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I can't find the LM723 in multisim. How can get this parts, infact how to upgrade libraries containing elements OR does not

The component wizard.

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  • Library of Multisim of AD5700 Modem HART for the simulation file


    Can anyone give any assistance with simulation on Multisim with PIC 16F877A with HART communication on industry standard 4. 20 Ma loops...

    I'm trying to simulate Modem HART AD5700 on Multisim with PIC16F877A. I want to send serial data to AD5700 using UART interface and then see the corresponding analog output signal varying in frequency (based on the binary data that is sent to AD5700) on HART_Output. Unfortunately, after a search too, I could not find Multisim for IC AD5700 library file.

    Can someone tell me how to simulate AD5700 on Multisim? or any other to get out of this problem?

    Thanks in advance and waiting for your kind response,

    Hello UEC.1000,

    I don't know what version of Multisim you have, but I tried to check on the different versions and was able to confirm that the model you need is not in the Master database. You can see this link:

    • Models and elements of NI Multisim

    Because it seems to be that the component is not present in the database, I want to show you the following link that could give you workarounds.

    • Where can I find new components or libraries of Multisim?

    Thank you very much for your question, I really hope this information help you.

    Kind regards


  • Multisim ttl clock oscillator library

    Is there a library of quartz oscillators ttl available for 9 Multisim?

    Thank you


    Hi Jk,

    Multisim has a database of Quartz Oscillators, so you will need to build you own model.  Here an example document that speaks to build oscillators:

    Startup oscillator can be hard of thinking.

  • L293 in Multisim


    I'm new in the world of Multisim. Just bought the product and hoped that it would allow to draw me circuit diagrams for the robot I design.

    Basis components L293D, LM324 and 74HC14.

    I intend to adapt the circuit diagrams of: to my needs.

    The diagram should be similar to the one below.

    Unfortunately I can't find the components in MultiSim components library. Do I need another product or can this be achieved using multisim?

    Can someone help me find a solution?

    Voila, I thought you wanted the L293 which is a totally different part.

  • Could not find LM238 regulator of tension in Multisim

    I am new to Multisim.  I can't find a LM238 voltage regulator in the library under sources power supply voltage regulators.  In fact, I did a general search and could not find anywhere.  What is usually done in a case like this?  My intuition tells me that I wouldn't need to redraw my circuit just because I can't find a component in Multisim.

    Thanks in advance.


    We don't have a model for the LM238, but we have a model for the LM138. According to this data sheet, the LM138, the LM238 and the LM338 are identical with the exception of the beaches of operating temperatures. You can place a component LM138 to the master database and use it for the simulationand implementation.

    Hope that helps.

  • Anyone has a balun for multisim spice model?

    Why is there no balun in the component library?

    Thank you, if you have a.

    David B


    A balun is essentially a specialized transformer model.   As a good un bon resume summary of these types of baluns, please see this link:

    Since you can create an ideal transformer simply using sources controlled, attached is a balun 'Ruthroff' ideal, created from 2 ideal transformers (so it works in both directions) using the same technique.

    Using the modellers of Multisim (in Multisim PowerPro) or by creating these transformers with realistic values, it is possible to create SPICE balun transformer models ' real' models.   There are several previous messages which discussed the creation of models of processor to help you.

    Kind regards

    Pat Noonan

    National Instruments

  • Ultiboard imprint in Multisim

    How can I get a print that I created in Ultiboard appears in Multisim?  If I try to back annotate Ultiboard of Multisim, I just get an error message indicating that the component is not found in the library.

    Part II - is it possible to just create the footprint in Multisim instead?

    Thank you very much


    Take a look at this knowledge base, I hope this will help.

  • Several weird, sudden problems in Multisim, Ultiboard interface

    I have several sudden problems that arose when trying to review a design that changed, I worked on a couple of months ago.

    Multisim 10.0.343 strangeness:

    1. by clicking on a Multisim, Multisim project file opening, but the project file does not open. By clicking on 'Open' Multisim has the same effect. If I manually open the circuit, the entire project opens as well.

    2. I can no longer double click on a component and change the footprint; the button "Replace" is also disabled. I can always change the footpring of spreadsheet view.

    3. the icons for the placement of the pieces have changed to blue squares with black patterns (from grey buttons with color schemes).

    4. multiple drop-down menus in the top bar disappeared ('reports' is the only one that comes to mind, but the list is significantly smaller).

    5 ' transfer' menu has only one option - transfer to Ultiboard 10. There is no rear annotation or annotation.

    6. Select 'Transfer to Ultiboard 10' open the splash screen for Ultiboard and gives me the option to choose a file name, but nothing opens after that. There is no blocking or error - just nothing opens.

    On a separate note: the last time I did a major revision of this circuit, I changed a lot of net names. NET names, however, has not changed; for example, I renamed a node 'Gsyn' to 'Gs '. The 'Gs' appears in the worksheet view and the properties of the net, but 'Gsyn' always appears on the diagram and is not suppressible.

    Ultiboard 10.0.1 strangeness:

    1. the renumbering of the components in the design menu translates into a sort of re-assignment pad, causing many connection errors.

    2. same mistake earlier in the forums without response: after before annotate Multisim earlier, the list of included changes 'edit the existing component XX' for each component in the design, regardless of whether the component has been modified or not.

    3 when you place a trace which is too close to other tracks by my rules of design, I sometimes get advice 'cannot create (1) drop of water ". The program is then suspended until I click on something other than Ultiboard (show Desktop, switch to another program, etc.) When I go back to Ultiboard, the program of the United-grip Nations - but then it works super slowly, no display of updates for a few seconds and zoom in and out in pieces. I have to close and reopen the file to continue working.

    Any help would be appreciated - I'm on a deadline, and both programs are more or less completely unusable now.


    Please take a look at the following knowledge base to resolve the issue of Multisim:

    Making gray out

    Reset the User Interface

    It is difficult to tell what is the problem with the annotation to the front without looking at the Multisim and Ultiboard files. If you can, please create a service request to and send us the files.

    1. When you annotate forward, the PIN does not change is the imprint that has changed.  If the footprint currently on the design before annotate before is different from the PIN that is in your library, when you transfer annotate, Ultiboard will update the fingerprint with that of your database, this may explain what you see.

    2. you need to compare the fingerprint in your schema with what is on the printed circuit, if the fingerprint matches, Ultiboard will get what is on the circuit board to the wide and place a new there.  Take a look at the knowledge base of Unplaced Pieces after annotate with impatience , he can explain what you see.

    3 turn off the tear drop feature (Options > preferences > PCB design) and carry your board without this feature, once you completed the Board of Directors of routing, add the tear drops (design > add teardrops).

  • Looking for MC1496 - any custom component library?

    Hey all,.

    I'm trying to simulate the modulator/demodulator signal MC1496 chip. It seems that this is not standard with Multisim. I was wondering if there was like a library of custom components that the community has put in place (or something of the sort).

    I have the part for LTSPICE but (seeing as how I use Multisim for a grand total of half an hour) am not completely confident in my abilities to make imported and put in place correctly. If someone else more experienced with Multisim, I have already made it would be infinitely preferable.

    Thank you very much.

    As far as I can tell here, the problem is the mapping of the spindle between the symbol and the model. The .subckt uses only the 10 pins, but the symbol has 14. The symbol for the model mapping pin, you have the default assignment - all 14 pins symbol assigned to the nodes of the model.

    Based on the .subckt line and the way you have the component cable for the schema, it looks like pins 7, 9, 11 and 13 are not used. You will need for those like 'Not connected' (NC) in the mapping table, correct the remaining pins (PIN symbol 8 will actually be the 7th model node, pin 10 is the 8th node, pin 12 9th node and PIN 14 will be the 10th node - ideally this subcircuit uses the pins in order, it just jumps).

    That should fix the mistake of simulation. The error was just because he was trying to use 14 knots for a .subckt of 10 knots. (u1_open_11 is just the name that has been attributed to the simulation of pin 11 node because the mapping of the model says to use it, but nothing connected).

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    (I asked for your post be moved to the iPod Touch forum, where you have posted is the iPad forum use.)

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    If this is not the cause of your problem, thanks for posting back with all additional details, such as any error message that appears when you attempt to sync.

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