Lenovo system recovery disk will NOT install!

I have a Lenovo Y410 7757 - of course, Vista has been preloaded... but I Leenovoo system recovery disc.  Although the HARD drive has failed... I replaced it - but the dvd player does NOT have the Lenovo recovery disk (drive just whirs/stops...error "PXE - E61 MOF Media test failure, check cable;) Out wide com PXE operating system not found); and I can't mount the HARD drive clone or use the media to start (on my free agent).

Works to the DVD... it read and ran my XP Pro upgrade disc (my office is XP) - works of System Mechanic drive (although it is bed/open-then "Unloaded QDMA")... but NOT the Lenovo recovery disk! Not the NOVO button... NOTHING!   I even tried to partition the new disk - for a dual-boot - market with XP (because it worked).  Now, I have installed XP Pro upgrade and work – but I can't use the recovery disc, or EVEN mount the clone...!  I hope I'm missing obvious detail, little... in the meantime, I get out my hair in frusration near pullng balBALD! I have been without this laptop for over 2 weeks!  Help!  (and thanks in advance for all advice!)



If you have problems with the process of recovery of manufacturers, contact the manufacturer

It's their recovery process not microsofts


read this too


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  • System recovery disks, do not install it on the new drive SDD


    I have updated the HARD original SDD disk disk drive.
    First of all, I cloned the old drive and installed the image but then the updates of windows would not work.

    Looking at all the forums and I tried everything I read, but updates still did not work.

    Finally formatted the drive and then used the original system restore disks that work fine on the old hard drive but Windows end retsarting continuously after all 3 disks installed.

    He tried to finish the installation but then gets and error and restarts and loops just over and over again.

    Is this something to do with the 4 k sectors?
    Do I need other drivers?
    How can I factory reinstall my Windows 7 disc new SSHD?

    Thank you


    > Finally formatted the drive and then used the original system restore disks that work fine on the old hard drive but end Windows restarts continuously after all 3 installed drives

    Generally, the Toshiba recovery disks should install Toshiba image on the new HARD drive or disc SSD and the unit should start correctly.

    To be honest, I'm not very well why the laptop keeps restarting after the installation of m.
    But I guess it has something to do with the partitions and sizes of the partitions.

    Is that the Toshiba recovery disks would format the drive HARD (or SSD) and create the same partitions and sizes of the partitions.

    In case the installation of the system would not work by using the recovery discs, I would recommend you trying to install the system by using the Microsoft Windows CD clean. The essential drivers may be downloaded from the Toshiba UE driver page.

  • System recovery disks do not support this computer

    Two weeks ago, crashed my HP Pavilion Elite HPE - 480 t hard drive model.  It is a 1.5 TB came with the PC.  I bought a WD 1 TB hard drive and installed.  When I used my recovery discs, I received a message, "the system recovery disks do not support this computer.  You are not able to restore this system with these discs. "Because I had never used these recovery discs, I assumed I had their damn so I bought authentic system recovery disks from HP.  Yesterday them - even received training as before.  I called HP tech support and I was told that those recovery disk works with a hard drive that is identical with the original hard drive.  Located between the two hard drives that the original HD had a 3 GB/s, and the new is 6 Gbps.  Is this correct?  They "graciously" offered replacing my new hard drive with a hard drive that works for only $180.  Seems a little steep, but I am confused.  Is system of technical recovery disks?  I would like another opinion.  If buying a new motherboard out me of this?  If someone knows a resolution to my situation, I would be very grateful.  Help!


    In fact, you have more options that will avoid spending more in $$. The first thing I would try is the utility that provides HP. It is used for when the set of recovery disks does not work with a new hard drive. Follow the instructions of this web document.

    View your results. If the results are negative, we can install the operating system on your new hard drive with another method.

    What is the WD SATA drive model you purchased?


  • recovery disk will not load error message pc not supported by the system recovery disk.

    had a virus that has taken possession of my PC and wanted the money order to the for free, so I install the recovery disk and chosen in advance and restored the pc at the time, he removed the hold and the system worked very well for a few days. then the system kept to self-extinguish. tried loanding the recovery disc and gave me the message pc not supported by the recovery disc, and now when start received bios award phoenix instead of the hp logo.

    attempted to run antivirus software but before he could finish short scan the pc shuts off I tried in safe mode and the same situation. I downloaded several antivirus programs, but it would still be closed the pc. I tried to install the recovery disk, and it gave me an error message pc not supported by the system recovery disk. now when I start up instead of the blue screen with HP logo, I get a bios award phoenix and other information that I can't copy down it goes too fast. Since I couldn't get rid of the virus, he took to a pc using store, they have removed the virus and loading of operating system vista, problem is I had the word and excel. Now, I can not get my desktop to factory oem computer. I really need my word that I have all my passwords for the accounts listed, I saved them to analyze the drive, but now I have not any other readers like drive j. Any suggestion on how to solve the problem, so I can load the recovery disc.

    Thank you very much

    Frenchquarter, welcome to the forum.

    I suggest that you download and install OpenOffice.  It is FREE and is open to all documents created in MS Office.  If it doesn't, at least it costs you nothing to try.

    I used OpenOffice for years.  Believe me when I say that he will do everything that will make MS Office and in some cases, the better.  At least, you will have to use in the future and you'll be amazed to see how they can do it for FREE.

    Please click on "BRAVO", if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • I can create a system recovery disk that gets installed and updated Windows 7, not the preinstalled HP Vista recovery Partition?

    I have a laptop HP HDX 18 that had 64-bit Windows Vista installed, with a Vista recovery on his C drive Partition.  Since then, I installed clean 64-bit Windows 7 Professional of his Microsoft licensed DVD, that I still have.  I kept with all (200 +) of Windows updates.

    Now, I want to create a system (Flash drive) for this laptop recovery disk, but my concern is that he will lead the recovery in its Partition Vista original, installed at the factory.   If I use W7 administration tools installed to create a system recovery disc, it will recover the old Windows Vista or Windows 7?  In addition, it would be nice to have a system recovery disk that had the latest W7.

    I'm not looking to install the drive link below; However, I prefer the system recovery disk to restore my laptop to its W7 system most recently updated, rather than start over.


    What choices do I have?  Where can I find the appropriate instructions?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    If you are the same person, you use 2 different profiles, not the same profile.

    Sunspirit and jhughey are 2 different profiles.

  • HP Pavilion 550-055na: new disk will not install the new operating system


    I bought a new HP Pavilion 550 - 055na with Windows 8 a month or two ago but want to use Windows 7. However, I decided that I will keep the hard, the PC came with, and have the option of Windows 8 in future if I want. So, I'm installing Windows 7 on a new hard drive.

    My problem is that the new copy of Windows 7 will not install on my new hard drive.  I get:

    Violation of secure boot

    Invalid signature detected. See the policy in the configuration of secure boot

    Then me to a black screen after I pressed Enter/Ok, who said the following.

    Check the presence of the media...

    Media present...

    On IPv4 PXE boot.

    If I press F12 on power on, I get a blue box asking me to select a boot device. The only options are:

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller IPv4

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller IPv6

    and the output by using the arrow keys

    How to change the secure boot strategy?  If I do, it means that I can install my 7 can I on my new hard drive? Also, providing that I do, I always will be able to use my Windows 8 OS drive after changing the secure boot strategy?

    Any help would be appreciated to greately.

    Sincere greetings



    You have to enable the legacy mode and disable start-up secured in the BIOS to be able to install and run W7.

    Please see this link to find out where these settings... this references adding a video card, but this is how you change the settings no matter why you need to change.


  • System recovery disks do not work.

    I have a HP G62 339WM Notebook PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  I bought by mail, system recovery discs and they do not work.   And my HP Support Assistant displays "an error has occurred" and end not updates.

    The Troubleshooting Guide for the recovery started from CD or DVD says: "update the firmware of the drive. This is especially true if the disks were received from HP customer service by mail. The firmware of a DVD player (the pilot) isn't able to recognize the support of recovery disk which was created using a newer DVD manufacturing process. Download and install updates on the firmware of the DVD available at HP that corresponds to the type of DVD drive on your computer. »

    How do I update the firmware of the player when my HP Support Assistant would conduct no updates.  I downloaded the latest Hp Support Assistant and he always always says "an error has occurred."

    My laptop model has no updates from HP.

    As new as your laptop is I doubt you need a firmware update for the CD/DVD drive.

    Could you give a little more detail also the recovery disks do not work. For example you get an error, or is the laptop just not boot from them and goes directly into Windows?

    Have you tried to put the first disc in the drive, shut down the laptop, wait a minute or two and turn on the laptop, start typing the ESCAPE key to get the menu. Should be an option of F9 to select the boot device. Select the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER.

  • Recovery disk will not load on my Equium A210 - 17l

    For some reason, no matter what I do or try, my Toshiba restore disk will not start or load into my disc drive. I hear that many whirring noise and loud clicks, but nothing. I cleaned the disk, I have my BIOS set to boot from the CD/DVD drive. I have the disc, otherwise he would stay all day on a black screen. This leads me into the wall, my laptop is just out of warranty and my games/applications are running slower and slower each day. I can't afford the repairs, I need help! Anyone has any advice for me? Thank you

    * edit *: I forgot to mention, some discs not loading in my laptop but they load fine on my desktop (including my Toshiba restore disk) is anyway I can copy the files to my restore disk and create a new one? (I confess that there are some scratches)

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. It may be defective recovery DVD or optical disc drive may be defective.
    Try to use some other bootable CD/DVD like Microsoft installations CD or some Linux installations. If any of them work is ODD may be defective.

    Recovery image can be copied to the HARD drive and the new creation of media is not possible. If your recovery media cannot be used due to zero you can order the new copy under https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

  • Satellite P10 - 504 - recovery disk will not load

    Someone at - it ideas why my recovery disks won't load, all I get is a window box asking what would like to windows do you, like what you get when you insert a video or music disc, I'm sure the last time I used them only, they went directly into the recovery mode [, I had a major flaw which I managed about sort [see disappear down the page IE] but I need to start printing] Thank you


    > all I get is a window box asking what would like to windows do you, like what you get when you insert a music disc or vid
    This means you want to use the recovery disc in Windows? It will not work.

    The point is that you must boot from the recovery disc rather Windows on the HARD drive so until the computer starts to go into the start menu and select the CD/DVD drive like device starting. Make sure that the recovery disk is in the drive and the recovery disk will start. Now follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Acer recovery disks do not install Windows 7 on a new hard drive SSD

    Hi all!

    I have Ace Aspire 5742 G laptop and I have problems to install the Windows 7 operating system on my new hard drive SSD (I bought the SSD because the original hard drive is defect and do all the time... blue screens)

    For the factory restore, I use the restore disks. I burned the discs a few years back when the laptop has insisted me to do (using eRecovery or something, in total 3 dvds).

    Testing of computer to install the operating system with the DVD (asked to insert a dvd and then press a key). The real problem is that the installer will just in loops, restart and eventuallyfreezing in the end...

    Restart--> Acer--> Windows logo takes over... files-> from windows-> reboot-> etc.

    Which continued for more than an hour (on the first dvd!) and all of a sudden that it froze right on screen "starting windows..." I had to restart and stars on again once.

    I can still use my old formatted HARD drive, should I do the new set of recovery disks or use a USB?

    Thanks for the answers in advance!


    I was not able to edit my previous post, so I'll make a new...

    So I thought (with the help of Google) that the problem was that I had installed the new DDR3 memory game. When I changed them back to the original ones (2x2gb) everything worked smoothly.

    anyway. Thanks for the help!

  • Recovery disk will not start on Satellite 1110

    I try to use the recovery on a Satellite 1110 CD. I want to just install fresh Windows. The necessary files are supposed to be on the Toshiba recovery CD that accompanies it.

    So I did what the brochure says, and booted up the laptop to the top with the correct CD in the drive, while pressing 'C '. The notebook ignored the CD ROM and loaded Windows as usual. I repeated three times, each time that the CD ROM whirs a bit but will not start and Windows loads as usual. I have replaced 'C' for F12, chose the CD ROM drive in the list and repeat the process several times. Yet once it wouldn't boot from the CD-ROM.

    I looked at the content of the CD ROM A single MB 447. File of the GHS. The file icon is that generic type "Windows does not know what program this icon is intended to" deals.

    Google believes it is a ghost file and must the ghost installed to run it. This bitch never came with Ghost.

    Anyone here knows a remedy to this problem?

    (NB - I tried clean Windows system restore option, but it just brings back me to September this year. Theres no option that was more early in life for portable computers)

    I am in the United Kingdom, and is a UK machine if that makes a difference.

    Hello Micha

    Is this your ODD works properly with the operating system?

    I put really know what exactly is happening here, but please make sure that you start with recovery CD number 1/2 2/2. The installation of recovery, you can just start with the first recovery CD. Also try please set CD-ROM as firs boot device in the BIOS.

  • Windows 7 recovery disk will not work!

    OK, so I have a laptop Compaq Presario CQ61 with windows 7 64-bit, and it crashed a few weeks ago. I was told to fix it I would need to order the recovery of best2serve discs so I did and they arrived yesterday. Although earlier, I tried to grab the laptop and disks do not work, I set the BIOS to make the player load first, and everything that happens is a small comand window flashes up a gray screen is displayed with a chart of tape on it without any option for me too choose, and he stays on this screen forever.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you, Kris


    The reader at the link below must be compatible with your laptop and will offer a little more storage.  You might well be able to install a hard drive with a larger capacity, but this should be a choice course.


    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes

    DP - K

  • Recovery disks will not recognize my new hard drive

    Original title: why I can not reformat my upgrded from vista to w7 disk

    I can't reformat my vista upgraded to windows 7, as I tried to add another hard drive, which will not take my recovery disks. The message to reboot

    You try to add an additional hard drive or you try to replace the current hard drive with a new one?

    Recovery/restore disks are specific to OEM (made by the manufacturer that also makes your computer) unless you are lucky enough to actually have on the contrary an OEM copy of the operating system in question (Windows Vista I guess) and it is bootable and will guide you through a real installation of the operating system and not a "restore image."  What means what, is supported by the OEM in question for the method - no Microsoft.

    Now - you may be able to perform a new installation of Windows 7 using the Windows 7 upgrade media you have - depending on how you got it...?

  • Creator of recovery disk will not display files

    I just bought a NB200 and trying to make recovery disks. When I load the Creator program of recovery disk, under disk selection, it shows no file or options for CD/DVD and the button create in the lower part is grayed out. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? I'm a novice all help would be really appreciated. Thank you

    What DVD player you attached?

    You will need a USB2 external DVD player.

  • Satellite P200D Vista recovery disk will not work

    The OS is screwed on this laptop and when I try to boot normally a blue screen flashes so fast that you can't read and it stops. I try boot in hosted HDD repair he said: "the installed program cannot start. Click OK to turn off the computer. The CD drive is broken so I source and cd-rom external and started up the Toshiba restore disk. Who gets however that

    Waiting for ODD vacancies
    E ODD drive ready
    Check for support in the E: drive...

    Then it basically crashes for this. Any ideas? Thank you

    > Any ideas?
    Swap the optical disk drive and you will be able to use the recovery disc. You can get it on eBay and it is not so expensive.
    I fear that external device is not correctly recognized and there is no access to recovery media.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite C660 - problem updating internet explore v 9 or 10

    After completing the drive HARD Toshiba Recovery, I can't upgrade internet Explorer 9 or 10.The computer telling me that the operating system does not support even though I had before ie9. My system is Windows 7 Home Edition premium; laptop is Toshib

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    I opened my Photoshop elements 12 and the Welcome screen appears.  He said that Photoshop elements 14 is available.  I click to put it in my cart, and the only thing that appears in my basket is Photoshop elements 13.  Does anyone else have this prob