Letters appear as numbers

3etters one * ear like sy0b63s.  * he3 3ease *.

5s n6t Th5s has 162.


Disable Numlock.

It must be a combination of the FN key and the other. It should be the same color as the FN key is (usually blue).

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  • How to stop all the text/HTML/menu of the browser to appear as numbered seats?

    A few weeks ago ALL the text in my firefox browser began to appear as numbered places. It's all of the HTML on the page, javascript popups, text fields of menus... everything. It didn't happen after I made a bet to day or anthing, it just happened partially through the day when I opened the browser window. I tried to do an update when I was invited, which didn't help, and I tried completely uninstall and then reinstall the latest version.

    Try some prefs to toggle Boolean gfx.font_rendering on the topic: configuration page to disable some features.

    Filter: gfx

    Some to try:

    • Set gfx.direct2d.disabled to true to disable Direct2D
    • GFX.font_rendering.directwrite.use_gdi_table_loading set to false

    To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

    • Use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a preference.
    • Preferences that have changed also show "BOLD" (user set).
    • Preferences can be reset to the default value using the context menu if they are set of users
    • Preferences can be changed via the context menu: Edit (string or integer) or toggle (Boolean)

    Try turning off hardware acceleration.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.
  • Text appears as numbers to certain websites

    Text appears as numbers or "equations" on Web sites. I copied these numbers and pasted into the writing program that translates the text, it should be. For example, 3/6 59826 appears as 'English' in validation in editing text.

    Running a macbook pro 2.16 ghz intel core duo with 2 gb 667 mhz ddr2 sdram

    and firefox version 3.6.8

    You can do a check for fonts corrupted and other police issues:

  • My keyboard is typing the letters instead of numbers?

    My laptop keyboard is typing the letters instead of numbers. Before that happened, I was cleaning the keyboard with a toothpick, and when I clicked on Google Chrome, I typed in face and then I tried typing in the book, but then he is out,: faceb662 and at first I thought I used the numbers up but I wasn't.

    Uh, here is the info on my laptop:
    Windows Vista™ Home Premium
    Service Pack 2
    Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
    Model: HP Pavilion dv4 PC network
    Help, please! T T

    You have enabled your NumLock key, your number lock led should be on. Keep your 'fn + NumLock' keys at once to unlock.

  • Keyboard, type the letters instead of numbers

    After getting a virus on my computer and run MalwareBytes, my keyboard shows numbers when I typed letters. I have a Windows XP desktop PC and NUMLOCK is not on, so something is wrong. This does not occur when you use my admin account, apparently since I wasn't using it when I got the virus.  When they provide answers, please keep in mind that I can't run any programs in the account assigned because of problems caused by the virus file association. Runs the file XP on Doug Knox website for fixing exes did nothing within the affected account.

    The virus has not caused the problem. I found on another site that this is as a result of protection Comcast ConstantGuard.  I uninstalled it, and my keyboard is now back to normal. Most sites say it is caused by a num lock, but it wasn't the case with me.

  • keyboard typing letters instead of numbers.

    How to change a setting on my laptop keyboard to type letters numbers? It is stuck. I clicked on the upper button and it won't make the letters? I must have
    a click on a button to do this way. (accidentally). The laptop is a Compaq Presario F700.



    (1) have you made changes before the start of this issue?

    (2) this problem occurs when you type on the specific application?

    Method 1:

    Use the keyboard of the screen and check if the problem persists and let us know the status of the issue. Follow the steps in the link:


    Method 2: You can have your NumLock. Please make sure that you turn it off by pressing the NumLock key and control if the problem persists.

    Also to ensure that the function key (fn) key on the keyboard is not subtracted when typing.

    I hope this helps.

  • officejey4632: how to make letters with the numbers on the keyboard of my officejet printer 4632

    need to put in the letter and numbers then how can I go from one to the other?

    Hey @septb5,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    I understand you are trying to change from letters to numbers on your Officejet 4632 e-all-in-one printer. I can help you with that.

    When you press a key on the keyboard repeatedly, he spends the lowercase, uppercase, then the numbers. So, for example, if you press the 5 button eight times the highlighted key will go j-k-l-J-K-L-5-j. If you the five necessary then press the button seven times. If you press these keys too slowly then the printer stops at the last key that has been highlighted. You can use the left arrow to the left of the screen to go backward one space.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. If not, have a great new year!

    If this solves your problem, then please help others find this post by clicking on accept as Solution on my post.

    If you appreciate my help, so please let others know by clicking on the icon below my post thumbs up.

  • Random letters appear after you save the PDF file

    Hi all

    One of my colleagues has found that a part of the text is after registration of a PDF document and re - open randomly changed. She works in Acrobat Pro XI.

    In one case, some of the numbers had changed to the decimal (diaphragm openings).

    In another case, a number had simply disappeared (example: 126-128 became 16-1, the 2 and 28 disappeared).

    Still another example text and numbers have been replaced with apostrophes and letters uppercase ' A'.

    It seems that in all cases, only the changes are limited to a particular text box that has been copied and pasted throughout each of the documents. Hereby, I want the text box began to Doc1 and was then copied into Doc2. Rather, I mean that there is a textbox which is copied and pasted on the various pages of the Doc1 and an area of separate text which has been copied across multiple in Doc2 pages and so on.

    Has anyone encountered this problem before? I tried searching for similar cases, without success, if anyone can point me in the direction of a similar position please do not hesitate.

    Otherwise whatever you think I could do to avoid these problems that occur.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincere greetings


    The only solution I found to print a Web page using the Adobe printer is uncheck the box-"rely on system fonts only; do not document fonts ".  This box is available in the Preferences tab after selecting the Adobe printer.

  • appearance of numbers without text to the index


    I have an automatically generated index for fm 9, some numbers of page text (I see them below also correct) keep appearing as symbols

    It's the first time I meet markers with start and end range

    but I wonder if something is wrong and if I can do something about that...

    Thank you

    Open marker window, then use the Hypertext (hold the button ctrl + alt and click on the page numbers) in the index to no access these NONE entires of text index. Inspect the content shown in the marker window and modify it (or remove) accordingly.

    Each index Startrange entry must have a corresponding endrange. The spelling of the terms must be identical and FM is case-sensitive. See FM9 help for more details: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FrameMaker/9.0/Using/WSd817046a44e105e21e63e3d11ab7f7561e-7fae .html #WSd817046a44e105e21e63e3d11ab7f7960b-7ec4

  • Count with letters instead of numbers

    Hello world

    Today, I had an obligation to represent the rownums of a Recordset (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on) as the letters (A, B, C, D, E and so on). First I thought there is a database function equal to the function to_char with RN parameter (which is capable of easily converting numbers to Roman numerals)... but I found nothing of didn t.

    So is it a database work that I have not yet found a haven´t or you have a custom code to make me realize this?

    Ty in advance


    I don't think it's quite as simple as that. OP is not a number of base-26, because there is nothing quite like a 0 in this system, and therefore nothing quite like a 0.
    In a base-26 system, you could represent 26 ^ 2 ^ distinct numbers with strings up to 2 characters.
    OP wants something where you can represent 26 ^ 2 ^ + 26 separate numbers with strings up to 2 characters: 26 issues of the strings of characters-1 a set completely disjoint from 26 ^ 2 ^ ros with 2 strings.

    I think the OP needs something more complicated, like this:

    (      in_num       IN        PLS_INTEGER               -- Number to be converted
         in_num_26     PLS_INTEGER    := MOD (in_num, 26);
         rest          PLS_INTEGER;
         return_txt     VARCHAR2 (30);
         IF  in_num IS NULL
              RETURN     NULL;
         ELSIF  in_num <= 0
              RETURN  '-';
         END IF;
         return_txt := CHR ( 64 + CASE
                             WHEN  in_num_26 = 0
                             THEN  26
                             ELSE  in_num_26
         rest := CEIL (in_num / 26);
         IF  rest = 1
              RETURN     return_txt;
              RETURN  to_abc (rest - 1) || return_txt;
         END IF;
    END     to_abc;

    Script test (including your base26 function, for comparison):

    COLUMN     base26          FORMAT     A10
    COLUMN     right_txt     FORMAT     A10
    COLUMN     to_abc          FORMAT     A10
    SET     NULL     "[NULL]"
    WITH test_nums     AS
         SELECT     0 AS n,     '-' AS right_txt     FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     1,        'A'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     10,        'J'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     26,        'Z'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     27,        'AA'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     28,        'AB'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     52,        'AZ'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     53,        'BA'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     78,        'BZ'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     79,        'CA'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     702,        'ZZ'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     703,        'AAA'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     1404,       'BAZ'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     1405,       'BBA'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     18278,     'ZZZ'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     18279,     'AAAA'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     18280,     'AAAB'               FROM dual     UNION ALL
         SELECT     NULL,     NULL               FROM dual
    SELECT     n
    ,     to_abc (n)     AS to_abc
    ,     right_txt
    ,     CASE
              WHEN  NVL (to_abc (n), '??') =
                    NVL (right_txt,  '??')
              THEN  ' '
              ELSE  '<== WRONG!'
         END             AS flag
    ,     base26 (n)     AS base26
    FROM     test_nums
    ORDER BY  n

    Results of the test script:

    .        N TO_ABC     RIGHT_TXT  FLAG       BASE26
    ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
             0 -          -                     [NULL]
             1 A          A                     a
            10 J          J                     j
            26 Z          Z                     aa
            27 AA         AA                    aa
            28 AB         AB                    ab
            52 AZ         AZ                    ba
            53 BA         BA                    ba
            78 BZ         BZ                    ca
            79 CA         CA                    ca
           702 ZZ         ZZ                    aaa
           703 AAA        AAA                   aaa
          1404 BAZ        BAZ                   bba
          1405 BBA        BBA                   bba
         18278 ZZZ        ZZZ                   aaaa
         18279 AAAA       AAAA                  aaaa
         18280 AAAB       AAAB                  aaab
    [NULL]     [NULL]     [NULL]                [NULL]
  • Chinese letters appearing

    Chinese letters are popping duringtypin给。 Help, please.

    English is the main language.

    You have Chinese sources of entry on the list in the source of entry to the system/preferences/keyboard?

  • Since the upgrade to 33.0 that all chips now appear as numbers, does anyone know how to fix this?

    Installed Firefox to 33.0, now when you look at a list on my web site the description information now show numbers instead of chips. This is only happening in firefox and not with other browsers. Is there a way to fix this or is this a bug?
    Here's the example url

    Bullet is a property that is not valid for list-style-type value.

    What is used instead is not specified and may be different from that of the default drive

    ul {list-style-type: bullet; margin-left:50px;}

    It works if I disable this style rule.

  • Since upgrading to Firefox, weird letters appear instead of the correct text on some pages.

    Since I upgraded my Firefox browser, some pages are display strange text instead of the correct text.

    A a page where the text is supposed to be 'Dog of the Day', it appears as pg Eph uif Ebz. In Internet Explorer, it appears fine.

    Any idea what I can do to fix this?

    Do you mean small boxes with the hex code?

    Try to set the Boolean gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.use_gdi_table_loading false pref on the topic: config page.

    To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

    • Use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a preference.
    • Preferences that have changed also show "BOLD" (user set).
    • Preferences can be reset to the default value using the context menu if they are set of users
    • Preferences can be changed via the context menu: Edit (string or integer) or toggle (Boolean)
  • Wrong letters appearing on the screen as on the keyboard

    Laptops a Satellite Pro. The problem im facing is that when I hold down the 'shift' key and then press other keys, they do not match those I want. For example, perform low shift + (numbers) gives me! "$ £ % ^ & * () where u c the other shud have been a ' @' and the third a" # "."

    I get them all work well when I shift to Arabic, but then, I use most of the time English so I'm looking for a permanent change.

    Thank you in advance.


    Hello Omar

    See this http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=16245&messageID=59423

    Maybe it helps!

  • Odd occurrences - views of file change by themselves, additional letters appear on some strikes, other eccentric behaviors. Signs of a collapse of the nascent technology?

    My computer has made odd changes - 1) views of file change every time that a file is opened (as for example film strip thumbnails); (2) folderSearch option replaced Open the first action, so I have to right-click to open all folders. Explore is sometimes the fat option for folders. (3) the letter 'f' or 'k' is displayed instead of the actual key letter; or the letter 'f' appears in front of the letter key. (4) the search screen opens whenever the computer is turned on or restarted. (5) a page saved in Word saves only partially. Am I headed for a computer crash?

    Regarding the problem with the search engine, try the following article:

    'Search Companion starts if you double-click a folder '.
      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/321186 >


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  • Win vista 64 bit 3 TB per volume RAID1

    I looked at the following link: http://msdn.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows/hardware/gg463075.aspx It is clear to me if I can set up EFI and UEFI on top of my existing BIOS, keeping the existing BIOS to configure 4 3 TB RAID1 brings over 2 volumes.   Do

  • Can not change the options in the remote procedure call

    I tried to open the remote procedure call in my Services. It is the value of Autostart and connect as a network system. However, all of these options, including the startup type, the service state, open a session on types and recovery have been graye