Level of service of time trolling

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Our level of service physical standby agreement dataguard with the bandwidth of the network provider's latency of 10 minutes.

This means that if we encounter a "disaster" (GOD forbid), we only lost 10 minutes worth of transactions.

How can generate see report on what is average hourly latency? or the average dalily delay?

And send it to the network provider if the 'level of service' is filled.

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Hello... Yes that's correct.  You query this view on the basis of data pending.

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    Best regards Florian

    OK, I got it.

    And it was my fault too! (Almost always is, how many times can we really find another bug when programming?)

    It had nothing to do with branching. Phew!

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    Kind regards


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    I am unhappy because it's now again with the same blue screen problem. Any advice on the upgrade or anything else was given. I don't know why this problem is repeated. I only know the negative feelings that he asks me.

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