Lenovo Y500 Dual Graphics = Sli

Hey guys, I'm kinda new to all this stuff graphics double, so I was wondering if you could help me.

I bought this laptop: (Lenovo Y500 Dual Graphics)


So what I want to ask is: This means I'll have 2 unique instead Gt 750 m straight graphics cards? OR does this mean I have to buy an another Gt 750 m to use the sli option?

If she says "Dual Graphics" in the name, it comes with two cards. You lose all your DVD - RW.

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  • Cannot change HDD or password user on lenovo y500

    Hi guys, I have Lenovo y500 SLI, i7 3630 8 GB ram, 1 TB HARD drive with the propulsion system of hybrid 16ssd. BIOS 1.05 version

    The only problem I have is that I put my bios password and after the HARD drive password. so whenever I start the computer after restart for example, I write my passwords. I put the same password for everything, so it's easy. The only problem I have is that I can not change or cancel the password. has or user. When I try, bios tells me.

    system can disable alone or by the administrator, the password clear user or master password - continue.

    and I can change only the password of the user, but cannot delete it. and set HARD drive password is gray, can not enter. I want to sell my laptop, but the buyer wants the HARD drive password to... remove all solutions? its really strange. In other laptops, it's easy, just together old password, then press enter on the empty space and the password is gone. but not here, what should I do? Thank you

    Now, I had the chance to create the same environment as your in an insydeH20 BIOS.

    It will allow you to change your administrator password as you type your user password to enter the BIOS. This is why you are not able to change or remove your administrator password or master password, since you will not have privileges to modify those with a user password.

    When you enter the BIOS, please use your administrator password, you will be able to remove passwords


  • Updated Lenovo Y500 DSLR editable in CS6?

    Hi all

    I have been a reader for a long time in this great forum.

    I read most posts go-to leave the gurus here as a prejudice on the portable edition and its pitfalls.

    However, I am a full time student support and shift my time around much so I still need a portable editing solution.

    In addition, my budget is around $1500 USD.

    That said, I think I found the cell phone of choice in a upgrade/modded Lenovo Y500.


    Processor: Core i7 3720QM

    RAM: 16 GB

    GPU: GT 650 M 2 GB DDR5 (via the hack of CUDA)

    Storage: SSD 240 GB, 1 TB 7200 RPM + room for more

    Screen: 15.6 "iced (wish is Matt)

    Cooling: This is one 15.6 cases "more ventilated with no CPU/GPU limitation.

    Later down the line, I'll get an extra HARD drive caddy and replace the second GPU, but that will have to wait for the budget.

    (I know CS6 will not benefit from SLI, but they are available only through Amazon with two GPUS)

    I will work with most Canon DSLR images.

    Also some AVCHD in the future, perhaps?

    What is the likelihood is this machine to manage these codecs at full resolution in CS6?

    Thanks in advance.



    The link Amazon you gave says nothing about the resolution of the screen. I hope it is 1920 x 1080. If this is the case it looks like a good laptop for your needs and fits your budget. A typical case of Serendipity.

    Serendipity is looking for a needle in a haystack and finding the farmer's daughter...
  • How to get the dual graphics card to work together?

    I have a satellite L series with dual graphics card that works together. Its an AMD Radeon 3400 m apu with a built-in HD 6520 G and a discreet graphics of 6400 m.

    The 6400 m turns on never, I used the amd system monitor to see if it is already in use, but it's never.
    Even if the 6520g is at full load it lights.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thank you.


    As far as I know, this topic has already been discussed here in the forum and the switch between internal and external ATI GPU is not supported.
    Just designed by nVidia Optimus technology is supported
    So you can switch between the GPU from Intel and nVidia (if both would support Optimus technology)



    Hi arshi_poudel,

    Welcome to the community,

    I would recommend you search on sites like eBay and others, you should be able to locate one without delay.

    In accordance with the recommendation, although a SSD will always be the first choice.

  • Replace HDD SSD Lenovo Y500 Guide?

    Hello everyone I'm going to keep it is as simple as possible. I would trade my HDD in my Lenovo Y500 with a 1 TB SSD. My Y500 has the 16 GB of cache if that helps. I think it's a 2.5 "HDD but what kind. What is an mSata or Sata?

    The physical installation, I can do easily, but what is the best way to backup and transfer things to the SSD?

    I'm pretty decent with computers and I have some knowledge on this operation. I would like to transfer all my SSD HARD drive this includes the OS(windows 8) and all the other necessary components. I would do it with a DVDR that is 4.6 GB I think. It's a brand new computer, so I have no files, docs etc that I have to worry.

    Please can someone answer my questions I would really appreciate the help of the community.

    Please post a guide step by step for me and others to use!

    Thanks a ton

    I found it easier to use an mSATA replacing the 16 GB one with a 256 GB SSD version. It runs at 6 Gbps.

    Windows 8, I have installed from a copy retail DVD instead of imaging on the 1 TB drive. The activation key for Windows 8 is built in your bios. Windows automatically detected 8 mine installed without asking for it and active without problem.

  • Need help with the AMD Radeon HD M 8750 + HD 8000 Series Dual Graphics

    I recently bought the 15z-j000 ENVY and updated with the AMD Radeon HD M 8750 + HD 8000 Series Dual Graphics. I wanted the dedicated HD 8750 M for games and whatnot. When I opened first to the top of my new laptop, I did a clean install of Windows 8 from a USB key. This completely erased all of the HP preinstalld drivers, software, etc.

    I installed the beta drivers for my laptop from the site Web of AMD.  Here's my problem. How will I know that my dedicated video card working properly? I ran a few games and they seemed to do as well. But when I checked my system with CPUz and dxdialog it says that I was running the graphics card integrated. How does the dual graphics and how can I make sure I take advantage of my dedicated card. An explanation of the depth and how for the use of the AMD solution dual graphics card would be apprechiated.

    I'm no expert on the switchable graphics, but you find the answers to your questions in the Overview of the switchable graphics or Dual GPU or switchable on portable graphics equipped with double GPUS and AMD.  Be forewarned however, documents were written for the HP PC using the appropriate HP, drivers if you use the Beta from AMD drivers, then documents may not match what you see on your system.


  • Can I change wifi adapter? Lenovo y500

    My question is, can I change my wifi (lenovo y500) adapter? I mean I got this options - 2



    like a lot of ppl I had problems with the wifi so I want to change it, it or get a usb adapter (obviusly I would change the adapter if I get free my usb slot)

    Thanks in advance

    Sorry my bad English

    If the card does not work as you said, and you get an incompatibility or blocked peripheral message a mod of bios could remove the white list of wireless card. Just do a quick search on google and you will find the results

  • HP pavilion g6-1153sl: Ati radeon 6470 m and intel hd 3000 dual graphics driver for 10 64-bit windows

    Hi, I need ati radeon 6470 m and 3000 dual graphics intel graphics driver for windows 10 pro 64-bit edition. Windows 7 and windows compatible driver 8.1 does not work on windows 10, it installs successfully without any problem, but swtiching to high performance cause crashing of a game or multimedia player. I also tried the update of the driver through windows update, but it detects ati radeon 6470 m as series 7400 m ati and don't work at all, although please help me what to do.


    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the problem, that you are facing is that Microsoft provides only pilots with the most basic features and what you really need for these features in laptops is the specialized drivers written for the specific material found in laptops - and unfortunately, there is no HP Win10 laptop driver.  HP only guarantees the compatibility of Win10 for machines manufactured after August 2013. HP is not no matter what timetable indicating when, or IF, they will produce drivers for older machines.

    This means that your PC is probably NEVER going to be fully functional under Win10 because the pilots is needs for all features simply do not exist!

    To restore all the features, you will need to do a reset to factory using HP recovery media to its original operating system pre-installed.

  • Audio problems with Lenovo Y500

    Hello.I bought recently Y500 with SLI and I am very satisfied with this computer. Yesterday, I found strange problem which I believe is hardware problem. I made a short video of the problem because I'm not sure I can describe it so accurate.


    I believe that something inside is not in contact with good and this causes the sound stop. The computer is new, and the only thing I improved is the mSATA SSD so I can install the operating system.

    Any ideas what may be causing the problem? IM in the USA now, but I'll come back in Bulgaria soon, so I can not have time to return the laptop to Lenovo, so I will try to solve the problem by myself. Thank you.

    I found the problem. The bolt on the motherboard against the wire was too close and he was able to penetrate the insulation of the cable. And when the wire touches the ground (bolt metal), arrest him speaker.


  • Dual graphics card port to use 2 monitors on my HP a6614f

    We have a new HP a6614f and run the 2 monitors. It will be used for text and business, applications do not play.

    Does anyone have a recommendation on what type of graphics card works with this system? The computer has 2 open PCI Express x 16 slots and a 300W power supply.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    If you just need decision-making supported dual monitor, you will not need to upgrade the power supply. It is really only necessary for game cards that does not fit your situation. As for what the card specifically, I can't recommend a specifically because really, you can't go wrong with any of them! I recommend the following guidelines when looking for a card:

    • Make sure that they have double video outputs
    • Look at those $ 100. They work for you.
    • See if they need an extra power connector. Try to go with those who do not have a need. Those who can function in your system, but it depends on the map.
    • Make sure that the resolutions are supported by the card to work for your monitor. Applies if your screen is very high (above 1600 x 1200 or 1920 x 1080) resolution.

  • Lenovo V310 amd graphics problem not shown


    my laptop model is lenovo 80sx0002ID V310

    i5 6200U

    graphics Intel hd + AMD R5 M430

    10 windows operating system

    has an amd radeon sticker on the portable device.

    After you install the amd driver I got from the lenovo support Web site, amd radeon not affecting not stated when I right click on my desktop, then I check the Device Manager and its only show intel HD on the view tab.

    I opened the laptop and check the motherboard to see if theres an amd chipset or not and its there.


    I received today a Lenovo V310-15ISK. There was only the driver intel HD in Device Manager-no option in the BIOS to use switchable graphics. After flashing with the latest version of the BIOS, everything is ok. In the BIOS there are switchable graphics option. In Device Manager, the Radeon driver is here. It was a bug in the BIOS.

  • Lenovo Yoga 900 graphics card update


    Some games I play on my Lenovo Yoga 900 crash and the reason is that, in my view, that the graphics card is not powerful enough. Often, the display driver stopped responding. I was wondering if I could pass the Intel HD Graphics 520 graphics card GeForce GTX 980 or something else.

    Thank you.

    Good day and welcome to the community.

    There is no way to upgrade the graphic subsystem on your machine. The Intel HD 520 is integrated into the chipset package. Although some laptops have discrete graphics chips, almost none don't have been socketed. They are welded in place.

    Hope this helps to clarify.

    Kind regards.

  • Lenovo Y500 does not start


    I've had my y500 ideapad for a few years now. One day, my computer froze completely in normal operation. I had to hold the power button to do a manual stop. After that, my computer will not turn back. When I try to start it, I see a black screen, not even the Lenovo Logo. After 30 seconds, there is a single issue of the computer. Thirty seconds later, the fan turns as if under load, then a bit later, the fan to calm down and the computer will beep again. At this point, I can adjust the brightness of the backlight keyboard, activate the backlight of the screen in and out and the lock LEDs Num Lock shift on the job before, but I can't do anything else.

    I tried to connect an external monitor to see if it's just a screen problem, but it doesn't produce any signal on the screen. Important, the same thing happens also when I try to boot in the BIOS using the Novo or F2 button.

    I discovered that by leaving the computer unplugged with the battery for a long time, I can sometimes get it to display the lenovo logo and then start to boot windows. However, he gets as far as the windows 10 logo then goes black and finally beeps, as shown above. It will not fully start in the operating system. The time it takes between the work is around 5 minutes unplugged for a few hours.

    I tried the stock bios flashing (using a USB bootable BACK player) and eventually managed to Flash the bios, but the problem persists. In the rare cases where the computer starts up, I can get to the bios, but as soon as I reboot, it goes back to the black screen.

    I also tried holding down the power button while up to a minute while the computer is disconnected without battery. This seems to have no effect on the amount of time it takes between two attempts to start succesfull.

    So is - anyone help me? From what I've seen, the problem seems to be deeper than the bios (as evidenced by no change after the flash bios). What I can do about it, or I'm on a laptop?

    I finally diagnosed it as the video card. After I reinstalled windows, the computer starts normally and work, but the video card is turned. No video, blue lines outside the screen. I ordered a replacement motherboard, which is about the only way to fix it if you encounter the same problem that I am. Do not know what started the error if. Could have gotten just old.

  • its Lenovo y500 problems

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and new to a y500. So I recently had the y500 it has been refurbished, but it works great execpt for a problem. When I play a game for a little while the sound mess up. It's a static sounds like when your on a television channel, you're not became any signal. its strange because when I get off the game it stops so I have no idea how to fix it or if it is a hardware or software problem. Any help would be apprieciated thanks

    Welcome to the forum!
    In my view, that noise may be due to loud noises of the game or the configs of the sound card. Could you first of all check the sound of the game settings and see if it helps and then check Manager (dolby, realtek etc.)
    You can also try reinstalling the audio drivers. Download from driver lenovo download page or the drive d of your laptop.

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