restarted again, I chose the Startup Repair. He said that if I inserted an external device in my computer for me to remove it. But I had no external devices in my computer at the same time! I already pulled the iMicro adapter! So when my computer restarted again, I pressed the button Lenovo Care and charge of Lenovo Rescue and Recovery 4. (This is where I am now, typing away in the Opera browser.) I tried to find help, but could not find anythign useful so far. I installed for many drivers, updates, patches, etc. But none have anything to remove the blue screen of death. Now, after 7 hours, I really frustrated, and this is my last hope! (I don't want to save my hard drive and reinstall, because I paid more than 250 applications and more than 270 free programs on my computer! Of more, more than 350 iPad apps, of which a few are paid! Oh and 700 iBooks!)
    Help, please! I'm really desperate right now, and any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

    PS I run Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 (I think) on a Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 (NOT SL500c!)

    PPS Lenovo all computers have this Lenovo Rescue Recovery 4, which is like an operating system of its own. It has a browser that you can install updates and other things. Right now I use Rescue and Recovery. Thanks again in advance and please answer my question! I had this problem for a week and I'm in school tomorrow! Thanks again!

    EDIT: The error message went like this:

    A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

    Check for viruses on your computer. Remove the hard drives newly installed on the hard disk controllers. Check your hard drive to ensure that it is configured and completed proeprly. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

    Technical information:

    STOP: 0X0000007B (0X80599BB0, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

    Thanks for the billionth time!

    have you tried diving into the blue tooth to the computer with a usb cable before starting the computer u? Sometimes it works

  • G580 - laptop won't start not

    I had purchased lenovo g580 core i3 a year ago. 2 days, after closing my laptop, when I tried to turn it on, screen appeared at the beginning, but not usual lenovo can't anything after that. It crashes without giving a answer... There is 2 option or press F2 for Setup and F12 for the boot menu. but nothing is happening, even when I press the buttons. someone help me please

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

    I suspect that your HARD drive has a problem, generally, it's like that, it won't start if the HARD drive was fried on you, try a key recovery to restore as long as day 1. Otherwise, buy a slap of casing 2.5 drive your hard drive inside, save the files after reinstall windows 8 or make the one key recovery.

  • T43 won't start, it must remove the battery and try again.


    2686 E7U

    My computer frequently not turn on, I have to take to HQ and main and ultrabay batteries, sit around for a while and try again and again. It never fails to start the computer in the end, but I'm also afraid someday that simply, it won't start. Currently, I decided to not turn off my computer, I just pause and restart from time to time. Stability wise it is solid, but I would like to address this issue before the end of my warranty and I don't want to be without my computer for a long time. This has been a recurring problem for much of this year.

    I don't have a working windows partition, I run ubuntu, so I wouldn't have enough to mess with resettlement of the bios unless it can really solve my problem. Information about the current bios

    1.29 BIOS version (1YET65WW) 21/08/2006

    Embedded controller 1.06

    The typical sequence looks like this.

    Computer is turned off and unplugged after a normal shutdown.

    I plug in the power adapter to the computer, and after a few seconds the Green battery light.

    I press the power button, the computer does not put away and the light / energy from the battery stop.

    The light on the battery even when I release the power button remains off.

    Next step is to remove the AC and my two batteries, wait awhile, plug it back and and cross my fingers. If does not turn on, go to step 1 and repeat.

    I sent it to lenovo and they replaced the motherboard, and which until now has seemed to solve the problem.  even got a new keyboard out of it, even if the keyboard is a little more clicky then old.

    called Sunday, got a box Monday, droped out of the box of DHL Tuesday, got my computer back on Friday.  pretty good, considering that he was sent to tennessee.

  • My W4-820 Iconia won't start... I think Windows is damaged or missing.

    I intend to sell my tablet to my son, so I started a system reset. Don't know exactly what happened, even if I chose back to an earlier version of Windows. Now the unit won't start... after the Acer screen flash, it empties.

    I've tried several things:

    1A tried to install a USB which (I think) has both 32 and 64 bits Windows 10, downloaded with Microsoft Media creation tool. No joy.

    2. created a cool USB with the media creation tool. No joy, once again.

    3. I've tried several repair options using these tools. A couple of times, I've reached the point where Windows complains that it cannot start and offers advanced options. When I finally reached the point where I can boot from the USB key and receive a screen that offers you to install Windows, the touchscreen responds quite so I can not choose the option to continue with the installation.

    4. I tried to boot from the recovery of Windows 8.1 DVD I received with the device. The towers of DVD and I can hear and feel the head of the research, but the Acer logo remains on the screen and finally goes out.

    Late last night, I made an ISO of the recovery DVDs and Rufus to make a USB bootable, but then it was too late to try, so it will be tonight when I get home from work.

    I have installed and reinstalled Windows 10 a couple of times on this tablet (it has sort of an experimental / test bed for me) and never had a problem remotely like that.

    Is there anything else I can try, or something escapes me? Is it possible trying to boot from the SD card (I don't see this option in the boot options).

    I think it's likely that you'll want to put a USB hub so that you can boot from USB and having a physical keyboard. And no, you can't boot from SD cards.

  • my iphone 6s erased and won't start

    My Iphone 6s erased and won't start


    Follow the instructions here, including contacting Apple Support or your Genius Bar reservation if necessary:

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't turn on - Apple Support

  • Another that holding down the power button, then by restarting, how should I manage my end 2009 27 "iMac when he crashes on the first blank white screen and won't start?

    Another holding down the power button, then by restarting, how should I handle turn on my end 2009 27 "iMac when he crashes on the first blank white screen and won't start?

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  • Equium A100-147 tried to update BIOS, now won't start

    I was updating the BIOS on my laptop and now it won't start, the screen stay black and I just hear three beep. A long-term follow-up of two short.

    Any help would be appreciated,
    Thank you.

    > I was updating the BIOS on my laptop and now it does not start

    It seems that the update of the bios that went bad and had to be reflashed. Bios recovery is a delicate procedure and you should contact the service center:


  • Satellite Pro 6000 won't start or do something


    My satellite pro 6000 stopped working all of a sudden.
    Power led, battery, keyboard LED is on, but nothing happens, tried to remove the battery, cd, hd and put them back, nothing seems bad.
    Also tried the back button back in case but no tip was not all good.
    It just won't start at all.

    Any ideas out there?

    Thank you

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    Do the job of seem´to LEDs ok, or they do a code flashing for you say that it is something wrong?

  • Qosmio G20 - won't start, error ATA #1

    I have a G20-102. Today I opened my flash drive and files all showed them as shortcuts. I tried to connect to Firefox 4 and a warning from AVG threat came pointing to C:\windows\system32\mssrv32.exe (Tr/Crypt.xpack.Gen3) as a Protection of identity. I opted for the "Move to vault" option and asked to restart

    Now my pc won't start - I get the Qosmio screen, ATA error #1 (CD player has been removed) and then the screen "rolls" - looks like random pixels flashing on the screen. I'm trying to start safe mode, but F5, F8 or any Fkey is not doing

    To make things worse, the CD rom has been removed, faulty, so I can't boot from another device. I don't have a USb in the BIOS, only FDD option which I did not

    Help, please


    To me, it looks like a serious hardware malfunction

    You could try to load the default settings in the BIOS. Enter in the BIOS, and then press the F9 key to load defaults. Then save & exit the BIOS and try to start again.

    The HARD drive is recognized correctly in the BIOS? If so I try a recovery disk Toshiba recovery installation and check if the problem is hardware or software partners.

  • In early 2011, MacBook Pro won't start

    In early 2011, MacBook Pro won't start

    Is-ti connected? Fully charged?

    Give us some facts!

  • MacBook won't start - completely back screen

    2015 12 '' MacBook

    My MacBook won't start. I put on various points of sale and even changed on the brick of cable and power (I have an extra).

    Nothing happens when I press and hold the power button.

    Any suggestions before I take it to the Genius Bar?

    Here is some information that might be useful.

    After I press the button for a few seconds, the trackpad does not haptic feedback, confirming that this is the start.

    However, if I press the power button once again, I get haptic trackpad. It tells me that it is on, but I always get a black screen. And if I press the caps lock key, no green light appears.

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