Life Cam 1.1

Why can I not use this camera with my Vista PC? When I try to install it tells me to see if Microsft has all the answers!

Hi monteray,.

You install life cam using the CD that came with it? If so, it may be that the drivers are not appropriate. Download drivers Windows Vista FRO your cam of life from the following Microsoft link:

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  • How to take a photo using life cam studio web cam. Model number: IMNST2164

    How to make a photo and video recording using a Microsoft life cam studio web cam?


    What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    Method 1:
    You can check out the link and check.

    Method 2:
    You can install the drivers and related software on the manufacturer's Web site. ' t-work correctly

    For more details, please consult the manual that came with the cam of the life.

  • I can't open my Microsoft life Cam

    I don't know which version it's because I can't get anything to open it, but it was bought December 2010. It worked perfectly, and there is no response when I try to open it.

    Another thing, I didn't know how to answer the boxes below on the forum and comments. I just need help.

    Thank you very much


    1. do you get an error message when you try to open Microsoft Life Cam?

    2. What is the brand and model of your computer?

    3. What is the version of Windows installed on your computer? For example, Windows 7, Windows Vista.

    4. have you done any software or hardware changes on your computer before this problem?

    I suggest you according to return information about the Microsoft Life Cam model so that we can better work on the issue. You will be able to find information on the box or packaging that came with the Microsoft life cam.

  • What is http for drivers life Cam 1.4 (free download) on protected site

    drivers for life Cam 1.4 (free download)


    You can read this article and check if the required driver is available for download:

    Thank you.

  • Internet not connected during the installation of life Cam 3.0

    Original title: when I try to install my new life Cam 3.0

    He says that I am not connected to the internet and try again later. BUT I am connected and tried disabling my firewall, nothing works... Please help me, I'm windows xp2


    1. What is the accurate and complete error message that you receive?

    You can try the troubleshooting provided in the links below steps to fix the problem.

    Troubleshoot installation of Intellipoint and IntelliType LifeCam software

    Troubleshoot failures to find the new LifeCam hardware

  • Installation manual for the cinema MS Life cam

    1. I have Windows XP with Service Pack 3 - does that answer the demands of life Cam movies?

    2. my CD player does not work - download the installation manual to read and install my webcam?

    Thank you.


  • Error Microsoft Life Cam "a later version of the Webcam Live software is already installed, to reinstall the life CAM software, you must first uninstall the CAM of your computer software."

    Dear Mircosoft
    I just bought the Microsoft Live Cam VX-2000.  You are able to help.
    I followed the installation, then at the end when the picture came on the screen an error message came on the screen: "a later version of the Webcam Live software is already installed, to reinstall the Webcam Live software, you must first uninstall the software of Webcam Live from your computer."
    I'm not very user-friendly computer.
    I get a green flashing on the camera.
    I can't use it in Skype.
    Thank you
    JO Smith

    Hi josmith416342,

    ·         You have installed all software associated with the device?

    ·         Do you have any device life Cam earlier?

    Check to see if the following is useful.

    Method 1: Check list of programs for the device relating to the software. Uninstall the same and try to reinstall the software.

    How to change or remove a program in Windows XP

    Method 2: You can follow the steps in the following article and see if it helps. The error mentioned in the article is different, but this can be tried.

    Troubleshoot installation of Intellipoint and IntelliType LifeCam software

  • Download Microsoft updates caused life cam microsoft to have initialization error!

    After that microsoft download these updated my microsoft life cam won't work, received error message "initialization error". It worked fine before downloads. I tried to uninstall and re install - suggestions?


    1. What is the model number of your webcam?

    When you start Microsoft LifeCam, the video preview is blank. This can only happen with a quality greater or more high resolution video or pictures.
    Follow the steps listed in the article below and check if that helps.
    Set the empty preview, "initialization error" or 'no camera not connected' error in the LifeCam software

    I hope this helps.

  • 1080 MicroSoft Life Cam questions?

    Bought a MicroSoft Life Cam Webcam 1080

    In the middle of uploading software cd, I get an error message

    I am running Windows Vista.  Have all tried to free disk space, change the Windows Installer to automatic.

    Running Windows XP at work and the upload works fine.

    Help!  Help!

    Knight Fan Stan

    Hi Knight Fan Stan

    What is you receive the exact error message?

    Method 1 Clean boot the computer and then try to install the webcam

    Follow step 1 in the link below,

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    If everything works well after a clean boot, you can deduce that some third-party services are at the origin of the problem.

    Continue with the remaining steps to pin-point on the third party service.

    After find you the program that is causing the problem, you will have to perhaps to update or install a newer version of the program, if you rarely use that you should consider uninstalling the software.

    Important: n ' forget not the computer to start normal follow step 7 in the link.

    Method 2: You can see the steps outlined in the article below, which deals with a similar question

    Resolve the error "Setup cannot continue" when you install the LifeCam software

    Thanks and greetings
    Ajay K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How to open life cam studio for a remote desktop?

    in my holiday home, have windows 7 pro with installed microsoft life cam. This computer is remote access enabled.

    Since my home computer, I can access my house OK computer, but cannot open my cam life.  Get a message "no camera installed.

    How can I access my life cam and the studio for my computer?


    Hi seejoe,
    Take a look at the faq:
    Remote Desktop connection
    B Eddie

  • Microsoft Life Cam

    I connected just a new MS life Cam to the PC WIN 7, no response from the PC & no instructions

    What Microsoft LifeCam model do you have?

    Here are links to the pages of media containing the software/drivers/guides: .

    Have you installed the drivers/software required before you plug in the LifeCam?

  • How to make a photos timed with the cinema of life cam?

    Tittle pretty much everything said. I want to put a timer on the movies of my life Cam.

    Hi Funbuns,

    What is the model number of the cinema life cam?

    I suggest you to read the manual of the cinema life cam in order to set the time for photos.

  • MICROSOFT LIFE CAM MODEL 1393 fails to load at startup.

    My Microsoft Life Cam model 1393 does not work properly when booting, i.e. does not open. The only work around I have found is to unplug and re-plug the USB cable whenever I want to use it... fate of as pulling the choke on an old Chevrolet each time that you start it. Once I did the camera performs superbly in all areas, both audio and video. It works perfectly in HD with Messenger, Skype and Google. Once I disconnected and reconnected, I can turn off the unit and open it up without any problems. I am using a PC desktop configuration as follows:

    • Processor Intel Core 2 CPU * email address is removed for life private ***@2.93Ghz RAM 4 GB
    • O/s = Windows7 64-bit
    • Drivers camera = Version = current so-called
    • Device Manager confirms that it works correctly
    • All the USB ports on the PC work. I tried at various ports
    • Uninstalled and reinstalled the unit unsuccessfully.
    • Device is not blocked by the firewall.

    Any ideas will be appreciated.  Thank you... LO


    ·        You get any message of error associated with the cam of life every time you start the system? If Yes, what is the exact error message?

    I suggest you to uninstall the software and other programs related to Microsoft live cam and then install it on the system and check if the problem is resolved. Follow the steps mentioned below.

    Uninstall or change a program

    Then install it back again on the system by following the steps mentioned in the article and check.

    For more information click on the link below.

    Troubleshoot failures to find the new LifeCam hardware

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • Cannot depend on mirror image while using the camera to film life Cam

    Original title: Web Cam Image mirror

    I have the life movie camera when turned on I can't get a mirror image.

    Hello Jerry2149,

    Thank you for the question!

    It is disheartening to know that have problems you with webcam. As I understand it, you're not able to get the mirror image when you use life Cam film camera.

    I need to ask you some questions to help you best.

    1. don't you get any error message when you turn on the camera to film life Cam?

    2. did you try to insert the webcam into a different port on the computer?

    3. has been the front mirror image work?

    Reply with answers to help you in a better way.

  • Life Cam HD-3000-does it have a speaker?

    The HD-3000 life Cam has a spesker as well

    Hello Trioramruthan,

    Thanks for posting your concern about Microsoft Community forum.

    According to my knowledge and research, there is no speaker in the Life Cam HD-3000. However, for more information I suggest you to pass by the Manual of life Cam HD-3000 and a check it that pregnant or not.

    Hope that the information provided is useful. Let us know if you have any concerns related to Windows.

    Kind regards

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