Lenovo T60p boot more


Well, now that I've fixed the fan problem, I'm afraid I have created a.

My T60p was originally a disk with two partitions on it. A 90 GB main partition and a secondary partition of 5 GB. Since I had to re - install the operating system, the 5 GB partition is no longer in use.

I tried Hirens user like Fdisk utility to see if I could use the space. I tried formatting the space with a NTFS file system. This is what I did. Since then, the machine does boot more.

However, using Hirens utility, and instead to start with Hirens disc, I chose to boot from the hard drive using NTFS. The machine starts very well so all my information is there.

How to start without the disk Hirens now? It is no longer me gives access to programs that were on the disc...

Kind regards


P.S. I'm trying to fix myself, as for all issues on my laptop, before considering to Geek Squad. Thank you

for your entry.

Here are the specifications of the machine.

ThinkPad T60p

2007 8EU

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Clonezilla might or might not get you where you want, but no harm will come to try it...

Good luck.

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    I replaced XP with Windows 7 Pro.

    I got it somehow to run again by turning off the number of items (e.g., Bluetooth, card NETWORK, etc) in the BIOS Setup. After I completed the update of Windows, I'll re - activate the items one by one.

    I appreciate the prompt response.

    Nice day!

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    I want to know if the new Lenovo A6000 launch more (launch on flipkart, 28 April 2015) a OTG, supported or not.

    Kind regards


    Well I just updated some information.

    The A6000 '+' is not supported by the OTG.

    Difference between A6000 vs A6000 + is only A6000 + 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB ROM.

    I hope this helps.

  • I can't make any changes on the WOOD of Lenovo E530C boot order.

    I have this laptop here as I want to get off the machine, I can not set the boot order.
    I can't get into the BIOS but I can't make any changes in the boot order, upgrading the BIOS is the current.

    How can I solve the problem? Please help.

    Hi Mehlo,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    I'm sorry to inform you that you are not the right forum to get answer to your query. That you are facing problem with set BIOS settings that require a specialist equipment or their technical support technicians. Here are a few discussions with the manufacturer of your computer that deals with the same issue that challenge you. Please check and see if it helps.

    Change the boot order in the BIOS

    ThinkPad E530 will not boot from the CD

    If the problem persists, try to contact your computer support center and see what they suggest. To contact the Lenovo Support, you can consult this link.

    Hope that the information provided is useful. Let us know if you have any concerns related to Windows. We will be more than happy to help you.

    Kind regards

  • Lenovo G500 boots only when battery is removed

    I bought a Lenovo G500 in April 2014. A few weeks ago, I noticed that it was getting hot and shut down (screening just empty and put off the power). I removed the cover and cleaned the fan and made sure that the laptop is kept in a well-ventilated.

    I can only start the laptop if I remove the battery first, but after it is cooled for a few hours. Once it is started, I put the battery again. He will work a few hours and then stop again. I have an i4 with Win 8.

    Anyone perhaps tell me what can I do to help? It is not under warranty more, so I'm here, GROUND.

    Hi Bsmith0830,

    Welcome to the Forums

    According to the request, we understand that you are facing the issue with the system.

    Try to uninstall the ACPI and controls for the issue, to uninstall go to Device Manager select the dropdown under option batteries. Right-click on the compatible control method battery Microsoft ACPI and select uninstall and reboot the machine and check for the issue.

    Best regards


  • G580 (20157) Lenovo usb boot does not not after installing windows 8


    I have lenovo G580 model (20157). previously I had installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 without problem. Today, I decided to go for windows 8.1. is it installed without any problems (no legacy mode UEFI) perfectally and works very well but ubuntu live USB is not initialize when I select Boot from USB windows 8 starts. I really need Linux in my laptop. Could someone help as soon as POSSIBLE.


    Can try you other media, Imean another model may be different from the flash player / brand see if that will make a difference with the boot process.

    Thank you

    Solid Cruver

  • A5000 lenovo will receive more updates?

    Thus, as the title suggests, lenovo a5000 will receive more updates? Like many users, I'm not proud of the current state of the phone, he became weird and has improvements less or not at all (drums and other things were very good even on the kitkat). You know that's not good, it needs to be fixed... I'm waiting, but waiting means more lose the trust of more of lenovo.

    So you're saying that if I root my lenovo (which lolipop) and put a kitkat custom, I have no lag. Fix?

  • ESXi 4.1 boot more...

    I've had a host ESXi 4.1 upward and running for many many years now. (Well, it started as a host ESXi 3.5 and has been upgraded to 4.1)

    Nothing, I repeat, nothing has been changed/updated / changed on the ESXi host since it has been properly updated to ESXi 4.1 several months ago.

    I turn on the server, usually run it for a few days and then close it. The host runs several virtual machines of Windows in a lab AD environment.

    Yesterday, this all-of-the-sudden server does more boot on the hypervisor.

    The system itself of messages successfully, the Adaptec 5805 controller load successfully, no problems with logical drives.

    The problem is that once the screen "Loading of VMWare hypervisor" starts, the progress bar at the bottom stops near the end and everything goes ever further. At this point, the system is inadmissible, the keyboard presses don't sign up, etc..

    If I hit ESC during this loading screen (before it freezes), I see a lot of modules to load. The last item posted before it freezes is:

    Start-up: MBI = 0x000100f0, entry = 0 x 00400256

    The forums and internet search only turned up people with problems trying to install ESXi on the failure to load x 86-64 processors capable or not. This is obviously not the case in my situation, that this host worked correctly ESXi for many years.

    -Perhaps some system files has been corrupted some how?

    Is it possible to reload ESXi the host OS without wiping one of VMFS partitions? Something like a "refresh" BONE or a re - load sur-dessus? I need to keep all data VMFS storage...

    Any other suggestions I can try to revive this host so it starts?

    You can perform a repair installation. He must repair the ESXi installation and let the VMFS partition. I never want to do a repair install without having my backed up virtual machines.

    Assuming that you have updates on the way, you can try to start the previous update. Restart the ESXi host and when the ESXi initial startup screen appears press SHIFT + R it will ask you for confirmation.

    You can install ESXi on a USB key. You will need to follow the following to get started. http://KB.VMware.com/kb/1035107

  • Equim L350D - 11 d boot more

    I had uninstalled Mcafee Internet security 2 weeks ago to install Trend Micro (it was free of my ISP) and have had problems since. It started with a software conflict so I uninstalled the software and the laptop has continued to function properly, but then I noticed the laptop started running slowly, so I did a cleaning disc, the old deleted messages. Then a flashed blue screen error message to the top while Firefox, with management of title and the laptop running a dump of memory and rebooted. It seems to work normally, so I ran another disk clean up and uninstalled unused programs, such as a game and LG Pc suite and real player Tempro. I then tried to access Firefox and an error message came say firefox is no longer there, or may have been moved. I then go to internet Explorer and within 20 minutes the laptop computer crash, blue screen error indicating that there was a clerical error and that I should stop the system cache or make shadow copies, it preceded then to make an another memory dump and reboot showed a black screen empty.

    I had to reboot via the power button and last known good configuation lets get back to windows from this point, everything I've tried has ended in the system crashing showed a blue screen and reboot to a black screen. I stopped the cach/maintaining shadow copies of the system and checked the Device Manager to find errors. I found a yellow error marked upward on the software of the BIOS and it says that it is working properly and * error code 39 *. I tried to run the BIOS update software and it says I have the latest version installed 1.70.

    I have run diagnostic software and made a check of memory, but all she says that it's a hardware problem. I tried several times to first do a system recovery via the hard disk which hung before loading the software and then rebooted to a black screen, the second and third time through the recovery disc, who even once hanged and then restarted. I used the menu F8 to access the windows and try to run software diagnosis, uninstall unnecessary software or a virus scan but whenever I tried to do something would break, on some occasions, access to the internet through internet Explorer seem to trigger an accident.

    In the last days when I boot the system, rows of green dots appear, at first, that this occurred after the screen Toshiba had loaded and before windows attempted to load and the system would then simply stroll and not load windows. Then the rows of green dots appeared on top of the toshiba screen at startup, and now, the screen does not at all at the start, all that happens is the fan going, the optical drive is running and the caseing feels cold lights on his power, battery and drive glow green as normal but nothing happens , the fan seems to run and the responses of optical drive but nothing else.

    Now I'm lost as to think what could be wrong as I can no longer access windows or the BIOS configuration, it is the BIOS software? Or memory? Or a Virus on the hard drive?
    If anyone has any ideas, I would be happy

    It is not easy to tell what the problem may be, but somehow your system plays up.
    Problem is that you can't do much. You can remove the RAM or HARD disk modules and try to start the laptop and try to enter the BIOS settings. If this doesn t work, you can bring your laptop to the service and ask for help.
    BIOS is, first of all, this first level of overall system and if you have problems with it, I believe that there must be a serious problem.

    Sorry, but I think that there is not much you can do about it.

  • Windows 7 to stream: stream K4F53UA 7 boot more

    A friend gave me this tablet, because he wasn't using it.  I have it wiped and created a recovery drive and ensured that I could go to the recovery.  I have upgraded to Windows 10 and he has finally found the Atom chipset drivers for accelerated video.  I disabled the Secure Boot to test an installation of Ubuntu, but I couldn't get beyond the message of blue and white ncurses-esque indicating that he was not able to load.  I held and set aside.

    A week later I'm trying to boot into Windows, and he turns the doughnut and then turns off.  She performs an iteration between auto repair and the normal startup. Diagnostics tests all pass.  Reports are fully charged battery.

    I tried to start my recovery disc and it stops with your PC ran a mistake and needs to restart.  The next time he tells the PC needs to be repaired.  This is starting to sound like the recovery disk created from the HP Windows 8.1 installation not really create a usabe recovery drive.

    I repeated the process and this time the recovery USB reset and play in the doughnut until running dry battery.

    I tried to reflash the firmware twice, reset to default values, compensation keys, load HP keys and allowing the secure boot but no combination seems to be good.

    Thanks for the reply!  I forgot to mention that I tried the reflash procedure twice, just to be on the safe side.

    Power + up + down everything that held down = Reflash firmware (not sure where he stores a backup copy)

    Food + low = interruption boot sequence and prompt for the essential operations of the function

    Power + top doesn't = no apparent action

    Alimentation power supply for two seconds, then hold immediately high + low while leaving the power = mode DnX

    After which allows him to sit with the battery and then plug again, and allowing it to charge seems to have solved the abnormal state.

    Warned about what splash screen to load until it reaches 5%.  He let sit for an hour, then Windows started successfully.

    I didn't know that the CMOS reset report as follow another, but at least it is no longer fails at startup.  I will also add that, even if Windows could not start, I managed to get Ubuntu has started, but it would never reach X 11 initialization before locking up or turn off like Windows.

  • Lenovo K5 VIBE more don't connect EDGE

    Hello! My K5 is not connect to the network after that I disconnected by Wi - Fi network. Mobile data switch ON / OFF aren't helping. So, how do I use mobile internet on this? I don't have 3 G or LTE networks in my place now, only work EDGE or Wi - Fi.

    P.S. Sorry for my English, I hope you understand me and give assistance.


    try to insert your SIM card in the other SIM of your Lenovo K5 vibe...

    If his good work...

    so, it's a hardware problem of the first unit slotof...

    and also visit the lenovo service center...

  • Newly installled C5580 v11.0 on server WIndows XP boot more

    I just installed the client v11.0 C5500 to my Winodws XP Server software. Everything went well (although a little slow) until the software asked to restart the server. NCE restared headquarters server window "Pleae slect operating system to start" and not prceed further. Server has been restrted several times.

    Anyone know a work around, it's not good!

    I actually turned printer off and allowed the boot to continue. Why this software adds the C5580 as boot device?


  • My lenovo y580 boots of 50 seconds and above

    I thought that it is equipped with quick start and a shield of startup. They said that the average is 24 seconds. I tried to change the beginning upward, but it still indicates a start 50 seconds

    If the os is on the hard drive, then the startup time is correct for the disk hard turns. If you want better results then upgrade to a ssd, or if your laptop is equipped with an msata ssd can install on it.

  • User to boot XP is corrupted and XP boot more (want more user / password) and I lost my XP CD how to make a new or bypass__the user login

    I would like to download XP and load it on a bootable CD-ROM

    I'm sorry, but it is not possible to download Windows XP.

    Start the computer in safe mode and log on to the built-in account named administrator .  You will need to know the password, if any, for this account.  Once, you can create a new user account.

    Then, restart the computer and log into the new user account.

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    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

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