Levels of ink cartridge is more shown on printer (HP Deskjet 2050)

Original title: HP Deskjet 2050

Ink cartridge levels is more shown to the site of the printer. How to re-enable this function?


Hi Florence.

You can check the all-in-one HP Deskjet printers - checking levels of ink in Windows and if it does not help, please contact their help suport for help team.

It will be useful.

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  • Can I use only a black of ink (301xl or 301) for my printer hp deskjet 2050?

    Can I use only black of ink (301xl or 301) for my printer hp deskjet 2050 and not the color one (empty)?


    I don't think it will work. The cartridge three colors need inks in it, at least one color.

    Kind regards.

  • Feature of printer HP Deskjet 2050 J510 estimated ink level

    Does anyone know why the shortcut of printer HP Deskjet 2050 has more estimated ink level functionality?  That is until 05/12/12, and now the entire window has changed. "Now it has only the options to 'See whats printing' and 'Customize your printer' Set preferences.  I can't find any reference to the updates that may have changed, so I have no restore points.  The only thing that has changed recently is the new version of the HP Support Assistant.  This would have an effect on the printer software?

    Problem solved by downloading lasted driver according to the instructions.

  • Ink cartridges can be used in a 3525 Deskjet Deskjet 3524

    I can't find the ink cartridges for my Deskjet 3525 to the United Kingdom.  Ink cartridges can be used in a 3525 Deskjet Deskjet 3524?

    For some printer models, the printer uses different cartridges in different countries.  Webpage of HP on this topic is here.  It seems that things are different with ink advantage 3525. I suggest you only to contact HP to see what are the options.

    From a post of Sunshyn2005, contact technical support HP see the following link to create yourself a file number, then call and it can help to expedite the appeal process:

    Step 1. Open the link: www.hp.com/contacthp/
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number

    File number and phone number are displayed.

  • How can I check the level of ink on a HP Photosmart C4200 printer all in one

    How can I check the level of ink on a HP Photosmart C4200 printer all in one


    Read the PDF of HP paper on your printer:


    Or you can also ask in the Forums of HP's Support.


    See you soon.

  • How can I check the level of ink cartridges a deskjet940c printer in Windows 7?

    1 HP Deskjet940c

    2. Windows 7 32-bit

    3 with Win7, I have no more access to the HP Toolbox and I can't find a way to check the level of ink in my printer cartridges

    You can turn on the printer, then open the lid and look at where the trolley moves as described in this document.  If black or color is low the pointer indicates the position of low ink.

    You can also print a page of diagnosis as indicated in this document.

  • Color ink cartridge exhausted more quickly


    I recently bought 2515 HP color inkjet printers. The color cartridge is depleted fast [60 printed pages] even under fast draft with impressions of color cover 25%. While HP promises 160 pages per color cartridge when purchasing this product. In fact, this model is known ink printer advantage!.

    Can someone help me?

    That is expected for a 25% coverage of color print, HP promises about 200 printing pages with a tricolor 650 ink cartridge color based on ISO 24711, which is equivalent to an average of 5% coverage per page, taking into account the high ink coverage you described quite should be terminated after fewer pages.

    You can learn more about how ink usage is measured in the following article:


    Kind regards


  • HP Deskjet 3600 series. Initializing ink cartridges? More than 3 partners? s


    I was recently offered a printer HP deskjet 3620 or 3650. I have only the manual for it to 3600 series moment.

    There are 27, 28 & 58 ink cartridges.

    My questions are:

    1} require initialization of ink as many HP printers do or can I use regular cartridges. The original inks disappeared somewhere in transit.

    2} If initializing cartridges are required are they still available?

    3} it is my understanding that this printer has never been created or had it ink.

    y at - there a way to tell if this is true? There is now no cartridge inside and it appears unblemished, even if all the original packaging has been removed.

    4} am I correct to assume that if the ink cartridges installed previously to a point that this printer is useless that the print heads are probably blocked.?

    Please notify.

    I saw this place is around the same time that your other post.  If you just want to know about the initial optimization process of your printer for the best performance?  To install ink cartridges are available and are used to prepare the print head, but are not absolutely necessary.  You don't have to contact HP for Setup ink cartridges for him.  You can call technical support at 1-800-474-6836 (US) or follow this link to get the phone number for your country and ask them to order it.  Or call 1-888-999-4747 HP Home and Home Office, but I don't know if you can get them at the store. Just as a previous tech support agent I know I could order setup of ink cartridges.

    A lack of alignment can occur if you do not use the first time ink installation cartridges, but I doubt it.  There is no way of knowing if she has never had ink in it before without having already inked and install on the computer in order to access the Toolbox and then choosing to print a test page that may have this information on it.  On newer models,'s called it a Printer Status Report.  It will tell you all about his prior use.

    I don't think the printer hangs another ink in there if there is no ink installation cartridges installed the first time.  I don't know the refilled ink cartridges may damage the print head, but I think that you will be sure to use regular ink you'll be safer if you call, your printer is in or out of warranty.

    Here is a nice little document all about these issues and much more.  I hope this helps!

  • Indication of the level of ink cartridge

    HP psc 2110 - all in a serial number {removed privacy}

    On the printer above is it possible to get an indication of the cartridge of ink on the associated P.C. levels?

    I have an Officejet J5780 all-in-one and can get the ink cartridge on the P.C. associated levels

    It is useful to know the ink levels before the printer locks and will not print when the cartridge is empty.

    Now, I was able to get an indication of the ink levels ink cartridge on my PC with Windows XP operating system.

    By opening the HP Director and at the top of the drop-down list select 'Settings' then in the pull down menu in settings select 1 'Print Settings' followed "Printer Toolbox" and then select "estimated Ink Level" and a cartridge ink levels is displayed.

  • Replace the ink cartridges and not shown on the new copy of the outs ink

    I have a HP 8500 printer a9110. I just replaced all ink cartridges 3 colours (black cartridge is always good). After replacing, I tried to print and all that comes out are white print out without color or very light tone. I tried to go to tools clean and align the heads. Cleaning worked but received failure on align option. I turned off and unplugged the unit kidnapped and released new ink cartridges. Also, I removed the two heads and cleaned with a soft cloth. Everyone knows this problem before. Any help is appreciated.

    I don't think that should have used a lot of ink.

    Although it shows that 60%, I think you should be able to print as well.

    Sorry I don't really have much information on it, but I'm glad you were able to solve your problem!

  • Black ink cartridge HP Photosmart C309 to print not

    All of a sudden my printer does not print any black.  I have cleaned the print head (by using tools of the printer), came out of the cartridge and shook to see if he has really ink in it (printer says that it is complete), and it spend it.  The printer has been used regularly - it's not dry.  I tried to print the "status report" and the only thing that prints is the ink supply photos.  The thick black cartridge shows nothing, as if the cartridge is empty.  Can anyone help?

    Hi all

    my HP Photosmart Premium C309a was partially by printing in black and white only, when black has failed. I thought that the startup ink level may have been wrong on the front panel, so I bought a new black ink cartridge. Same problem and so I found this forum. I did a clean cartridge and the black began to work again. It is certainly a matter of keep an eye, and not one I am happy to know. My printer is only 1 month.

  • HP brand new 4620 Officejet black ink cartridge and it won't print black at all the

    Hello, my printer has failed recently more ink. So I bought a set of cartridges to Staples. I installed them and ran the print head cleaning function. I now have the great color and BLACK NO. I ran to repeatedly print head cleaning function. Its so frustrating to monitor printers the past 2 decades range from reliable gains to unreliable everything in the financial goal. I've had printers since the 1980s, I used printers when they came with the ribbons, who hardly could, although they can indeed dry. At least when they dry out, you would be able to put a new one in and continue. Now that they have designed replaceable print heads (because they were made knowing that they will fail), ink cartridges that are not interchangeable (knowing that once you got with the printer model, you can most likely switch to another brand or model) that uses a DIFFERENT model ink cartridge. All for finacial gain. Between my office and home, I lived 4 printers in the past 2 years. I've been a loyal fan of Lexmark, until my old died and I bought a new, the first thing I noticed was the variable print head and I thought, uh oh, that is going to fail and so said, so done, within 3 months of using the printer, Lexmark sent me 2 print heads and 2 series of inks of replacement free of charge. I still have a set of ink and print head because the LCD screen turned white, lol. Had to throw it away. Eventually move to HP that I believe is made in the same factory as Lexmarks after comparison of many models. Now I have the newest HP to my office and its been so far great and SUPERB ink usage, PREVIOUSLY. I'm almost afraid to know what my future has in store. I know that I fell in a field off-topic, BUT HP, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF yourself. I have now lost $60 on a new series of cartridges and will most likely need a new printer since my warranty has expired. SMH. Bad business!

    A representative has in fact contact me to rectify the situation, even if my unit is out of warranty period. I really appreciate the effort. Kudos to HP.

  • Can I use ink cartridges installed in my new printer:

    I have a Photosmart 6520 all-in-one printer. Just replaced all the cartridges and then printer stop working. Bought a 6520 refurbished HP but instructions say only to use the cartridges supplied with the printer for the initial implementation. The so-called "setup" on each cartridge cartridges. The seller HP indicated the printer with new ink cartridges so my intention was not to use the new cartridges. Keep them sealed and use cartridges that I had just opened and inserted in the old printer.

    My question: when the cartridges 'setup' to run out of ink, can I use the cartridges from the printer 6520 old?

    Short answer, Yes.  You must first use installing cartridges.  Once done, you should be able to use the others.

  • new yellow ink cartridge (564) do not correctly print Photosmart HP 7510 e-all-in-one

    My Hp Photosmart 7510 e - all - in - one... I replaced the yellow cartridge XL 564 and I am getting yellow streaks... when printing a report, yellow is barely noticeable, with black stripes.

    Is this a faulty new cartridge?  Help, please!


    DUH!   A senior moment here... I pulled out the yellow ink cartridge replaced by another new... at that moment, I realized the orange tab 'pull' was still attached.   Once I got his shot and re - insert the cartridge, it was fixed!

  • To find out if a particular ink cartridge is suitable for my printer.

    I have a HP 900 ink cartridge black,
    is it suitable for my printer.
    my printer is HP Deskjet 1000j110a.
    Thank you
    Answer soon

    Hi, DJ 1000 does not the HP900.

    For queries on the compatibility of the cartridge, check out SureSupply


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