Lexmark 9300 on windows vista

I'm having problems printing and keep geeting error messages.
I tried to uninstall a few times, but still does not work.
All I have this problem and know how to fix?


·                         try to uninstall and reinstall and use the latest printer drivers VISTA for your model of the manufacturer of the printer

·                         ________________________________________________________________


Read the information above from Microsoft about fixing printer problems.

·                         ________________________________________________________________

You can also track information to try to solve your problems of printer below

read the printer correct that information the slot microsoft, including the 'fix - it' and the information of the links to the other

Solve printer problems


and read this microsoft tutorial too


This tutorial is designed to help you identify and fix the problem printer common windows problems, including print errors, or errors, and other issues that could prevent you from printing. This tutorial does not cover printing problems related to specific programs. Printing problems can be caused by cables that are not properly connected, corrupt, drivers, incompatible drivers, the printer settings, missing updates and problems with your printer.

How to use this tutorial

For best results, complete each step before move you on to the next. Try to print after each step before moving on to the next step.


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